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  1. My maternal grandma lived on Hobart Street in the '40s when I was little and I remember her taking me down Club Garden Road on a few occasions to a pawn broker's shop. I'd no idea what it was called until hillsbro pointed me in the right direction and I found images of Jowitt's shop on Picture Sheffield. I immediately knew it was the same place. At the time I thought the place was somehow different to other shops and it very strange that grandma was handing over grandad's gold fob watch. It was only years later that I understood the reason for and context of the transaction. In those days living from hand to mouth, if you couldn't afford something, then you didn't have it. They never bought a house simply because it meant putting themselves in a lot of debt and I suppose the spectre of the workhouse loomed large. Now we live in a different world where credit is very much encouraged and is part of everyday life.. Sorry AnneG I don't have any particular recollection of your relative but the visits to his shop have certainly stayed with me for a very long time. echo.
  2. Surely part of the point of attending a festival like Glastonbury is to become immersed in the group dynamics. It's a big part of the experience and provides individual memories; to say 'I was there'. McCartney performed at the Cheese and Grain, a much smaller venue in Frome on Friday night and no doubt he sounded much better then. If folks want perfection they listen to the original recording. echo.
  3. That's a bit harsh Pattricia. 'Walk to the nursing home!' I can only hope in a few years time when I become an octogenarian I have the energy and stamina to stand for nearly 3 hours, let alone entertain 200,000 people on stage. Admittedly his voice has thinned and grown weaker , but that goes for lots of singers. Even Sinatra suffered. Sound quality is also more difficult in outdoor situations like Glastonbury. Don't forget when he was in the Beatles he harmonized with both John and George to create a unique sound in the most influential band there's ever been. Nobody has a more universally known and loved back catalogue than Macca and the Beatles. Paul is a vintage musician playing his own songs so give him some credit. You only had to look at the response of the multi-generational crowd last night to see that he is still appreciated by many. I missed seeing the 'Fab 4' in live concert originally but managed to attend McCartney's Sheffield date at the Arena in 2003. That night was more than just a concert; it was almost magical listening to someone who was part of creating the soundtrack of my youth and I think many of the people there felt the same. He did play more Beatles songs then though and I agree he could have done so last night. echo.
  4. I've been driving 60 years and in that time standards on the roads have worsened. Cars nowadays are much faster than they were as is the pace of life. Most folks seem to be rushing to get somewhere. I often travel on the motorways, M62 and A1 mainly and the reckless driving I witness sometimes beggars belief. Changing lanes without indicating or putting an indicator on as though then it's OK to change lanes without even checking whether it's safe to do so. Undertaking and weaving between traffic and tailgating. Last year travelling East at 70 mph on the M62 near the Saddleworth junction I was overtaken by 2 sports cars racing each other followed immediately by another one which undertook me on the hard shoulder before returning to the carriageway. That's an example of the sorts of idiots who are currently on our roads. I've always advocated regular 5 year driver re-testing for everyone. Expensive but in the end, lifesaving. Failures would have to a green P stuck on their vehicle until they passed. Then we could identify the sub standard drivers at a distance just as we can with learners. echo.
  5. Living in the sticks, with no mains gas and heating oil doubling in price and likely to go higher, I'm building a lean to south facing conservatory which will cover both the living room and main bedroom windows. The solar gain through the glass will hopefully help to warm the house so we won't need as much fuel. I'm also installing a wood burning stove, for cosy nights in! echo.
  6. For those Yorkshire folk like me who regularly watch the BBC, Harry has been the mainstay of local news for more years than I care to remember. He always came across as an amicable and approachable character, almost like a family member. Even though he retired a couple of years ago he'll still be missed. R.I.P. Harry. echo.
  7. Yes Padders, I remember Colin playing for the Blades in the '50s. Not many left now from that era. He apparently scored more goals for United than any other team in his career. What I didn't know was that he was also a singer and shared a bill with the Beatles in 1963. A man of many talents. RIP Colin. echo.
  8. Not sure, but Jeffcocks' coaches should be running a trip. Oh sorry, I've just realised it's not 1952! echo
  9. Outstanding achievement. Well done, Matt and a Blades' supporter too. It couldn't be better! echo
  10. Coming from a time when you had to get up to switch TV channels (that's if you were lucky enough to have more than one!) I don't understand or comprehend a lot of things in modern day life but I don't fear them. I just ask the kids to sort it for me They're usually up to speed technologically. echo. '
  11. My parents bought me a second hand Langsett bike for my 15th birthday and I had it until I passed my driving test a few weeks beyond being 17. I was never a member of a cycling club but rode all over the place with mates. Mum and dad were keen cyclists in the '30s and were members of the Grove Cycling Club which I think was originated somewhere close to Ecclesall Road but I've never been able to trace the actual location of their club HQ. They travelled much further afield than me. I have photos of them at Dunster and Sheffield in Cornwall. My dad also took part in road races and trials. echo.
  12. Agree entirely. Privatising national assets and putting their ownership into the hands of foreign countries was short sighted and crass stupidity. I think it was termed Thatcherism. echo.
  13. Cressida, Like Crooksey I used Policy Expert last year. They are a brokerage but I've found them to be very good. Comprehensive cover including legal expenses, if required, for £148 for a 3 bed semi detached old stone cottage. I suspect my premium may be inflated slightly due to age of the place. Some companies like Direct Line won't even entertain providing a premium figure. echo.
  14. Yes, sibon Direct Line can be cheap but, as I found out to my cost, to 'fit their profile' you have to be willing to pay their premium and expect any convoluted excuse not to pay you out if you unfortunately have to make a claim. They did it to me once and I'll never use them again. echo.
  15. I gather that you're partial to a drink Padders but didn't realise it had gone so far as to need the AA! echo.
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