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  1. Hunt has come in from 8/1, now he is 4/1
  2. Dehydration is the only factor which I believe could have been a factor. It happened at around 6pm, after working since 2pm, I tend not to drink when I am at work driving, because now that I am older toilets are further apart.
  3. I have been taking ibuprophen as they are very similar and in the same class of anti inflammatories. The nurse mentioned a tablet, but said the side-effects were unpleasant. I am have a blood test once things have settled down, in four weeks.
  4. I didnt believe the nurses at first, but it seems that I have gout. It came on suddenly, just like breaking a bone or pulling a muscle, which I was surprised at. I could not walk for a few days, pain in my left big toe. It has been an issue when it comes to working and wearing my steel-toe capped shoes. Surely there is a reasonable requirent, when it comes to PPE? If I cannot wear my steel-toe capped shoes, does that mean I cannot work? I do not eat a lot of meat, I am an average drinker; I will try harder, but over indulgence does not seem to be the cause.
  5. Trump says Iran made a 'very bad mistake', Boris will back Trump 100%; we need to be worried for the future.
  6. He can and will be more serious when he is our leader 😂
  7. Labour did not get enough MPs to form a Government, a Liberal Democrat/Labour Government was the prefered option, but for some reason, the Conservatives won the argument. The Liberal Democrats may have been unwise to form a coalition, but that is hindsight. Perhaps it was done for the right reason, to stabilise the country; but the voters failed to see it Nick Cleggs way.
  8. Maybe because people argue about pensioners getting freebies in the entertainment area, when they still have to pay for more important things like reading glasses. Do you think they should get free Netflix too? How many pensioners have failed to work enough in order to qualify for these pension credits that make them eligible for a free TV license? The Conservatives have looked after pensioners in recent years with the 'triple lock' meaning their pension would increase more than inflation. Maybe it's not the pensioners that need more freebies?
  9. She mentioned gout, I have had possible gout before, very mild. I did think that diagnosis bizarre. As it is the result of my footwear and severe bending. She prescribed some anti-inflammatory pain killers and ice. I did try the online NHS, and it said to go to the small injuries unit.
  10. I was bending over whilst wearing my steel-toe capped shoes, when I got up, I could not walk. That was on Friday; I can now walk, but there is still pain and redness below my toe. I have a walk in center locally, but would I be wasting my time? The pain was really bad if I tried to walk, I am now getting around slowly, wearing slippers.
  11. Frankie Boyle quote - "On balance, I think the only reason our political elite haven’t slaughtered us in camps is they need us to produce children for them to ****."
  12. Of the turnouts at byelections of less than 30% since 1945, of the last 14, only 3 were not in the last 20 years. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Kingdom_by-election_records#Turnout The Liberal Democrats were the only party to increase their vote, it more than doubled, that was on a much-reduced turnout.
  13. They caught criminal, how is that being misused?
  14. Police have begun a cross-border investigation after a bomb was left under the car of an off-duty officer at a Belfast golf club. Will more border issues help the situation?
  15. Apelike just wants to use his own method, to get the results that he wants.
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