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  1. The numbers of people renting has increased in recent years, but home ownership is still double what it was 80 years ago.
  2. I am a driver, there are some drivers that are in their 70s in this type of work; but there are easier jobs. I work 40 hours during the week only, so most of my free time is weekends. If I was free to go to the coast, movies, meals etc 7 days per week, where would the extra money come from?
  3. I am limited by money when I am working 40 hours per week; if my free time was to double or treble, then my income would need to double or treble.
  4. I am just within that age range, its has been common sence for years that if people are living longer and the pension age will increase. When the pension age of 65 was brought in, the average age of death was 58 So all those people that have seen their living standards rise over the last 25 years can start planning for their old age. People can actually retire at whatever age they choose, unless they are relying on others to support them. Some choose to carry on working and some like to retire early. I will no doubt carry on, I would prefer to be productive. Who could cope with 20+ years of leisure or inactivity?
  5. It is a deal that is on the 'right', more harder than soft. It does not allow free movement. Boris is pro-immigration, one of his views that we know about, so once this no deal and 31st Oct is binned, he might get a different deal, which means free movement, in all but name. That is, if Boris is still in charge.
  6. The bus driver is a muppet, of course its employers that can impose their view on everyone else, not employees I drive a bus, some of our buses have similar signage, I have never seen one of our gay workers saying that they were skint this week because there was a whip round for the bus signs.
  7. Assuming we leave on Oct 31st, what will happen next? What views does Boris Johnson hold? I did a Google on his views on climate change, he tries not to rock the boat, but he does not believe in climate change. Rather like his position on Brexit, he will choose the side that he thinks will work best for him in Parliament. He is in favour of taking action, but only in the far distant future, but he loves to criticise China or the USA.
  8. Potential worrying side-effects range from acne and aggression to reduced fertility and an increased risk of prostate cancer and heart disease. However, the evidence is conflicting, with some research suggesting that TRT protects against heart disease. Quite a negative article, the arguments were similar to females getting HRT. A total different outlook when it comes to getting HRT - "You can normally begin HRT as soon as you start experiencing menopausal symptoms and won't usually need to have any tests first."
  9. That is why I find it confusing that viagra is prescription only, so there is very little knowledge about it, unless you Google, but you can just go to a chemists and get 4 tablets for £20 Yet HRT was given to women in the 1970s, despite a 8-fold increased risk of endometrial cancer That issue has now been resolved, although there are still risks. Ladies can get HRT, free on the NHS Both sexes hormones decline with age, but are they treated equally?
  10. There does seem to be an accomodation when it come to HRT, its all very trendy to proscribe HRT for the ladies; maybe the men will be next. Baldness due to lower testosterone levels will be a thing of the past.
  11. I have sent an email to my union rep, we are required to use a app on a works mobile phone, its classed as a computer because we are meant to see our pay slips on it too.
  12. I had one two years ago, got told I was borderline for driving glasses. I see fine, I can read a number plate at well over the minimum distance.
  13. Is that too much? Some give them for free(nothing is free these days) and some charge up to £39 and they lasy between 25-45 minutes. Its ok getting a free eye test, but if they prescribe glasses when you dont really need them, it will cost you much more. When my daughter was a child, she had a free eye test, hardly ever used the proscribed glasses. I believe that the optition was just making some money.
  14. I have just Googled, if you look online I believe that you can buy Trostan Gel, much cheaper from your GP though. Looks like you just need to answer a few questions, I always though all such medications were prescription only. Testosterone replacement therapies are used for men who have low testosterone levels and also clinical symptoms of the deficiency. It is not for use by men who have normal levels of testosterone, as to do so could cause side-effects rather than produce any benefits. https://www.theindependentpharmacy.co.uk/low-testosterone/tostran
  15. The British Trump should take note, and all that would vote for him.
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