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  1. It doesn't look like many Owls fancy the idea of being early birds then.
  2. Coming home with Dem 3 points, Followed the rules of the country we were in with no problems.
  3. There was also the saying "they've done a moonlight flit".
  4. I didn't say they were asking for asylum in France, you said they were in danger and persecuted, I asked from who in France. The danger and persecution in their own country is behind them. Also tell me why they don't want asylum in France or Belgium. Yes I've just checked they are not obligated
  5. So who is persecuting these people in France and what danger are they in??. Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't asylum seekers supposed to seek refuge in the first safe country the arrive in?.
  6. Are any of you getting your 22-23 season tickets on sale next week?. Chansiri really does like to take the psis. It's a pity he isn't as quick off the mark with refunds owed, have they been paid yet?
  7. I think their highest ever League finish was when they played you in the play offs, so that will be their biggest ever game.
  8. 😁😝.....This is comedy gold..... A long way to go......
  9. I originally intended to stay the weekend for this one but I'm now coming straight back after the game so it's going to be a long day and 3 points would make it worthwhile. A lot of fans are returning their tickets due to the need for a Covid pass to get into the game
  10. Yes I bet most thought that and were worried, anyway thankfully it wasn't anything too serious.
  11. Did you see it Pal? What's your opinion on it?. I'm in no need of Cuttsie's special gobbo you can keep it all to yourself.😁.
  12. Why is it trolling? The topic has been discussed quite amicably and by people who witnessed it. Always better to get first hand opinions than rumer mongering.
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