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  1. thats about 400 years ground rent. We had the similar situation with a very low ground rent and the lease holder offered it for us to buy. They want to get rid as its more hassle for them to process your payment. If its including all legal fees then i would go back with a lower offer. £1000 now is a lot better than £6.20 a year. Make sure you get all your forms sorted and speak to land registry if you are going to do it yourself, they can guide you through everything. Going through solicitor will only cost more.
  2. Good news today for some of the staff with Hays travel buying the stores and pledging to keep them open.
  3. So with Parliament recalled, will Jared be going down to give his resignation then do we think?
  4. How has he widened his options? the only way he can become PM is to win an election. In the run up to the election whats his policy on Europe as that will be the main focus of the election. Labour cannot go into a potential GE with no firm view. What reason would there to vote for Labour? If i wanted to remain then i would vote Lib Dem as I would know that if they got i then i would be in support of their policies. If i wanted to Leave i would potentially vote Tory as they are supporting this. Vote Labour as a remainer? A vote then goes ahead what happens if leave win? the party i would have voted for has implemented a policy i dont agree with. The same is i was a leaver and the opposite happened. And lets not forget they coudl change their minds if they got in power and just ignore their pledges (wouldn't be the first time, wont be the last) So the "traditional heartland" (who mainly voted leave) will come back because the MP's don't want to implement the will (for example my constituency voted massively to leave, the MP representing us votes to remain in Parliament) of their people Labour needs to get off the fence, let the unions pick the side they are fighting for and chuffing unite or they will get hammered. Speaking as a person who has voted Labour in the past i would never vote for them again while this mess is on. the "everyone's friend" Corbyn experiment has failed and its dragging Labour down
  5. I know. If by some disaster he was PM and then decided to hold another referendum then what stance woudl the govt take? "welllllllllllllll, we dont really want to offend anyone so you, the voting public, decide. We wont tell you what we think is good or bad but, you know, have a vote for us with no guidance or information and then we will implement what you want" Doesn't that sound eerily similar to 2016?
  6. I see Jeremy has sat back on his comfy seat on the fence again https://www.politicshome.com/news/uk/political-parties/labour-party/jeremy-corbyn/news/106611/jeremy-corbyn-defies-labour-calls
  7. Why? (genuine question, not a smark comment) He's the deputy leader of their party
  8. Wonder what reaction Watson will get for going against Saint Jez's views https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/uk/tom-watson-opens-up-fresh-labour-divisions-over-brexit-38487913.html
  9. The jingle at the start and end will contain the signal so cars with Traffic Alerts enabled will pick it up and automatically put it on. the end jingle contains the signal to say its ended and go back to the previous station.
  10. That isn't applicable to independant MP's. He has no party members to deselect him
  11. Really? Corbyn clearly states in his letter "I would, as Leader of the Opposition, seek the confidence of the Houses Of Parliament for a strictly time -limited temporary government" The person who obtains the confidence of the house within 2 weeks in the event of a vote of no confidence in the incumbent PM becomes PM. That is his aim. what else would you call the leader of the government?
  12. So after moaning that Boris has become PM unelected and only 90,00 voted him as leader of the Conservative Party which made him Prime Minister Jeremy is now writing begging letters to 300 people asking them to make him PM. irony or hypocrisy?
  13. Card factory have a fair sized Xmas card section already up
  14. You ever thought that some of it is highlighted because she is probably the 3rd ranked person (behind JC and the deputy) in the Labour Party and, if Labour ever get into a position of power, would be the Home secretary. A person, regardless of colour or gender should not be as ill prepared as she is or unable to respond to questions relating to her seniority of employment and potential employment. And what is it if people of colour highlight issues around her?
  15. He's built some nice new meeting rooms by kicking out two companies from the building
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