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  1. For all those swfc fans awaiting swfc publishing their accounts today for y/e May2018 with any implications re FFP or whatever its is called then according to Companies House they seem to have extended that y/e to 31 july 2018 hence the accounts are not now due for publication until 30 April 2019. This is quite legal but can only be done once every 5 years. Is this a clever ploy or what? Presume it means that EFL cannot apply sanctions presently or is there more to this....thoughts please from the oracles on here!
  2. Man in Crete

    Steve bruce on his way to swfc

    excellent post........whoever you support it's a fact that the proof of the pudding we shall see in due course. No one in reality has a clue Bruce included but that's what challengers are all about.,,,,,just ask a certain chris wilder. As for the constant bickering then I agree some on both sides of the city need to take a good luck at themselves and maybe find a hobby as cleary they have too much time on their hands!
  3. Man in Crete

    Steam trains through Sheffield 2019

    just in case anyone out there wishes to have the most up to date list of mainline certified steam engines - 2018- here's a link http://www.uksteam.info/tours/locos.htm
  4. Man in Crete

    No Armistice display in Sheffield again?

    Sorry but this is becoming more of a bore on each of your ill informed comments......goodness knows what your objectives are but just to add another response to hopefully help change the record please see the attached link which adds more info on what SCC are involved with in the lead up to today and on into next month https://sheffieldnewsroom.co.uk/news/sheffield-marks-remembrance-day-2018-with-numerous-events/
  5. Man in Crete

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    was it not a labour councillor?
  6. Man in Crete

    Owls Steering Group 09/03/18

    great questions especially in the light of various rumours which are emerging in the social media and tap rooms of the world......could Top also confirm he will add these to the list?
  7. Man in Crete

    Owls Steering Group 09/03/18

    Chancer being there we shall see? If as you say the ticket office manager etc then why not the catering manager...ooops there isnt one ! I think you will know some of the other non playing staff who have moved on eg Joe Palmer, other ex directors who according to the accounts are due certain payments if SWFC reach the PL, HR ? the man in charge of the fake desso pitch? etc etc Anyway back on topic could you please confirm you will ask the question I raaised?
  8. Man in Crete

    Owls Steering Group 09/03/18

    Yes if you are going could you please ask if swfc have yet severed all links with Amadeu Paixao specifically and Doyen generally ,bearing in mind the appointment of a CEO at S6. That said do you think Chancer will be attending as I seem to recall last time him saying words to the effect he was delegating the role ...ie to his new CEO. Maybe she will be in the hot seat? One person who will not be there is the Catering Manager who like many backroom staff has left S6.......no questions about tuna bake being on the matchday menu then?
  9. Man in Crete

    Swfc 2017 accounts

    Given that SWFC have published their accounts for the y/e My 2017 today and they show a £21m loss against a £9m loss for the previous 2016 year ,such they have losses of around £30m against a 3 year total of £39m allowed before FFP rules are breached, do any of the wednesday oracles/insiders on here have any thoughts on where this is leading. Remember the Rhodes transfer fee/salary etc will fall inside the next set of accounts and it seems difficult to see how the club can avoid a penalty which could be a points deduction and /or transfer embargo,,, What does everyone think? Is this the beginning of the end? Shall I sell my slice of 150th anniversary cake, keep it, eat it or see if the birds will eat it?
  10. Man in Crete

    The return of Carlos.

    typo ?more like memory loss? I am an avid reader of classic comedy so there ya go!
  11. Man in Crete

    The return of Carlos.

    Ha Ha Wonder what Warnock thinks,......sacked and replaced by Carlost and no one told him.......was it not Swansea he went to? .....another classic from the oracle of all things SWFC! :
  12. Man in Crete

    Owls Steering Group 26/11/17

    You sound like a nice person....were you in Keeping up Appearances? Which primary school do you attend? tops Thank you for your sensible reply I shall see you there !
  13. Man in Crete

    Owls Steering Group 26/11/17

    Kalimera Mista Tops As I am thinking of also attending here could you be so kind as to confirm the date please. I see on the massive owls talk someone working under the name of Top Owl reports the meet is on 26 October not as per your date.....that said are you also Top Owl? HAve you also had any questions and how do you see this meeting fitting in with Mista C agreeing to answer questions from the massive separate to this....have you sent in your questions and what are they please? Ta v much

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