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  1. I think we're all bored to be honest. I am enjoying the Women's World Cup though, but it's just not the same . I can't wait to get stuck in to the the season, and I'm poised and ready for the 'oh so superior' Premier League reports from the red side of the City. I just hope Wednesday dominate the Championship for once, and we have a team and a style of play we can be proud of. It's bonkers, but I still don't really want promotion. I really do prefer the Championship. For Chansiri though, I hope we can do him proud and get him his money back, and more on top. So there, whatever happens, I'm not going to be satisfied. I'll go with the majority I suppose and like it or lump it.
  2. Honestly, I couldn't really give a flying. I've noticed that you have a pop at anything Wednesday. You've locked horns with willing Owl participants time after time. At your first time to 'aw bless' one of my posts, I thought I'd let you know that it wasn't warranted. Like I said last time, go back to your regular digathon with your regular opponents and we'll all be back on track. Great goal by Terry Curran by the way, when he left that Sabella fella for dead at the Lane. Have a good day!
  3. I thought you'd found willing sparring partner/s It looks like a blow for blow dig fest to me. I've not laid a glove on anyone. Who IS Brian Deane anyway?
  4. Thanks Sarge. I won't get disheartened mate. I won't search the posts to find someone to have a dig at either. I've better things to do.
  5. There's always one. I'll never forget Brian Deane scoring a goal. 1893 I think it was. Probably the best goal ever seen apparently. Or was it 1993 o.n.o? Some may attract ridicule on this Forum. I didn't think for one minute I'd be one of 'em. I obviously overestimated the IQ levels of some.
  6. Yeah. Thanks and all the best Tommy. Micky Gray, 12 yards out, squares it across the box .................. Tommy Spurr ............left footed .......................... YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS !!!!! Scores against United at the Kop end. I'll never forget it.
  7. Hi Padders. I don't begrudge United's promotion at all. They deserve it, and that's where they are. I don't see the chance of more than 1 or 2 hammerings to be honest. Man City did us for 7, so that's obviously one to be a bit wary of, and maybe Liverpool, possibly Spurs and maybe Chels. That said, I reckon United will get a lot of respect from most teams, including the ones I've highlighted above.
  8. Not wanting to be in the Premier League is not drivel. The whole football set up was far better before the PL came along. Money, glitz, stupid haircuts, orange shoes and makeup are for low life rhubarb like Love Island and other garbage wastes of time. Ooooo, I've smudged mi lipstick typing this lot.
  9. Na'then yer owd git. Couldn't agree more. Namby Pamby tattooed Ballet Dancers on millions a year, and some say football hasn't been ruined! Too much money and the need for profits and 'further growth' has ruined almost everything, never mind just footog! With you, with him there bud. I long for proper football, at proper times, on proper days, by proper men. Fine post. Same Hymn sheet.
  10. The Tories, Hedgefunds, Banks and Bookmakers are about money. Tennis, Football, Cricket, Bowls, Table Tennis, Curling, Lacrosse, Swimming, Rugby, Golf and all the others are about sport. The obscene money in Football, especially in the Premier League is poured in mainly by Geezers who've never kicked a ball in anger. European League? Sooner, the better, coupled with equality with the clubs that remain. Buying victories, Cups and Titles should be outlawed, and Sky should be told to........... do one.
  11. Yep, he did look totally peed off, but since he's moved, he's been brilliant. Is it SWFC or was it a bad time for him personally? Whatever, he's still a very influential player, who's playing two levels below where he should be.
  12. If we're going down that road, we should go and get Aidan McGeady back to Hillsborough. As my mate always said 'a reight player', and I agree with him.
  13. Thanks Pet. With it being 'manager of the year' Wilder's previous achievements shouldn't be taken in to account. I can only assume that the other managers recognised that CW had only spent 10 bob to build what he's built. Farke's obviously more successful, but I suspect he's shelled a shed load of dosh to do it.
  14. Yeah, he can definitely manage, of that there's no doubt. It's not a dig, but finishing 2nd to Farke but getting the top award seems a bit strange to me. That said, Wilder's been doing great things for the last few years with Northampton and Oxford amongst others, so he deserves whatever credit he gets. He is arrogant at times, he has his moods, his faults and can't resist childish digs from time to time, other than that, I would have liked him to be a Wednesday man. United are first, very lucky to have him, and second, very lucky that he is a Blade. If he wasn't a Blade, United wouldn't be anywhere near where they are today, and CW would have been at another club . It's 90% down to CW, and he deserves it. Well done Mr. Wilder!
  15. Rather Wildsmith than Dawson for me, whatever else happens. Westwood is easily good for another 3 years, and the word is, he only wants two. I'd sign him, no bother.
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