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  1. If it hadn't been for Big Dave's last minute goal, I'd choke on it. As for Watford, you probably could have got the same odds for 8-0.
  2. How much does a gypsy liaison officer get paid? I wonder if there's enough of them. Wouldn't mind joining the team. I'm good at thanking people.
  3. And a mere 20 light years away. When we can travel at the speed of light, a one way ticket might be affordable. Bring your own food.
  4. 100/1 Make a great mug's double with the Blades.
  5. That's what I was thinking Alan but they might win 1-0. If it does come in I'll be regretting not having a proper bet. 16p won't win me much, might buy me a pint.
  6. I didn't look at oddschecker. I just went to the William Hill site to see what the odds are for 0-2 and placed the bet. I signed up years ago before there were any free bet offers. I only had 16p in my account so I blew the lot, lol.
  7. Not for United to win 2-0. Minimum stake is 3p for that bet. I've just placed it.
  8. William Hill will give you 28/1
  9. Were there a Nobel prize for creativity, Mr Chansiri's accountant would win it.
  10. Doncaster wasn't a premier league club at the time, lol. The worth to SUFC must be greater than the value of the land.
  11. Mama's and Leonie's was very good last time I ate there but it's a long time ago. Handy for the theatres.
  12. Out of interest, do you know how the ground was valued and by whom? There can't be many precedents for a football ground being sold as a going concern. Unless it's valued solely as a piece of building land, I don't see how a price could be placed upon it. Same goes for the academy. Usually the value of an item is only what someone else is prepared to pay for it but that doesn't apply when it's only going to be offered to one person. A very unusual situation.
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