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  1. Could you point us to the law that restricts an organisation to one manager?
  2. Any tips for making sure of the neighbours?
  3. What a team. Four Yorkshiremen, four foreigners and oh yes, three Englishmen.
  4. Let's hope he'll be remembered for starting Praise and Grumble rather than the Sheffield Half Marathon farce. I think he had a raw deal there. RI P Robert.
  5. Definitely had the best of the bowling conditions but Australia won the toss so they only have themselves to blame for that.
  6. William Hill currently offering 1/3
  7. Who is Allen? The last manager Newcastle attracted is worth £30m a year.
  8. You weren't wrong. But let's not despair, not winning the £1bn opens the door for other opportunities. A councillor said so on Look North.
  9. It's off according to councillor Iqbal. But it opens the door for other opportunities.
  10. It could have been, lol. https://www.theguardian.com/uk/2004/jan/16/football.gender
  11. The suspicion was a bit of skullduggery cooked up between Forest and Niort. https://owlsonline.com/index.php/w?page=forum&thread_id=38705
  12. Are you saying your manager's a liar?
  13. How much do you think Fleetwood's share of his wages was?
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