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  1. Man in Crete

    Orgreave Rally 15/06/2019

    Splendid response .........were you actually there or did you just read about same.?
  2. Man in Crete

    Orgreave Rally 15/06/2019

    Correct..................another of the establishments attempt to quell the natives of any rights whatsoever.....was it a coincidence this happened not long after Orgreave and in subsequent civil and criminal cases has been shown to have been planned for months.............guess who was the common denominator !
  3. Man in Crete

    Orgreave Rally 15/06/2019

    indeed that is right. on the day in question bbc lunchtime news showed video of the police charging miners which set off the response. by evening news the police charge had been edited out and to this day it appears the miners started it. in addition i am aware of a miner coming face to face with a near relative ,a serving soldier ,in a police uniform ,who was in the police lines as were members of his and other army units, eventually truth will out but some of the miners might also have to face some awkward facts....is an enquiry worth it..... Tolpuddle martyrs next then?
  4. Man in Crete

    Wilder to leave?

    Fine last year but PL rules restrict teams to 2 loans only.....one maybe Henderson ......Gareth Bale the other ......or not!
  5. Man in Crete

    Wilder to leave?

    are you for real .... no bother i shall bite Warnock was confirmed as cardiff manager next season 2 weeks ago fulham appointed scott parker as permanent manager 10 days ago and brighton have appointed graham potter as manager......you really need to be uptodate before acting the WUM on here not sure who this massive outfit are either? Whitby Town?
  6. Man in Crete

    The price of football tickets

    Maybe so but wasn't there an increase when he first tookover when the average was more like 22,000 but in any event the fall in average gates is plain to see.....maybe it reflects the high cost of matchday tickets ,one of the highest in the EFL or was there some other reason.
  7. Man in Crete

    The price of football tickets

    Good point but not so! SWFC's average attendances have dropped from circa 27000 in 16/17 to circa 25000 and to circa 24,000 18/19 .....hardly "going up" me thinks and on topic did this fall correspond to ticket price increases ie pay on the gate.
  8. Man in Crete

    The price of football tickets

    Humble apologies......I never realised one cannot read other forums be they SWFC,SUFC or any other that you care to mention. I agree that 80% of what I read on Owls forums is indeed nonsense but its good for a laugh whatever. Ha Dom Howson the Chartered Accountant of The Star......I think not but you believe who you want and yes lets see what appertains
  9. Man in Crete

    The price of football tickets

    Ha Ha some entertaining "debate" on another SWFC forum .........seems like more folk are beginning to be a tadge anxious.......the post below from a well qualified fan makes interesting reading "In 2016/17 we lost £20.8m less whatever is allowed for FFP The accounts not filed (2017/18 season - July 2018) with the extra income of the Hunt deal and the Rhodes loan, the players coming in and those leaving will leave the accounts in the £12m-£17m loss range without knowing the salaries the reason for the big gap in possible losses, meaning that if we didn't get losses down to less than probably £5m for the year to 31 July 2019 (season 2018/19) then we will probably be under an embargo for registering new players at the least . We all forget DC did the same thing last season we only found out 2 week before the end of the loan window after the transfer window had shut that we had been under an embargo since April 2018. The EFL have rules about Financial Fair play for last season, which we hopefully are adhering to but they also have rules about the way a football should be run and one of those rules is accounts and taxes have to be paid on time and inline with company law we won't have any corporation tax to pay due to the amount of losses we have year on year but we have failed to file the accounts on time for the first time that I can see and the EFL is allowed to impose a transfer embargo if this happens. We don't know if they will be the EFL do seem to be looking for clubs to make examples off at the moment."
  10. Man in Crete

    The price of football tickets

    instead of making up your own agenda once more,then would you please try to reply to my point vis the missing swfc accounts made yesterday......or are you not the oracle that you make out to be................whether you agree or not this is not going to go away
  11. Man in Crete

    The price of football tickets

    lets wait and see the whole story before making such conclusions. There is along way t,o go ...........meanwhile perhaps you could speculate as to why swfc still have not submitted their accounts for the year ending 2018. These were due on 30th April 2019 hence a penalty fine will no doubt have been issued. Continued failure to submit is a criminal offence and renders in due course directors liable to be disqualified. As there is only one such director at S6 then maybe you should be looking more closely at your own team ? Who would care to speculate as to why these accounts are not yet in the public domain and ...................back on topic................if they do show another huge loss then what affect might this have on transfers and ticket prices?
  12. Man in Crete

    sufc to sign wednesday forward

    Terry Curran cost United £100,000 in 1982
  13. For all those swfc fans awaiting swfc publishing their accounts today for y/e May2018 with any implications re FFP or whatever its is called then according to Companies House they seem to have extended that y/e to 31 july 2018 hence the accounts are not now due for publication until 30 April 2019. This is quite legal but can only be done once every 5 years. Is this a clever ploy or what? Presume it means that EFL cannot apply sanctions presently or is there more to this....thoughts please from the oracles on here!
  14. Man in Crete

    Steve bruce on his way to swfc

    excellent post........whoever you support it's a fact that the proof of the pudding we shall see in due course. No one in reality has a clue Bruce included but that's what challengers are all about.,,,,,just ask a certain chris wilder. As for the constant bickering then I agree some on both sides of the city need to take a good luck at themselves and maybe find a hobby as cleary they have too much time on their hands!
  15. Man in Crete

    Steam trains through Sheffield 2019

    just in case anyone out there wishes to have the most up to date list of mainline certified steam engines - 2018- here's a link http://www.uksteam.info/tours/locos.htm

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