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  1. I dropped a Half Crown in Tesco's freezer, that's how I got my frozen shoulder. 😄
  2. So Sorry to read this, I worked with Terry and his dad Frank at Andrews Toledo on Neepsend Lane in the 60's
  3. He was due to play a local champion from Crooks, Charles Simpson. But as said before Joe Davis could not make it.
  4. Yes, we lived opposite the Scott family. Hi, is your name Oxley ?
  5. I used to live 104 Brunswick Road, 3 doors down from the Merry Heart, until the area got redeveloped. I knocked about with Tony , and the Bucks from an early age, if you lived in the same yard then no doubt I will know you as well.
  6. Champs Hill, (Brunswick Road) not far from the one on Burngreave Road, with railway line at the bottom of the hill.
  7. I don't know if The Merry Heart, The Cromwell View or The Vine, just to mention Three of Pitsmoor's finest watering holes, have been mentioned, but they have been long gone. Demolished in the early 60's. Such a cruel World. 😪
  8. When I was a nipper I collected muck on my face and neck and hands, but my mum made me wash it off every time I got home. 😂😂 lol..
  9. Will he be in his late 70s or early 70s. and what school did he go to ?
  10. A lot of the Yorkshire accent comes from the Vikings. They settled in York, but they called it Jorvic.
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