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  1. He has to do something good sometimes, everyone does, but overall, I side with Padders.
  2. When Westwood was out in Luhukay's team, I strongly favoured Wildsmith over Dawson. Still do. Dawson couldn't keep Goldfish. What was he doing for their goal? My mother could have saved it. If anyone cost us 2 points, it was him........... and Monk.
  3. Won everything first half, nothing 2nd half. How does that work? It was clear they were going to get one back. I didn't see a reason for it. I wish I could analyse games better than I do. S.T.T.P.
  4. I thought you might of had a laugh at this one. I suspect plenty of people might of.
  5. What a wonderful post ............................................... Rotherham could at least afford a Certificate to acknowledge my donation. There was no need to send me one, but I must admit, it was nice to receive it. If I could OF done summat to help Bury, I would OF. Thinking about it, I know now that I could OF, I should OF, and I would OF. If I had done so, I would OF been really proud HAVE myself. BTW, your lack HAVE capital letters, spelling HAVE Football Clubs, and Stadia is awful, yet you managed Ravanelli ok? How's this one for ya Padders! Of you enjoyed it?
  6. I didn't go, but again, it appears to be 'a bit poor'. I've nowt against getting the ball forward quicker Jim, but on the floor impressively, rather than bypassing the midfield. We won though, so that'll do for me.
  7. Golf balls to Hillsborough. I've got a Squirrel problem. But not for much longer .......
  8. If Lee can get back to what he was 3 years ago, then it has to be him in my opinion.
  9. What some people cannot see, is that if we fed Grey Squirrels with contraceptive laced food throughout the areas where there aren't any Reds, the Greys would die out in 5 to 10 years and we could then spread / reintroduce Reds throughout Britain. Then, instead of defending bird feeders from the Greys, we could put feeders up specifically for the Reds Think about it ..........
  10. Cheers stan. It's funny. When I'm there to see it, like against Fulham, I find it difficult and frustrating to watch. When I'm not there and we get a favourable result, I'm buzzing. When we get a result like we got at Hull, I assume we Hoofed it. I imagine the fans were frustrated and pessimistic. I imagine we didn't look like scoring in a month o' Sundays. This lot spoil my weekends, my week and my life. I relish the good 96 minutes when they arrive, but overall, I'm a bit lethargic with it all. I thought Monk was a 'good football, attacking Manager'. We'll have to wait and see.
  11. After all my negative vibes regarding our team of stars, I think we'll easily win this 0-0.
  12. Soz Padders, but fortunately I didn't see one second of this game. It looks like that whatever I did instead was by far the better option. I was actually shovelling pig muck. I've only been semi impressed in one game this season, so another dire / below par / painful / dross display slots in nicely with my other archived performances. Consistently inconsistent and have been for nigh on 20 years. Oh for a Big Ron, or a Catterick. I'm old enough and ugly enough to let the dross pass right over me these days, and I can easily sleep soundly at nights. We are what we are. Just a regular, unremarkable Football Club. Maybe one day, we'll impress the masses eh? ...........................
  13. R.I.P Rita Condolences to family and friends. WAWAW ??
  14. Looks like he got lucky, cos he did nothing before and nothing since. England manager? Don't make me laugh! Cantona didn't hang about very long either. I stopped watching Wednesday when he was the Manager. We'll agree to differ eh?
  15. Yep, the very same. We spent more time playing cards in the South Stand than watching Wilkinson's Wednesday. EVERY (and I mean every) goal kick the same. EVERY (and I mean every) throw-in the same (down the line and make them have to head it out for another throw) EVERY (and I mean every) corner the same, near post, flick it on, Chapman header at the back post. Whack it the way you're facing and run like hell after it. I was bored to tears. ................................. Sorry Jim. Not my idea of entertainment
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