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  1. In all honesty the Act was nothing but an crowd pleaser for the Liberal Democrats. May called an early election in 2017 along with Johnson in 2019 so in effect the Act was push aside when it suited the Tories. The whole system needs major reform the present system is still stuck in the empire days of the 19th Century.
  2. Putting politics and religion aside. Unification could bring both sides economic benefits Northern Ireland is already in the Single Market for goods the Republic is a full EU member putting both economies together could prove beneficial for stronger economic growth.
  3. Oddly enough China has got an policy of one country two systems with regards to Hong Kong though I suspect China is not really happy about it and only agreed to it get Hong Kong back. Going back to Ireland Dublin would have to show the benefits of an united Ireland perhaps giving them their own seats in the Irish Dale the EU could help after all Northern Ireland is still in the Single Market for goods.
  4. The only realistic way for Labour to win is an election pact with the Liberal Democrats along with the Green Party. It's more likely the Liberal Democrats can win seats in the South like they did in Shropshire their would be no point in Labour trying in these areas however Labour should target the North and Wales. The SNP are dominant in Scotland the Tories only have a few seats and have not held an majority since 1955 the Labour Party are only a minor party at Holyrood. However the Tories are doing their best to move election boundaries and trying to win by the smallest minority vote very much copying American Republican party play book. Labour need to attack the Tories weakest points like crime and the economy and the total failure of Brexit experiment but not go for a rejoin either. Starmer is getting their despite what some might think he needs more fire Rayner has got that .Johnson is a good campaigner but is thin skinned fails to answer questions.
  5. The photos show medical equipment that looks very 1940s. Belfast sinks still fitted to the walls along with furniture from that era what is so odd is why demolish everything else but leave this part the only thing I can think of is perhaps it was built in wartime and built to withstand bomb blasts making it hard to demolish later on . Was this structure originally underground ?
  6. I have read of various ideas on how an united Ireland could be done anything from an Hong Kong self government model to an independent nation with strong tires to Dublin. Both North and South need to comprises one step at a time.
  7. Interesting insight . So going on this an border poll could end going down on religion which makes it even more complex.
  8. I have seen photos of an underground medical center that some seem to think was part of Firth Brown's works given its location it falls in the Atlas area. The photos show that it was part demolished but still has many medical related items inside. Do you recall such an medical center when you worked there it also claimed more is buried behind it?
  9. Looks like the photos I have taken of the area will have there caption changed from Attercliffe to Atlas.
  10. With the upcoming by elections in May are going to be interesting but the one I am will be watching closely with be the ones in Northern Ireland. If the polls are to be believed Sinn Fein are the party who are the most likely to get most seats if right we could see a border poll in a few years time. The DUP seems to be fighting among themselves and the constant falling out with the EU over the Northern Ireland Protocol is not helping them in the polls. I don't know everything about Northern Ireland politics but perhaps it's time for reunification but that's up to the people in Northern Ireland.
  11. Thanks for answering. How big is Atlas area boundaries wise ?
  12. I know on Attercliffe Road their is an office block called ' Atlas House' been stood empty for years. I think the Atlas area is more towards Savile Street East. Is this even an area as such or is the name Atlas come from an long demolished steel works on one of road junctions in that area is an drop hammer memorial set back from the road?
  13. Putin thought this would be a easy victory show Russia's military teeth Ukraine rolls over job done. Every now and again Putin surfaces with an TV appearance he looks bloated and ill his speeches are just rambles banged together all reality seems to have gone. Putin sees himself as a latter day Peter the Great with a desire to rebuild the empire of old with eastern Europe under Russian influence ideally done before his death. He wants to go down in history as a Czar like figure would he use banned weapons- yes he would. Death and destruction mean nothing to him only the end game matters.
  14. Hence why I prefer cash all well and good when it all works. Another thing is when you pay by card your money leaves your bank account straight away but refunds can take up to two weeks.
  15. Yes that's the one only difference from the 2007 photos is the site was much more over grown by the time visited it. Interesting site.
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