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  1. Hi guys, I remember that group the Four Tops. In 1967 they were ‘Reaching Out’ and what’s more they’d ‘Be there’! Pretentious lot! echo.
  2. I was never in it Yorkie. They don’t call me Jack!😀 echo.
  3. Going forward on my journey guys, I’m constantly reaching out to my community and raising awareness of our need for a new village hall. No wonder I receive scant response. I think a bit more blue sky thinking is needed. echo.
  4. No hackey but perhaps I should’ve done. I actually fried it whole in an oval pan and it only just fitted. Then once cooked decapitated and detailed it. It was so big it still looked raw in places so put it in the microwave for a few minutes. echo.
  5. Yes Al you have to be careful. I remember the Queen Mother getting a fish bone stuck in her throat and being whisked off to hospital. Mind you that was probably one caught by Prince Philip in the river Dee near Balmoral! echo.
  6. No hackey. Never been fishing in my life. Found it frozen, not at the Polar ice caps but in my freezer. It’s probably about 100 years old but still tasted delicious. echo.
  7. Yes cuttsie a few times and if you could bottle that feeling of euphoria that true love gives you we’d all be multi millionaires by now. Fortunately I’ve never needed the experience of a ‘cramped entry’ because my parents went caravanning at weekends from me being 15 and left me to my own devices. At a few weeks after my 17th birthday I had a car, a bit cramped but still more comfortable than a back alley. Before I met my wife I was engaged to a nurse from Lincoln and after 18 months she disengaged me. By the time a few months later she wanted us to get back together it was too late I was going out with the stunning girl who was to become and still is after more than 50 years, my wife. Everyone thinks when they tie the knot that they’ve won the jackpot but I know that I really did!😄 echo.
  8. Not found one bone to spit out Al. Filleted it really well. The trout was massive and it will provide enough fish for two more meals. echo.
  9. When I moved to where I live the only lamp standards were situated on corners miles apart. They had incandescent 60W bulbs in them and those convex multi-mirror reflectors each side. You see them in museums now! The place was almost pitch black at night. The district council never took ownership of them because they ‘weren’t up to standard’ and so over the years our parish has upgraded and maintained them from the parish precept spending thousands of pounds over the years. Now we have paid for them all to be changed from sodium to LEDs on the promise that North Yorkshire Council will take over the cost from this point onwards. I preferred the old orange light for it’s ambience but the LEDs do direct and spread their light down onto the pavement and road better, albeit a much harsher light. Some of them are switched off from midnight until 5am to save money no doubt. In cities you don’t know you’re born!😀 echo.
  10. The sweetest tomatoes I’ve tasted in recent times were last year when my brother and sister in law gave me a tomato plant with a miniature variety growing on it. I fed it all summer and the fruit was delicious and plentiful. echo.
  11. Rainbow trout with sautéed potatoes, shallots, cherry tomatoes and petits pois. Egg custard and a glass, or two, of white wine. echo.
  12. The law is sometimes an ass! And nowadays to me it seems to be more frequently an ass than it has been in the past. Personally all situations should be looked at from the viewpoint of ‘was that action reasonable in the circumstances?’ echo.
  13. echo beach


    When it’s fine, look for the sun When it’s raining, look for the rainbow When it’s dark, look for the stars. Me. echo.
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