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  1. He was never chairman and he only went to jail twice.
  2. None of them had the style of Blacow Yates who promised the players 'something for a rainy day' if they got promotion. They did and each player was presented with a barometer and a raincoat.
  3. Just seen the line up for I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and the only one I know is Ian Wright. Perhaps I should stay in more.
  4. No personal experience but you should make sure that the 1.95% is guaranteed as the following suggests it may not be. BLME is Sharia compliant, which means it pays a “profit” rate rather than an interest rate, which is not guaranteed, and has an investment strategy similar to an ethical fund, in that it cannot invest in arms, alcohol, or adult entertainment. From a five year old article in the Daily Telegraph. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/savings/10795846/Can-you-trust-foreign-banks-competing-for-British-savings.html
  5. You're right, it didn't. So keen to punish the Lib Dems, their dear leader in particular, were the chattering classes of Hallam that they ended up punishing themselves. Ha ha.
  6. Not until the weekend. Sheffield Wednesday v Swansea City and Sheffield FC v Glossop North End. Both at 3:00 pm on Saturday.
  7. It's also designed to protect an employee from being pressurised into something they may not want by someone with the power to end their employment.
  8. Lol, so that's why they've blurred out his face.
  9. That same map shows the triangle bound by Alderson Road, Shoreham Street and Bramall Lane where I was brought up. Our back yard was just about where Mr Brewer is stood at the end of this video. Hard to believe there were 58 houses and shops plus a church in the middle, lol.
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