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  1. Sheffield and most of Yorkshire's voters have got it right. It's the rest of 'em that keep voting Tory. Us Yorkies have done more than our share. It's up to the Suvverners and ten bob millionaires around the north to get their proper heads on and get the Tories out and make damn sure they stay out. If people are pleased and satisfied with Britain's performance over the last 35 years, then God help us. Thatcher chucked us off a cliff around 1984/85 and we're still falling. Let's hope we don't hit the bottom.
  2. I've just thought.......................................... George Galloway's interview will be greatly edited and pasted all over the Media stating that he's in favour of the terrorist return to Britain. It will be made to look like he's agreeing with everything the girl says and some reference will be made to Manchester Arena and Galloway's earlier expulsion. It won't say for one minute that HE WAS RIGHT IN THE FIRST PLACE. You mark my words, George is in for a right battering. and plenty who read The Sun and it's 'sister' Press will be slagging him from pillar to post tonight in the pub and tomorrow at work. We need change and we need it fast. The 'new' centre ground breakaway group is exactly the same as what we've had since 1979. And since 1979, it's been pretty bad. In fact. it's been worse than bad.
  3. And such a great job of running the country (and right wing Governments in many other countries) have done. Not one country in Europe is on a stable footing, they're all chasing the same pot of money and moving the dosh from pillar to post. Competition, profit and 'growth' would eventually massacre society. Thankfully, the modern youths won't allow it to happen. But that's a bit more long term, so, as it's not deemed serious at the moment, the Tories will carry on as before. Until the bitter end. One day. money will eat itself. One day. money will he secondary to 'having a life' Great interview with George Galloway by the way. A man who knows that most TV and Newspaper Companies fail to show or highlight anything against the Establishment. For a truer picture, watch Channel 4 news, or RT coverage. A Conservative vote in Sheffield? If ever a vote was wasted, then this is it. That said, my vote is also wasted, because in my lifetime, whilever idiots are contesting 'the middle ground' nothing will ever change. Thankfully, today's youth will have a better chance of turning things round and I'm sure they'll achieve it quite soon. Sadly, I don't think I'll be here to witness it.
  4. Thirteen years? They perpetrated Tory values under Tory Blair. Thank God we didn't have Blair a minute longer than we actually had him. Better than the Tories? Yes, by 00000000000.0000000001 %
  5. I've changed my mind totally over the last couple of days. I think the Tories have done a fantastic job since 1979. In 2019 we have almost full employment. The wages are better than they have ever been. I now trip over a Policeperson on almost every street corner almost every 8 years. The number of homeless people doesn't raise cause for concern. (There are none at all in my area) The wage gap has risen quite fairly over the last 40 years. Companies are making massive profits year on year. The drug and homeless problem has been all but eradicated. There's a new Billionaire created every 2 days. They don't create or manufacture anything useful, but they're raking it in, so what the Hell? It's great for our economy and also the 'Rich list' entries that we can flaunt all over the World. Foreign car makers are moving out in their droves so that we can start building fine, solid British cars like wot we yoost too. Manufacturing is booming. Order books are now back to 1960's levels. The crime rate is so low that we now only need 10 Police personnel in Sheffield. The parks and gardens run by the Council are all in pristine condition. The roads are swept every 10 years to reduce the chances of windscreen damage. Private housing rents are very reasonable. Some dwellings only cost 80% of the 'real' average wage, but I thinks plans are in place to raise that, so Landlords will, at last, be able to break even. Very reasonable parking charges are in place to guarantee a bustling City centre. The Pub Companies rents and other charges are so reasonable that only 8 pubs a week are closing (compared with only 8 a week last year, and only 8 a week the year before that) Diesel fuel has remained very cheap for the motorist. It's only 10p a Litre more than petrol now. Praise the Government for their considered input. The local High Street is bustling with Vape shops and Nail and Beauty boutiques. If the recently made redundant hadn't been able to acquire these badly needed services, I don't know what we'd have done. Our local shopping street has been swamped with take away shops. Another Tory success story. Before they moved in, we had local people running Greengrocery shops, butchers shops, florists and that kind of thing. Thank God the large Supermarkets moved in and trashed these unknown tiddlers and confined them to the bin. Despite local protests, the Council did the right thing and allowed the residents to be trampled on by the big national companies. The correct decision in my opinion. So, as you can see, the people who matter are doing a lot better than the minnows, and for that, we should be eternally grateful to this Government for guiding us in the right way for 40 years. Everybody's happy, prosperous, well fed, well clothed (and most of the waged workers will probably be on holiday in the Seychelles as I speak) What do you mean you haven't been the the Seychelles?
  6. Hotmale 1954

    Local 6 predictions league 2018-2019

    Predictions: Reading 2 Rotherham 1 Sheff Wed 3 Swansea City 1 West Brom 3 Sheff Utd 1 Scunthorpe 0 Doncaster 1 Portsmouth 0 Barnsley 1 Chesterfield 2 Harrogate Town 2 Predictions end:
  7. Hotmale 1954

    rotherham utd v sheffield wednesday

    The commentators thought it was good match. It sounded very average to me on the radio. Bad news Thorniley being hurt, but it provided the break in play and the added time for us to equalise. Rotherham must feel choked, but we have a history of playing to the very last second at the New York. I'm not at all convinced by the Wednesday lads. It sounds like we were very, very fortunate to get owt, but we got summat. I despair at our immediate future. To rub salt in, I predicted 2-1 Rotherham.
  8. Hotmale 1954

    Blades v Boro

    I think I've predicted a Blades loss once in about 10 weeks. That's not really the actions of a 'jealous', 'envious' Wednesday fan. Why are Blades commenting on the lack of Wednesday posters on here? It's not a surprise is it? Have we got even the slightest chink of light to write about? I publicly greatly reduced my posts back in November because the players weren't representing me properly. I haven't been to a game since November either. I know we have some very good players. I know we have some crocks. I know we have a team with (at present) largely shocking attitudes. I know we need a good sorting. No team can play that poorly week in and week out. Even the poor teams play good football quite often. We're playing average, unexciting football week after week. For instance, I've stood by Nuhiu's attitude for the last 5 years, it's been first class. His attitude in late 2018 and now in February 2019 has taken a massive slide. It appears to me that there's only Westwood, Hutchinson and Bannan that now have the attitude I'd support. I don't know (and neither does anyone else) what the huge underlying problem is at Hillsborough. We look like a very average side (but I know we're far, far better than what we are showing). IF Kieran Lee comes back, he will make a massive difference. IF Hooper comes back firing on all cylinders, he too will make a massive difference. The trouble is, will the team's attitude change as a whole, or will they continue to not give a stuff. Like any football supporter, I don't like to see our main rivals doing so well, whilst we are almost in the gutter, but I don't lose sleep or cry buckets when I look at the League positions. Everyone at S2 deserves to be where they are. Attitude, hard work, togetherness, and a touch of skill HAS to reap benefits. Whether it's enough to get Promotion this season, we'll have to see. Obviously, I hope you don't, but something tells me you will. Good luck to ya. If it pays off, you've all worked for it.
  9. Hotmale 1954

    Local 6 predictions league 2018-2019

    Predictions: Rotherham 2 Sheff Wed 1 Aston Villa 1 West Brom 1 Sheff Utd 3 Reading 0 Barnsley 2 Wycombe Wanderers 1 AFC Fylde 2 Chesterfield 1 Blackburn Rovers 2 Middlesbrough 2 Predictions end:
  10. Labour losing it's appeal? Yep, in the Daily Mail, The Sun, The Express, The Times, The Toff, the Betting Shops and the lunch time boozers. I'm led to believe that the best horse racing coverage is in The Sun. (The punters eyes must stray to the front page headlines at times) If they believe they can make a profit betting on horses, they'll certainly believe the rhubarb that The Sun and it's 'sisters' print. Yes, Corbyn isn't the flavour of the month because of false anti Semitism claims and maybe a couple of more rational criticisms of him. but we are not America. We shouldn't vote for an individual (unfortunately, owing to Newspaper interference, most people do). It's wrong, but lots of people are 'brainwashed' and have been for decades. I've said before, I think Corbyn's a wet Nelly (I'd prefer McDonald and Watson to take up the reins) and Diane Abbott makes even me think twice about voting Labour, but with all that in mind, I'd still rather have what may be a 'poor' Labour Government, than a poor Tory one. I wonder which unfit, unprepared individual gets the East Coast Mainline to ruin next time? That's ruin, not run..............................................
  11. It's exactly that. It was commonly called 'two bob millionaires'. If you smoked No 6 you voted Labour, if you smoked Embassy or Bensons it gave you a feeling of superiority. Some read 'The Sun' and 'The Times' and voted Tory. It made them feel all 'superior'
  12. Yes, very true. They may have a few bob more than their neighbours and they think they qualify to be a tad 'superior'. A mate of mine on £9 an hour wouldn't vote anything but Tory. It's not the only subject he's a bit dim on. Bless him, he'll never learn. In 2016 the number of billionaires having the bulk of the money was 61. Now, it's 26. In twenty years it'll probably be 2, unless we find some way to stop them. Can't some people see the danger of this madness?!?!?!!
  13. Some people will think 26 people having most of the money is quite acceptable' I know it stinks. Who said 'fund the country'? I said 'sort'. As someone said earlier, it's slightly different. Give someone a fish and they'll have a meal. Teach someone to fish and they'll have food for ever. The article states 'a new billionaire was created every two days'. Maybe Africa would have enough now and we could look to improve someone else's life somewhere else?
  14. I was careful to say 'I think' ........................................... My thinking must be rubbish. Typical Tory retort. Give 'em a quid each! 131 billion dollars for infrastructure in Africa would improve the Continent a thousand fold, but you don't believe in improving things for everyone do you? You'd like Mr Africa to have 130 billion dollars and the filth to have what's left. Enough said about your outlook then int it? Thanks Anna! Some people won't have any of it. They think the world is being run fantastically by clever, fair, unselfish people. I fear that the exact opposite is true.
  15. Hotmale 1954

    R.I.P Gordon Banks

    Very sad news. Condolences to family and friends.

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