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  1. I was told many yrs. ago by Steve Butler the drawing was on a table napkin.
  2. No they did not have Pockets. They had a buttoned flap at the back for convenience..So they were called "Trap Door Bloomers"
  3. I can still remember "Trap Door Bloomers." You have to over a certain age to remember those.
  4. Can anyone still remember White Dog <removed>?
  5. We got our first TV. in the late 50's when I was about 10. It was a KB. New Queen Fringe. the name has stuck with me all these years. Dad bought it from "Wiggy's" no idea how much it cost.
  6. Did all the neighbours have a piece ? 😂😂 (sorry I couldn't resist)
  7. I have tried putting the password in but it's no different, could be wrong P/W but I can't see an option to change it.
  8. I keep getting a message saying my email account is out of date, how do I fix it ?
  9. I lost some keys, but not in Parkwood Springs so I doubt if they are mine..If you email a photo I will confirm.
  10. It was on my laptop favorites. Not tried it on chrome. But I don't have Chrome any way.
  11. I have just tried again still no joy, it was working before update but not now. Microsoft Tech says the site is down.
  12. just me then, come to think about it was ok. before the update.
  13. I can't seem to get on to the Sheffield History site, is any one else having problems ?
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