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  1. According to the manual it’s for a VFA 0530 av cable
  2. No pretty quick but as above new guy is ok but last person was excellent
  3. It’s not slippery when wet... BUT it is when it has heavy frost
  4. Another vote for new masonary bit on non hammer until you go into the wall behind ....works all the time
  5. Hermes is cheaper via eBay ....and free pick up at the moment ...
  6. Have you googled it ....it’s not the only variable....
  7. eBay is a joke at times I sold a new keypad for a alarm system ....it was fully tested before dispatch , full model details where on the listing ....some muppet purchased it , then claimed it was faulty , so I asked for a picture of the alarm they where fitting it on ....it was the the wrong one for the keypad ! and was told that why it won’t work ....so now I have to accept the return , pay postage to and from the seller ....
  8. A proper down to earth sheffielder
  9. Took over 2 years for that poxy bit of work on the wicker to shalesmoor that’s still not finished ....god help us if they start this
  10. Nescafé is rubbish anyway....
  11. Have you tried Sheffield surfacing Ltd on orgreave drive 0114 4499889
  12. How old ? That name rings a bell... sounds about right ....did he go to Hurlfield ?
  13. Loads on google about it ....apparently it’s a leather with a bonded plastic on top ...
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