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  1. Very strange because it's an event I remember quite vividly. Perhaps it was a different class, not yours who sang Tom Dooley and I'm making a wrong assumption that it was you. I'll see if I can contact any other ex pupils who might remember. Alternatively the dinner ladies must have slipped some 'magic mushrooms' into the cottage pie and I've made the whole thing up! echo
  2. Thanks for putting me right Slinny (sorry I don't know your first name.) I always thought that you were just a year ahead of me when in actual fact there's two year's difference. Just shows how our memory can play tricks. I think my misunderstanding stems from an after school scrap on the field between one of your friends and a lad from the year above me and I assumed both pupils were in the same year group. I can only remember seeing your Christmas performance once, presumably in 1958, just before you left. Perhaps in 1957 there wasn't room in the hall for first year kids and so we were excluded. Anyhow in '58 your short time on stage obviously left an indelible mark. I recall your group being on the lines of a Skiffle band complete with tea chest bass and guitars. There were also backing girl singers and you certainly sang Tom Dooley. At the end the kids were on there feet clapping in appreciation, much to the chagrin of the staff! I understand you continued to perform after leaving school which is great to hear. I know of a few mates in my class who are no longer with us. Who in your band have already left for the great rock 'n roll gig in the sky? echo.
  3. Thanks cuttsie. I could have left in December 1960 but stayed on a few weeks before getting a temporary job at Laycock Engineering for a few months until I started at Chesterfield Tech in September 61. I know that Slinny was older than me and always thought he was in the year above, meaning that he could have left in Dec 59 although perhaps he was older than that. The memory starts to play tricks at our age! Maybe Slinny will reply himself and confirm the facts. Did you also go to Frecheville? echo.
  4. Hi Slinny and welcome to the Forum. Were you a pupil at Frecheville School? If so I recall you and a few other 'Teds' and lasses singing Tom Dooley at the Christmas concert in probably 1958, as that's when the Kingston Trio had a hit with it. Best performance by a class, that year! echo.
  5. Rockers rule, Your mention of goat curry takes me back to the late '60s and Shades on Ecclesall Road. Never had it at home but tried it there once! Can't say I've seen it on any menus since. echo.
  6. There is currently something radically wrong at SUFC both behind the scenes, which we can't see and on the pitch , which is all too evident.. Changes need to be made quickly on both fronts before the Club ends up being relegated again. Get rid of the dead wood, even if it means taking a loss and back the manager with new recruits. Supporters have now had over a year with virtually nothing to cheer! Enough is enough! The adage says it's a marathon, not a sprint. Fingers crossed it is, because we've lost the sprint by a country mile. echo.
  7. I think currently SUFC stands for Shambles United Football Club. An attack which seemingly can't score goals and now no defence either. Now we're below Blackpool. How low can we get? Oh, I know there's League One, isn't there! echo.
  8. Just bumped this thread again to say I eventually located Carol via Friends Reunited despite her now being married and living in Melbourne, Australia for many years. We've kept in touch, reminiscing about old times over the years since then. Amazing what benefits the internet can bring! echo.
  9. Bought my girlfriend a gold bracelet, like the old fob watch chains, with a heart shaped catch from Leslie Cass on Surrey Street in 1970 for her 18th birthday. Must have been appreciated as we're still together 51 years later! echo.
  10. It was Greavsie who said 'football is a funny old game'; and it certainly is. This time last season Barnsley were on the brink of relegation to League One whilst the Blades were landing in the top half of the Premier League. Move on 12 months and the two clubs could be changing places. Yes, I hope the Tykes manage it. It's 24 years since they were last there. echo.
  11. Congratulations Daniel. At 17 years and 309 days you are the youngest player in Premier League history to score on his first start in the competition. A bit of brightness at the end of a very disappointing season with 3 unexpected points to boot. Well done, Blades. echo.
  12. Padders, he must have joined The Monkees! Showing my age, now! echo.
  13. At least both Wednesday and Rotherham both fought to the bitter end but alas, in vain. Football can be cruel at times. Well another Sheffield double, but this time the wrong sort! It must be unprecedented for the Blades and the Owls to be relegated in the same season and both to finish at the foot of their respective divisions. Let's hope for better results next season and beyond. echo.
  14. Looking back Padders I think your previous post is #246. I hope you don't sue me for plagiarism but they do say 'great minds think alike' and as Thirsty Relic noticed I'm just an echo! Echo.
  15. Don't worry Owls, Things are falling nicely into place to keep you in the Championship. Derby are in free fall with 5 consecutive defeats and Rotherham currently can't buy a win due to their appallingly congested fixture list. I can't see Derby getting anything but a loss against Swansea so all you have to do is beat Forest, who have nothing to play for and then win at Derby. Job done. It will feel like you've won the Champion's League! The only hiccup could be if Rotherham manage to get two wins from Blackburn, Luton and Cardiff but with their recent poor record, I can't see it myself. The deliverance, which some of you have craved for, happened when 6 points were rescinded from the original 12 deducted. echo.
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