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  1. We can kick them out come the next election, but "suspended from their cabinet positions" is a rather lame punishment. Will they lose the money that goes with that? Then back to normal after two months.
  2. US President Donald Trump's election to the White House re-energised the far right across the US, which will mean that non-whites will suffer more.
  3. https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/ Total confirmed cases showing those previously reported and newly added cases separately. I see that is England only, are there really 2,000 other cases, in the rest of the UK? The web page at the top states, UK cases, very misleading. New cases are attributed to the day the specimen was taken. Since its been shown that infected people can be symptom free, how can anyone say someone has COV19 without it being confirmed in a lab. We have 200,000 capacity, so why not test, or is that fake news too?
  4. According to Worldometer there was 2,095 covid cases on 30th, Gov web site says 97 cases, BIG difference
  5. That just re-enforces how inept Boris Johnson is, the Tories needed Cummings because Johnson is a clown.
  6. James Dyson recently became the UKs richest man, he has also set up a charitable foundation. Dyson complained that China benefits from stealing foreign designs and flouting of product copyrights; why not allow any UK firm to make Dysons too, make copyrights cease to exist once they have made a billion. I know that is an over simplification, but he has made enough money.
  7. Isnt that what they do? They earn loads of money and then they start to give it away. As of 2018, Bill and Melinda Gates had donated around $36 billion to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation . Since its founding, the foundation has endowed and supported a broad range of social, health, and education developments including the establishment of the Gates Cambridge Scholarships at Cambridge University.
  8. Surely million/billionaires are just the same as everyone else, some are good and some are bad. Bill Gates is an intelligent and fortunate that his invention took off, all around the world. Some rich people are just driven to make money.
  9. Tracking and tracing is what WHO reccommend, it does reduce coronavirus, but other ways of reducing it are also needed.
  10. Why do people seem to be jealous and hatefull of the rich? Whether is Richard Branson, Bill Gates or people getting jobs with the EU. In my dads time, those people would have 'done well for themselves', but not anymore. Although Tony Blair is disliked for the Iraq war, he is derided for making lots of money. Are there any rich people that we look up to, Alan Sugar maybe, Jimi Heselden after he died.
  11. You do sound like you are just taking in what is being said at the briefings. Have you not learnt to take those briefings with a pinch of salt? The USA has a massive pharmaceutical industry, it hasnt helped them. https://www.statista.com/statistics/784420/share-of-worldwide-pharma-revenue-by-country/ In an odd disconnect, NHS and Public Health England had said they intended to reach 10,000 tests a day on 11 March, the day before Johnson declared the containment phase over and said people with symptoms should stay home untested. Just 1,215 people had been tested by that stage.
  12. I have never said the lockdown should have been stricter or brought in earlier; my position has always been around testing and tracing being a major factor in our high death rate. Yes, we needed social distancing and some form of lockdown, that needs encouragment from all our leaders, not droconian laws. We have had very little leadership, Cummings was just the final straw.
  13. Then should the Government have brought in stricter rules were a trip to Barnard Castle was illegal?
  14. Clutch plate centering tool came to my mind, but it is threaded.
  15. "Free to read", its not usually free to read, are the press now turning on Johnson? That is what happened to Blair, although he was a much better leader and he lasted almost 10 years, not 10 months.
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