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  1. I’m definitely not happy. I’m paying fillet steak prices for cheap burger football. I’m being lied to and threatened by the owner of the club. And most of all, I’m watching my club slide slowly out of business. But, you just keep on clapping. The owner is a total disgrace.
  2. She’s spent the evening showing us all what we could win at the next election. Meanwhile, the Tories are fighting like bully dogs in a sack. It really is time that they started to do their job properly.
  3. The clock is ticking. There’s just about an hour left for Chansiri to tell me how much I’m going to save by not renewing my season ticket.
  4. He clearly didn’t, if he didn’t see the foul on Bogle.
  5. Last month, we had our owner asking the fans to lend him a hundred quid each, to pay the tea lady and the taxman. This month, we’ve got early bird season tickets on sale, for a two week window, in the lead up to Christmas. That’s tickets for games that are potentially 500 days away, to be paid for now. To cap it all, nobody knows how much the season tickets will cost. Prices were supposed to be announced today. He’s got just over two hours to keep his word on this. The sooner he’s gone, the better.
  6. The only thing that we are going to withdraw from anytime soon, is the chaos of this dysfunctional government. Time for them to go.
  7. Just taking their cue from our dreadful government
  8. I see that someone’s put ten bob into Westy’s fascist puppet. This country is far too good for the likes of you. We should kick you out.
  9. To be fair, I thought that United got away with quite a bit last night. He could easily have dished out several more yellows. Let’s just say that the Blades were quite “robust” in the tackle. That tackle on Bogle is a foul every day of the week, though. I’ve no idea how the ref and VAR both looked at it and thought otherwise.
  10. Allow me to remind you. https://www.nottinghampost.com/news/local-news/nottinghamshire-mp-robert-jenrick-acted-4169285.amp Dishonest Bob.
  11. Prison is prison too. You aren’t witnessing a war, you are witnessing a crime.
  12. No. Blame them for starting it, for sure. But that isn’t the whole story. The Israeli reaction is way over the top. That’s now being recognised by many sensible governments. Netanyahu is a war criminal in waiting. Just wait and see.
  13. I thought that you were a bit meh. Liverpool didn’t really turn up, but you sat back too much. If you’d taken them on, you could have won it. That early chance was the key though. If that had gone in, the game would have been different. Archer looks dangerous. He needs a bit more of a free role. I can see him scoring quite a few. As for the KP/Ronson thing, when you are that bozz-eyed, it’s hard to know what you will see. Be kind to “them”.
  14. You used to be so good at this stuff. Now you’re just phoning it it. The Cliff Richard of Sheffield Forum.
  15. I mentioned it. Then you threw a hissy fit. You seem very sensitive about it.
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