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  1. GB News: I became a minority of one, says Andrew Neil
  2. They are refugees, and no-one has asked you to "conform with their culture". Morris dancing perhaps.
  3. Trends in Consultation Rates in General Practice - 1995-2009 The GP contract you refer to, which allowed family doctors to transfer responsibility for out of hours care to the local primary care trust, was introduced in 2004. I'm afraid the facts contradict your erroneous claim that "It was Tony Blair's Labour government who gave Doctors Surgeries the green light to see fewer patients, do less work and add more to the work load of hospitals especially A&E.". They saw more patients, a trend that has continued year on year despite falling GP numbers.
  4. Sympathy for victims of grooming stops if the child is brown, confirm racists
  5. It's also efficient because it transfers most risk to the NHS, cherry picking patients who are less likely to have complications and routinely transferring patients requiring high dependency and critical care into the NHS.
  6. The reason being that the doctor wishes to exclude other serious conditions. Chest xrays aren't undertaken as a way of avoiding seeing a patient. They are used as part of the process of diagnosing or excluding a large number of conditions like lung cancer or COPD. Once the xray has been taken and reported the GP will then have to review it. It's much easier to just see a patient. I think you're projecting your personal bias onto the situation.
  7. Hopefully the doctor's concerns are unfounded and your relative doesn't have an underlying condition rather than the condition he's self-diagnosed and self-medicated. With any luck he won't need the help of lots of lazy doctors if he's misdiagnosed himself.
  8. They don't do chest X rays because you ask for an inhaler, they do them because they are worried there's an underlying problem. The GP can provide a better assessment including the exclusion of several extremely serious illnesses by having X ray results available prior to the next consultation. They don't do chest X-rays in GP surgeries. Although the majority of GP consultations during lockdown were by phone or video, the balance has now shifted towards a much more even split between face to face and remote consultation, it's now almost 50/50. Instead of collecting unwell patients together in a waiting room the ever dwindling number of GPs can now often keep patients distanced whilst delivering a record number of consultations. Your beliefs on this topic, like many others, are quite distanced from reality.
  9. The clinician performing the assessment must be quite satisfied they don't need to see you face to face. If they did, they would.
  10. Leeds is a City of Sanctuary. Manchester is a City of Sanctuary Birmingham is a City of Sanctuary As you seem to think they are way ahead of Sheffield it's clear they haven't been "held back" by a charity trying to help desperate refugees integrate into our culture.
  11. Equalities and Human Rights UK complain about hoax account that tricks the gullible
  12. You do strike me as quite gullible from your other posts, but didn't the bio statement that the account was a parody give you a clue?
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