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  1. The concept of including the inner ring road within the scheme seems a little strange. How much pressure will that put on the smaller road just outside it, which were clearly not designed to carry through traffic?
  2. If it's of interest to anyone, I braved the Buxton weather and nipped up the hill to Totley Pike layby to catch a view as the train left Great Rocks Dale. I failed to catch it on any of the visits to Buxton station, but did manage some photos at Buxton sidings. There are pics on My Flickr Account (work backwards from this link), or on a Facebook album
  3. From the company website; "We travel through the East Midlands towards Sheffield and at Dore Junction we turn onto the beautiful Hope Valley for a journey through the stunningly beautiful Peak District National Park offering amazing views of Mam Tor and the surrounding moors, at Chinley we join the freight only line through Peak Forest as our engine works hard up the steep gradients to Buxton for an afternoon break of around three hours. The return journey takes a different route as we traverse the line through Dove Holes and Whaley Bridge to Stockport where we pass around the suburbs of Manchester before joining the Hope Valley line and retracing the outward journey through the Peak District." If anyone finds the timings, particularly for the Buxton end, please post them up.
  4. Annie, do you have a link anywhere for that comment please. It could clear up some queries over where I now live Thanks
  5. Extremely sorry to hear this news via another source. I feel privileged to have known her for 30 odd years, from the days way back at No.10.
  6. Arnold Laver might be worth a try. I've bought oak off then, and they did have other woods in stock at the time, though nothing like the range they used to carry. Their website claims Beech is available, but I guess may only be to order.
  7. Cheers for that, glad I re-visited this thread as I've an appointment next month and was planning on catching it.
  8. Alternatively, if you're mobile and coming from the right direction, park in the car park at Hillsborough Morrisons, and walk down to the bus stop outside B&Q, where the H1 passes every half hour. It's the ferry service bus between RHH & NGH; stops at the clock tower at NGH.
  9. I suspect that might depend on whether the P in PCN is for Penalty or Parking. 😉 Might be worth visiting Pepipoo or MSE and having a read of the appropriate board.
  10. Are you withing 10 miles of here https://www.gardenbuild.com/products/pea-gravel-10mm
  11. Only just spotted this thread as I've moved away from Sheffield. Would you mind dropping me a message with a rough price and size of offcut please, as I'm in the market for another small slice myself. I've previously used a company on Sheepbridge industrial estate, but the one you used might be easier. Which one was it? I know about, but haven't been to Designer Surfaces on Fawncett St as friend owns a business nearby. Thanks
  12. At first glance, I'd suggest you may have a problem disputing the ticket; It looks like Chesterfield allow free BB parking on the street but not carparks. That said, scan and host all documentation and post it on Pepipoo, where you will get a more comprehensive explanation of your options. Good Luck
  13. Did your plates start with M and end with S, if so, some have been found on Bolehill Rugby field, apparently, up near the road end. See Facebook "Crookes Community"
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