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  1. i go down it quite regularly on a bike. how are they going to segregate it along there? As far as the surface goes that wont change unless they do the whole road and even then they will no doubt mess it up (such as the speed bumps which have now gone) Dont get me wrong, any improvement is good but i cant see it working with the trucks along the road
  2. A6178 Sheffield Road On-road, fully segregated cycle lane; around 2.2km as segregated from Blackburn Meadows Way to Ickles then around 1km segregated from Ickles to the Rotherham town centre £5.57m Is that replacing the on road segregated cycle lane that was already there but got removed about 3 months ago? There already is a cycle lane from Ickles roundabout into Rotherham town centre on road and also along the canal path if preferred
  3. Anna - what has any of the above have to do with the point that Corbyn has more opportunity than any other leader to get his point across and failed (twice) which is what I was saying. You respond with "err its doesnt" then go into commenting about the Conservatives ignoring the point about Labours failure to put its own point over. Labour (or Conservative) members cannot do anything about the other parties content, they should concentrate on getting their own message across. "it truly resonated with the public" errr not really. Still 50 odd seats behind the Tories at the end of the election. For every Liz Kendall/Yvette Cooper appearance there was a Diane Abbott one
  4. https://www.statista.com/chart/20247/uk-electiont-media-coverage-by-party/ I used this as the print media now counts for very little of peoples information influence. I've not read a paper for years as many people I know do the same. We get our info from TV or the internet.
  5. Sheffbag isnt claming all publicity is good publicity. Sheffbag is challenging Anna's claim that Labour / Corbyn received no opportunity to present their cause / manifesto when the reality is that Labour MPs and representatives had more air time than any other party and JC made more appearances than any other MP or leader on TV. The fact that he failed to get his message across given that he had more opportunity to does not lie with the media, it lies with JC and the resto f the labour party. Does it not
  6. So i guess you wont be voting then? give it up anna. Even it his most popular time (Glasto and the Corby army)he still managed to lose to Teresa May By the time the next election came round his constant dithering over issues (if he had been as decisive on Brexit as he was about which pronoun he wanted to be known by then Labour might have stood a chance) and lack of true leadership was seen by the general public and that resulted in a massive hammering in the polls. Corbyn made more appearances in the media in the run up to the general election than any other MP. Labour representation was higher than any other party (see the loughbrough uni report) in the media across all platforms. Labour had its chance, twice, and blew it both times. Corbyn will forever be known as the leader who couldn't beat May and got destroyed by Johnson. Who ran the world before 1980 then?
  7. Fair point well made, however it was still a Tory led government within the coalition. You can’t use 5 years of labour to meet the point though, they had 13 years You could put it another way 13 years of Labour - £2,430 uplift (£186/yr) Last 5 years of Labour - £1580 uplift (£316/yr) 5 years Conservative led coalition - £4,125 uplift (£825/yr) 5 years Conservative govt - £1900 (£475/yr) Thats the better way in terms of real cash in the pocket. Dont forget as well that if you worked for the full labour govt but you were married then the actual overall increase in tax allowance was £460 over 13 years (or £35/year) due to Labour removing the married persons allowance of £1970 in 1999-2000. Labour - the party of the working class married people!
  8. The premier league figures for season 2016/17 show that the clubs and players paid £3.3BN in taxes to the government. I cant find figures for later than that but it can only be higher. As a comparison figure SCC spends £1.4BN a year on its services so the premier league in 2 years provides enough finances to fund SCC services for nearly 5 years Or it provides the funds that would be paid if you lower the personal allowance tax rate by £1000 for 16.5Million of the lowest earning people who pay no income tax or are on the basic rate That enough tax paid for you or how much would you tax them? Dont forget as well that in the 13 years Labour was in charge they increased the tax free personal allowance from 4,045 to 6,475 (c50% or 3.5% a year) but in the 10 years since 2010 the tories have increased it from 6,475 to 12,500 (c100% or 10% a year). Didnt labour remove the 10% tax rate as well? Seems the Tories provide more support to the lower paid than Labour did.
  9. If it is meant to be representing the wishes of the working class why did Tories win seats in working class areas with JC as its socialist based leader? Or would it be that the working class areas are the ones more likely to have voted leave and your beloved socialist leader Jc didn’t represent their wishes ? lost 50k members means diddly squat. They still have 3 times party membership than conservatives yet still failed to win an election or even lose by a close amount genuine question Anna, if Corbyn and a few of his closest allies decided to do a. Gang of Four and form a new socialist based party, would you vote for them if they had a candidate in your area and sacrifice a labour vote or would you vote Labour with a view to winning the seat and maybe helping them close the gap or even maybe, just maybe, win an election
  10. Interesting how both quotes are from Momentum people - Laura Pidcock and Mish Rahman. You would expect them to criticise Starmer and defend anything to do with JC
  11. How? there have been no elections since Starmer was made leader so what are you judging it on? Please dont say that its because "members are leaving" because that's just not sustainable or valid. Labour had the highest membership in Europe remember and got absolutely trounced in the last election. Losing a few of the JC fan club will not harm Labour at all especially if Starmers view appeals to more voters than the previous leaders standpoint did. Like it or lump it, the aim of the party should be to get in power. It will NEVER do that again with a leader in the ilk of Kinnock, Foot or Corbyn. The last 46 years (50 by the time of the next scheduled election) have shown this. Only when the party is in power then it can actually do something to affect the country and try to steer it in a way that wants to. Until then it is nothing but a set of people waving pieces of paper around and asking questions which, frankly with the majority the Conservaties have, can be ignored. If Starmer can bring back voters (such as myself who have voted Labour in the past) and win seats and eventually a general election then he will be judged a success. That is the measuring stick, not the membership of the party. So how is he a disaster?
  12. He's already an independant member of Parliament. How can he be more effective ? his vote is now worth err 0.15% of the total parliament vote (which is the same as before, but when he was leader he could influence party leanings). Now he has absolutely no influence, no party backing and is no more significant or effective than Margaret Ferrier or Jonathan Edwards in the house of commons
  13. Lena Welcome to the forum It all depends on your budget. Eastwood and Clifton Park areas you listed are, imo, not nice in comparison to other areas of town. Those areas are where a lot of the non-british white population are based within the town (no comment on that before anyone jumps in accusing me of racism, its a fact). If you continue on that side going out of town Dalton has had a redevelopment in the last 15 years or you can head up towards Thrybergh which has a nice country park for walking in Most areas have reasonable links into town so you could go the other side heading towards Kimberworth Park, Greasborough, Munsborough or Wingfield. If you have a higher budget then the likes of Brinsworth, Whiston, Wickersley, Moorgate may be more your scene. Or if you prefer a new build then the Waverley estate near the parkway might be more your thing. Not knowing what you like makes it difficult to suggest areas for you. there are a lot more different places near town which I havent listed but the best advice i would give is to go to where you are looking at and have a browse around.
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