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  1. I'd settle for a bit of honesty. Stop pretending an eight year sentence is anything other than four and stop calling fifteen years life.
  2. Jim Hardie

    Dejphon Chansiri to buy Hillsborough?

    Jon Clark said: "We're Sheffield Wednesday, we'll do what we want." Great reporting as ever by the Star, lol.
  3. Jim Hardie

    For Sale - Top flight football club.

    To be fair to McCabe, he wasn't the only one to get a little bit carried away. Even such an august publication as the Daily Telegraph was miles out. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/sheffield-united/10282689/Saudi-Arabias-Prince-Abdullah-bin-Mosaad-bin-Abdulaziz-Al-Saud-worth-18bn-becomes-Sheffield-United-co-owner.html
  4. Jim Hardie

    And the Next Football boss to be sacked is ..

    What an idiot. It amounts to suggesting that managers of colour (have I got that right?) should have protected status.
  5. Jim Hardie

    VIP paedophile ring

    So 'Nick', previously dismissed as a fantasist, is now accused of being a paedophile himself. If true, it's a pity the police didn't make a few checks in the first place before launching a £2m investigation into those he accused. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-48280492
  6. Jim Hardie

    Jeremy Kyle Show, suspended after guest dies.

    ......and his creepy sidekick Graham.
  7. Jim Hardie

    And the Next Football boss to be sacked is ..

    Melbourne's supporters must be chuffed to bits.
  8. Jim Hardie

    Danny Baker? Racist or Misguided Fool?

    I find the whole saga hilarious. First DB says it was a joke but fails to explain it to we with no sense of humour. Then the BBC shows the photo but not the bit which has the chimp in it so we with no imagination are sold short. Got to admire DB's chutzpah in his laughable attempt to brazen it out. He must be the only person in the country not to know what he said he didn't know after it's been rammed down all our throats the last few days by his former employer.
  9. Jim Hardie

    Owls transfer rumours 2019/20

  10. I bet that went down well.
  11. Jim Hardie

    BLADES memories

    I don't think Tudor ever played for Middlesbrough. Are you sure you weren't at Newcastle, lol? They were both at Newcastle at the same time. Edit. Or was it John Hickton at centre forward for Middlesbrough?
  12. Jim Hardie

    BLADES memories

    Ah yes, Gary Scothorn. Fox was much later. Both 15 on their debuts.
  13. Jim Hardie

    BLADES memories

    Peter Fox, now more famous for 'dressing room pranks' that apparently never happened.
  14. Jim Hardie

    Where was Sinatra's?

  15. It's said there were once 200 pubs on Liverpool's Scotland Road. Don't know about that but I recall going on a pub crawl there in the late 60s and it was a woman's name over the door every time. Apparently that was the norm in Liverpool for some reason.

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