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  1. What a shame. I found it invaluable when reaching for something off the top shelf in my kitchen.
  2. I used to rub that on my impetigo. RIP Denise, too young.
  3. Hope this doesn’t sound too negative, but getting rid of 3/4 big wage earners and bringing in 7/8 others just means a bigger squad, not a stronger one. Due to his reluctance to sell players, the squad has been enormous all through the Chansiri years. We hardly saw some of those players. I’d like to see youth get its chance but unless there’s a Mason Mount lurking in the development squad, I can’t see it happening. If next season starts with a points deduction it won’t be possible to bring along unproven youngsters in the first team. Staying up might be all we can aspire to in 20/21.
  4. You can’t beat the old brands, Tide, Oxydol, Rinso, Daz. I was an Omo man but had a successful course of aversion therapy.
  5. It was a Tennants house in 1960. Correct.
  6. Well, if you follow them to away games you can't complain. Scored more goals than ANY team in the division. Pity about the home goals, EVERY team in the division has scored more. Don't know about worst season, weirdest perhaps.
  7. Lol, if they stopped trying, would anybody spot the difference?
  8. When I got home to proudly show The daffs I'd purchased from Tesco My dearest gawped and rolled her eyes: "Tha can forget them cakes and pies!"
  9. Any 'PayPal' email that doesn't address you by name should be forwarded to spoof@paypal.com and then deleted. Don't click on any links. I must have had 8 or 9 over the years including one last week.
  10. Not true, apparently. https://www.balls.ie/football/jack-charlton-cheque-440134
  11. Don't get carried away. QPR were already playing with their buckets and spades.
  12. They were in the top three on Christmas Day. As you say, all downhill after that.
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