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  1. Sheff council car parks are now free from today . Hopefully the hospitals will follow suit to help the staff having to go there
  2. Disagree, he appeals to the American voters and that is all that matters. He still will be able to point to the economy and unemployment etc before the virus. What can the opposition cite that they would have done different? Big businesses hate him anyway before or after he got elected, the media hated him, the critics hated him. He still won despite the opposition having the previous incumbent as an incredibly popular President and the opportunity for a first female president. He will win again
  3. He's speaking to Americans remember, some hick alabama brother/sister/husband/wife (same people) would probably understand that better.
  4. You didnt read the post i was replying to I guess. it was a reply to a negative comment on the decision by the supermarkets to limit people buying full trolleys. I know the internet is full of pictures of selfish idiots trailing out of supermarkets at 6 am with their trolleys. I know there are reports of people buying stuff then trying to sell it in the car park I know the spar near the train station is now selling toilet roll at £1 a roll!! My point was, the supermarkets are trying to limit people buying goods and in true SF fashion someone was complaining about it.
  5. Whats your proposal? stamp their foreheads when they come in so they cant come back (or go to any other store that day) Jesus, the stores finally do something positive about trying to limit panic buying and supporting people to gain access to shops and SF still finds a way to criticise it. wonder how many of the posters in this thread have put a little extra into their shop in the last couple of weeks.
  6. part of that car par k is and also part of the old tesco site on forge island are 2 hour free in the week but they are limited
  7. Really, what has she "accomplished" that is any different to any other member of the shadow cabinet? or any other member of the Cabinet, you know the one that actually has to make decisions that runs the country, By your definition she is no different to any other MP is she not? Do you think she was/is an effective shadow HS? if so, how.
  8. Another vote for the Pastie shop here. The steak and stilton is lovely
  9. Bob http://andysmanclub.co.uk/ Andy's man club is a session every Monday at 7 all over the country. It is a session run for guys just to come and chat about their problems or life, no pressure and it is not a medical group but I personally have found it very effective. They have a group in Brinsworth which meets at the centre or in Sheffield its at the fire station next to Decathlon. the web site is currently under re-construction so there is only the locations up there If you want to pm me about it that's fine or i'll answer anything i can here. #itsokaytotalk
  10. So who was responsible for her saying it then? The scriptwriters for writing it and then her reading it without checking or Her for just saying it off cuff either way do you think she should have made the apology, not "a spokeperson"
  11. No she didnt, she called him a practical vegetable. There is no way you can say she meant to say he was in a "vegatative state". If i was the family of the person I would be offended. You can see Nandy listen and react once RLB had said it. So she either had a script that went through numerous people (including herself) describing a person as a vegetable or She went off script and didn't even try to correct herself after describing someone as a vegetable.
  12. "Then remind me - how many Tory (or anybody else's) seats did Labour win?" - I'll correct that for you. The answer is 1 - Putney. Just 1 Whereas the Tories took the likes of Stroud, Norwich and even took Kensington which voted over 67% to remain. So yeah, Brexit was the only thing that mattered and Jeremy is completely blame free
  13. Not really though is it. Taking back control of a failing operator mid contract is not what Labour proposed. Labour proposed to re-nationalise operators as they came to the end of their contracts regardless of performance. During this parliamentary 5 year period there are 6 franchises out of 17 up for renewal so it would have hardly been a full re-nationalisation. so no, not really adopting a Labour policy especially after the Government took back running the line now operated by LNER before the 2019 election manifesto from the Labour party And it doesn't really make a difference does it who might have thought of it, Labour cant implement it (or anything) for another 5 years, at least.
  14. First bit sounds like Bono Frogmore used to be 10 bedrooms, mainly for different members staying there. it was renovated down to a 5 bedroom. - 28? no
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