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  1. It seemed like few of them were interested back in March, but some effort and desire have been on show these last two games. That's why I smell a Rat.
  2. West Brom who? We're looking decent enough at the moment, so we can get summat here. Wickham's looking interested, and he's (ssshhh, don't speak too soon) looking quite fit. Good to see Lee back playing well. He's possibly our best player when he gets involved (and he usually does). Works well with Bannan, Some spirit and interest seems to be back at S6, and for that reason, I smell a rat.
  3. Hi Padders. Glad you're well too. Had a Bereavement. Not Covid Related. Proper shock. Otherwise, alles in ordnung. (Summat for you to Google?) Made me think of Bypass Blade to be honest. He disappeared quite quickly.
  4. I used to live on a crap Street like that, but I moved. Bliss!
  5. Just for Padders, I've dragged this up from the archives to give him a chuckle. Mel Gibson, Cindy Crawford and Quasimodo are sitting in a room bored out of their brains. Mel Gibson says "I must be the best looking bloke in the world", Cindy crawford says "And I must be the best looking woman in the world" and Quassie says "And I muft be the uggriest man in the wurl.... sniff!" All of a sudden,, there's a puff of smoke and a Genie appears. The Genie beckons Mel in to another room, there's a whoop of joy and Gibson comes rushing out shouting and yelling "It's confirmed. I AM the best looking man in the world!" The Genie beckons Cindy in to the room and she comes out whooping and yelling... "It's confirmed, I AM the best looking woman in the world!".... The Genie calls Quassie in and soon he comes out looking like he's been sentenced to death. "What's up" asks Mel... "what's the problem?" Quassie raises his head, tears rolling down his face, and with a trembling voice said "Who the f**k's Chris Wilder???? I'd love to post some better football memories, but to be honest, I have difficulty remembering anything these days. 1979, obvs, 1991 obvs, 1993 obvs. The pain and the joy of 1966. Many, many great away days. I knew they were great days, but I just can't remember why they were great. Beer and laughs, obviously. It hardly changed things when we lost. We got over it very quickly and just had a laugh. 21st April 1991 was probably the best footballing day / weekend, I ever had.
  6. How do we know Rowett didn't apply for the job, or if he did, then turned it down?
  7. Yep. Carvalhal (Gray's replacement) did a good job for a while. Excellent football, great entertainment, within touching distance of the PL. I enjoyed Carlos' reign. But with hindsight, Gray may have done an even better job. We'll never know.
  8. Arrange a friendly against us. The 8 you get will give you great confidence for the future. I'm saying 8. When we were 'decent' you got 4, so 8 might be an understatement. Dip yer bread!
  9. My choice is currently 8th with Millwall. Decent football. Decent entertainment. Decent results. Recent upsurge and who knows how they'll end up? Probably higher than Wednesday with happier, more entertained supporters and much more hope. As we can't steal Managers, I've no idea who to go for. I was most content with Stuart Gray, so I'd bring him back. We can't possibly do worse than we are doing.
  10. Easy. Another loss. No sweat for Forest. Hope it's less than 2, but it won't be. Again, could be owt between 2 and 6. Good news is, I won't be there.
  11. I'm not sure I trust the person who decides 'who goes and who stays'. For instance, I don't agree that Pelupessy is one of the top 4 midfielders at S6, that Lees gives a stuff, or that Dawson is our best 'keeper. De Cruz has to improve by 80% to be reasonable. It appears that our newest signings have immediately adopted the 'we're not bothered either' mantra. The players don't have to perform to get a move elsewhere. Potential suitors are aware of the players' qualities and weaknesses. Until we get our own Chris Wilder, Ferguson, Atkinson or similar, we're just going to be also rans I'm afraid.
  12. It's down to good players, who are not bothered by how many we lose by, or how embarrassing their performances are for the supporters. I don't think winning is in their vocabulary any more to be honest. I'm not bothered if it's Monk, Bullen, Chansiri, the Canteen workers, the Groundsman, Hutchinson, Westwood or anyone else. The most important people at Hillsborough, bar none, are the fans. At the moment, the 200 fans that are left are quickly losing interest. Yep, I did say 200. Slight exaggeration I know, but you never know.
  13. I'm passed worrying Graps. I've never been so 'not bothered' in my life. Survival is paramount. Just one minute spent in the 3rd Division is a minute too long. That said, if they're not bothered, why should I be? They've embarrassed us for the past couple of years, cringingly so these last 2 months, and I've got more pressing things concerning me. It's like spitting (?) in to the wind......... futile.
  14. You have to have some semblance of intelligence to be a Taxo driver. A Chimpanzee could stick labels on tins. I don't wish to slaughter DC. He came in with all good intentions (possibly with someone else's money), had his own exciting plans and manufactured somewhat deluded prospects. He doesn't understand football. He doesn't consider the expense to the supporters. He doesn't seem to respect rules and regs, and he's looking increasingly like an Ostrich with his head firmly stuck in the sand. We will always be grateful that he got involved at the outset, but he should either recruit top, top advisers (which is the preferred option) or put us up for sale at a sensible, manageable price. Who he sells to HAS to be the most important decision of his life. If he just goes for the money, we could be deeper in the mire than we've ever been. Ooerrr!
  15. Chansiri's not even a Director of his dad's Company is he? I've not seen him listed as 'important' on any Company listing, or on Company Headings. I think he just puts the labels on the tins!! 😅 It's not like you to be so cutting Graps! Take your foot off of our heads, there's a good chap. We're drowning as it is, without Blade interference.
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