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  1. The BBC do. £27m over budget, totalling £87m. No problem. I was hoping the information would provide illumination rather than support.
  2. They wouldn't, but that isn't what the E20 project is actually providing.
  3. The history of the Clinton body count hoax.
  4. Sorry to hear you're disappointed in the products of your society.
  5. Summary Care Records can be accessed by staff with credentials to log onto the national spine web portal. They contain patient contact details, allergies, current and past medications and medical history from your GP record. They can be located using a minimum of surname, gender and date of birth. Access to all computer records is recorded against the record and can be viewed and audited.
  6. Southampton FC’s historical sexual abuse failures revealed in damning report
  7. The always-excellent Secret Barrister has written a blog about the rather distasteful political exploitation of the Harper case. If you value a rational evaluation of the pitfalls of emotion-driven knee-jerk legistation it's well worth a read.
  8. Fancy effing and jeffing publicly or abusing shop staff because you have to wait in a queue, they certainly sound like scum.
  9. https://twitter.com/bellebelle1981/status/1459900057570971650
  10. They aren't considering strike action, that's a misrepresentation. The motion passed by the GP Committee of the BMA endorses industrial action in just two respects: 1. refusing to cooperate with plans to disclose GP wages, given the fact it's a politically motivated attack 2. refusing to issue exemption certificates for Covid vaccination, given the lack of resources available to see patients with medical needs As far as I know, GPs have never taken strike action, or any industrial action for that matter.
  11. So because you're happy to get shafted by people profiting off your acquiescence, you think everyone should?
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