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  1. From the BBC - "My crimes range from murder, attempted murder and mafia assoiation, extotion, drug trafficing, arms trafficing and money laundering". https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/extra/XOd9gHAS6Y/gennaro_panzuto_mafia_boss_lancashire_caravan_park I guess he is a minor fish not designated as a "serious foreign national offender" by the government. Not on that plane on Monday? Is it because he is white and rich?
  2. In my local area(Leeds) the council operate and fund numerous CCTV cameras. Why is this? Surely it should be the police that fund and watch over us when we are doing wrong. I would think there are laws governing who can record our behaviour, can anyone just put a CCTV camera and watch from their own property? Is it the same where you live?
  3. Have you tried AA? Is there a reason, or numerous reasons that make you want to drink? Does drinking make your circumstances worse?
  4. He probably thinks that if all those internet warriers are discussing a Scotland to Ireland bridge, it will distract from his own policies. Its a barking idea - not worth a £2 million feasibility report.
  5. A proper cyclist will cycle miles and miles and they prefer the road, but a non-lycra person cycling into Leeds for just a couple of miles would like the car-free cycle lane.
  6. In Leeds, in the major roads, they have the super-cycle highway. So there is the road, sometimes a bus lane, the super-cycle highway and the path. Four lanes, it makes it all very squashed at times. I am sure we will adopt the same what other countries with more cycles do, the cyclists and pedestrians share a lane. Is that what they do?
  7. Mitigating for Spencer, Sheik Amin, said his client had written the message when he was angry, in poor mental health at the time and in drink. Josh Spencer is also unemployed,
  8. Cars have a right to polute our cities; so these scooter riders should have the same rights as cyclists. How is a scooter rider different to a cyclist? I see one on my school run most days, on the road.
  9. Always good to divide the people, even the BBC are doing it now, they are running scared of what the Tories will do to their funding. She hadnt been working because she had a child to care for.
  10. Of the adult prisoners released 30% reoffended within a year, I would say cuts to prisons and rehabilitation is the problem. If you place a number of terrorists in the same wing of a jail .... The Police did well to catch this offender within a few minutes. Are you saying austerity is media hype !!
  11. If you compare a petrol vs electric garden tools, electric is often cheaper. Give it time, surely an electric motor is simpler and cheaper than a petrol equivalent.
  12. I would guess an electric car would be 20/30% more effecient than a petrol/deisel powered car. So the change over will help, but its a long way short of solving climate change. They should be investing and planning housing estates so that people use public transport. They a trying to bring down the journey time for travelling long distances with the HS2, but it can still take over an hour to get to the wrong side of town if you need to get two or more buses. Councils dont have enough powers or money to solve our climate and health emergency, it is the role of the Government, but they dont want to make unpopular decisions.
  13. In 2012 the IPP sentence for new cases was abolished by the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act, although over 6,000 prison inmates remained imprisoned for public protection; over 4,600 remained as of June 2015, and over 3,000 remained as of 2017. Three-quarters of them had completed their minimum term, and hundreds had served five times the minimum. The government's policy was that IPP prisoners should remain in prison until it is deemed that the risks they pose if released are manageable. Some of the alleged victims of John Worboys whose cases were not taken up by the Crown Prosecution Service were assured that the IPP sentence in effect meant a life sentence.
  14. Twenty years ago we had many fewer people serving life sentances, whats going wrong that you want to increase the numbers still further? Is it solely terrorism? I would prefer to lock people up less, but they should be released because we think they are reformed people, not because we cannot afford the jails.
  15. They are discussing locking people up for longer. I dont see how they can just lock up terrorists for longer, what about other violent offenders? Prisons are already struggling, as is the probation service, it has been partly privatised. A test for our new Government, to deal with these issues efficiently.
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