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  1. The usual unpleasant gloating from those who think victims of female paedophiles are "lucky lads".
  2. They seem hit and miss. They do seem to pass a lot of their calls onto the ambulance service, which frequently leads to long delays in getting help.
  3. Another dogwhistle that's commonly used, yes.
  4. For reference, the author in question is Gina Ford.
  5. If you'd given me three guesses I'd have been right with my first. Fancy that.
  6. Which newspaper has deemed her to be a parenting expert?
  7. Oh that's sad. Last time I drove down there I was thinking it had been there as long as I could remember. I did wonder how it kept going in the modern age.
  8. Entitled driver having a tantrum over some trivial slight.
  9. Do you think people who assault nurses or paramedics trying to care for them should get a less severe sentence?
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