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  1. Why would a regular poster be spamming ?
  2. Not worth repairing ….cost more to repair … I picked one up from Aldi inc 4 blades …£20ish
  3. It’s a Barnsley Peter Kay ….
  4. Depends on wether the other team wins …
  5. Agree with that ....but I think some buyers claim they have not received it when it’s not signed for ! allays use UPS for the parcels , better price and better service ...
  6. No but I remember Brodie’s cider in the 90s...
  7. They still play the system ....saying not as described.....it’s a joke ...had it before .... it even said in the listing “ no returns DO NOT BID unless you agree “ wouldn’t mind if they had asked a question about the item and I could have advised if the part worked on the buyers system .... but no they just purchased it and complained afterwards, it was the wrong part !
  8. Take it on the chin ....eBay has sellers over a barrel ....even though without sellers it wouldn’t have a business.....
  9. Your thinking of Jennings at Darnall ...it’s gone
  10. Definitely harrolds on shalesmoor ....
  11. Shhh don’t tell anybody ....we don’t want riffraff. Lol
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