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  1. Which would be the biggest miracle, getting Wednesday promoted or getting 12 points from three games?
  2. 12 points would be nice. Garry Monk to prove he’s a miracle worker.
  3. Padders, you ought to know by now that Brian the Miller talks out of his you-know-where. It’s three points lost to stoppage time goals. Perhaps he thinks that a 90th minute goal is a stoppage time goal, even then it’s only five points lost.
  4. He won’t face the criticism that Corbyn got. How could he? As far as I know, he hasn’t palled up with the IRA or Hezbollah, he’s not an anti Semite and I think he sings God Save the Queen when it’s called for. In other words he’s a patriot. Very important when you run for PM.
  5. You can’t make jokes on this thread. Or many others for that matter.
  6. Three easy games. Luton? It’s at Hillsborough. Rotherham? Won’t be at all easy. Wycombe? We all know what happens when we play a team that hasn’t won all season.
  7. Brentford looked like scoring every time they went forward. We didn’t. We didn’t defend as a unit. Brentford did. Too many players that are strangers to each other at present. Must improve and I think we will.
  8. So as a savvy politician (cough), Jeremy Corbyn must have known he wouldn’t be allowed to win the last election. Why then did he bother? Just be glad Keir Starmer beat those four no-hopers for the chance to take Boris on.
  9. RIP https://www.stevewinwood.com/news/299410
  10. Come on GWL, let's have some Bob Stanley and Johnny Spitzer stories. There can't be many left to tell them now.
  11. Got to be happy with the progress despite the QPR disappointment. Started twelve points from safety, now after five games it's seven points. So pulling back a point a game and on target to reach the pinnacle of fourth bottom after twelve. If we can achieve that, with another 34 games to go, it could be a top half finish.
  12. Plenty is said. There's a 50 page thread on the subject.
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