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  1. anyone else noticed that there are alot more ads on tv now for over 50's life insurance or is it just me being paranoid and beginning to notice them
  2. just saw on a news channel , that boris has gone into isolation as he has tested positive!!
  3. according to msn there have already been 174 cases in sheffield. what i tend to ponder over is when they announce no. of deaths , does it include the no. of people who would have passed away anyway , if there was no corona virus. or is it just the virus deaths, and if we were to plot the no.'s on a graph and compared with this time last year, would there be a significant rise showing in the no's of deaths at this time
  4. hi, i realise this is a couple of years ago, just wondering if you managed to buy freehold and if it was an easy process buying from them. been reading about coppen and problems people have had with them
  5. Would you need freeholders permission for the porch/conservatory/extension oris that included in planning permission
  6. Thanks Please advise, where do you send text Is there phone no or email address IS this something new I don't recall having to enrol every year in the past (olden days, without having to give my age away) unless moving house. Haven't received polling card as yet
  7. do you have to register every year even if been at same address for number of years
  8. does anyone in sheffield have now broadband, as i am thinking of signing up with them reviews are varied, so just wondered what experience sheffielders have with this company.
  9. I know there's been a lengthy thread about this girl. But now it's being reported her baby boy has died. Should the UK government have took a different stance on this issue as the baby was a British citizen? I know she seems to put a brave face on in the interviews, but after losing three babies at such a young age she must be an emotional wreck. Especially as she has no family around her.
  10. Hi can anyone tell me if it's free parking here as I am going for interview and need to park for a few hours
  11. Not if you hang them overnight and remove in morning I have one and it is very useful in winter
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