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  1. Here’s a link from Twitter to John Mothersoles comments after Wednesdays game https://mobile.twitter.com/mikemccarthy/status/1164175636354805761
  2. If the Blades have only won 11 in 6 months and are very poor then how bad does that make the Owls who are a further 10+ points behind? And don't start with the 'bad injuries' etc as Blades could coincide their slump in form with losing Coutts. I await next season when you guys are above us again and you start with the 'Mind The Gap'. May have to tag this post as a reminder or will you do your usual about turn and spout some other rubbish to make yourself still seem the be all and end all of all Sheffield Football Knowledge? ---------- Post added 23-04-2018 at 09:53 ---------- Blades, Millwall, Brentford, Preston, Leeds, etc are all above Owls due to the numerous injuries sustained by the Owls 'massive' squad. If it wasn't for injuries Owls would have been promoted back in September. Or so some people would have you believe. :roll:
  3. Of course I’m happy. We were promoted to a ‘harder’ League and have held our own despite not spending much money. Other big spending teams have found this season more difficult and have used every excuse in their arsenal to try and cover their own teams failings. Maybe we should resurrect the thread where you stated Clarke wouldn’t get 10 but then you keep moving the goalposts on most of your comments!
  4. The article above therefore can’t be justified as being utter and total rubbish if everyone is allowed their own opinion. As the article was correct about Bannan and Hooper at the time then this suggests it holds more weight than your own opinions yet you constantly try and force them down our throats. If you aren’t slagging off Uniteds transfer dealings, you are having a go at the direct way of play (that only you seems to see), lack of investment, how hard this league was going to be or that Clarke wouldn’t get 10 goals! Each time you have been proved incorrect but yet you continue to try and influence everyone else.
  5. Tops, look at the date of the article (5th December 2017). Neither Bannan or Hooper were injured when article was written as they both played against Norwich on 9th December. Hooper was not injured until around 23rd December. I'm surprised you didn't know when they were injured seeing as its been mentioned about number of injuries constantly since around August LOL. Not so much total and utter rubbish based on that is it? Also interesting that you were 11 points behind us as of 5th December 2017 but even though we've had a horrendous run of games (your opinion) we have increased the points difference to 17 points despite us buying poorly in January (again your opinion). With regards to the FFP situation, he probably had no idea cos a fair few on here were adamant there were no issues with FFP either. Elliott also appears to be an Owls fan if you take a look at that page for longer than 30 seconds. That's probably a reason why he hasn't said what United required in January.
  6. I never stated it was incorrect just that it could look that way as he took so long in providing the statement. In fairness Top likes to think he’s in the know with Blades so it’s six of one and half dozen of other. My initial comment stands in that if Top had provided that quote when Grappler first queried then all the bickering could have ceased. Did you also attend the Steering Group? If not then how do you know Tops quote is correct
  7. Top, why didn’t you mention that quote after the initial query by Grappler? It now seems like you are making the quote up to cover your own back. If you’d said this initially then the bickering wouldn’t have continued. Unfortunately as no other Owls on this Forum appear to attend the Steering Group you could say anything and it would become gospel. In future I would suggest stating all quotes immediately as it will avoid people calling you out on things. At the minute you now look like you’ve lost the argument and are clutching at straws to save face!
  8. Who’s arguing? Speedy asked for a link so one was provided. Why is this even part of a Transfer Rumours thread anyway?
  9. Found this link with number of touches (select Chalkboard tab then touches) https://www.whoscored.com/Matches/1192520/Live/England-Championship-2017-2018-Sheffield-United-Sheffield-Wednesday Shows Clarke with 26 and Rhodes with 23
  10. Sure it said on Sky last night that Owls had 1 win in 11 after the match so both teams are in relegation form with Blades slightly better off.
  11. Thanks. It is starting to sound exactly like the Adkins era at BDTBL where players just weren't up to scratch (or players he showed favouritism too i.e. Hammond). That being said, a few of Adkins buys have come good under Wilder so maybe it is a case of dressing room unrest. The sooner Owls get in a permanent Manager would be better as the players then know who they are playing for.
  12. I know rumours of things happening behind the scenes but all been rumours relating to fallings out with Carlos, with excessive wages demands, Hirst Snr leaving etc. Not seen anything concrete so didn't know if he was still in plans or available.
  13. As a non SWFC fan I do think the youngsters should be given a chance in this type of fixture (as I do with SUFC). Surely it can only benefit the club if they have players given the opportunity? It may even give the older pro's a kick up the backside if the youngsters go out and prove their own worth. I don't know the full story behind the Hirst fiasco but is it time to give him his chance?
  14. My contribution to the thread was to question how a supposedly 'new' user was aware of the various posts that Grapps has posted. If you want my contribution on the game then here goes: I did not go to the game. I look forward to your contribution to the game? And as you like these so much here another set for you
  15. I assume you’ve only just seen the Owls score with that comment? ?? A thread you started regarding Owls Vs Burton and other than your initial post you’ve said nothing other than to attempt to annoy me. Well done on a job completed.
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