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  1. Bob http://andysmanclub.co.uk/ Andy's man club is a session every Monday at 7 all over the country. It is a session run for guys just to come and chat about their problems or life, no pressure and it is not a medical group but I personally have found it very effective. They have a group in Brinsworth which meets at the centre or in Sheffield its at the fire station next to Decathlon. the web site is currently under re-construction so there is only the locations up there If you want to pm me about it that's fine or i'll answer anything i can here. #itsokaytotalk
  2. So who was responsible for her saying it then? The scriptwriters for writing it and then her reading it without checking or Her for just saying it off cuff either way do you think she should have made the apology, not "a spokeperson"
  3. No she didnt, she called him a practical vegetable. There is no way you can say she meant to say he was in a "vegatative state". If i was the family of the person I would be offended. You can see Nandy listen and react once RLB had said it. So she either had a script that went through numerous people (including herself) describing a person as a vegetable or She went off script and didn't even try to correct herself after describing someone as a vegetable.
  4. "Then remind me - how many Tory (or anybody else's) seats did Labour win?" - I'll correct that for you. The answer is 1 - Putney. Just 1 Whereas the Tories took the likes of Stroud, Norwich and even took Kensington which voted over 67% to remain. So yeah, Brexit was the only thing that mattered and Jeremy is completely blame free
  5. Not really though is it. Taking back control of a failing operator mid contract is not what Labour proposed. Labour proposed to re-nationalise operators as they came to the end of their contracts regardless of performance. During this parliamentary 5 year period there are 6 franchises out of 17 up for renewal so it would have hardly been a full re-nationalisation. so no, not really adopting a Labour policy especially after the Government took back running the line now operated by LNER before the 2019 election manifesto from the Labour party And it doesn't really make a difference does it who might have thought of it, Labour cant implement it (or anything) for another 5 years, at least.
  6. First bit sounds like Bono Frogmore used to be 10 bedrooms, mainly for different members staying there. it was renovated down to a 5 bedroom. - 28? no
  7. One candidate vote - Here are the questions/options Momentum gave its members Should Momentum follow the NCG recommendation to endorse Rebecca Long-Bailey as the next leader of the Labour Party?”; “Should Momentum follow the NCG recommendation to endorse Angela Rayner as the next deputy leader of the Labour Party?” Momentum proposed one candidate only to its members. RLB. No coincidence that the head of momentum is involved in her election campaigning. No other candidate was offered nor any alternative if the membership decided not to accept the recommendation. You think that is fair to the other candidates?
  8. "the one who gets the most votes wins" - True, thats why Labour got hammered in the last election "no idea what the group is called off the top of my head, but nobody is bothered about it." - Says a lot about your opinion of any right wingers within the party " momentum member will not need to be told who would the be the candidate for him" - or her. If thats the case then why have such a bogus one candidate vote? why not just the ruling part of it come out and say - "were backing RLB" "momentum have no influence over the election as much as people would like to think otherwise" - So all the promotional material and effort that momentum will create for RLB will have no effect despite "Momentum has said that it plans to organise hundreds of phone banks across the country to call Labour members to canvass support for the candidates." or "Commenting on the endorsement, a Momentum spokesperson said: “Our membership has spoken and overwhelmingly backed Rebecca Long-Bailey to be the next leader of the Labour Party and the next Prime Minister of the UK. We will now be mobilising thousands to persuade Labour members in the coming months.” (quote Labourlist) so why woudl they do it if it didnt influence people or dont people pay attention to what others say about candidates in an election?
  9. Come on Banjo, you're better than that. Momentum claim 40,000 members which is a fair chunk of the Labour membership. By them effectively self declaring RLB as their chosen one this gives her all the financial and promotional support that momentum can supply. Do you not agree that any additional promotional material or votes from momentum will help RLB in her cause? Yes the "members" have the vote in the end but Momentum will be pushing a lot of its 40K membership to vote for RLB.
  10. I've just been reading about the Momentum decision. Its democracy at its finest do you want Long Bailey? Yes/No And thats it, no alternative, nothing to do with the chairman of momentum being involved in her campaign already at all. Just a single candidate nomination take it or leave it.
  11. Really??? i can personally vouch that i could/have earn(ed) a lot more in the private sector for my job than i do/have
  12. Interesting the reaction to Corbyn yesterday from his own troops during PMQ's - almost silence from them when he was challenging the PM Mind you , would have been quality if Boris had said to JC after the first time he spoke - "you still here?"
  13. Maybe so but Anna was on about how Tony Blair was an establishment multi millionaire and holding Kinnock up as a true red when Neil has taken millions from "the establishment" himself
  14. Kinnock??? - Just tell us Anna how much Kinnock has pocketed from the EU and his six pensions with his wife. Good old Labour Neil with his multi-million pound gravy train from the establishment. For the people and all that.
  15. You did read the post i was quoting from Car Boot didnt you? The one where he said that all the Lib dem votes were essentially a vote for the Tories and Brexit (as i pointed out, the Libs were the only party to say they were blocking Brexit so why he thinks that i don't know). So taking Car Boots assumption that all Lib Dems are really Tories (as per 3 posts on this page alone) then the Tories (in Car Boots world) got 17 and half million votes or 55% or the vote So no, not fake(s) news and not a slip of the finger. Just a response to a post. Mind you 43.6% is still the highest for 40 years isnt it? not bad going for a buffoon and really shows how bad JC as a leader was that he managed to lose so many seats and has lost elections to the 2 worst PM's in modern history
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