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  1. I'm sure they must be aware.......due diligence and all that!
  2. is this the same garry monk? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7159671/Birmingham-CEO-claims-Garry-Monk-fired-dispute-use-agent-clubs-transfers.html https://www.followfollow.com/forum/threads/garry-monk-the-agent-and-the-wiped-laptop.80733/ Ok so some of it is from the Daily Fail hence possibly some maybe stretched etc but there are allegations nevertheless and even The Times /BBC reported.....wonder who will be in charge of any transfers at S6? Will it be that man Paixaou ,DC or the new manager.... going to be some interesting times .....never a dull moment at SWFC!
  3. on his day a skilled player. That said Star says the fee is undisclosed which on here means you are giving him away for nowt............
  4. just in case anyone has time for a read here is a link to the recent FF case which is hard work at times but yet to me provides no real evidence that the balance of probabilities has been proven by the FA...rather the supposedly independent commission simply seem imo to have jumped to conclusions very coincidentally on the smae day the FA's minimum sentence was increased to a 6 matches ban with al the usual publicity......also make your own mind up as to whether the panel was independent or not by maybe researching the 3 members background. Whilst not condoning racism in football at all there is concern wrong decisions will be made just to beef up the numbers.........given an appeal has been lodged then surely the sentence could/should have been kept under wraps pending the appeals outcome .......were it to be the appeal is successful then nevertheless there will be plenty who will still call him a racist ......he cant win either way ......ched evans springs to mind file:///C:/Users/2357/Downloads/the-fa-v-fernando-forestieri---15-july-2019 (2).pdf
  5. the reality is that the judicial system requires the case to be proven beyond reasonable doubt whereas the FA simply works on the balance of probabilities.........insufficient evidence was available in the criminal case hence not guilty......why on earth the CPS brought the case in the first instance knowing this lack of real evidence beggars belief .....suspect they had to toe the PC line.....where FF has some sympathy is that it has taken 4 months to reach this point .......the infamous John Terry case took just 2 weeks after the finding in his criminal case .......none of us know the real facts but FF has a ban .....will appeal and more likely the FA will dismiss this too.....that is how they work although do they have to refer such appeal to an independent board ,,,,if such exists in their shadowy world. As Nervy says this ought to be the last dice for FF and he needs to get on with his football and keep out the headlines for wrong reasons
  6. you really need to get out more and maybe stop trying to take over from the infamous Bash street kid.........who cares what your views are.....the players are there and time will only tell how they perform as a team.....meanwhile SWFC seem to be out of embargo so lets sit back and watch the big spend begin.....oh hang on no manager and the chairman according to social media still seems to be in america on his hols.....obviously has confidence in Mr Bullen ......will he be the cheapskate appointment ,,,,,,,or will it be Sven ....or even some other unknown foreigner that DC's advisors are recommending.....????
  7. which two were undisclosed then oh great oracle on all things sufc...........maybe you should concentrate more on your teams lack of a manger... embargo etc etc etc?
  8. who is this lee westwood that you speak of? Takes some doing ......golf in the week .....footy on satdi's.....is the man Paxio or whatever he was called still around?
  9. ha ha you really are a whizz.....if only carling did wednesdays!
  10. ha ha brilliant the two of you....about time someone brought some humour to this site rather than the constant bickering from some folk...more power to you elboe
  11. more importantly blades sign Ravel Morrison on a one year deal during which time he surely will grasp what might be a last opportunity to make the grade in the PL. An exciting talent discovered by Sir Alex,s team and it was he who suggested to Wilder that he take him on trial whilst chatting at the LMA dinner.......time will tell but worth the gamble maybe?
  12. \just to be clear then if you were to delve a little closer then it appears this Top 4718 poster was banned from this forum last year ....as indeed it appears has Bash Street whatever his name was.......who knows what's going on?
  13. word on twitter bruce and his sidekicks have all resigned ....meanwhile wednesday say he hasn't........sheffield star still think Jos in charge....what a carry on!
  14. Yes I am trying to....perhaps you could paste a link to a full copy or at worst the section dealing with embargo? I am, sure you will have one to hand
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