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  1. Nope not possible it’s a secret! Question been asked many times before and still no info but does it matter ? You can fool some of the folk some of the time but........,,,,:
  2. Quite right too! Some folk just don't want to "get it" and hopefully the likes of Sky/BT/Football agents and overpaid "superstars" are put in their place. Ok the fans want their football but frankly they/we should be made to wait until this horror is over.....when it is then maybe the stranglehold that the moneybags have on the game will be lessoned...who knows
  3. Given the growing criticism well paid footballers are receiving is it not time this cities "stars" came together "as one" and made some positive financial contributions to societies current problems and in particular those affected in Sheffield> Reality is that folk have long memories here and the continued silence might not be forgotten. Of course there are other folk outside of football with more than a "bob" to spare ,some no doubt on here,but let's stick to football . What do you think
  4. No two ways about it.....this should be immediately cancelled.....if the organisers cant do it now and as they say rearrange then SCC should step in and withdraw their permissions......what's wrong with folk....do they really want to die ?
  5. Just to be clear all of this has nothing to do with the FA...the rules belong to EFL and all clubs sign up to them every season,,,,, by the way you havent yet answered the various questions asked of you as to what evidence you have to say that Chansiri is a successful business man....or do you accept there is no such evidence ?
  6. True but that was an individual charged in a criminal court ........corporate manslaughter charges could not be brought against the club after it reformed itself ......even if there was sufficient evidence at the time to do so which the Taylor report said not I think. I attach below if anyone is interested a link to the statement from the Independent disciplinary committee on the Birmingham case . You can see the initial toings andd froings vis the makeup of that committee and the delays which ensuued . As SWFC have said they are challenging the various charges I can imagine similar happening given it looks as if SWFC have the right to nominate their own representative to be part of the committee......wonder who that will be .....as someone indicated earlier Perry Mason perhaps a good choice https://www.efl.com/contentassets/c79763f8e2174f4fb87200a371abf5fa/190322---efl-v-bcfc---decision---final.pdf This report makes interesting reading if anyone can be bothered to do so
  7. whilst everyone concentrates on the fact that Chansiri has been charged with misconduct then the EFL have also charged John Redgate ,,,,,,currently still the clubs finance director albeit not on the board as such ,,,,,,and against Katrien Meire . She resigned from her directorship at SWFC in February 2019 and before the date when the 17/18 accounts should have been originally submitted,,,,,,nothing heard from her since and suggestion is she now the chief operating manager at Club Bruges in Belgium.Maybe she has signed some sort of confidentiality agreement as nothing heard on her re SWFC since.......that said one wonders of her role in all of this . how the EFL can hope to proceed against someone who appears to have nothing whatsoever to do with SWFC or indeed any other club coming under the EFL doctrine who knows. Gather she's a lawyer as well so no doubt she will know how to proceed. What part Mr Redwood has played is open to conjecture apart from his role as Finance Director...any thoughts?
  8. agreed ......those chairman too should be charged
  9. exactly which of HIS businesses have been successful ....forget please the rest of his family that doesnt count. Answers on a fag packet please....?
  10. Ha ha I think we both know who the B's are! However let's keep quiet for now.......the trouble with rumours is one that all football fans know and most dont come to fruition anyway......personally I think Wilder may look elsewhere for back up first and that is what is needed given for example the absence of Egan on Sunday?
  11. does one have them have a surname starting with B?
  12. sorry I have missed something .......where does payment over 20/30/years come into it?
  13. Maybe but for those who dont know care to tell us what was chanted?
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