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  1. Surely most peoples stresses run much deeper? The role of men has changed over recent decades, a man used to be the head of the household, at least in theory. Since the NHS waiting list is almost at 8 million, all services are stretched.
  2. As I understand the hierarchy, MPs tell the civil servants what to do.
  3. Some of those are from 2002, so he didnt get the sack
  4. Its an opinion that would normally be spoken by a person of low intelligence. Johnson would have worded it much better, Anderson is not intelligent enough to be a closet racist.
  5. Current national threat level The threat to the UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) from terrorism is SUBSTANTIAL. So keeping her out has accheived very little. https://www.mi5.gov.uk/threat-levels
  6. Surely that would be a negative, I am not against anyone, although I may have a bias. Have you got a photo of that good looking hackey lad?
  7. I dont get why its such a big deal, we/they all want a pause/ceasefire, what our Parliament votes on will make zero difference. What will make a difference is calling the deaths of those in Gaza a war crime or that they have broken the Geneva convention. Which they have of course.
  8. Isnt that what the Independent Chief Inspector is meant to do, inspect things?
  9. I cannot understand how so many were found guity. There must be a large bias that people, including the judges, to support the establishment. People have gone bankrupt and tried to commit suicide, was that not highlighted by the defence team?
  10. Is Sunak on the case or will he delay because a general election is just around the corner?
  11. Is that what you do, just spout nonsense when you have lost the argument? Schools in England have been given new guidance intended to stop the use of mobile phones during the school day. But one school leaders' union said the most compulsive use of phones happened out of school and called the change a "non-policy for a non-problem". The guidance comes almost three years after the government first called for a ban on phones in schools. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-68334602
  12. Unfortunately the Government have issued guidance, so schools will more than likely just keep with the policy they already have, that bans the use of mobile phones.
  13. Do you mean to ask the children to hand their phones over or tell them and enforce that by searching their bag and frisking them down?
  14. If it were those lefties that were campaigning outside of Tobias Ellwoods house, they would have been sent down?
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