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  1. How old ? That name rings a bell... sounds about right ....did he go to Hurlfield ?
  2. Loads on google about it ....apparently it’s a leather with a bonded plastic on top ...
  3. Phone line requires 2 wires to work ...one wire is damaged no phone line ...broadband will still work on one wire but at reduced speed ...that’s why
  4. They had the vote ....time to live with it
  5. Valley Centertainment one was rubbish compared to the one at park head ...
  6. No ....the one I have seen has the hitler moustache ! Permanent marker no doubt
  7. Lol that s the one .... now that makes you look twice !
  8. What about the one that looks like Hitler at lane top ?
  9. Stone ....and ...solid brick ...eg 9” brickwork
  10. As above used Morrison’s at catcliffe,Beverly and Brid for years , 6 diesels all did 150000 plus never had an issue ...on a note all where serviced regularly...
  11. Pulled a few out sea fishing , like a cod but longer ....nice size and good for eating ...
  12. no ....it may be engineer locked ( new pcb required )
  13. 1234 is the engineer code 4321 is user code ...
  14. No one worst than wooden joey...
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