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  1. I think Wilders a busted flush, living on past reputation and this will be his last decent sized job in footy.
  2. I remember when Councils had highways departments (I know people that worked for them) roads need planned and reactive maintainance and these guys used to do the work adequatly in the days when there wasn't really any means for the public to have to report problems, another situation where a totally shoddy service is provided at a premium cost to the public.
  3. With the bad press on incidents like this recently you really would think (hope) that people would learn, sadly not.
  4. Sheffield United have confirmed that Mason Holgate was the victim of racist abuse at the Lane on Sunday. I'll expect Monkes on shortly to write a 3000 word condemnation of the incident.
  5. The food at Juke & Loe was excellent though very expensive, shame to see these high end places go, I'm guessing they won't be the last either.
  6. Bristol are mid table with nothing to play for, if the Owls are on their game they should win this, having said that though I was sure we'd beat Huddersfield recently so who knows.
  7. It hadn't become stale though as the many of the public tributes to him testify.
  8. It was a poor quality game until an excellent piece of skill by Musaba set up a tap in for the hardworking Ugbo, a superb pass from Bannan created the second, the Owls were controlling the game at this stage, the Lions gave it a go in the second half but the away rear guard kept them out. Fletcher was a total moron. Have we got a glimmer again??
  9. Really, I suggest you have a look back. 🤣
  10. In your opinion, I'll trust my own that the press is utter garbage and will play the tune of the highest bidder, do you think I'm wrong?
  11. The MSM were probably not paid shills in the 1950's. Your mantra is trust the science. If a scientist is taking money from a pharmaceutical company to push a harmful vaccine for profit and a scientist with more moral fibre whistleblows this fact via social media your assertion is 100% ******.
  12. I know of three people who had covid on their death certs who most certainly didn't die of it, you are so gullible it's untrue.
  13. Thalidomide was put out there by your trusted scientist freinds, they were tragically wrong.
  14. Total and utter rubbish. Why were people who were in hospital for far more serious illnesses but caught the mild illness (covid) whilst there classed as a "covid case" has this happened with any other ailment?
  15. Computer modelling predicted half a million people would die of covid over the Easter break during its (faked) peak, I don't think it's as good as you credit it with.
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