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  1. Not had this one before, Recorded message, "Thank you for placing your order with Amazon you have been debited with £399 on your debit card, your order will be with you in 3/4 days, if you havn't placed this order press one now" didn't listen to any more, and if they can find find a spare £399 to debit good luck to them.
  2. I am registered at Pitsmoor surgery, I got a letter before Christmas saying I would be getting an appointment shortly, I received a text early January to make an appointment for my vaccination at Wincobank which I had on the 8th January, hope this helps.
  3. This should be on the terms and conditions of her travel insurance
  4. I got my letter from NHS to make an appointment for vaccination this wasn't at my own GP's surgery so unsure if all GP's are vaccinating or if you are allocated a GP hub as \i was.
  5. I have had phone calls saying £200 has been withdrawn and sent to overseas account (no mention of Lloyds) but this is the first text I have received w here do they get mobile numbers from? I always try and avoid giving mobile number to anyone apart from friends and family
  6. Just been for my first jab and it is put on the card which vaccine you have had along with batch number and the date and time of the vaccination
  7. is this a new scam from mobile number 7990 8225 NATWEST ALERT a payment was attempted from a new device on 8th jan if this was not you visit |(gives web site) I dont even bank with Natwest delete button pressed
  8. Yes the charge for Lloyds pharmacy is £5 for a single delivery or you can pay £60 for the year or £30 for 6 months , you can have them delivered for free via an online pharmacy but take your chances if they get it right, my family have had to go back from online due to mix up of medication or even non delivery. I pay 6 monthly and dont have any problems at all
  9. I booked a taxi this morning to go into town (city taxis) when the taxi arrived I was a little unsure about getting in as it was an ordinary saloon car (no city logo anywhere) I dont know if it had a taxi plate on the back, the driver wasn't wearing a face mask, which I have now found out i sn't mandatory for drivers? only passengers. I told him where I wanted to go and which way to go, he made quite a few detours on the way and I asked why he wasn't going the usual way to which he said this was the quickest way, I could see the meter was going over what I normally pay and when we got to town the fare was over a pound more than normal fare I told him this and he said didn't believe me. I have contacted City Taxis to complain the operator didn't want to know . So it will be a different taxi company next week
  10. Many thanks I will get the mesh and get someone to put it over when the little blighters have gone, thanks for the tip
  11. I am over 80 so would be unable to reach, to be honest I dont feel safe using a step ladder after so many falls I have watched them and they are going through the little holes in the air brick so it cant be blocked off
  12. I have just noticed a lot of wasps around the air brick under my bathroom window, can anyone tell me the approximate cost for spraying or removal and who to contact. many thanks
  13. thanks for your reply, I have checked speeds and it is 1.4 download and 0.8 upload, Sorry forgot what talktalk quoted speed as when I took contract out, I have rung them many times and they have just fobbed me off with offers of half price offer for 3 months(must have got my date of birth on record) I dont have any family who can help me out , but when price went to. £27 per month I knew I had to make a stand. I dont use land line very often Any more advice for me would be welcome
  14. Yes I am out of contract, my mistake. Can anyone help me I have contacted BT and the prices quoted are both 24 month contracts, Essential ,£24.99 33-36Mb and Fibre 1, 46-50Mb £27.99 (with 700 mins free calls per month £34.99) I only have a laptop and smart TV and as I am not really up to date (over 80) can you advice me which would be the most suitable option for me
  15. I am looking to finally change from TalkTalk, cost keeps going up and up and try to talk to a real person is almost impossible, I have looked at deals from BT and virgin media, can anybody give me any feed back on these providers, Many thanks.
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