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  1. Not saying this is going to happen. What if most of the Tory strongholds in the south starting voting LibDem and the North vote Tory with odd area Labour controlled it could make an interesting general election result.
  2. And give the virus more chances to spread vaccines only give projection to a point.
  3. Watch a couple of Gb news items it's ok but could do with a better set up.
  4. Sounds a good idea the only downside is people seem to use a bag for certain amount of time before dumping which adds to flytipping you would have to encourage people to take the used bags back for recycling .
  5. I think many of the Brexiteers thought that could get an better deal with the Commonwealth nations than they had with the EU. I hear about an strange idea of CANZUK but hear no details on how this would work or endorsement from any Commonwealth government. But the thing is many of the Commonwealth nations have not forgotten how the UK dumped them after joining the EEC now the boot is on the other foot the UK begging bowl for trade means the other side will get what they want in fact more the Australia deal is good for them complete with courts but not so good for us goodbye UK farming it was nice while it lasted ironic given that some farmers are Tory supporters.
  6. It will be soon the marching season in Northern Ireland given the tensions it could get messy. In Northern Ireland polls Sinn Fein are ahead of the DUP in voter intention.
  7. After a recent shopping trip to an well known supermarket I was curious about how much plastic was used in packaging of food and other items.As I put away the shopping I stacked up all the plastic packaging to one side by the end of it I had a sizable collection of plastics. I know we have to use packaging for items but some of it was pointless or other materials could be used that degrade would have been an better choice. Sure some of it will be recycled but not all some of the packaging stated that was not possible to recycle this container at this time so I am guessing it will be shipped to some far off land so it becomes their problem. When I have visited the coast and had a walk on the beach it is amazing how much plastic waste is washed up also it seems plastic is used in most things we own like computers , TVs and no doubt you could write down a huge list of items that have plastic in them. But can we cut down further on the use of plastic in domestic appliances and packaging?
  8. We live in a superficial society that puts on huge pressure to look a certain way in the belief that if we conform we will fit in. But we're never satisfied it like an relentless hunger.
  9. An route for employment for an disabled person is self employment someone is more likely to have an go if they know their is an safety net if their business does not work out. The current system is based on unfair assessments that are designed with the intention to remove payments not to help anyone. The disabled are not just payed and that's it far from it many live in fear of their next assessment the stress just makes them more ill and damages their mental well been UBI removes that threat. The very vulnerable people you mention would greatly benefit from UBI some may have already have carers who manage their income it makes it easier for them knowing there is an regular income going in.
  10. Yes FPTP prevents smaller parties from showcasing their policies people do vote for the SNP, Greens and other parties so clearly someone does agree with their policies they simply don't get an foot in the door to show the electorate what they ideas can do for society.
  11. Correct nothing would change the other parties will still be in the shadows.
  12. Not all disabilities are visible until you declare them so by not declaring them at an job interview could lead you back into the dole as person unsuitable for the job. Again why make any adjustments for a disabled person when you can get an young and healthy person and no need for any adjustments. UBI is an safety net I doubt anything be would be ' hidden '.
  13. With all these changes to selling on eBay is it worth now?
  14. It only takes 40/43 per cent of the vote to get into power not 100% of the vote PR shares power not hogs it.
  15. Please given an example of a Brexit benefit and how will it enhance our economy?
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