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  1. Stop causing a stink you’re not allowed!
  2. Simple answer is no! I have a pal who like many others has issued a writ against them in desperation but like others before doing that no doubt they will cough up at the 11th hour
  3. It don’t matter how it’s dressed up Swfcs financial position has been dire and maybe remains so aside from a couple on here who say he’s minted and can do no wrong the real proof of the pudding is whether current finances have been brought into line according to the pub leagues rules we shall all have to wait and see!
  4. So what you saying is that kfc has gone downhill cos there’s none of dem foreigners able to work there? but your original complaint was about the fact you got two many thighs and not enough breast! sadly your logic doesn’t add up imho and you need to go back to championing an expressway through wood seats or stick to football …. no forget that cos that didn’t make sense either
  5. sorry you’re not allowed to make such comment on here unless the new site owner agrees mr flap will be along shortly to admonish are you on the naughty step yet? he’ll be reight good fun at parties that’s if he’s got any mates
  6. Honestly can’t follow your thought pattern here you complain again and again they get your orders wrong and then blame that on the common market. What is this common market you speak off? How could bringing in a load of foreign workers change the fact that wherever this place is more hands on deck would get you more chicken breast than thigh? maybe you should change your eating habits
  7. Ha ha knew it wouldn’t take long the 12 year olds are back go play somewhere else
  8. Surely there are a number of folk be they syp social workers and councillors who should have been dismissed before now same old though looking after their own
  9. Will there be an SUT bus from pond st?
  10. Might be interesting to see the side which should be picked ie how does sterling saka etc get in? only need to look at wales and see the individuals that have worked under a motivational managerial team to see how you can sometimes see a side of potential misfits gelling no passsion in England at the moment and some can’t sing the national anthem all our lot care about is the money?
  11. That once again is your misunderstanding of the situation there are many decent residents trapped in the area cos they can’t sell properties in an area blighted by low prices and dodgy buyers the authorities should be held to account for this
  12. Oh for goodness sake please take your petty arguments some thread elsewhere and leave everyone else to get on with hanging these two scutters! zzzzzzzzzx!
  13. I was brought up in this area and have many happy memories sadly all that has evaporated consequent upon the Sheffield authorities failing in their duty to protect against the antics of a large majority of incomers arriving under the banner of city of sanctuary but mainly those of a certain Eastern European “culture” who like it seems to live in squalor and have no respect for their surroundings the greed of certain landlords is also responsible and a ghetto is now created which from first hand experience is not being tackled and too many do gooders are pussy footing around the problem i doubt this would happen elsewhere in this city but fear it is here to stay
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