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  1. The anti-Brexit mob are now a majority. Once the Tories ditch Johnson and get a moderate leader, he/she may join the single market and get us to a place, that people voted for.
  2. If you spend 100% of your earnings, price rises will mean you have to cut back. Most people either save for a holiday or towards your pension, if you are still able to do both, times are not too bad.
  3. I am planting up a round flowerbed because it's something the council no longer do. I went to my main park a few days ago, the small area that I plant is better than my towns main park. Yes we have 11.7% inflation, but people still have their £100+ mobile phones and one or two cars parked in their drive.
  4. Being invisible works in their favour. Ed Davey does not get the scrutiny that Starmer does, but they are good at campaigning
  5. It is quite normal for people to pay for entertainment. Sky TV isn't free. I am sure some people choose to not watch TV
  6. A pandemic without any economic downsides, that would be strange.
  7. With inflation at 15% the government want a 3% cap on pay increases for our public sector workforce of millions. That is 12% shortfall, how much hurt were you expecting? Perhaps a pay/inflation gap of two or three percent per year would be better?
  8. They must be like Weetabix, very filling and you cannot eat three? With rocketing inflation, it does highlight that there is free food available if people are actually poor. Free insects, will people now utilise their gardens and grow their own. Some council's have planted community orchards.
  9. There was a time when there would be insects dead on your windscreen after a trip to the coast. There isn't so many of them these days, a delicacy 🤣🤣
  10. I have now found out that she has painted it in the past, I assume with gloss and it's now peeling off. So it needs cleaning up, not sure if she will be happy with this paint removed.
  11. I was hoping oil based gloss, not sure if I want to do it.
  12. A friend has asked me to paint her front door. Is that easy, just like painting wood? Plastic is not always easy to paint, I tried googling but not sure.
  13. The trains are private companies, how much they get determines what the next negotiations pay.
  14. Your use of the word 'blackmail' suggests that you do not believe in a free market economy. Are we blackmailed when we fill up our cars or choose our energy provider?
  15. Perhaps we should be lucky we have the energy cap? My employer told me today that businesses have face a five fold increase in gas prices.
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