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  1. This is not war Its genocide carried out by inhumane terrorists
  2. thanks for the above info. any ideas on roughly cost for 3 bed semi?
  3. really, ???????? only time will tell. they are trying to get rid of gaza however, when you see the worldwide demonstrations waving flags, seems like the whole world has become GAZA
  4. when israel decides to cut food , fuel and water supplies to gaza what would you call it? gaza is only allowed these basic human necessities at israels discretion long before october 7th
  5. perhaps if you could be bothered to read this book , it would give you the understanding , background and history leading upto oct 7th. (which i do condemn as well as the genocide being carried out by the IDF)
  6. for all the people who are calling the palestinians including women and children terrorists and justifying the genocide taking place. Perhaps you could take out a few moments of your precious time and read this book by an israeli jewish journalist. Its available on kindle and audiobook, or even if you read some of the reviews it will clarify your misunderstandings The Biggest Prison on Earth: A History of the Occupied Territories by Ilan Pappe where has the 'never again' gone?
  7. hi, i wonder if someone could recommend a roofer to replace roof thanks
  8. Majority of posters on forum seem to be mature individuals who are genuinely concerned about humanity. You are one sick individual. None of your posts make sense Have you had a traumatic upbringing You need to see a psychiatrist
  9. i have been researching and came across this which certainly opened my mindset,(although its quite graphic) its a longish video but i watched in intervals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ta7ybSKojrg
  10. interesting speech by Sir Gerald Kaufman sheds the light on some aspects of the situation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWe8gRolEJk
  11. it seems quite apparent that orthodox jews are supporting the palestinians and calling israel a zionist , not a jewish state. i have watched alot of similar videos ,but they are quite long , so i just posted this one
  12. Depends on the type of loss as to how you deal/recover from it
  13. Please do keep updated as aid is desperately needed especially in Syria where response has been lacking compared with Turkey
  14. Overwhelming response led to container filled so now closed
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