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  1. Voters blame the Liberal Democrats for forming a better Governemnt than the 2015 and 2017 ones? It seems that the DUP have suffered too, whilst the Tories triumph.
  2. Some viruses only last a matter of hours once they have left the host, it varies a great deal.
  3. I havnt caught a cold, but I have had a sore throat and a cough. How have I caught it, by touching something or via someone breathing their germs in my direction? I would guess that I caught it via an airbourne germ/virus. Got me thinking about this bug that has caused 6/7 schools to close in my local area, for a 'deep clean'. What is the point of a deep clean if most germs are airbourne.
  4. What you really mean is some, very few, did wrong; but you dont know which ones so you just see them all as on the take?
  5. For a party polling much less than the main two, Jo Swinson is quite popular. Jo Swinson is the 11th most popular other UK public figure and the 21st most famous. Jo Swinson is described by fans as: Admirable, Confident, Empathetic, Assured and Fresh. https://yougov.co.uk/topics/politics/explore/public_figure/Jo_Swinson
  6. I did hear something about it on radio four, didnt catch it all. They are also not giving as much media attention to the other 280 deaths per year due to knives, a rise of over 20%
  7. Surely every single Green party voter will do that? We cannot solve climate change, that does not mean it doesnt exist.
  8. The UK is only at the bottom of polluters because much of our manufactured goods are made overseas. If a countries GDP goes up, its carbon footprint should also go up. If my income goes up, that allows me to fly to Australia or the USA. If my income goes down, I am unable to drive my 4+4 and instead use public transport. Which is why the rich are against carbon taxes. It would hit them in their wallet.
  9. I am noticing a lot of pro-Liberal Democrat posters, great stuff.
  10. Resolution report finds Liberal Democrats best choice for low-income families over Labour! https://www.resolutionfoundation.org/…/the-shifting-shape…/… Yes.
  11. The Liberal Democrats would give councils the right to end 'right to buy'. Something the Conservatives could not do, although its much needed.
  12. I think the winning side will also fill their manefesto with lies. Its even more complicated whena party does not have overall control and cannot force through its policies.
  13. The only manefesto that counts is the party that gets the most votes, the only one that will need to do what it says.
  14. The Liberal Democrats stated that the compensation will be decided in line with the recommendations of the parliamentary ombudsmen, that sounds sensible.
  15. El Cid


    When you are buying a house the solicitor is meant to highlight the flooding risk. At least I believe so.
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