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  1. Good on you mate. I have the same with them and I only drink at the weekend.
  2. This one's always worth a bump. Comedy gold.
  3. And another Wednesday legend. Derek Dooley.
  4. Wow, doesn't time fly. Good old Big Ron.
  5. JTK - Yes I caught a snippet Uhura, that language is actually Bladon. They're a strange species, related to the Klingons but they just never evolved. They have some strange beliefs, for instance, they think that Sir Charles Clegg, he of The Wednesday massive didn't start them up. Strange lot they are. Never get cornered by one, you'll not escape and they'll talk you to death with codswallop. Now, battle stations. Mr Spock, take Scotty and Bones to the transportation bay and repel all boarders. Mr Sulu, Mr Checkov, warp factor 9, get us out of here before Tufty starts communication and asking us what we're eating in front of him.😂😂😂
  6. You don't appear to have the hang of this Mr Baron, you're supposed to make it funny and that just isn't.
  7. Tuesday 13/02/24 Results. Birmingham City 1-0 Blackburn Rovers Leicester City 2-0 Sheffield Wednesday Rotherham United 1-2 Hull City Swansea City 0-4 Leeds United
  8. What are they saying. I'll go first. Tufty- Roy, did I just catch you eating a sandwich in front of a Premier League manager then. RH- Certainly not Chwis, i'd put my false choppers in upside down that's all. It's that weffewee and linesman you got to watch out for. 😂😂😂
  9. Right on cue, here it is. It's a can win and must win for me this game, i'll go Millwall 1-3 Wednesday. Their goal coming from a catastrophic error by the goalie faffing about trying to play football.
  10. Well that's that one out of the way at least. Leicester just way to good for us unfortunately, dropped into 2nd gear in the 2nd half and made us look like we had a chance. Now where is the next match thread.
  11. Stop trying then pops. Old Cleggy formed you and that is obviously eating you up, stop it now before you make yourself ill.
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