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  1. I don’t remember Bryan’s and it was exactly 50 years ago I lived there. I know that because I went to the England v Australia test on the Saturday. Just checked the details and it was 29th July 1972. I was on my way to town to get the bus to Sheffield and went on impulse as it was such a lovely day. You could just pay on the gate. We won in three days thanks to Derek Underwood but I got to see Dennis Lillee bowl. After the match I saw Basil D’Oliveira and his wife taking an evening stroll. I was probably on my to the Skyrack/Original Oak.
  2. Yes, I’ve just had a look on StreetView and it seems the takeaway down the right hand side is still there. It’s just the fish restaurant that’s bit the dust. I lived in Headingley myself for a short period but that was more like 50 years ago.
  3. This is the Bretts I knew as it is now. https://no14northlane.co.uk/
  4. I wonder if the 20 year old Paul McCartney ever went to a festival and saw an 80 year old singing songs he’d first recorded on wax cylinders in 1903.
  5. It was done to death a bit back. https://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/topic/444959-whos-at-fault-here-in-this-car-crash/
  6. 1736 map. https://imgur.com/uEOmnil
  7. I remember him in The Army Game which I used to watch next door because we didn’t have ITV. RIP Frank.
  8. Definitely not. Fargate was Fargate when High Street was Priorgate.
  9. …but no fish and chips at Bretts. After 100 years it’s now a trendy bar/restaurant.
  10. A Hard Day’s Night. It could be the night he called it a day.
  11. When he watches that back I think he’ll call it a day. The voice has gone and it won’t get any better.
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