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  1. Afraid it's also a foreign language to me and I go back a lot further than Runningman. Must have missed out somewhere in my childhood! echo.
  2. Agree. Hence my reference to it in the final words of my last sentence. steved32 Quite right, but then again there are limitations and you can't spend more than you have......oh, wait a minute, some clubs do! Let's hope they can 'cut the mustard' in the Championship when they get there. echo.
  3. CW achieved unimaginable success for the Blades in the past 4 seasons taking them from the 3rd tier of English football, where we languished for 6 years, to the top half of the Premier league. This season a combination of factors have resulted in our current situation. Despite the Club spending record amounts on some players we are not on a level playing field in terms of spending power (both fees and salaries) with other established Premier league teams and that is reflected in the calibre of our recruits compared with other clubs. It's a difficult problem to bridge unless you have a mega rich owner willing to invest heavily. Chris has worked his magic in the past and the sparkle has disappeared at the moment, but that's football; it's cyclical for most teams. In my opinion to even consider the dismissal of CW whose heart and soul are in the club is ludicrous. On the other hand he may decide that he's had enough and walk, which would be sad but no doubt please many Owls supporters, some of whom on here seem to relish the possible 'demise' of SUFC. Sorry to disappoint you but somehow I don't think that's going to happen! If he does leave then we'll join Wednesday on the unsuccessful merry go round of managers whose only objective is to pick up a lucrative pay cheque and we all know where that leads. echo.
  4. I have a Medion desktop computer and monitor which are about 10 years old. Model PC MT7 Type MED MT 512. The unit starts up but will not send an image to the monitor. All it shows on the screen is 'NO INPUT SIGNAL'. I'm not bothered about the computer as I now have a laptop but would like to retrieve photos and info from the hard drive. Can anyone help resolve this problem? Many thanks, echo.
  5. Manufacture glass and double glazing units. They have lots of sand to use as raw material and sun to provide free solar energy for the furnaces! echo.
  6. A variation on 'what's for tea? 'was a slice of bread and a run round 'table'. 'It's black over Bill's mothers' for dark clouds on the horizon. If someone hadn't done something for a long time they hadn't done it for 'donkey's ages'. When as a youngster I had a mark on my pants I had always 'blotted my copybook!' echo.
  7. Well in the past when folks couldn't afford toilet paper they were torn up and used as 'bog rolls'. A fitting end for some maybe and an originator of the phrase 'black bottom'? echo.
  8. If so, what went wrong last season? echo.
  9. Not playing very well and not looking good. 1-0 to Southampton already. Che Adams, who else! Another one we let go. What has happened to the team of last season? echo.
  10. Point taken but we all know that like most clubs, success and failure are cyclical. Both are on a downward path presently but the 'glass has got to be half full not half empty' hasn't it. Things will change. echo.
  11. Nervy, it's not so brilliant being a Blade either this season. I think both clubs are vying to see who can do the worst! Let's hope they both improve. echo.
  12. One of the more naturally gifted and creative players to play for the Blades over the time I've been watching them and that goes back to the days of Jimmy Hagan. He was an admirable 'substitute' for that other chap from Argentina who could punch above his weight! Thanks for them memories Alex. Echo.
  13. Your pal Trevor Bussey is a relative of mine and still lives 'not a million miles' from Falconer Lane. He still loves his dogs and other animals. echo.
  14. 1-0 to the Blades and the first Premiership goal for McGoldrick. Up to 6th.. Can we halt the season now please? Now 2-0. Can this get any better? Oh but wait it's only half time! Well, it did get better and ended 3-0. Best result of the season, so far. echo
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