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  1. At first glance, I'd suggest you may have a problem disputing the ticket; It looks like Chesterfield allow free BB parking on the street but not carparks. That said, scan and host all documentation and post it on Pepipoo, where you will get a more comprehensive explanation of your options. Good Luck
  2. Did your plates start with M and end with S, if so, some have been found on Bolehill Rugby field, apparently, up near the road end. See Facebook "Crookes Community"
  3. Some years ago I bought a few Cortina bits from a chap in Sheffield, but I've lost his contact details due to a house move. The gent concerned had quite large stocks of old Mk 3 Cortina parts and lived over Shiregreen way somewhere. Does anyone have any thoughts please, but obviously please don't post his details on an open forum. I'm actually looking for an ignition barrel and key, but it's quite a specific style, not one of the reproductions readily available via ebay. I can supply photos, and further details, if anyone thinks they may be able to assist. Thanks
  4. That would depend if you want one to the North Sea, Irish Sea, Rother Valley boating lake or the canal system. Are you looking for a weighbridge? If so, try HERE
  5. Very top of the page is a link to this message; Classifieds Temporarily Unavailable × By Geoff 12/10/18 The Marketplace section of the site (which incorporates the Classified Ads, Property Ads and Job Ads) is temporarily unavailable. A new system will be launched soon, but in the meantime we are not accepting posts of this nature on the forum - so please refrain from attempting to post them in other sections. We hope to get the new Classifieds area online within the next few days.
  6. Here you go, now made the Beeb https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-46193360
  7. Here you go, copied from =68.ARB9_UD3ZXOOrIcoWhvuKb-FHiUBTfi4oadoNxUIpXKZQDUNbcmtUl-DVAflqyksdWUXcQ3GQrWHPpmPJZ9lw4aQVUg0gnBRxWo1dPUg-glc_Wt_c_TbFVIDF73QNN8Gu_ttauKBRONDZlzvugNbrJ7WNtYZIeUjpfgDmrAVdA9LrGTCkDgX5CrQtsOh7k9tmq_Ebh2aEGGr_c8jXjsT__c"]Sheffield West NHP's Facebook post; Sheffield West NHP Hi there, I just wanted to say thank you for your help yesterday. We supported an annual event called Matmi Jaloos in Sharrow. This was a religious march which took some time to pass through including blocking some parts of Abbeydale Road around 3pm. It was great to see how supportive people were in waiting, slowing down, giving us plenty of room so that the march passed safely for everyone. The type of work we love doing and it made me proud to come from South Yorkshire the way people behaved. Thank you- Inspector Fitzgibbons
  8. As mentioned previously, it's not a fine, rather it's a speculative invoice. That said, it's legal and winnable in County Court by Parking Eye in the absence of a viable defence, or the recipient ignoring all paperwork. They are one of the more litigious companies, so ignoring is a bad choice. First port of call would be the club.
  9. Assuming you were waiting for one of the club's customers, contact the club directly as they should be able to get it cancelled.
  10. Just type "Springett care home" into Google and read any of the first half dozen links; it's really not that hard to find out, though there may be a different number of links by the time you read this.
  11. Thanks Groose, seems to be fine now, but when I posted it was showing an error mesage wherever I entered the search. Same was true for a variety of browsers. Thanks
  12. Interesting article HERE regarding sleep apnoea, and the onset of dementia. I'm sure there are other sources for the info with more detail.
  13. Good morning, looks like the search facility is off-line again.
  14. The actual legislation is HERE with the CPS Prosecution Guidance HERE so normal dedicated satnavs, car radios etc. are excluded. However, there are still other offences which may occur, such as driving without due care, in a position not to be in full control, without due consideration for other road users etc. Plenty of accurate info at this link as well.Link-1
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