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  1. All the best David. Thankfully, all the signs look good for you.
  2. Yes, because proper Liberals wanted nothing to do with a Party that aligned themselves to the Party of greed. If Clegg hadn't taken the Queen's Shilling to raise his own Profile, the Lib Dems would have retained him as Leader and retained the strong support. The majority of the UK (90% of Scotland and a similar amount in Wales and the majority of NI) dislike the Tories with a passion. Scotland are more interested in Independence from a Tory run London Government, than merely leaving the UK. I myself want Independence from a Tory Government. Independence for Yorkshire (and Scotland, Wales, The North East, The South West, The Midlands, The NW and NI)
  3. Yes, I do. I have a problem with the voting system whoever wins. Your example highlights how wrong the system is. So it worked for Labour in 2 Elections. Big deal. It was, is and always will be wrong. Obviously I'm happier if Labour win. Shame 1997 and 2005 was New Labour. A newer, Righter Winger Labour, but still better than the alternative. Given a choice of the Monster Raving Loony Party and the Tories, I'd go Monster every time. I suspect that they have morals, standards and compassion that the Tories would never consider. Compassion doesn't make money, so it's a no no. The Libs and Greens have MILLIONS of supporters in the country. They have, I think, one MP between them. That's scandalous. Only Tories will think it's acceptable (and apparently now, the present Labour MP's). It's obvious that Labour MP's, in many ways, think differently to Labour supporters. That's a massive problem that PR would sort in a few days.
  4. I haven't long to live. Well, not enough to see success in this region anyway. 😀 Thanks for your quick reply. I'll stick around and see what happens, yer never know. 👍
  5. I think what I, and many others are really saying is, there are only two Parties. Enviromental and Socially minded Party - Labour, Lib Dem and Green etc, with profit, power and Dictatorship at the very bottom of their priorities and the other Party where money, the making of money, the keeping of money and the hiding of (their) money is the only real consideration. Whether people are happy, content or suicidal matters not to the latter.
  6. It's amazing how Right Wingers insist that (usually) around 32 to 35 per cent of the Electorate have the majority vote and therefore, their choice of Party has a Mandate to run the country. As on Twitter and Facebook, the conversations are always the same. If we're guided by some Cons, some Lab, some Libs and some Greens and they arrive at an acceptable policy, then great. Anyone who doesn't like that criteria must have very serious motives for avoiding it. It has to be better than one minority Party saying you will work for £8-91 an hour and until you're 70 years old. There is no fairer system than one man, one vote. If there's 10 of us deciding which pub to go in and 7 say 'A' and 3 say 'B', then we go in A. If me and 6 others find ourselves in 'B', then we will soon fall out with the other 3. For numeric purposes, I'll say that 65 to 70 per cent of the Electorate usually don't vote for the Conservatives. Usually. How come, the Tories have been in power for most of the last 50 years? 2019 was a bit of an exception because of the Murdoch Press anti Corbyn campaign, so the percentage voting for Johnson was cosmetically higher. The majority of the country have suffered Conservative rule, rather than have benefitted from it. The reason I, as a Labour supporter am in favour of PR, is because I welcome discussion and disagreement from relevant other viewpoints. Tories, on the other hand, will not tolerate anyone else's view. It's domination, or nothing for them. As said before, Germany's coalition Governments have been far superior to our sorry lot for many years. They're financially superior, which to me is a secondary consideration, but they easily have better Social structures and most probably, a more contented population. Given one man, one vote, I'd wager that the Conservatives would never again be the dominant ruling Party. That would suit me forever. I dislike their policies with a passion. Like me, most of the country (as is reflected in the numbers, year after year) would relish our standards to be decided by 5 or 6 opinions, that hugely, dislike and even detest the unchallenged standards and policies inflicted on us by the 33%.
  7. Hi. I'm new on here. Can anyone please tell me if there's an adult footy Forum? I can only find this one. Thanks! 🙂
  8. I think we improved it. We sent Kieran Lee to Bolton. Still a fine player.
  9. I hit him. He hits the canvas, and I hit Vegas. What a Geezer! The man's phenomenal !! I'm not sure Joshua and Fury will ever happen. Like you say, 6-0 to Fury. Would it last 5 rounds?
  10. Wednesday nil, Mansfield, probably more than nil. Woe is me.
  11. Wednesday to score 2 in successive games? I hope so. If so, we might have the makings of a team. Consistency is the key. Promoted teams have it. We've not had it since our old Queen was a lass. I've not predicted owt yet this season as regards goals (or outcomes for that matter) but I'm committing for this one. Wednesday to win.
  12. Wigan have got one back. Squeaky time (as most of us predicted) Oooerrr!
  13. 2 -0 'Boro as I type. 👍 Don't count yer Chickens.
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