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  1. That is the entire team is gone by the way. Love you all, I won't be here either darlings~ Take care.
  2. I'm not 'old' but I have seen that before rarely see it these days. But to say what the driver said (there is a reason i have expletive as it would have been in the swear filter). There was no reason for it IMO.
  3. Well, i saw the ultimate show of disrespect for a deceased person today. I went for a short walk a while ago and a hearse, complete with coffin inside, passed me. A car, from behind the hearse then sped up and passed it with "Get of of the -expletive- way. Since when is it acceptable for someone to do this? I don't think any family were with it as there was no 'second car' but I felt awful for the deceased and the driver of the hearse.
  4. Is it available on playback anywhere? Can't have the radio on when i'm in Teams Work Meetings lol.
  5. SF facebook is: https://www.facebook.com/SheffieldForum
  6. 2677 While i have the status, I am only showing someone how to do Mod things so i'm not 'actually a mod' anymore. I also had a name change recently lol. So keep countin up!
  7. They are literally called AO (ao.com) online electronic retailer
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