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  1. just to say this is supposed to be a football forum dare I suggest that as you appear to have too much time on your hands and before you alienate yourself any further you go find somewhere else to play ? now that the owls game on Saturday is off due to their covid cases is the time right for all football clubs to make public the percentage of their players and coaching who are not fully vaccinated? I say this as reports suggest some 63% of premier players have no vaccine protection hence the implication they are now being affected how many local teams are not fully vaccinated and in particular at Wednesday ?
  2. Once more yours is the most sensible post of the day What folk need to remember is that Mr Top or whatever name he chooses to use has a long confirmed history on here of being the biggest know it all the world has ever seen In reality he knows knowt about knowt and maybe everyone should just ignore him and maybe just maybe he will bog off elsewhere As regards these precautions etc then some folk will beat the system just as some of us did with underage drinking but the majority will play the game That said I honestly believe we shall be back to no spectators unless the likes of certain attention seekers show some respect to mankind Finally to our resident master bricklayer sorry but the pavilion is long gone although the near empty trophy cabinet remains Merry Christmas
  3. Brilliant! Best post of the day sadly there are a click of folk on here who just can’t help themselves, have nothing but vitriol to offer and no doubt will claim its banter when they don’t understand the meaning of the word. They really need to find something else to do and let the grown ups get on with it! Too much time on their hands
  4. I’m sure mr grumpy will be along shortly with his answer
  5. Who is this “they” you speak so disparaging about?
  6. Absolutely disgusting error by scc and/or Amey Just when the city centre could do with a lift They should be recompensing stall owners/ producers who will no doubt have spent much time and money preparing once more the city governors and their subcontractors show they have little idea how to run the proverbial booze up in a brewery
  7. Brentford are in the PL on merit as for the owls make your own mind up
  8. Ha ha how times and values change His signing on fee in 1953 was a new suit ! Still played over 650 times for united
  9. Wow you seem to be eclipsing that Rogets poster any chance you know the winning euro lottery numbers tomorrow. Your usual coded post will suffice
  10. Must have missed that what year are you talking about out of interest
  11. If you dig between the headlines you will find that the under payments were made between 2014 and 2018 and the responsibility of compass catering who at the time were subcontractors for All catering you will also find that immediately this was brought to uniteds attention in 2018 they paid the shortfall / back pay to all involved moral of the story is there should have been better due diligence but as you say not as bad as failing to even pay staff in the first place
  12. Ha ha quite correct ! Dr top or whatever he’s called is clearly the country’s expert on all matters anti Covid and all other subject matters outside killamarsh best not to encourage him me thinks
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