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  1. Prior to the 2008/9 crash, the UK was doing quite well. People only voted to leave because of UK domestic troubles. They wanted to give Cameron a bloody nose.
  2. So it could have happened without social media. I am not a fan of social media being over-used either.
  3. To my surprise, I have got the all clear of cancer, thanks for the good wishes. My prostate is inflamed and swollen, for which the doc has prescribed Tamsulosin. Wiki says Tamsulosin may cause dizziness, but it does not say 'do not drive'. So I will look into that before I take them. Not keen on medications, I will see how things go.
  4. I guess all the ladies bottoms that I have touched would gain nothing if they spoke about it now, but they might speak about it if I am PM. It does not make it any more or less true. Surely they would be scared stiff of Boris taking them to court, if it was false. I am sure many men have touched ladies in the past, without permission.
  5. Not done anything yet, money is tight this month. I probably will in the future.
  6. Or within 3 miles. When you have a parish council with 20+ councilllors, that means that the candidate could live over 10 miles away from the actual ward. They could also own a bussiness within the ward, which would mean if Richard Branson owned a shop in the parish, he could live 100 miles away and still be eligible.
  7. Best suited to those that do not work? In my local its very political and used by the local party to take over everything. They do get councillors that do very little, dont even live in the area, but they appoint anyone just so the party has 100% control.
  8. It can be classed as employed, does it matter. How much time they spend doing the job is down to them. They must attend a number of meetings and send emails, how long that takes, I dont know.
  9. Some were calling for Parliament to keep open, just have the conferences without MPs. This is Parliaments most important time, they get enough time off as it is, Parliament should be open.
  10. You dont understand what they stand for, so you have made up your mind? You are clearly an individual suited to the left vs right politics.
  11. Do they have to 'stand' for anything? The Conservative are funded mostly by the rich, so their policies are focused with a bias towards the rich, Labour on the otherhand were a party that policies moved with the times, but their policies now reflect a left idealism. The Liberal Democrats don't have any idealism or sector of society that they have to follow.
  12. Why on earth is the tax payer liable for the downfall of a private bussiness? With motor insurance there is a levy on insurance companies for uninsured vehicles.
  13. Yes, in an ideal world. But in a world we live in, action needs to be taken to solve the obesity crisis.
  14. I am seeing the consultant on the 1st October, so I will get to know whether and by how much I have cancer.
  15. The tax on sugary drinks lead to a 29% fall in their sugar content. You would think that would have been the headline. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-49768817
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