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  1. ….the original idea was to be billed for what you used per month ….not what the energy companies believe what you use …..as all that extra money is sat in their bank making them money ….that’s one of the reasons they are stalling fitting the meters ( that the government advertised using the money we pay via taxes )
  2. Yes but there’s nowhere to park their large 4x4 s and they don’t like walking …
  3. Wards removals only the the other side of the viaduct at Blackburn ….been doing removals since the 80’s
  4. Clearly does Anyone with ovaries can get ovarian cancer. This includes women, trans men, non-binary people and intersex people with ovaries.
  5. It’s been covered allready ……and it’s only free apparently to some people ..
  6. Maybe it’s the hourly rate ….seen plenty of jobs on here wanting to pay peanuts….
  7. He -she ….maybe ….may not be …
  8. Council aren’t bothered ….look at all the council housing stock they demolish years ago and the land stood empty ….now sold to private builders…
  9. That or having to listen to plopman …..
  10. Pay for the next year’s energy bill 🙄 What a year of cocaine and hookers ? 😆
  11. Looks like a religious cult meeting …..yes I said cult ….😄
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