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  1. https://www.whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/mapstellstory.html this is one of many maps online depicting what has happened over the years. doesn't need any explanation, maps show it all and its unbiased
  2. thanks for all the replies, I have cleared my inbox.
  3. Thanks Just wanted to place an advert Will have to go and see if their offices are open
  4. have been trying to contact Sheffield star by phone number showing on star website, whichever option I choose gives me another number to call which results in call going to voicemail, which says it is full so cannot take anymore messages. any ideas on how to reach a person thanks
  5. Top of shirecliffe lanes junction with cookswood road Fantastic view
  6. Seems to be quite expensive 36.99 for 30 mins
  7. just to clarify muslim belief is:- both were messengers of God Muhammad was the final messenger.
  8. is it worth waiting a few years, hoping leasehold reform might make some changes and make it easier to acquire freehold?
  9. Any ideas on what the procedure is or how to go about it i.e. do you have to write letters or fill in some forms etc and how long might it take
  10. Thinking of buying freehold on our house but cannot find contact details for duke of norfolk Ground rent has never been requested . Any help appreciated as been quoted £200 per hour just to get process started to find these details so advised to try and find these details so request can be made to start process Thanks
  11. not really into conspiracy theories , but just came across this https://apps.who.int/gpmb/assets/annual_report/GPMB_annualreport_2019.pdf page 39 , second paragraph
  12. I understand and accept trolley restrictions but why are you not allowed to talk with partner/husband/wife etc Don't see logic in not talking to someone you live with or anyone else for that matter
  13. I totally agree they were an average decent looking couple just shopping for family not troublecausing had trolley each bough few items and left quietly
  14. Was in aldi sheffield today couple were complaining that they had been given three warnings for talking to each other is it a covid rule that talking about shopping is not allowed whilst in supermarkets or just aldi staff policing never come across this ruling before
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