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  1. I'm not being funny here Hackey, but I genuinely believe that The Championship is the best League in the World. Anyone can win it (except for us 😄) and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to watch it (except for us). The players are reasonably priced and the competition is entertaining and combative. If the 'Big 6' in the Premier League bogged off to a European Super League, then maybe The Prem would become the best League in the World, but, IMO, it isn't.
  2. I've had a deep throaty, sometimes painful, persistent cough for six weeks now. It's not nice. I contacted the Doctor 3 weeks ago and he said it would go after a month. It's actually getting worse. No meds are helping, I'm just letting it take it's course. I hope it's not the 'hundred day' one.
  3. Looks like an easy 6 points for Leicester then Mooks. Let's hope we can both shock 'em, 0-1 and 0-1. That'd be great!
  4. I think this could be another 'Conspiracy Theory'. It stems from The Sun originally, so a very large pinch of salt should be taken.
  5. Totally agree. IF, and it's a BIG if, VAR is called on, the match Referee and ONLY the match Referee, should look at the pitch side monitor, in real speed, from all available angles, ONCE, and make their decision immediately. If they need multiple viewings, they didn't make a 'clear and obvious mistake' in the first place. Should take 20 seconds from the Video rolling and the Ref making a decision.
  6. Feel for Will Vaulks. If fit, he should be the first name on the team sheet, with Bannan second. Feel for Ihekwe and Gregory too. Is the 'keeper really as bad as he looked against Huddersfield? I know we can't play players 'til they're in their forties, but Gregs is probably our best bet for goals. Not happy tbh.
  7. Cornwall to Aberdeen? What a trip that is. Where next, Rejyavik? Rek yavvic. 🙂
  8. I, and many others, have left Rohl to get on with it, as we trust him. Well, now, I must say that a few times I've not been happy with his team selection. Square pegs in round holes on quite a few occasions. Fletcher? Nah! Leaving James on the bench? Nah! Musaba guaranteed a spot? Nah! I understand he wants to play a quick, pressing game, with young fit lads (not working yet is it?), but there's no substitute for experience. I'm sure we'd haved fared better in some games with Gregs, Smith and James onboard. Experience in the right places at the right time. Today, for instance, he shook the dice after an hour and threw anybody on. Glad I weren't near the bench or I'd have been shoved on. That said, if Bannan and Windass say he's the best, then I'll take their word for it. We'll see. We're not down yet. That's next month.
  9. I don't like to knock professional footballers, as all our squad are, but strewth, WTF is happening? We're not a bad team. Only one or two players appear to not be up to Championship level. Rohl seems to be picking strong starting elevens, though I miss the James/Johnson pairing, down the left. Surely the desire to get goals by our strikers is strong? It's frustrating creating chances, only for them to come to nowt. ONE, just one goal, early on, would change the next ninety or so minutes, but we rarely, if ever, score those early chances. As I said, I don't like knocking individual players, but I think Musaba needs the greed element knocking out of his system. I'd drop him 'til he learns to part with the flipping thing. More than a few times, a timely pass would have changed the whole direction of the game, but his selfishness has let us down. For that, and a few other reasons, Division 1 beckons. I'm going to pray, but I doubt that there's anyone to listen to me.
  10. Wednesday have got a puncture. On all 4 wheels.
  11. Never understood it. Thousands (if not millions) born in England, went to English schools, taught by mainly English teachers, surrounded by mainly English kids, yet dey talk like dat innit? I suppose lots of teachers could be Jamaican. It's been 53 years since I went to skoyal. We talked proper back den. 🙂
  12. Yes, I do know that Chansiri hugely overpaid for Hillsborough to save his sorry arse, but he didn't consider longer term effects. Maybe the clown thought that promotion to the Premier League was still only months away! 😆
  13. I reckon his family are secretly and silently, fuming. He's spaffed millions of their money.
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