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  1. A lot of fans live in the past and talk about how big they are, it's easier than facing up to the truth of what's happening now, I'm sure Bolton wanderers, Sunderland fans will understand but some fans think they have some kind of God given right to be at the top, it's a shame he doesn't play for them or manage them. When they're second best and they know they are the Uncle Albert routine always comes to the front. During the war.
  2. You forgot to mention how good he is at Championship level.
  3. He won't walk unless he gets offered a job he can't refuse.
  4. Doncaster seem to the team with the best out of the manager leaving for Wednesday deal, they were on the slide before he left but things look Rosy now. They may well change league with Wednesday.
  5. Terrible game I'm glad it's over.
  6. Maybe he doesn't want to take that easy way out and stands by the club he loves and manages.
  7. Won their last two there and not lost for 6 years.
  8. Expect Wednesday to show the Moore effect today whatever that may be.
  9. Hoping for another win and thrilling game.
  10. What an edge of the seat battle that was 10 out of 10 for the 10 man rear guard.
  11. Another teams losing/winless streak ended by playing Wednesday, they're getting good at doing that.
  12. Correct it wasn't announced a month ago the Berg would be leaving. It was said it was a likely outcome but not a certainty.
  13. If what you're saying is true United get far more than that even for coming bottom also they get parachute money but like I said "If".....You may also know that players have it written into their contracts regarding wage reductions in case of relegation.
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