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  1. sheffbag

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    It isn't in the slightest but there does appear to be someone out spamming FB accounts with a friend request from an account in her name. But then again, how relevant is this discussion in the grand scheme of things? its less than 50 people all making the same point again and again and again, or in your case normally just calling people idiots or throwing in comments instead of points. But if you are wanting a relevant point to the "discussion" (aka people strengthening their own view with no change in opinion after 39 pages) here is my view on the matter She was convinced to leave the country by whoever and according to reports she persuaded the other two to join her. She didnt "flee", if she did then what from and why would she want to come back to it? she went voluntarily She left the country illegally using a passport which wasn't hers She has shown no repentance for what she has done. She describes life in the camp as "normal life" (source, the initial recorded interview) while ISIS had a stronghold Now her husband has gone and ISIS presence is going she "wants to return home". Strange how she didn't want to "come home" when she had her other kids but the husband was still around She believes that the Manchester bombings were "justified retaliation" She is obviously desensitzed to violence, be that through her own beliefs that what ISIS carried out was justified and/or it happened so often you eventually accept it. It will be a combination of both considering she has refused to condemn any of the actions that ISIS has taken. She believes that the UK should be sympathetic to her needs because she has suddenly changed her mind on life over there but shows no sympathy to the people who live here and that she wishes to rejoin I can understand the people saying "leave her there to rot", "she is a threat to the country" and "she made her bed, lie in it" and also the others who say "she is a British citizen, she should come home" or "we can learn from her" (not sure what though considering she was the wife of a captured fighter) and "bring her home to de-radicalise her and re-integrate her" but my own person opinion would be. If the UK wishes to revoke her citizenship and she is legally entitled to Bangledeshi citizenship through their bloodline law then the UK govt should use legal process to support her in claiming this. For those who say that the Bangledesh govt have said she doesn't have a passport and they dont want her, well, neither does the British govt and if the Begum supporters want to use law to challenge the UK decision then it can also use law to support a Bangledesh application. This is all dependent on the current position of the Bloodline law. This would be one for the lawyers to investigate, not us on here. If she can claim Danish citizenship through her spouse then let her apply there and let the Danish authorities decide if her claim is valid. She stated in an interview if she was successful in applying and her husband was put in jail she would wait for him over there to be released. This begs another question, if she does return to the UK and he is released will she be wanting to go back to him or will the former ISIS soldier be wishing to relocate here with her? Regardless of either of the above she has to retain her UK national status so she is not classed as stateless until this is cleared. If she really wishes to return "home" then considering how radicalised / desentised she appears to be then she should make her own way to the nearest state with a consulate/embassy (I'm making the presumption that given she is in a refugee camp she is free to leave) and begin the de-redicalistion process there and not be allowed back into the UK until she can prove that she is de-radicalised. At that point, return her to the UK, let the authorities decide if she should face any investigation or any criminal charges (up to the authorities to decide this, not for SF warriors to start shouting "which charges") Is that relevant enough for you? I don't expect you to reply to most of this to be honest Halibut, you may pick the odd sentence out to comment against but this is my opinion of the situation and also my ideas for resolving it. You have yours, i have mine. Both are as valid as the other, the same as everyone else on here, none are "idiotic" . they may appear that way to you, but to others they opinions posted here may have validity. Same as your points may have validity to people with the same opinion. that's what a forum is for . i'm leaving this thread until the circumstances around it change as, until then, it will be the same argument from the same people,going round and round.
  2. sheffbag

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    I see American and Canadian women who "fled" (left) their countries to join ISIS now want to "come home" as well. Who's had a friend request from an account this morning on FB?
  3. Then if it was a breach of data security and theft of data, they should make the accusation and/or give details to the police. Not post it in a vague quote and when its nowhere to be seen on the labour website I'll believe it when its evidenced, until then its like a feature in Closer or Chat magazine " a source said"
  4. And from the pro labour website that you are referring to "We have become aware of attempts to access personal data held on the party’s systems by individuals who are not authorised to do so" nowhere in the article does it say it is any of the 7 former MPs and the "independent group" are quoted as saying "The Labour Party has not contacted The Independent Group concerning this issue. If the Labour Party has a specific allegation they should come forward." so the proof that it is them is....where?
  5. my point was that you were happy that they obtained seats in parliament under the Labour banner preventing the Conservatives from increasing their majority further.
  6. didn't mind having their votes in parliament though......................
  7. sheffbag

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    I see American and Canadian women who "fled" (left) their countries to join ISIS now want to "come home" as well.
  8. If that was the case then why isn't its name EC2? Its called High Speed 2 is it not?
  9. sheffbag

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    Go to 0:55 of her speaking and hear her saying "i don't regret it" . I think that's proof enough considering its from the horses mouth.
  10. sheffbag

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    Using your usual technique of asking for evidence whenever you want to give a alternate view, enlighten us on how she was naive, especially when she seems quite proud of the fact that she recruited the other 2 girls and doesn't regret anything that she has done while there
  11. sheffbag

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    Has it occurred to you that she is unrepentant about her actions Has it occurred to you that one of the reasons she wants to "come home" is because the people she went to go be with have virtually disappeared. Has it occurred to you that she called one of the girls who went across and died "a Martyr". Has it occurred to you that she is only wanting to "come home" because she wants the baby here. Has it occurred to you that anyone who "isn't bothered" by seeing heads in bins because they are the enemy is a tiny bit of a risk to the country Her husband is Dutch, let her go to Holland Put it this way, would you feel safe if she was back here and "rehabilitated" (whatever that means) and moved in next to you befriending any children you may have in your family? She chose to put herself in the media limelight, let her stay in it by staying there.
  12. i dont read the Guardian, or drink champagne. mind you while JC and DA are on the front bench i wont be voting Labour either
  13. sheffbag

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    She was "found" by the Times and interviewed by them,. Its their front page story
  14. Especially as he'll be earning it in Italy And there are people on this forum who earn £40K a year and vote Labour
  15. sheffbag

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    you deliberately trolling for attention? 14 white male presenters 2 white female presenters 1 black female presenter the only Asian presenters currently are on medium wave on a Sunday night.

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