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  1. People are tribal, no point in voting for the small partys, all they do is take votes away from one of the main partys. And big money always knows to best way to campaign.
  2. Did you believe what you read, has someone written that to discredit Burnham or Johnson. Which ever it is, take it with a pinch of salt.
  3. Ten months into the COVID-19 pandemic, around 10% of the total global population of 7.8 billion has been infected by the virus, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The UK is likely to have more cases than the average country. Will that 10%-15% affect the infection rate, what does herd immunity theory say?
  4. Not sure what power the EU have over the London Stock market. One of my neighbours has recently bought a house in France, I guess that would be classed as export of capital in your view.
  5. In winter, when people need hot water, leaving families with children and old people without hot water. I bet he gave you a large bill and you believed everything he had done
  6. A Brexiteer want the EU to overthrow the will of the people, really!
  7. That is massive compared to staying in. If your company reduces its profits by 2%, that is a lot of money, over all the country.
  8. Its a funeral that is limited to a maximum of 30 people. This looks like a celebration afterwards, which would result in a large fine for the organisers, not those attending.
  9. I cannot immagine anything minor taking two hours, unless he/she nipped around the corner to McDonalds?
  10. I dont know Sheffield, but they seem to be different from other areas, in that they lack Conservatives. Why is that, better or worse than other cities? I agree, our democracy is poor.
  11. We elect the councils, they work on our behalf, that is the basis of democracy.
  12. He would not want to park on a curb, if he needed his lift it would need to be on a flat surface.
  13. The subject of "subsidies" interests me. Its just the Government favouring one sector. Social housing was not subsidised, but the land that they were built on was free. Councils have the choice of borrowing money to build social housing on the land that they have, or they could sell that land to developers for £xxx,xxx They often choose to sell the land.
  14. In my own childhood I was looked after by our extended family whilst my father went to work, as my parents split when I was young. Family Income Supplement was brought in 1970 by the Conservatives and there was the family allowance before that, but I assume the payments were minor compared to what is given away today. But we still have child poverty and deprivation; so perhaps we are doing something wrong? We have always helped the poor, so why is poverty still around, has it even helped those families?
  15. I very much support helping vunerable people, but the welfare state now takes care of the poor, instead of local people getting together and helping them. We have lost that connection. Whose job is it to look after the elderley, I am not sure. Is it the family or is it the state, or perhaps when we get older we should have our own money? Inheritence should be what is left, as a reward for the people that have cared for that person.
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