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  1. That isn't applicable to independant MP's. He has no party members to deselect him
  2. Really? Corbyn clearly states in his letter "I would, as Leader of the Opposition, seek the confidence of the Houses Of Parliament for a strictly time -limited temporary government" The person who obtains the confidence of the house within 2 weeks in the event of a vote of no confidence in the incumbent PM becomes PM. That is his aim. what else would you call the leader of the government?
  3. So after moaning that Boris has become PM unelected and only 90,00 voted him as leader of the Conservative Party which made him Prime Minister Jeremy is now writing begging letters to 300 people asking them to make him PM. irony or hypocrisy?
  4. Card factory have a fair sized Xmas card section already up
  5. You ever thought that some of it is highlighted because she is probably the 3rd ranked person (behind JC and the deputy) in the Labour Party and, if Labour ever get into a position of power, would be the Home secretary. A person, regardless of colour or gender should not be as ill prepared as she is or unable to respond to questions relating to her seniority of employment and potential employment. And what is it if people of colour highlight issues around her?
  6. He's built some nice new meeting rooms by kicking out two companies from the building
  7. really? then why does it not state that you have 11,000 already? Bear in mind there is no proof that whoever signed is a verified Sheffield resident nor that they have not double voted on the website Again - good luck to you in your quest but how would you replace it? every councillor gets a vote on everything? Good luck with that
  8. you have 11,000 individual and verified paper signatures that are not replicated on your online vote at all?
  9. only 1500 needed? wheres the other 11,000 votes then as your online poll only has 7.5K (and some of those are not correctly filled in so are voided) and you need 20,000 individual and verified Sheffield Resident signatures in order for the council to be forced to do a vote (love to know how you would structure it) . Bearing in mind that you have been running this online poll for nearly a year i don't think the appetite is there Good luck though
  10. it was sarcasm following this comment by her in the houses of parliament on Monday Abbott says Trump attacked Khan because he is Muslim I would have loved if someone had shouted "is it bo***ks" after she said it
  11. Javid eliminated, wonder how long it will be before Abbott says its because he is muslim and how wrong it is that only white male candidates are left
  12. What is it about controlling migrations and removing people who have illegally entered a country that you hate so much?
  13. As long as JC has the unions then he will be leader of the opposition
  14. A potential Pm not taking part in a debate? perhaps he was watching Im a Celeb on catch up https://news.sky.com/video/jeremy-corbyn-on-why-he-opposes-bbc-airing-debate-11566795
  15. Havent they tried it with Hoey already and failed?
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