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  1. Absolutely shocking game it wouldn't have looked out of place in the National League.
  2. Funny you should mention Fulham because what of my greatest goalkeeping memories was a cup game against fulham where Hodgkinson stopped the ball with his face from three point blank shots and ended up unconcious, every time he lifted his head up another scorcher his him bang smack in the face.
  3. Be some cup game strange thing is when I was young they'd charge more for cup games they were special then.
  4. And still not averaged 30,000 in a season since man landed on the moon and still never been promoted to the premier league. MASSIVE.
  5. One goal in six games is recent form, one win in six games is recent form, no goals in open play for six games is recent form, I don't understand what you're asking but ome win out of six games [nov 3rd] and all of the above suggests relegation unless the new manager turns it round.
  6. The hole will soon be too big to get out of if we don't win very soon.
  7. Recent form suggests nothing but relegation, new manager needs to turn it round fast.
  8. Their gloves are that big these days they should be able to catch Halleys Comet if it came towards them.
  9. Danny Wilsons win percentage rate at United was nearly double what it was when he mnaged Wednesday if fact it was the highest of his managerial career at United and the lowest at Wednesday. Some agent eh?. No.
  10. The second ex Blades player to get the Wednesday assistant managers job this season. Pulis must know something we don't because from what I can see Mike Trusson has no experience in football management, I may be wrong.
  11. Not getting mardy at all just stating facts and thanks I will enjoy my moment in the here and now it's much better than living in the past. As for giving United reduced numbers how did that work out for them? by your logic why didn't they do the same with Leeds a few weeks after when they gave them nearly double they gave us?. One thing you've got right is you could sell them yourself for a Blades game but obviously not for a Leeds game. They only turn up to see the Blades. I suppose that is part of history you prefer 2-4 get.
  12. What I did say is more recently the attendence situation has levelled up, and don't come giving it the only support when top dog, your home crowd went up by about 12,000 more when the Blades played there compared to the home game before and you gave us a reduced amount of tickets, so by that 12,000 near enough owls only came to see the Blades. Your the second best in this city now and like a typical owl wanteed to talk about the past instead, fact is you have never averaged 30.OOO since the Beatles were in their prime, before man landed on the moon and school dinners were a bob a week.....Despite your flirt in europe and premier years. Sorry if my reply to your original little jibe as you put it doesn't agree with you but all I have posted is fact......
  13. I think more recently the have been a lot closer and as far as my Dad's bigger than yours with crowds is concerned it doesn't bother me one bit, I'd be happy with Wednesday selling out every week as long as the better club is SUFC which is the case now, I couldn't be bothered if I was the only person at the Lane I go to watch football not count crowds, everything I have posted is fact Wednesday had a year in European football and years in the premier but never managed to average 30,000 and haven't in over 50 years. As far as away support goes both clubs have brilliant support and away attendances are controlled by the number of away tickets available, who'd imagine Wednesday taking less than 900 to Leeds but then again Sky TV and the time of kick off does make a difference.
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