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  1. I feel your pain Mooks, but Wycombe? Wycombe? Surely not.
  2. I knew it. Ah well, someone had to lose. I hope Sunderland go up.
  3. I can't relax. We're well on top. But not enough.
  4. I had a good, unswerving feeling back in '91 for the Cup Final. I can't shake off negative feelings for tonight. I hope the boys have me beaming by 9-40. We can trounce teams, we've seen it a couple of times this season. PLEEEEEAAASSSE be a great night tonight. Entertain all who watch. I want the Mackems to be applauding with admiration. Pleeeeez!
  5. Any names for the source of this misinformation? I'd love to find it and join in the 'discussions'. It was on Twitter and Facebook, but was removed. Which platform did they open/move to? Anyone?
  6. Fox News and The Hill. Your early posts on this thread were ........... there won't be a war. Anti Biden. Anti Hunter Biden. The more contentious crap you posted was from Fox and The Hill. Nothing to do with the war, but all to demean Democrats, who haven't invaded Ukraine.
  7. Err, no. He was getting his news from American Republican sources. You can tell it easily. Biden. MSM. etc, etc, etc. All Covid deniers, Putin sympathisers, and BLM etc, all read the same shiite from the same source. A wrong one.
  8. Why the Hell do you bring Biden in to every single problem? Do you think for one minute that anyone in Ukraine or Russia gives a flying flamingo about America, Trump, or Biden? Republicans in the US care only about the US. ........... America first. MAGA. If you must comment about Ukraine v Russia, please contain it to Russia v Ukraine. It has nob all to do with America's President. Any right thinking Leader should do all they can to help ANY oppressed country The World doesn't need Republican back stabbing at this time. We need unity against Putin, so get off Biden and his supporters {most of America's} backs. Support Ukraine by any means possible. Slava Ukraine. Have you not noticed? No other nation has sent in troops or offensive weaponry to Ukraine. Sleepy Joe's fault I suppose?
  9. Is Telegram where the Putin sympathisers are getting their information from? I'm trying to fined the source of all the crip some people are believing and spreading around.
  10. I've only just started reading this Thread, and have hindsight on hundreds of 'They will' They Won't' comments. 'Lefties' have been mostly correct by quite a huge margin, but 'Republicans' 🀣 have been found wanting. Do you ever read, watch, support or slightly believe, ANYTHING that doesn't come from a Right Wing, ultra biased source? In my experience, if it's a Right Wing Media view, it's highly probable that it's wrong. Most British newspapers are Right Wing (Murdoch's) and spread evermore increasing bile. Stop watching Fox News and reading 'The Sun' and you may become more reasonable. Every post is about as wrong as it can get, from a Lefty {and Moderate and Centrist} point of view. I do left and I do moderate. Republicans just do Right. and extreme Right. I'm not a Republican, so I must be a Commie.
  11. Yes, I've found it thanks. The Leader says 'discuss Sheffield related topics'. I should have searched. Cheers!
  12. I've really had enough. Some of my wife's family are really blowing my brains out. They don't live in the real World. They live in Facebook Land. Youtube Land. Bitchute Land and God knows where else. JFK was 'killed by the CIA'. We 'never landed on the Moon'. 9-11 was 'planned and ordered by George Bush'. Madelaine McCann was 'killed by her parents'. Many, many, non- Republican politicians in America 'are Paedophiles and members of a Worldwide Paedo Ring' George Floyd 'isn't dead'. It was a staged event performed by 'Crisis Actors'. Covid19 is 'just a 'flu' and quite harmless'. I've listened to this crip for years getting angrier and angrier with them. The opposite of reality is the truth to them. The remaining 98% of people who see and believe reality every day 'are wrong'. I mentioned Putin the other day. The reply was 'Zelenskyy is a billionaire Nazi, who's 100% to blame' I CAN'T STAND ANYMORE!!. Zelenskyy is a Jew. He's reportedly worth around Β£20m. Figyers (figures) coming out of Trump's America, claim Zelenskyy's a billionaire with multi million pound Villas and properties around the World. A Jewish Nazi? How odd. Her family, living 30 miles apart, are getting their crip from the same source. I know it's American, because it contains 'Main Stream Media' and 'Sleepy Joe'. Now, I know there are similarly minded people on SF. What I need from you Covid deniers and Putin sympathisers, is the name(s) of the source(s) where you get your information from. Her family won't talk about it. Please spill the beans. I have to go and have a look at this information for myself. I know it's American (or David Ickeish) related and I know it's from the Republican side. Someone please help me to find it. Thanks for reading to the end. Slava Ukraine. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦
  13. I've only just started reading this thread. I'm on page 11 of 201. Some people on here have so much egg on their faces it's down to their knees. What an eye opening read. We're surrounded by idiots.
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