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  1. Thanks Alan. Only surgery can sort me out, but I've been warned that it could be 12 months away. Covid's got a lot to answer for. A 3 month wait would be about right, but the backlog is enormous. I hope our team makes us both beam come May. Take care. 👍
  2. I'm having a break from SF. My health is not good at the moment. I've been in constant bad pain since November and it's worn me down. My life's not threatened, but I'm utterly peed off. I'm in to my second day of no TV. That's gone in the loft. My beer stash has been dumped in the Cellar. I might listen to football on the radio, but at the moment, that's in a cupboard as well. I'm at a very low point. It's a shame Cov and Brum can't slip below us and Rovrum. I'd like to see both SY clubs stay up. Miracles, apparently, happen at Easter. Not for us, unfortunately.
  3. Yesterday, I expected at least a point v Swansea. Today, fickle as this game, my own personal Roller Coaster, and predictions are, Swansea threw a massive spanner in the works yesterday. We can compete and threaten the club in 4th place though, so my optimism sticks. A draw. We all know owt can happen.
  4. No-one got close to Dykes for their first. His was among the most fortunate goals you'll ever see. He didn't have a clue really. The 2nd was the slightest of slight deflections that wrong footed Wildsmith (still should have saved it, I reckon). The third was blatant poor defending and, to me was a goal we deserved to give away. The fourth was very easy for them, but wouldn't have been had it been 1-1 or 2-2 or summat. The highlights didn't show any poor refereeing decisions. VAR would have had a birthday. Rhodes failed to contact with the goal gaping, from around 8 Metres. I don't think the highlights showed that either. As said earlier, Windass should have done better with another chance. Maybe that was shown. IF, we had finished better and IF the Ref/Linos had seen things better than they did, it wouldn't have been 4-1. We may not even have lost. The commentator did say (at 3-1 or 4-1) that Wednesday hadn't played badly by any stretch. There wasn't a 3 goal difference between them. On reflection, we deserved better. I said earlier in the season and I've said a dozen times, we need 3 new Goalkeepers. However, I'm not blaming the result on the officials. None were easy spots, except maybe the assault on Palmer. I don't want VAR, that's for sure.
  5. No wins though Padders, so my 5 points from 12 games is not yet dead in the water. I've said they won't win one. In the words of Billy Joel, 'I may be right, but I may be wrong' It's a great song.
  6. Yep. Similar form from that lot at S6 will get them out of the equation an'all. Brum seemed doomedish 3 games ago. Wednesday seem doomed today. Never say never. The proof is there to see.
  7. There were a good few unfair decisions against us, coupled with bad misses at important times. I reckon we played well, and on balance it wasn't a 4-1 game, far from it. Their first goal was not 'brilliant' as the commentator said. If he meant it, it was, but in fact, he headed it roughly in the right direction, and it turned out to be perfectly in the right direction. Anything other than perfect would have been a great try. Uroghide was incredibly unlucky with the own goal. The fourth goal wouldn't have happened if our chances/half chances had been put away. Overall, we did well. I'm well happy with the way we played. It was way, way better than we produced for the majority of the season. It's horrible when luck, deflections and decisions go against you. I won't criticise them for today. None of 'em deserve it.
  8. Welcome back CB. There's very few contentious issues on here these days, so everyone should be fine. It's great to see the big return. That said, I hope some stay away..... 🙂
  9. We've got to really work hard and play well. I think after a good start, we'll lose. If we have a good middle as well, we'll draw. If we're good, we'll win. I can't make my mind up if I'm indecisive or not. 🤔
  10. Eagle eyed posters will have noticed (get some glasses Padders 😆) that I've not included our home game with Swansea. It's a game we shouldn't lose, so at least a point is expected. I actually think we'll get all 3, so survival is looking well on the cards........... For now.
  11. Great to see some poster reincarnations! Welcome back. I hope there's more to come as some bannings did seem very harsh. Some, on the other hand were months and months too late! 🙂 Just behave yourselves eh? I really hope the vibrancy returns......
  12. It's easy to get cocky by suddenly thinking we've turned a corner and become the Championship's Man City. We're in deep doo doo. We can shovel our way out, but more easily suffocate in it.
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