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  1. 192.com and Google seem to know all about us, not sure restricting the real electoral role makes any difference. We should all be open and honest. Back before the last election, I notice my next door neighbour wasnt on it. It can be usuefull for looking up peoples names, I am always forgetting names.
  2. The European Super League (ESL) is a "disgraceful, self-serving" plan and a "spit in the face of football lovers", says Uefa president Aleksander Ceferin. He would say that, because if there is a split he may need to take a pay cut. We have various different trophies and leagues, this is just another one. As the world gets smaller, these days people can travel hundreds of miles to work, air travel is relatively cheap and bussiness is international. It seems even Boris wants to be populist and he will do all that he can to stop this. These are companies organising their bussiness as they see fit. Have we moved towads Maxism, where Boris controls when we can go outdoors and what bussinesses can do? Its not the England football team, these are football teams owned by share holders. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56800351
  3. When people do that and actually get some votes, it will often let the Tories in. The exact opposite of what many want.
  4. If you dont like Labour/Tory, Andrew Cooper from the Greens is 100/1 and the rest are 150/1
  5. All leaders remove people that dont agree with the policies of the leader, Corbyn did the same. I dont know if it was necessary to remove Corbyn, but leaders need to appear strong.
  6. Not just the British. Psychologists and spin doctors know how to work the media, nationalism and conforming to the will of the majority; the Conservatives have done it best recently, it used to be Tony Blairs strong point. Getting a biased poll to show Starmer is failing is a recent one, but that came from the unions not the Tories.
  7. I agree, the selfishness does spread to us poor folk lower down the food chain. Everyone must carry on the good fight and help each other. There are still many non-Tory local authorities doing their best for their local communities. Maybe the coming austerity will bring people together.
  8. At local level and national, we have a first past the post voting system. Even if you manage to elect a Green, they will not control the council. If you are lucky you could get a coalision, but unlikely.
  9. Neither Cameron or Healey were doing anything wrong, but had a cabinet minster showed any favourtism, that would have been wrong.
  10. Not many of those have broken the law. Its not against the law to be greedy, it helps countries to prosper.
  11. But we know what the policies of the partys are and the candidates should reflect that. The Greens believe that the environment is their number one policy, any independance party is quite explanetary, Conservatives are right-wingers and that leaves Labour who could be left/middles, nearly forgot the Liberal Democrats - they only win if their candidate is really good, so if you havnt seem him/her forget about them. Does that help?
  12. Just looking at the FTSE 100 and 250, in the last 5 years the FTSE 100 has increased by around 9% whereas the FTSE 250 has increased by 30% So the large internatioanal companies are doing less well when compared to the smaller UK companies. I am not an expert on these matters, is that correct?
  13. But most legit bussinesses would not run illegal lorries.
  14. Its is difficult. Most things involve money, which comes from the government, people complain about the increase in council tax. Maybe just elect better people, but how do we know the personallities of those up for election, when we dont see them?
  15. I was once a member of the Green party, at that time I thought the environment was the most important issue. But I was wasting my time and money, if the Greens didnt get elected. So a party has to appeal to the masses, or it will fail.
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