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  1. If you do not start being civil then I will be more than happy to suspend accounts.
  2. Flood alerts in place for Blackburn Brook Lower River Rother River Sheaf and Porter Brook https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/warnings?location=SHEFFIELD
  3. In line with forum policy on research threads - closing.
  4. Back on topic please this is about Boris's attempts to be pm not solely about brexit.
  5. The bickering can stop. If you cannot remain civil then don't post. If you post on a forum then you must expect people to comment on your posts. If you don't like that then again. Don't post.
  6. Posts containing personal attacks [and follow ons ] have been removed. Please stop this. If you cannot remain civil then don't post. If you are going to abuse other forum members expect to find your account suspended .
  7. Title edited As the police have asked that speculation and rumour be kept under control this topic will be locked
  8. Offensive comments and the posts following on from that have been removed.
  9. If you wish to participate in the study please use the link provided above. Closing
  10. I've had a message back from the tech section that this was a bug and should now be fixed. If there are any further problems please let us know at the desk.
  11. Posts removed - anybody else wanting to make this about brexit will find themselves suspended. Back on topic now please.
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