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  1. Let's all be honest with each other this thread is a total waste of time and adds nothing to the football section, bringing up the past which everyone is happy to see the back of and the OP head spit his dummy our because someone had the audacity to disagree with his view on the topic....... Precisely what ruined the section in the first place.
  2. Bypass is a top poster he can give and take unlike others that spit the dummy out the first time they are given an alternative opinion, have fun you all.
  3. You're my roll model Pal if they miss me like they have you I'll be doing something right......
  4. I'm considering offering my services for the Sheriff's badge, firm and fair that's me.....
  5. Must be if I'm on, I didn't know about the amnesty when I made this account and thought it strange how I was still here after the usual snitches posting on here about me, I did get a one day ban but nothing since. It must be killing a few who have had it all their own way and snitched on my hundreds of other accounts....😂😂😂😂....
  6. What's it matter as long as we all have some fun?.
  7. You don't need me to tell you you've just said you know.....
  8. Are all records expunged after so long if so let me know the dates?.
  9. Unless they have dupe accounts they won't know.....
  10. It could have been worse at least we didn't concede six in a cup final.
  11. Hey up Robbie they've been looking for you.
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