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  1. I know some post their bile against Jack so I'll post to defend him, using him to attack me, yes it's been pointed out to me. You're now back on ignore.
  2. Says more about you and your petty comments,
  3. I suppose our equivalent is 'how can I help you'?
  4. Have an interesting time and report back later
  5. I'd like to know how someone replies to that if they don't want to be 'reached' out to.
  6. You've said it now 🤐
  7. Easier for guys, I fancy staying engaged and separate houses.
  8. Especially when they send you weird, unsolicited p.m.s
  9. Yes, one reason for not being married love can have a shelf life, what do you advise for women, long engagement?
  10. You two are men of the world, not sure who the ardent fans are, I know one who has hurt my feelings a lot though, I won't say any more, least said soonest mended. I don't trust love.
  11. It's not good all this mentioning sex, I bet you two have had my share, that's why I probably come across as innocent
  12. Ok when I left school I went to night school, this boy tagged on to me, walked me home, spotted my brother's motorbike in front of the garage, then my dear mother opened the front door, we said goodbye at the gate, he asked me for a kiss and got a peck. The next day I was with friends going to the coffee bar and he asked again if he could walk me home, I said no as I didn't want to let my friends down - he had said his family was emigrating to New Zealand or Oz - that's the only time I 've regretted making the wrong decision.
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