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  1. They didn’t bother to do what? After the murder of Jo Cox in 2016, the spending on MPs' security rose from £170,576 in 2015/16, to £4.5m two years later. From the BBC website.
  2. Carlton Palmer has had his say, as ever. https://footballleagueworld.co.uk/i-hear-it-is-around-the-20000-mark-exclusive-carlton-palmer-makes-claim-over-barry-bannans-sheffield-wednesday-future/
  3. What they’re worth and what they can get are two different things although I doubt Bannan’s on more than £20k a week.
  4. I see they’re asking for a photo. Probably hoping to save time and money on makeup.
  5. If you want your 15 minutes of fame you need to make yourself available whenever.
  6. Before the maximum wage was abolished Sheffield just about held its own. In those days it was down to the quality of the board of directors - local businessmen willing to put their hands into their own pockets every now and then and hopefully making the right decisions. When the big bucks came into the game Sheffield was left behind. The actual number coming through the gate is becoming less and less important - these days it’s all about super rich owners, mega sponsorship deals, and TV money. For some reason we don’t seem able to attract it.
  7. I get that and I agree with you that a city the size of ours should do a lot better, but I think the size of the region and the split support must come into it.
  8. This question has brought out the geek in me and I’ve spent most of the morning doing calculations. I know there are other factors but I found that South Yorkshire is right at the bottom of the table when it comes to potential support. It might be a big factor when it comes to attracting investment. South East pop. 8.635m 9 clubs, 959k per club East Midlands pop. 4.804m 6 clubs, 801k per club East of England pop. 6.240m 8 clubs, 780k per club South Wales pop. 2.200m 3 clubs, 733k per club Greater London pop. 8.908m 13 clubs, 685k per club North East pop. 2.657m 4 clubs, 664k per club South West pop. 5.289m 8 clubs, 661k per club West Yorkshire pop. 2.398m 4 clubs, 599k per club Merseyside pop. 1.423m 3 clubs, 474k per club Greater Manchester pop. 2.822m 7 clubs, 403k per club West Midlands pop. 2.928m 9 clubs, 325k per club North West pop. 3.056m 10 clubs, 306k per club Humberside pop. 0.858m 3 clubs, 286k per club South Yorkshire pop. 1.405m 5 clubs, 281k per club
  9. The post I was replying to mentioned Dooley, Swan, Kay, and Layne. Only Swanny won caps while with Wednesday. Incidentally, one player very unlucky not to be on that list is Vic Mobley. He was named in the England team to play Holland in 1964 but was replaced by Maurice Norman because of injury and was never picked again.
  10. Of the four players mentioned, only one qualifies as being in the 43.
  11. It needs to go tits up but the more super rich clubs there are, the more likely the European super league will rear its ugly head again and the more likely that they’ll get what they want.
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