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  1. Well you have made your mind up already. How do you know how Boris has handled this pandemic, its only just starting.
  2. Not sure if any measures could have been put in place in Janurary, but by February they should have been preparing the NHS. Feb 1st Singapore confirms two more cases, bringing the total to 18, so we knew it was spreading. The United States of America reported its eighth case. A week later the UK had its own cases. On Feb 29th in Hong Kong, several small surgical mask factories began mass production. Azerbaijan shuts down its border with Iran, we havnt closed any borders and we are poor at checking people at airports. He obviously hasnt listened to the experts about social distanceing; although the media will say he is putting his health on the line, for the people.
  3. What are the chances? All those ‘technology lessons’ in that flat with the pole dancing pole in, and still the urgent email from the EU about buying cheap ventilators ends up in Boris Johnson’s spam folder. I bet its chaos in number ten, all those advisors and being led by a donkey. https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/coronavirus-boris-johnson-ventilator-eu-scheme-nhs-a9429196.html?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1585292935
  4. We are not testing, so our death rate is not comparable with theirs.
  5. Would you expect them to say something?
  6. The Conservative 2019 manifesto said :- "No increases to income tax, National Insurance or VAT".
  7. They also say it could have been ordinary flu, because there were no extra deaths.
  8. Since we are likely to go into a recession, I wonder if inflation will go lower or higher. If inflation sky-rockets, its sensible to stock up on tins etc.
  9. https://inews.co.uk/news/sweden-coronavirus-no-lockdown-covid-19-measures-cases-deaths-social-distancing-restaurants-open-2517991 Only time will tell, the UK started off with a relaxed approach. Sweden has become a global outlier in its approach to stopping the coronavirus. Rather than imposing a lockdown like most of Europe, the country has avoided "draconian" regulations, telling its people to follow social distancing, only order food at restaurants via table service, and work from home if they can.
  10. If it needs parts, then its not safe enough. The new rules state that they should still be in a road worthy condition, which really means complying with the MOT rules. So the MOT test is irrelevant, as they only proscecute if the car is seen by an officer being driven.
  11. They have reduced leisure activities to cut down risk, but things which relate to safety should still carry on.
  12. But for most things, it would need to go into a garage; if its going into a garage, it may as well get an MOT.
  13. Do they just mean the outside of the car, the parts that you can see?
  14. I have a slow puncture, MOT due 8th April, I am expecting to get a new tyre in the next couple of days.
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