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  1. Not often i say this but, i agree with your comments Anna until the last sentence but that's your opinion. nationwide she is probably more remembered for the Falklands war than the strike but i get your meaning.
  2. If you are travelling mainly between SY and Derbyshire then you woudl have to buy the specific operator ticket i.e the Stagecoach silver. why should Travelmaster fund transport in Derbyshire/WY. it was tried with the metromaster which was a very low seller for travel between west and south yorkshire cross boundary services but politically the revenue apportionment wasnt worth it
  3. There has been a general aspiration for 15years to have daily/weekly capping. Going back to the original Yorcard trials which used a £3 daily cap So we already have Travelmaster for within South Yorkshire which is admittedly a good product and a fair value but the problem you have is that the money is then divvied up between the operators so of course the larger ones will introduce their products to get 100% of the income. So how will the new mayor stop that? improving public transport in the city - punctuality and reliability need to be the biggest thing - Sorry, i thought the mayor was after funding for the whole of South Yorkshire, not just Sheffield. You use the school run as an example, that is generally 10-15 minutes out of a day of increased localised traffic. Which bus lane areas are hit by school run traffic?
  4. No, what he is probably saying is the MoS are refusing to name their source so there is no confirmation it ever happened and then refused to meet with the speaker of the House when he requested a meeting with the editor to find out who said it. It is no better journalism than the crap like the magazines that use "a close friend said" when making up bull about celebrities. I could publish an article proclaiming anything about people as long as it didnt break any regulations and as long a i say " a source is quoted" then i can hide behind confidential services within the editorial code of publishing.
  5. Hadleys was the venue where Envy was before it became the place for the next Attenborough documentary with all the wildlife in it.
  6. IF you are specifically talking about JD staff then i cannot comment as i have never worked in a Wetherspoons. But, if you are talking about the hospitality sector in general, i certainly state that in my current venue half of the bar staff have other jobs, some are carers, some work in offices, others have different jobs. so yes they do have 2nd jobs. Then ask to speak to the bar manager if you feel strongly enough about it. Or even just ask the staff as they are pouring the drink, "how are you today". Engage with them
  7. if you want to quote for posterity - £250 to a charity of your choice if Labour win an overall majority at the next general election. So what do you think they have done to merit your confidence? or is it more that the Tories are managing to balls everything up (bearing in mind they were doing that already under May and Johnson but still blew Labour away in both elections)
  8. You think Labour can win a majority at the next GE?
  9. It's not though, her job is to serve you with whatever you have requested, regardless of how impolite you may, or may not have been, in requesting your drink, food, snacks, whatever. When you go to a supermarket do you put everything on the conveyor belt and say to the cashier "i'd like to buy these please?" How many times have you gone to a petrol station and the person behind the till has had a big beaming smile on their face and said please and thank you (in comparison to just telling you the amount and waiting for you to pay) It cuts both ways. I have worked in bar and clubs for over 30 years now and the amount of abuse that the staff get and the rudeness of the customers is unbelievable at times. It is certainly getting worse over the last 10 years. A bar staff member could easily have been on their feet for 6 hours non stop having to deal with over 200 customers during a shift getting progressively drunk, all for generally minimum or close to minimum wage. They may well be working a 2nd job to earn some extra cash. A good bar manager will notice if a staff member is being overly rude but if you do have the instance where a bar staff member doesn't say please or thank you then try thinking of both their circumstances and just say thank you yourself.
  10. Personally i do find it rude when you are in Aldi or Lidl and the staff are having conversations with other staff when on the tills, but it doesnt stop me going in and i dont feel less "valued".
  11. then why go in? You have the choice to drink wherever you like. I would suggest you went to the Wetherspoons because its cheap considering there are other pubs nearby. Go elsewhere if the 2 members of staff who served you were not up to your standard While i may agree with your point that it is easy to say please and thank you i certainly wouldn't refuse to go in a bar because the bar staff didn't say please.
  12. Its not, very selective in picking France as they have put a cap on rises. Lets face it, the French would probably riot if they put it any higher Italy, Germany and the Netherlands all have energy price inflation similar to ours https://cebr.com/reports/governments-throughout-europe-are-betting-on-energy-prices-falling-by-the-second-half-of-next-year/#:~:text=Indeed%2C Cebr estimates that%2C without,up from 13% in 2021.
  13. Stop being a Karen
  14. has the count finished yet? shouldnt take them long given the apathy in the polling booths
  15. i earn a reasonable wage and have no problem with my nokia non smartphone.
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