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  1. Would you need freeholders permission for the porch/conservatory/extension oris that included in planning permission
  2. Thanks Please advise, where do you send text Is there phone no or email address IS this something new I don't recall having to enrol every year in the past (olden days, without having to give my age away) unless moving house. Haven't received polling card as yet
  3. do you have to register every year even if been at same address for number of years
  4. does anyone in sheffield have now broadband, as i am thinking of signing up with them reviews are varied, so just wondered what experience sheffielders have with this company.
  5. I know there's been a lengthy thread about this girl. But now it's being reported her baby boy has died. Should the UK government have took a different stance on this issue as the baby was a British citizen? I know she seems to put a brave face on in the interviews, but after losing three babies at such a young age she must be an emotional wreck. Especially as she has no family around her.
  6. Hi can anyone tell me if it's free parking here as I am going for interview and need to park for a few hours
  7. Not if you hang them overnight and remove in morning I have one and it is very useful in winter
  8. They should not have chose to wear it, as there parents when they came over should not. for the reasons I have already pointed out. Do you then go to another country and deliberatly flout thier customs ? Some reverts to Islam wear it by their own choice Their parents would have been white indeginous Not having come from ' another' country. I know some ladies who insist on wearing it even against wishes of their husband I believe it all boils down to freedom of choice
  9. Asian population have worked very hard to achieve what they have acquired and have well established businesses etc. Without having caused any trouble in the area. many of them have better living standards than some of the 'white' (as you have put, I personally don't like to differentiate like this) which has been thru sheer hard work and dedication. so they deserve it. However, what above poster has mentioned about the establishment has got me thinking.
  10. can't recall the war against Iraq being anything to do with religion, i believe it was something to do with 'weapons of mass destruction'. majority of major world religions , if practiced as they should be according to their correct and original texts promote peace. btw, i dont know why one of my earlier posts was removed , as it was nothing offensive or abusive, just general comments and my thoughts about the issue.
  11. similar problem to first poster, water coming through ground, clean water and waste water both done acid tests and cannot decide/agree to who needs to deal with it. they keep passing it from one to other, this has been going on for nearly 3 months now.
  12. ok , thanks I can recall the Star used to publish them at around the same time, but I guess they don't any more
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