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  1. What he should do is insert a picture of himself, so we can all see what a real idiot looks like.
  2. He is an Appalling person, I see he insults Pitsmoor, but does not state where he is from.
  3. How I come to my conclusion is my concern, your time would be better spent joining the snowflake club if you haven't already. Then you could campaign for bigger wormholes, then your life will be fulfilled. I will not be wasting any more time on "know it all's" like yourself, so I suggest you throw your laptop or whatever in the bin and read a good book, may I suggest the Beano it seems like your level. Any further correspondence from your tiny mind will be ignored as it should have been from the start. Bye Bye.
  4. You should never "Assume" has nobody ever told you ? clearly not. Should I Assume your experience is based on your knowledge of 400+ councils ? I don't think so.
  5. I don't have greater knowledge, this is a forum where people can express (or should be able to ) their opinions with out having to answer unfounded sarcastic remarks from people like yourself. If you don't like people expressing themselves I suggest you leave the forum so it can be used as intended.
  6. Unlike you I don't have experience of all 400+ local authorities, so I think I would be wasting my time trying to enlighten you, you seem to know it all already.
  7. Yes but none as short sighted as Sheffield City Council.
  8. The updates are called "Cumulative updates" don't ask me what they are.
  9. I have had update problems for a few yrs now, whenever my laptop needs updating it takes forever and becomes almost impossible to use. I have noticed I never get the option to "Update and turn off" or "update and restart" "update and sleep" whenever they are due. It just becomes impossible to use for days at times, and it's a hell of a job to get it to update. Doe's any one know what's going on, or how to fix it
  10. I dropped a Half Crown in Tesco's freezer, that's how I got my frozen shoulder. 😄
  11. So Sorry to read this, I worked with Terry and his dad Frank at Andrews Toledo on Neepsend Lane in the 60's
  12. He was due to play a local champion from Crooks, Charles Simpson. But as said before Joe Davis could not make it.
  13. Yes, we lived opposite the Scott family. Hi, is your name Oxley ?
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