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  1. echo beach

    Hull v Blades

    Brilliant. 3-0 up at half time. Fantastic result so far. Let's hope it stays that way! echo.
  2. echo beach

    Havelock Bridge

    That's just as I remember it Duffems. Left the city in '71 and needed a cement mixer to help with renovating our house. My Dad was a rep for Needhams Tyres in Cambridge Street and had contacts with many places including Hodkin & Jones. They fixed me up with a commercial mixer a couple of years old which was so heavy it snapped the spring on my trailer going round the corner at the far side of Havelock Bridge. Managed to get it home and it gave me many years of reliable service. echo.
  3. Hi jad279, I noticed that you mention the 'Georges'. Would one of the family be Derek? I know he lived on Grimethorpe Road. In 1969, just having split from a long time girlfriend, I spent a brief period with Derek and the gang of lads he used to knock around with. In that time I recall a trip to the east coast to somewhere like Anderby Creek, and sleeping in the sand dunes before visiting Mablethorpe the following day. Somewhere I have a photo taken on the seafront there. He was a good lad Derek and I always wondered what happened to him after our paths diverged some 50 years ago. echo.
  4. echo beach

    Building a boat at canal wharf, 1960s

    Not directly linked to Capt Phillips' story but very similar. Many moons ago in the 1970s my wife and I were visiting Whitby when we came across a rather impressive sailing ship berthed in the harbour. We got talking to the owner who was a miner at Kellingley Colliery and lived close by the pit. He told us that he'd built the concrete hulled boat in his front garden over several years and, once completed, he had to get it into the canal at the back of his house which was problematic until he begged a crane from the NCB which lifted it over the roof. From there he'd made his way along the Aire and Calder navigation and sailed via the Humber up to Whitby. Quite an achievement and you could tell he was proud. He asked whether we'd like a trip out to sea with him and we jumped at the opportunity. It was like spending a couple of hours on the set of the Onedin Line! The ship incidentally was called Gallower, which means a small horse or pit pony. Can't recall the captain's name but I always wonder what happened to him and his little pit pony, Gallower. echo.
  5. echo beach

    Blades v Villa

    They shouldn't need any more incentive than to know a win will put them top of the Championship again, albeit just for a few hours...…. ……….but, of course, this is United we are talking about! echo.
  6. echo beach

    Sheffield University gigs

    Sorry Bilge, can't help you there. I haven't been in the SU building since the '60s passed me by! echo.
  7. echo beach

    Sheffield University gigs

    In the '60s the entrance to the students' union was via a footbridge from Brook Hill. You couldn't gain entry from Glossop Road. That bridge has disappeared over the years and now I see there's a subway from the Arts Tower side of the road. There are of course many more students at the Uni plus much busier roads nowadays as compared to way back then. As Annie B mentions the building has also been altered and extended. echo.
  8. echo beach

    Sheffield University gigs

    Correct VR. The lower refectory was used in the '60s. I recall seeing, among others, the Swinging Blue Jeans, Manfred Mann and Johnny Kidd and the Pirates there. echo.
  9. echo beach

    Blades v Villa.

    Wow. Blades leading Villa 2-0 O'Connell and Duffy and currently third in the table! Make that 3-0, Norwood.
  10. echo beach

    Bolton vs Blades 25/08/18

    A step in the right direction, 1-0 Blades, Duffy 5 mins. echo
  11. echo beach

    School handwriting..

    My first experience of writing came at infant school on a slate using a slate pencil. No different to Victorian times! Cursive 'joined up' handwriting exercises were the order of the day in the '40s and '50s. Biros and felt tips were something for the future and so we were given pencils in junior school and a piece of 6mm dowel with a nib on the end which they called 'a pen' when we reached secondary level. That was dipped in the ink well on your desk (remember the ink monitors?) and away we went. If you were lucky the pen had a usable nib but sometimes it had been used as a dart to be thrown into the wooden desk lid, in which case the nib was bent. Not a chance of any decent results. Another obstacle to overcome could have been that one of the miscreants in your class had slipped a bit of bicarb in the ink which resulted in an unholy mess on your page as soon as nib touched paper. We were given house points for excellent work and a stroke of the cane for every blot on the paper. Hard to believe, but true. Being reasonable at art I was often assigned the task of writing the day's lunch menu (or dinner as we call it in Yorkshire) out on a blackboard in italic writing using a piece of chisel pointed chalk. Best days of your life, some say! echo.
  12. Yes, and after winkle pickers came the similar chisel toed shoes, where the very end point was taken off. Platform shoes, very similar to beetle crushers or brothel creepers, with no discernible heel, returned later in the '60s although they were usually made of leather not suede. echo.
  13. echo beach

    Octagon Centre gigs

    Well I'd better show mine then. I recall seeing Manfred Mann, Johnny Kidd and the Pirates and the Swinging Blue Jeans down there in the mid '60s when I was capable of doing the 'Hippy Hippy Shake!' echo.
  14. echo beach

    The way things used to be .

    Hi old tup, Wakefield's fame lies in the growing of rhubarb! It's Pontefract that's the centre of the universe in terms of liquorice growing: hence the Pontefract Cakes we're all familiar with. For the past 23 years they've been promoting their famous export with an annual festival. This time around it's on Sunday 8th July, 10.00 to 16.00. So, if you like all things liquorice - food, drink, entertainment - it's well worth a visit. echo. Incidentally in the 1979 Bond film 'Moonraker' the thick electric cable that 'Jaws' bites through was made of liquorice in Pontefract and sent down to Pinewood Studios for filming.
  15. echo beach

    Sixty years an Owl.

    Yes Padders, mine was a large wooden one; painted red and white, of course. Today it would be classed as an offensive weapon! In those days at Bramall Lane there was no home and away end because at half time you could walk from behind one goal to the other, via the pavilion and on the way nip up to the scoreboard to make sure that the Owls were losing. echo.

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