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  1. How do you get round discriminatory laws by restricting vacancies to people only residing in Page Hall What jobs would the business provide Whats the business model and purpose Improves the Page hall street scene? is that code for tidy the crap up that the people there leave on the streets already How much would you pay them and how would you ensure that they spend it in local businesses more than they already do with the benefits they receive Given the state that some of the streets are already in through the actions of the people living there what do you think will change their minds or are you suggesting we now pay residents not to leave rubbish everywhere in the form of a job? easy? why not set one up then
  2. I really hope you are half as arrogant in real life as you are behind a keyboard. If not then i feel for you.
  3. Try Dods in Rotherham or Timber Warehouse in Kilnhurst. Both are good
  4. "People who vote Tory are racist, stupid or rich" nice try my friend
  5. That's just wrong - to make a personal attack and accuse someone of being a rape apologist - reported
  6. According to you the Voters in Hartlepool are "either racist, stupid or rich". So that makes them stupid or racist then
  7. True, that was my bad for inferring all 3 but at least i will admit when what i put is wrong. Why calm down, you were the one who was insulting 13 million people, im just using your vernacular to reply with. i dont need to vote Tory regardless whether or not i do, the rest of the stupid, racist or rich members of the public do. Keep watching your re-runs of Citizen Smith on Forces TV and remember the good old days when everyone was honest and no other member of parliament ever lied unless they wore a blue ribbon
  8. ignore question when called out on your post to back it up and instead just insult others oh, you forgot racist and rich too for the Middlesbrough voters just another trolling entitled keyboard warrior who cant back up what they state but everyone else is wrong and you are right regardless of facts
  9. My bold - I'm not assuming anything, you are STATING AS A FACT they are if they vote Conservative so for confirmation all BAME voters who voted Conservative are racist and all BAME voters are rich? your words? and all the people in the North East who voted Tory are rich and stupid but their neighbours or family members who may work in the same job as them who voted otherwise arent? Middlesborough is classed as one of the most deprived areas in the UK - 28,135 people voted Tory to elect their MP. Are they all rich? Im sure they would love you to tell them that Birmingham Hodge Hill has a BAME population of 64%. It has an unemployment figure of over 10% and is in the top 10 deprived areas of the uk - 6742 people voted for Akaal Sidhu at the last election. Are they all racist and rich too? plus of course, in your eyes the candidate is also racist. Im sure the 31,500 people of Hull who voted Conservative are all driving around in their expensive cars and flashing the cash everywhere too Where have i said i didnt vote Tory? I haven't indicated either way. Ive just given reasons as to why i personally dont feel that Labour represent me or why IMO Labour have lost the "working class" (whatever that is nowadays) vote through its actions. And its not just me that thinks Labour is rubbish, 98.4% of people who voted in the last by election did regardless of the party they voted for 2.6 million Labour voters disappeared at the last general election But the 13 and a half million people who voted Conservative in the last election are all rich, racist, stupid and are all wrong and you are right i guess..my bad,
  10. Have i said anywhere that i voted Tory? I havent read a paper in years so i dont think the guardian inferrence will sway my vote regardless. Labour mps openly calling voters stupid and scum though, that does influence me. So i'll ask you again, in your opinion, since you said all Tory voters are racist, stupid and rich, are BAME tory voters racist? Its a simple yes or no answer to your own statement
  11. Point proven. The question you should be asking is why dont people vote Labour. Why should they? ECCOh hit the nail on the head. Labour spent too much time under Corbyn been concerned with Pronouns and deriding anyone who didnt agree with their policies as "Racist, Stupid, Scum, Xenophobic". A good way to lose support very quickly as borne out in the election where Labour got hammered and under Corbyn managed to lose to 2 of the most (according to Labour uspporters and quite possibly some Tory ones too) incompetent Prime Ministers ever in Ma\y and Johnson. I've voted Labour previously but when i see the childish and frankly insulting language used by Labour MPs to describe myself and other "working class" people then there is no way i would ever vote Labour again. Am I stupid? Quick look at my qualifications would suggest otherwise Am I rich? Define rich. Do i earn more than the minimum wage, yes. Do i pay 40% tax, no. So am i rich? No, i work for a living and earn a wage to reflect that (hang on, doesnt that make me...working class? you know, the kind of person Labour should be trying to attract as a voter) Am I racist? Everybody in the world has, at some point, said something or done something that invokes a predujice based on someones nationality or race that someone else could construe as racist if they wanted to. I'm no different to anyone else. Do you think BAME Tory voters are racist too? Is Tony Bercow suddenly intelligent and poor now he has switched to Labour? You sum up the problem with Labour completely. Insult anyone with different views, Decry voters by saying "why did they vote Conservative" instead of saying "why did we lose 2.6 million voters (20% of the previous election vote) in the space of 2 years or get 622 votes out of 38000 cast."
  12. And? The opposition are so inept and useless that there is nothing you or they can do for the next few years.
  13. Congrats to the lib dems for winning the by-election yesterday taking the tory seat but... 622 votes for Labour (1.6% of the vote)
  14. 3 local candidates put themselves forward for nomination 2 met the experience criteria and were established councilors 1 was the sister of a former MP Instead of the 2 other local experienced candidates a medical student from Sheffield and a councillor from Kirklees were nominated instead to go up against Kim in the hustings which she, not surprisingly, won. Good luck to her in the election
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