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  1. We lived with my late husbands parents at No. 68 Rutland Rd in the fifties when we first got married. Just a few doors up from Joe Bownes shop I think that man sold everything you could imagine, as well as food and sweets, saucepans ,washing lines all hung on hooks, a proper" Arkwright" shop
  2. dont have sky, but TalkTalk have said I can upgrade to 35bps for £25 on18month contract with free new router, but will they send engineer to set router up?? I wouldnt have a clue even if instructions come with it, cant deal with anything technical.
  3. I am over 80!! with no computer knowledge only the basics, I have been with the same provider for the past 9 years. I have recently bought a new tv and when my son set this up he said what internet speed do I have (this didn't mean a thing to me) I am paying £27 a month for internet only. He did a speed test and and the reading was 1.3 download and 0.8 upload (still doesn't mean anything to me) We rang ------ and they said that I was paying far to much because I was out of contract, and said I could upgrade and this would be cheaper and faster. Every year when my charge went up I rang and asked why and all I got was two months at half price and no mention of any out of date contract. When I took out the contract they said I would have 11mbps. Any suggestions because I am going to have to upgrade as a smart tv isn't smart when you cant watch what you want. Sorry for ranting on, dont know how to speak to provider when they are blinding me with science on things I havn't a clue about. My son is not in Sheffield so he cant deal with this for me.
  4. I have got one still in good order if you can't get it repaired you are welcome to mine
  5. Is this the same Burt or Bert Smith that was married to my Aunt, I knew that he was related somehow to Swindells, I didnt know that he was a money lender I only knew that he was in the regular army and when he came out of the army he married my aunt, what a small world, I always thought that he was Mrs Swindells brother but I was only young at the time so didn't know the full story
  6. Can anyone tell me if you can still get to XRay Dept from Herries Rd Entrance, I know that it used to be near the nurses home but have been told that it is now in the Hunstman Building. Many thanks
  7. I have had automated calls from British Gas "hello this is British Gas please press any button" needless to say I have never pressed any button even though my gas supplier is British Gas, so don't know if this a scam call.
  8. Has anyone had radioiodine treatment for an overactive thyroid I have been referred for this and reading the information sheet I am finding this a bit off putting. I know I will be able to discuss my concerns before I have the treatment but just wondered if anyone has had the treatment and to get their views on it
  9. Hi I have just seen this Group, is it still running? I have just been diagnosed with an overactive thyroid and am waiting to go to the clinic. My main concern is the weight loss and poor appetite anyone else had these symptoms. Many thanks.
  10. There must be a need for this new Centre, a few years ago I had my first cataract op at the RHH. and the second at Western Park. My friend waiting for her first operation at the RHH was sent a letter telling her that if she would agree to going to Balborough Hospital the wait would be much shorter which it was 5 weeks
  11. Dont know were it was, but started at lunch time and was still going on this morning, must have gone to bed now it's gone quite
  12. Couldn't agree more with you, a few months ago I called to speak to my GP because I had a sudden onset of double vision she called for an ambulance and within an hour of seeing my GP I had been admitted to RHH had a CT and MRI scan and all other tests done, seen by a consultant and told I had a small stroke, I couldn't believe the speed of all the staff concerned and the kindness shown to me and my family. Well done all the NHS staff. I am pleased you had a good outcome as I did.
  13. The only place I can buy any Cunninghams Piccalilli is the Moor Market, Tesco used to sell it but not any more, also my friend shops at Asda and they dont sell it anymore dont know about Morrisons
  14. I know this is an old thread but does anyone know if they are still at Dronfield, my brother would like to get in touch with them as he met them when he was working in South Africa and they took a film at my nephews birthday party (many years ago)
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