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  1. When I was a nipper I collected muck on my face and neck and hands, but my mum made me wash it off every time I got home. 😂😂 lol..
  2. Will he be in his late 70s or early 70s. and what school did he go to ?
  3. A lot of the Yorkshire accent comes from the Vikings. They settled in York, but they called it Jorvic.
  4. I was told many yrs. ago by Steve Butler the drawing was on a table napkin.
  5. No they did not have Pockets. They had a buttoned flap at the back for convenience..So they were called "Trap Door Bloomers"
  6. I can still remember "Trap Door Bloomers." You have to over a certain age to remember those.
  7. Can anyone still remember White Dog <removed>?
  8. We got our first TV. in the late 50's when I was about 10. It was a KB. New Queen Fringe. the name has stuck with me all these years. Dad bought it from "Wiggy's" no idea how much it cost.
  9. Did all the neighbours have a piece ? 😂😂 (sorry I couldn't resist)
  10. I have tried putting the password in but it's no different, could be wrong P/W but I can't see an option to change it.
  11. I keep getting a message saying my email account is out of date, how do I fix it ?
  12. I lost some keys, but not in Parkwood Springs so I doubt if they are mine..If you email a photo I will confirm.
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