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  1. It was Barry Bucknall with his television DIY programmes in the 1950s and 60s who started the trend of 'modernising' houses by, at best, boxing in original architectural features like traditional doors and fireplaces with hardboard or, at worst, ripping them out. The Philistines couldn't have done a better job! Not sure what that's got to do with tarts though! Perhaps some mother's pasty tasted like hardboard. echo.
  2. Hi Slinny, I recall going to Cubs at that scout hut; and on one occasion when it was raining 'cats and dogs' being taken in a mate's dad's sidecar: the only time I've ever been in one. I also went to the fair on Fidler's field when it came each year. Missed the Beatles at the Azena though! Do you remember the open days at Norton aerodrome? echo.
  3. In the 1960s/70s my dad managed a National Tyre & Battery garage on the opposite side of Hoyle Street to the building in question. It was in what looked like bombed out houses/buildings. Anyone remember that? echo.
  4. Well cuttsie when I saw the heading I thought we were in for a discussion about loose women! Imagine my disappointment but apparently that word in connection with the ladies was originally a compliment and perhaps a shortening of sweetheart. It later became used as a derogatory remark. As far as pastry is concerned everyone is right. The mums of yesteryear certainly knew how to bake and cook using simple wholesome ingredients and the taste could not be bettered. In her later years my mum always used to bring round jam/lemon tarts and mince pies on Christmas Day when having dinner here. When she stopped baking I knew something was wrong. The key to a perfect Yorkshire pudding was to make the batter the day before; leave it overnight on the cellar head; get the metal pan with dripping in it so hot that it smoked in the range oven and then pour the batter in. Perfect results every time. echo.
  5. Hi cuttsie, It sounds like East Enders in real life! Happy and a 'feight free' New Year when it arrives. echo.
  6. 'Empty nesters' now so it's a quiet evening with roast duck with plum sauce and all the trimmings for supper accompanied by a glass of vino . Then after watching a bit of tele it's off to midnight mass to sing carols and celebrate the real reason for Christmas. After leaving a mince pie and glass of sherry for Santa it'll be time for bed. Some traditions are hard to lose! A time of calm before the storm of Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Merry Christmas to all. echo.
  7. Turn the clock back 55 years and you could walk in off the street and ride the Paternoster lift as many times as you wanted. However, it's not like that today, Took one of my granddaughters to see it last year and, no doubt for security's sake you need permission to enter the building. How times have changed! At least we could go into the Western Park Museum complete with its stuffed polar bear and sumo wrestlers. Ah, the childhood memories. echo
  8. Absolutely amazing result. What a confidence booster that should prove to be. echo.
  9. Despite you being an Owls supporter bassett, I agree with you on this one. Samuel Johnson famously said 'when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life'. The same could be said about Christmas. Both London and Christmas have many pros and cons, but where would we be without them? Certainly Christmas has become too commercialised and its true meaning subjugated in the pursuit of profits but, for many folks it's still a joyous celebration in the midst of winter. A time of goodwill and surely something to be enjoyed and treasured. I'm approaching Christmas number 77 and I hope it's as memorable for me as those in the past and as magical for my grandkids as those I remember as a child. Hopefully there'll be many more to come! echo.
  10. Accrington Stanley, who are they? The name always reminds me of the 1980s Milk Marketing Board advert. Remember it? A young Liverpool boy drinks a pint of milk and tells his friend how soccer star Ian Rush told him that if he didn't drink milk, he'd only ever be good enough to play for Accrington Stanley. His friend replies: "Accrington Stanley - who are they?" The boy responds in his broad Scouse accent: "Exaccccccccctly". The records show that Wednesday have played Accrington 3 times. Once in 1890 when they won 2-1 in the FA Cup; again in 1892 when they thrashed them 5-2 in Division1 at home and a fortnight later they lost 4-2 away. Let's see what today brings. 3-0 up after 22 minutes. Making up for lost time! The Blades have never had the pleasure of a match against them. echo.
  11. Yes many of those living today have short memories or choose to ignore the past and the sacrifices made by millions of people who fought to maintain our freedom; in particular the French, of late. echo.
  12. Yes, you're right Golden Oldie, as far as I remember it was on Pinstone Street across from the Peace Gardens and St Paul's Parade. echo.
  13. Must have been down to your ankles then Cuttsie! My favourite group of that era from across the pond were the Mamas and the Papas. California Dreamin' and Monday Monday. Whenever I hear any of their songs it takes me back to that period of my life and the magical '60s. echo.
  14. Ditto and about the same year. I have a photo of me sat on Santa's knee there. That wouldn't be allowed nowadays. How the world has changed! echo.
  15. Think you were ahead of your time Cuttsie. I didn't have flowers in my hair until '67 and the 'Summer of Love' Halcyon days indeed! echo
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