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  1. The railway people were an community in the past often working in remote places barely seeing an soul. None of my family worked for British Railways in its later years they moved on to other types of employment I think the Beeching cuts played an role in their change of employment . By the time I got to know about my families connection to the rail network my gran was in poor health so never got much detail only bits.
  2. The Amazon needs more protection in fact forests anywhere in the world need it. But the problem is countries like Brazil people don't have an welfare system to fall back on when things get hard it's an case of work to eat. Corruption is common in Latin American governments and unlikely to change anytime soon nor are the poverty levels going to get better it's catch 22 save the Amazon we need for oxygen or watch as people slide further into proverty?
  3. Indeed a good point they are too many of us now for the Earth to cope with. Another factor with the Amazon it is home to many tribes who have never seen an outsider who often turns up with a chainsaw in hand.
  4. If things are so good why are ice caps melting so fast something has changed? We need trees for oxygen so more forests we cut down less oxygen is made I think you will find we need clean air to survive. Many species of animals have gone not always down to hunting either. The Lincolnshire coastline for example has seen dramatic change as homes fall into the sea another example an town on the Welsh coast will be lost as sea level rises the government have decided not to try to save the town due to the predicated sea level change. Many islands nations in the Pacific ocean are seeing more flooding than ever it is likely they will have to leave their homes in the near future. Florida , United States is experiencing more flooding .
  5. Correct we have upset the natural balance of things in our desire for profit never thinking it will come back on us.
  6. We live in a society that demands ever more choice driven by economics and human gratification. Our needs are stripping the planet bare destroying the natural world in the process .It has been reported that 60% of the Amazon will be gone by 2050 the ice capes are melting much faster than first realised coastal erosion is effecting our coast lines as sea levels rise. Then we have this pandemic a new virus that has jumped from animals to us perhaps natures way of trapping us on the shoulder. Our politicians promise this or that regardless of their political ideology they talk about Brexit or whatever subject of the moment is to please their voters but the elephant in the room our climate is barely mentioned. None of this matters they are here today gone tomorrow but we need our planet to survive. Money or the latest must have are no use to us if our air is toxic no one will care. We need to change from an throw away society try and repair our planet their are no other planets to move too in our solar system. Were I live the woods near me are coming down for housing people moan about animals coming into their garden going in their rubbish but animals are struggling to survive. Will change in time or pay the price for our arrogance?
  7. I think you might have guess I'm into railway history but one of late grandmothers Uncle's was an Fireman worked on the steam engines during the 50s/60s era another relative worked has an signal man. Both worked for British Railways possibly before that London, Midland, Scotland railway company. British Railways came into been in 1948 lasted until 1997 did anyone on this forum work for B.R was it an good or bad job and what job did you do ?
  8. My take on this . Labour perhaps needs an northern working class person as leader not some middle class London based person. A person who knows what it feels like at the sharp end of life personal experience that makes relatable policy based on people needs. Look at the SNP they can win elections fight fire with fire the Tories do and win they play dirty playing nice does not win votes. The Tories may appear unstoppable but nothing is forever a lot can happen before 2023/ 2024.
  9. Slightly better than fleabay I mean eBay could be interesting.
  10. An relative of mine is thinking about buying off Aliexpress is it any good or is my relative opening Pandora's box of problems with this one?
  11. Its an good idea better than the landfill. We really do need to recycle more than keeping stripping this planet. I don't if Mark's and Spencer still do this but when someone returned an item they would destroy clothing even though it was not worn and the label still on total waste. Why did you get banned or something?
  12. If Scotland voted to become independent it will be hard to start with yes but I suspect they have many friends in Europe notably Ireland who would help them. I do want to move up their in time independent or not either way I support them whatever they decided. Saor Alba 😊
  13. Political drama does not interest me but answers do. Why did Johnson did not attend the five Corba meetings the country was heading for a crisis the writing was on the wall? Why did the government tell people not to wear masks from the start when the science was their to show they helped to stop the spread of the virus? Why did the government spend money on nothing more than PR stunt on the Nightingale Hospitals knowing full well we didn't have the staff to run them? Why did Johnson keep flights in and out of the country going knowing their is an risk of being more variants of the virus been brought into the country like the South African, Brazilian, Wuhan, New York variants which have given the virus an chance to mutate into the Kent strain now we have the more dangerous variant from India in our mists? The ' Eat out to help out ' scheme which should haven been renamed ' Eat out spread the virus about ' scheme helped the virus to spread again risking the NHS? Why did Hancock allow still infected care home residents who were in hospital back to their care homes knowing it would infect staff and residents? These are some of my questions I would ask Johnson I will say it again the families who have lost someone have an right to know the truth.
  14. Manchester council did produce a map of sorts showing possible routes that could be added on at an later date. A few years ago a group of people went underground and found the part built tunnel which was basically a concrete shell with an block off entrance. If you did build an underground I think the Midland Station would be a popular stop then the route would go under Park Hill towards the East End. Like you have said Victoria was gone by 1970 depending on demand perhaps a small station could have been built on the Wicker.
  15. The only way around to build an underground with Sheffield's terrain would be deep level shafts in some cases very deep not impossible but would be costly depending on the route but some parts of London's underground go Overground ( street level and street level stations) then back into underground track. A route could start from Dore and end at Meadowhall or further this could an mix of underground and overground track with stops for example at top end of London Road, Moor, Castle Square , Midland station - would require a deep shaft level tunnel ,Attercliffe Common , Meadowhall - open track. Woodseats and Manor Top could be reached by tunnels. The main station could have been Castle Square with routes going from their depends on what is required and costs.
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