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  1. Thanks Anna, I have a very good son and daghter in law who are shopping for me (not always what I would choose) but when you have always been independent it is hard to accept. I keep trying to find jobs to do. I know we are all in the same boat but I just dont want to lose my independence when all this is over
  2. I get more confused every day, I am over 80 and normally self caring and no help needed from family, I have followed all advice given (stay indoors for 3 months) but yet I see adverts from supermarkets giving an hours shopping for the elderly Can you go out or not, Relatives can only put shopping and doorstep and move away, but if you go to a supermarket during the "elderly hour"you can stand in a queue. Dont know if it is isolation thats getting to me, Normally I go out 2/3 times a week or just go out for a walk to relieve the boredom of living alone
  3. To all NHS workers and everyone else trying to keep the country going in this very trying time thank you
  4. having problems with hotmail, wont send messages
  5. The only calls I answer are from my own saved numbers, the rest I put straight to the answer machine, genuine callers will leave a message
  6. Has enyone else noticed the drop in Scam phone calls or have I just been lucky over the last couple of weeks
  7. I'll second that, been a life line for me sat alone for god's how long
  8. My "rations" have arrived and daughter in law has had to visit 8 different shops to get basics for us I just cannot believe how the public (well some of them ) are behaving just a good job they didnt have to survive rationing during the war. My own Mother could fit her weeks food supply for 8 of us into a small wicker basket
  9. I normally shop at Sainsburys and over 80, at the moment I am following advice and staying indoors. I wouldn''t think of using public transport at this time at all. I am relying on family for what I need'
  10. Dont forget to add you must take you must take 2 paracetamol every 4 hours even if you have to fight people for them
  11. Well at least thats one less on the lookout for loo rolls if he has got enough for a year
  12. Why don't supermarkets remove the b ig trolleys and only have small trolleys and baskets, I know trolleys would be in short supply but at least it would stop this stupid shelf stripping
  13. Didn.t the head office say "this was an error with pricing" and refunded people?? Also if you do find anyone trying to sell at inflated prices why dont we name and shame them
  14. Is this people who have been tested and definite positives or people who think they may have got it and are isolating
  15. Can anybody explain where the people who are stacking thier trolleys up day after day are getting the money from to do this, Just hope for thier sake they are not using credit cards Live within your means and stop this panic buying.
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