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  1. Never mind you find out if your a car owner. Doubt it sunshine I don't own a car πŸ˜€
  2. But West it's not the surplus we're talking about its about the corner stone of the extreme Tory Brexit and the mega deal that was so hyped up by Johnson. Even if your hero Donald Trump had won their would still have been no deal with America who are more interested in Northern Ireland peace process and the EU Withdrawal Agreement more so now that Biden is in the driving seat. After the Presidential elections an Republican senator said they knew the UK would still have to follow EU rules making an US deal difficult to do basically Trump just played along the real power for a deal lies with the Senate who are keen on keeping peace in Northern Ireland remember the United States is a signature for Good Friday Agreement along UK and the EU.
  3. It's an Brexit benefit stop people getting fuel hey pastor clearer air looks like Boris really does care about the environment after allπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  4. Today 180 deaths, 47.880 new cases source Zoe App. Yes I do think we will be wearing masks for the foreseeable future. I recommend NK 95 tight fitting ones.
  5. Americans. Yes I know we trade with the US but it's not the mega deal that Johnson wanted you know the one that wanted us to pay more for medicines and lower standards. So what's the name of this ship? Which company owns this ship? What flag does she sail under? As for American - French relations a positive phone call between the two leaders has resolved the issue.
  6. They used to say the UK seat at the EU was also the Americas. We left that seat we are no use to the Americas any more the trade deal is a non starter. Brexit should be reversed - Joe Biden 2021.
  7. I can't see the virus so it can't be real springs to mind here. Masks have a proven record the virus enters the nose or mouth to get to your lungs then it starts to make of copies itself Delta has a load of 300. Masks act as a barrier. wearing one is not stupid and not an political statement it's about protecting you.😷😷 Yes no doubt the dead anti mask fanatics like the Republican governor who died yesterday of Covid thought that not wearing one was a good idea.
  8. Classic case of denial.Brexit is a disaster no doubt you believe the ' evil' EU going to collapse at any minute the only union that is going to collapse is the one called United Kingdom the pressure cooker is full on. Yes I agree we should help our own but we have an aging population we need to look at facts not wishful thinking.
  9. Wrong. Northern Ireland supermarkets have been sourcing their products from the Irish Republic remember the border is open with no checks also products from other EU countries to make up the shortfall. Their are no shortages in the EU thanks to the Single market only in the UK due to lack of freedom of movement.
  10. Yes unbelievable logic by leaving the worlds biggest trading block with no plan getting the begging bowl out for any old trade deal with any old country that gives the other side everything they want and going cap in hand to the US hoping for a deal only for the door to be slammed shut. Yeah this Brexit working really well isn'tπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  11. Supermarket shelves are slowly thinning in products but Northern Ireland shelves are full but then again they are still in the Single market which proves the benefits of been in trading block.
  12. We need to get the population who for whatever reason are not wearing masks now to start wearing them again yes I know Johnson said it should be left to the individual but Delta is more transmissible (300 virus load old version was 100 ) especially in indoor spaces and public transport. We are heading into winter their will be flu and colds going around plus Covid.
  13. Zoe App - Kings College ,London . Today's new cases 45,300 ,deaths 158. Zoe as been recording around 45,000 infections a day estimated cases for the UK is around 7 million. Yes very much a public health threat. Deaths around a 1000 a week that's before we hit the winter. No its not good from an economic point of view but can we afford to have hospital overwhelmed and the health system fail? I wouldn't say Sweden was quite the success it's made out to be wait for the winter. With regards to treating other health problems their was no one free to do them as Covid took hold.
  14. Yes providing they are long enough that's been the problem in the UK. The lockdown method was first used in America during Spanish Flu of 1918 it buys time to create treatments and control infection rates
  15. World wide movement working as one highlighting the effects of global warming and it's effects on economic growth. Not just America that needs a rethink but every country needs to change.
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