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  1. Always sad to hear of young 'uns dying. He looked a very dangerous player the couple of times I saw him. R.I.P. Luton. Condolences to family and friends.
  2. Jokanovic. Attacking, attractive football, with decent results in the Championship.
  3. As said above, should have been a World Cup winner. Wonderful Centre Half. R.I.P Swanny. Condolences to family and friends.
  4. Yep. His army of followers becoming Wednesdayites? 250,000 away support every other week? Global coverage of the (highest) order? What can go wro........................
  5. I've had confidence in Wilder since he went to BL. I still do. He guided average players at a few clubs to achieve 'great' things. He did a fantastic job when he arrived and has done since, until now. I can't see him doing anything any different from what he's done before. It's worked for him all the way. Average players playing out of their skin has overcome the skill gap. Recent signs are favourable, the overall performances have looked good enough. The finishing has been poor, but just a small improvement will bring better results. You've only got 3 or 4 wins to get to put the fear of God in to the other stragglers, and I, for one, think CW's leadership will keep you up.
  6. Cook now 2/5. Fink has applied for it according to 'The Star'. He wants to come to England, and there are other clubs interested. None of them British as far as I'm aware. So he MUST be the new man. Or Paul Cook. Or Coleman. Or Pearson. Donald Trump's available soon as well. I'd go for Trump. 🙄
  7. I despise Coventry. You know what that means. I hope it's only one. I may swing from a tree if it's more. I won't really. 😉
  8. I can't really describe what I was watching. Is it called football? I'm really pleased that we won, but I enjoyed about 8 seconds of it all. Kick it. Kick it harder. Kick it further. Pretend that the other colour shirt is a team mate. It dunt really matter, just kick it in that direction. Thankfully, the effort was there, but certain players look extremely unfit. Paterson for one, but not the only one. Bannan, again, did pretty well, and Harris, at times, looked quick, clever and purposeful. Odubajeo (?) impressed at times, but as for the rest, not a lot going on really. It looked a lot worse than it actually was looking at the after match stats. Can we trust the stats? Anyway. Back to the beer and Champers, it's still a holiday. Well done boys, but I don't really know how you did it. Neither did the commentator, whoever he was? Football aside, I suspect that the club is soon to be in BIG, BIG, trouble. I fear for my club. I just wish I knew the ins and outs of what is really happening.
  9. Kevin Keegan. Up n at 'em! Wake the club up. Wake the fans up. Wake the players up. Wake Chansiri up. And knock the snow of the nets 2 to 6 times a game. Other than that. Paul Cook. No Nevilles or similar beginners. David Wagners also floating my boat.
  10. Very sad news. Great player who never made the impact he should have done. Stayed in love with the game til the very end. So, so sad. RIP Alex Condolences to family and friends.
  11. Entirely my fault Padders. It just didn't register. Wednesday Ten..... 🙂
  12. Sorry Padders. I think I misunderstood your 'Wednesday Ten' post. Am I right in thinking you meant that we are getting used to playing with ten men? If not, then I'm stumped!
  13. Is that ten defeats? Ten sending offs? Ten points? Ten per cent possession? Ten accurate passes? Ten men left? I nearly said ten shots at goal 🤣 Ten to your own business. 🤣 Your friend's not very old then. We've had much worse believe me. Laugh a minute back in the 70's. We truly had awful players in an awful (loosely called) 'team'.
  14. The red cards reflect the lack of confidence, and shortage of skill level, in my opinion. We are desperate when there's no need to be. We need a composure coach, and an intelligence coach to come in for a week or two. One or two players are keeping their good standards up, but the majority have lost their way. I suppose Pulis is the right man to maybe get better standards back. As for what football to look forward to, I'm not yet sure. Good point against Reading, although we were 'a tad' lucky 😀 and should really have got nothing.
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