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  1. alarmingmark

    UPS battery replacement

    The Yuasa NP7 will be fine ...we use them in UPS units all,the time
  2. alarmingmark

    virgin mobile issues unable to phone out

    Same thing happened about 6 weeks ago ...
  3. alarmingmark

    Electric drill transformer problem

    Make and model of drill would be useful...
  4. alarmingmark

    Monitor internet bandwidth

    Have you had a look at fingbox ?
  5. alarmingmark

    Bryan Jones, Leyland paint & Wallpaper

    Think you need to be looking in Lancashire.....not Yorkshire ...
  6. Nah us lot too ...or rivelin, get off the 95 at crookes down the steep hill and make our way to the terminus at lodge moor ...or stocksbridge around the dam ...10 -15 of us ....never any trouble ....hours of fun ..
  7. alarmingmark

    Mercury Disposal

    And didn’t find the answer either..
  8. alarmingmark

    Game of Thrones series 8.

    Brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes....looks like Cersei is next ...
  9. alarmingmark

    Can my neighbour alter my security light ?

    Probably down to poor design / cheap all in one fitting , security floodlights need to be at high level pointing down to flood large areas ..not halfway up a property pointing outwards ...
  10. alarmingmark

    Kommune - anyone been?

    Not on that link
  11. Hikvision .....any of the ip cameras ...
  12. alarmingmark

    Tiscali email address

    My tiscali email address works fine ...they have been upgrading the webmail side over the last few weeks it all comes under talk talk these days
  13. If it’s already got a tracking label then don’t they just scan it ....? When I do Ebay parcels with tracking it automatically says it’s been posted ....even before I’ve actually posted it !
  14. alarmingmark

    Electric vehicles.. not so green, not so ethical

    Do you have a phone / laptop/ tablet ?
  15. alarmingmark

    Light switches wiring diagram required

    You mean the double hole = two wires on each contact ....with the diagram on back of the switch ....

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