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  1. Very difficult for the UK and we are some distance away from China, where this all started. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
  2. The hoi polloi that like a foreign holiday want to be able to work and play around the world, can we really stop them coming here?
  3. If we could have stopped these boat people 5 years ago we would have, its an easy crossing. Neither can other countries stop immigration when they have a land border. We should accept this and adapt. Most of our immigration is not via this route, but via regular travel, boats, aeroplanes and the channel tunnel.
  4. What taxes does he owe? I dont think he even lives in the UK, he owns an island and visits various countries.
  5. I have shared it on social media, I wonder how long brfore it gets deleted by the authorities? I dont know if its fake news, rather early to tell yet.
  6. They enter the country and then they wont tell the truth if it means that they could be sent home. People fleeing war torn countries that we sell arms to, have a very good chance of being granted asylum. The majority of immigrants go on to be productive citizens, which is why Germany and other countries with high immigration are ahead of the UK when it comes to economic growth.
  7. You can just dismiss it as anti-Brexit bias if you like, but Johnsons popularity is declining.
  8. Boris Johnson’s poll lead has fallen sharply. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/boris-johnson-poll-lead-covid-ping-b1889808.html https://yougov.co.uk/topics/politics/trackers/boris-johnson-approval-rating
  9. Across England and Wales, the average overall cost per prisoner per year was £42,700
  10. That could be understandable, because they could have made an error. But Johnson as been asked about his lies months ago and he has not corrected them.
  11. Do you see a trend for the future there? There was talk about more immigration, not less. Record numbers of boat people coming here, so we have more undesireables but fewer desireable workers.
  12. Sounds rather strange that someone can get rehoused in 4 months in the London area due to overcrowding. Being rehoused for overcrowding takes years, although run down high rise flats are sometimes unwanted, but it doesnt seem like that.
  13. Just getting it off my chest, I am sure some have good GPs
  14. It has taken me over 2 weeks to be able to see a GP, not sure if that is made worse by COVID, but it has been difficult for some time. Even then its only a telephone call. Capitalism does work with taxis and take-aways, call those and they will be here within an hour. The 111 service are on the end of a telephone within a short time, why not GPs?
  15. My 90 year old relative is just the same. He has £90,000 in the bank though, at some point you have got to become a spender.
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