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  1. Phoned Plusnet. External problem. Engineers don't work weekends. Probable fix on Tuesday. It's surprising how much no Internet affects one's life these days. I didnt have it for my first 50 years. How on Earth did I manage?
  2. Your prediction's looking good Rogets. That's if we can get the one we/you need. Never say die. We can get 4 if we turn up 2nd half. At the moment, we'll be lucky to get 4 passes.
  3. Hi. Has anyone had any dealings with Dryfix Roofing (allegedly) based in Barnsley? I'd be interested in any stories you might have.
  4. Basic Income will come in to being. The Movement has/is already being trialled in various countries. The plan is, the Government will pay everyone of working age enough to run a household for basic needs. Food, heating, clothing and utilities. £300 a week to run your house? £150 to you, and £150 to your partner. On death, the survivor gets the other's money. Should you need more money for some reason (other than greed) you will go to work for it. Of the jobs available, the vast majority will be shared. You may work a day a week, or a day a month. You won't be allowed to work too many days, as there will be someone waiting to do that job to earn needed money. The emphasis is on 'needed money' here, not 'wanted money'. In a few years time, most people will not have their own car, but will employ a driverless Government car to take the journey. All jobs available will be crucial jobs (to improve structures, environments, health and well being, that sort of thing). Practically nothing will be done just for profit. There'll be very little for anyone to buy. You'll have to imagine what a Mobile Phone or a TV will look like and cost in 30 or 40 years time. Will we be jetting off on holiday? Will there be aeroplanes? Fashion will be a thing of the past. Beauty Parlours and other body enhancement parlours will also be things of the past. As life progresses, people will volunteer doing things to enhance the Community. Some people will go in to particular work just to pass the time, and over time, the place will be running like clockwork, with no one homeless, no one starving, no Millionaires and Billionaires. There'll be no need to go to war, or to have WOMD. As people stop trying to be richer than 'them down the road' and we all appreciate what we've got (roughly the same as everyone else) and the race to be richest diminishes, the world will slow down, and we'll all be better for it. The Government will run practically all the businesses, will get the profits from them, and will pay us all to do next to nowt. Everyone will be required to do some work, idle scroungers won't be tolerated. It will end the unemployment problem, drugs problem, the homeless problem and the criminal problem. What's not to like? Embrace it (for your kids if nowt else) and get those Robots doing your jobs as soon as your Boss will install 'em. They can't come quick enough. It'll be wonderful.
  5. Just sobered up. Happy New Year to all on here. And to some who aren't. Like the Wednesday players for instance.
  6. I can maybe understand Lib Dems, Greens etc voting for Labour at times, or Labour people voting Lib Dem / Greens at times, but how the Hell can a (proper)Tory ever vote for Labour, and a (proper) Labour Supporter ever contemplate voting for the Conservatives? You CANNOT EVER be a Socialist, with Socialist values and vote, even in your wildest dreams, for a Capitalist money driven, profit making Party that works to prevent or destroy everything you've believed in, and craved for, all of your life. If your brain can swing from one belief to another belief every time the wind changes, then you need to see someone. You have no firm belief in yourself, your country, or your compatriots. You're quick to support people who stand shoulder to shoulder in times of conflict though. They are not inferiors then. They aren't Lefties, Communists, Scroungers or idle then. When it suits, they become Heroes. It matters not who is piloting the ship, the ship, ultimately, has the same course, the same crew, and the same destination. If you have always voted Tory, and voted Tory this time, then I applaud your loyalty. I disagree greatly with your idea of how Society should function. I, I, I, me, me me, mine mine, mine, to me, is a horrible, selfish, greedy way to treat other members of Society. You have to have the money to comfortably negotiate a Conservative Government, but unfortunately, millions of people seem to be of the opinion that they are 'better than them down the road' and are misguided enough to consider themselves as 'a higher class'. The current Government will soon put these people in their place. At the moment, they're behaving like a fine Labour Government, but it won't last, and they'll soon start to drop things on the populace from a great height, as they have done every time they've had power (which is about 100 years too long in my opinion). The 'people' will continue to work 40 to 50 hours a week (to manage) whilst the Tories create ever more Billionaire Gang Masters. To say I'm disappointed with the British (English) Electorate is a huge understatement.
  7. I don't think so. I only got a quick glimpse, but wasn't he on both knees at the time? Merry Christmas!
  8. Hi Funks and Padders. I did say we were 'decent' at times, decent meaning quite impressive so I was praising them a bit. Bristol ARE a good side and we were easily the better team, but we deflated quite a bit at times as well, and that always concerns me. It got a bit squeaky at times, but I suppose all games have similar phases. Merry Christmas to you and yours Padders, and you Funks, and every other fan on here. Have a great time and roll on Boxing Day footy. 4-0 will do me!
  9. Looked decent at times, but petered out again. We're not very convincing for a team in 3rd place. Good to see Bòrner. He shouldn't have lost his place.
  10. It was even bigger and more unexpected than Boris' huge win. I won't ever get carried away, but I've always known that when we want to play, we can play. If Monk has condensed the players' attitudes, and instilled a more attacking vein in the lads, then good on 'im. Hopefully, we can keep it going, but I've said that numerous times before, and like the proverbial Christmas balloons, I've been let down. We'll see.
  11. 2 -0 up and some more of this would be brilliant. I never tire of watching this, and re-posting it, every time we play Forest. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8wmETo3_jA Somehow though, I think today could be a bit different. Forest have shown some good displays this season, and Grabban is looking a bit warm. Fletch is red hot though, so we'll have to see. I'll sit on the fence and go 1-1.
  12. Watching the match. We were dire 2nd half. It's a mystery why we do it. 7 out of 10 first half, errr .............. not many out of 10 second half. Measured , controlled, organised, to whack it anywhere. Frustrating or what?
  13. We've gone in to 1st gear again. We have to improve, or we'll blow it.
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