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  1. Keep up the good work chris …..
  2. Makes me laugh….they build a new housing estate and hope the houses sell as they MAY be on contaminated ground ….I don’t think so ….I would check at night as the only problem on that estate is the parking ….
  3. Sierra XR 4x4 …..nice car to drive with a bit of go …..but that 18mile to the gallon was a killer
  4. It’s a bit like when united lost the first x amount games ….no sight or sound of the various united fans …..yawn …
  5. Remove hardrive and see if it works ( won’t record ) if not check power supply
  6. Wasn’t on Handsworth road ….it was Handsworth crescent by all accounts …
  7. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was gilders …
  8. Thought so that’s why it’s been “ all quiet on the porkie front “ 🤭
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