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  1. I used to feed my dog part raw when she was young. I just used to buy it from the butchers. But I believe that what ever you feed them, it must be consistant. Not 100% meat, then a week later cheap dog food.
  2. I dont agree with your statement, but if you believe its true, that is ok. But the point is that EU migrants contribute more than non-EU migrants. I am sure you dont think that they are fake figures. The average European migrant arriving in the UK in 2016 will contribute £78,000 more than they take out in public services and benefits over their time spent in the UK (assuming a balanced national budget), and the average non-European migrant will make a positive net contribution of £28,000 while living here. By comparison, the average UK citizen’s net lifetime contribution in this scenario is zero. https://www.oxfordeconomics.com/recent-releases/8747673d-3b26-439b-9693-0e250df6dbba
  3. I am stating that I saw the same idea in the media recently, then you wrote it on here. We are all capable of doing that. We should have been more prepared, we werent because they didnt want to spend the money, even though there has been close calls with bird flu and SARS. We are not experts, but the Government have experts advising them.
  4. One thing that is strange, 90% of the volunteers picking litter are female.
  5. Do you think they would know before hand what to base it on? But you are just repeating what has been said in the media, the media are so powerfull. We have done very poorly, the FTSE is below what it was 12 months ago, stock markets around the world are increasing and the LSE was overtaken by Amsterdams stock market. https://www.lbc.co.uk/news/amsterdam-has-overtaken-london-as-europes-biggest-trading-centre/
  6. The socialists among us will no doubt be using the little more expensive non-profit making energy companies? People's Energy, Our Power, Ecotricity and Ebico. I wonder why they are not the cheapest, because there are no BIG profits to the shareholders. There was Yorkshire Energy, but that went bust, costing some local council a lot of money.
  7. It has been reported that they are not sure if just having the first vaccine will allow more mutations.
  8. Sounds like they are doing what they have been asked to do.
  9. When wholesale prices fell sharply last year in the wake of the first lockdown, the level of the price cap fell by £84 in October to its lowest level yet for the current winter period.  Ofgem announced that from 1 April 2021 the price cap will return to pre-pandemic levels, principally as a result of changes in wholesale energy prices. Big increase in wholesale energy prices push up price cap by £96 to £1,138 to pre-pandemic levels
  10. Scotch Pine are UK native trees. Here in Leeds they are planting loads of trees, not sure if its six million. We have gone from people wanting more trees, to people complaining because they dont want them where people play/exercise.
  11. Have you reported the issue? Have you reported the issue? Its down to the local council tax payers to be active and make sure council services perform as they should.
  12. Economists do not agree, they have their own biases just like we do.
  13. Maybe the ones that are still being paid and not working or furloughed, maybe they are the ones volunteering here in Leeds. Has Sheffield got people that have been furloughed, get them volunteering.
  14. Some teachers work part time and some full time; your job should not bar you from volunteering. I drive a bus, picking litter is not my job either. So you think that we should all be jobsworths?
  15. Starmer does not wear clowns shoes though, maybe he is slightly more to the left.
  16. Shop owners should make sure their own patch is clean, as should housholders; schools should do the same. I was employed by a school on mimimum wage for around 10 months to do their bins and litter pick. But teachers, heavens no! Is that the attitude? The litter that is on the street, someone elese job then, councils?
  17. The Labour voters that blame Magie are probably on the left, they could well vote Green, even UVIP adjusted its policies to attract poor Labour voters. So it also depends on the left/right vote and whether its split.
  18. We should not be blaming Labour for things happening now or in the future. Its quite some time since they were in power! But when you know that its a choice between the two main parties, that is really a choice between the two.
  19. Even after 2016 we had very high immigration, only COVID can reduce immigration. Net migration to the UK was estimated to be 270,000 in 2019, down from a peak of 331,000 in the year ending March 2015.
  20. As most would vote to come out of this lockdown, its the failure of the test and trace which meant COVID came back. If you dont like/vote for Starmer, you will get the Tories again.
  21. Over here in Leeds we have a massive wave of volunteer litter picking. Maybe you have litter in Sheffield? Its great that people want to improve their local area. If Sheffield council are not doing this, they should be. Some are suffering due to the lockdown, those that are not and have some free time could be helping their local council and keeping their neighbourhood clean.
  22. Better to wait for the enquiry and then Hancock will resign, can we judge before the enquiry? That didnt help Corbyn though.
  23. Media reports about it being concidered, they dont tend to announce policies untill the election is just around the corner. https://www.electoral-reform.org.uk/keir-starmer-weve-got-to-address-the-fact-that-millions-of-people-vote-in-safe-seats-and-they-feel-their-voice-doesnt-count/
  24. Will keeping corporation tax low be a factor in keeping businesses happy?
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