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  1. Hot air from the magistrates. It might as well be £6m for all the chance there is of him paying up.
  2. Not at all. It's on a City Grammar website which is public. I'm glad she has seen it.
  3. RIP, Joe. I used to enjoy his column in the Star back in the day with his tales of the old Attercliffe. Something to while away the long lockdown hours. https://sounds.bl.uk/Oral-history/The-History-of-Parliament-Oral-History-Project/021M-C1503X0024XX-0001V0
  4. Always wanted to blow my mind. Come on then, give us a clue. What do you know that the rest of us don't?
  5. http://www.omnesamici.co.uk/CGS55form3thorold.html
  6. Check for restrictions. Tesco have limited online orders to 80 items.
  7. https://images.app.goo.gl/FQQG7PQWkWHhQwef8
  8. Agreed. What a shame it wasn't recorded. On the following Monday, the Morning Telegraph did a montage of what the national Sundays had said about the match. I kept a clipping of that but lost it years ago.
  9. I thought my post was very simple. Only Shirecliffe is open seven days a week. All the others are not.
  10. Shirecliffe is open seven days. All the others are not.
  11. Mexico 1970 World Cup semi final. Apparently known as the Game of the Century. Italy 4-3 West Germany.
  12. Unchartered territory, lol. What sort of reporter is Dom Howson?
  13. At the moment, yes. The question was asked last Monday.
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