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  1. Yes we tried picking a very expensive Manager and look how that worked out, it doesn't always pay off as you well know.
  2. I've been leaving this topic to Owls generally apart from one favourable post but here goes a bit of home truth. What next for Darren Moor who has failed on two occasions. Employed to keep you up and backed by your owner to get you back up.
  3. He's not on his own unfortunately, look at the Wednesday thread what next for Darren Moor, all going smoothly and sensibly, then look at this one about our retained list, contaminated with bitter Owls fans without an on topic word to post. Calling someone a snitch while falsely snitching on someone else, plus the dick head you mentioned and another hanger on. The biggest dummy spitters on here who all claim to be victims of "digs". We all know DrTop isn't all there but the cry baby needs an ally. By the way the retained list means nothing to me until the first ball of the new season is kicked. They could still sell our best players.
  4. You're a snitch you've just tried to do it above and failed. Paranoid delusional fact..
  5. Show me any duplicate account I use on here. Not old ones from the old forum but since this one invited people back, Many people set up dupe accounts because of cry babies like you snitching all the time for the slightest little thing. How about your Pal Dr Top with his dupe accounts is that OK in your book,or the loads of other owls including yourself?. One account on here me cry baby you're getting really paranoid. Oh by the way well done for trying to be a snitch again. You really are one sad little boy. Pick her dummy up and man up whimp. SNITCH.
  6. Classic from the person who reported me for calling him a cry baby, would that be snitching as you and your childish friend like to put it?. Change your script one trick pony. No crying here just pity for the less fortunate.
  7. I don't mind correcting the disadvantaged.
  8. To get that far he certainly didn't buy another round for a long time.
  9. I should have known better to try and post a sensible reply to you and expect one back. How do you come to the conclusion that I revel in the fact.? Instead you join in with the childish one and his playground comments.
  10. Who's that?. If you can't see that Dr Top posts nothing but bile there's something very wrong. He posts constantly about United's finances but says he isn't interested. He constantly calls someone a Snitch then moans about childish posts.
  11. Bob goes in the Penny Black, I was told quite a while ago that Fred had passed away, good news if it isn't correct.
  12. A very good shout, if him and Bannan linked up they could be great at that level.
  13. And that's why there's a drug epidemic, sheep following the flock.
  14. The Black Cats have scared them all off.
  15. How come you posted yesterday you wasn't interested in bank accounts and here you are again obsessing on United's finances?. Your posts are becoming more pathetic every day.
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