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  1. The usual Wednesday performance. Dull, boring, uninspiring. Penney did very well (apart from his shooting) but so did the bloke he replaced. Why take Odebajo off? He was one of the very few who gave us any inspiration..... play both next time. Bannan did his best to unlock something, but there was no-one looking to get on the end of stuff and stick it up Walsall. We can play better than this, we can create better than this. I hope Windass hits a new seam of form, 'cos looking at other options, we'll be lucky to score 20 goals all season ......... that's 20 for the whole team! Monk clearly isn't inspiring the team, he never has. He has to go, and go now!
  2. 7-0 at half Time .................................. Yeah, it wouldn't surprise me one jot if we performed well here and came away with a shock result. That said, I expect to lose by a couple of goals.
  3. Soz Mooks. We need the points. About 20 of 'em!
  4. I went for 3-0 last match, so I'm going 2-0 for this one.
  5. I'd have him at S6 in a heartbeat. I can't believe he can't make the team. He's impressed me everytime I've seen him. I asked for him 2 years ago and you Blades told me to 'do one'. I'm not surprised.
  6. Should be up 3-0 he means. Up 2-0 at half time though. It sounds like a different team but with the same or similar names. It's not over yet though. This is Wednesday we're talking about.
  7. QPR will be too good for us. Few players interested, with little incentive to improve. 3-0 again?
  8. The interest and the match reports from posters are all well and good, and with good intent, but the truth (that no one seems to want to absorb) is that apart from one or two noticeable stand out performers, the players are purposely playing well below par. I can't believe that some of our players are as bad as they look. You can't be that poor and continue to be signed by club after club. I think we have one exception to that rule in our present squad. I know he can play because in one away match (can't for the life of me remember which one) fans who went came back saying he put in a phenomenal performance and was far and away MOTM. He was a world beater, Messi like, Ronaldo like, brilliant, stunning. From what I've seen, he couldn't pass water, beat an egg, or cross his legs. We're going down, and it's exactly what we deserve. Points reduction or not.
  9. Sad times, but after all my time with this club (since 1954) I really couldn't give a flying Flamingo. If we go, we go, if we stay, we stay. I don't particularly like our owner (never did). I don't like our Manager (never did) and I can't stand the attitudes of the majority of our players. I've said it many times before, our established players (except one) have proved that they're good enough to have a positive impact in this League. Sadly, they can't be bothered. And for that reason, for the time being, I'm out.
  10. I met him a few times in the Bar at S6. A funny man. A rare phenomenon in being a good player and a good Manager. He did many good things for his clubs and for Ireland too. R.I.P. Big Jack. Condolences to his family and friends.
  11. It seemed like few of them were interested back in March, but some effort and desire have been on show these last two games. That's why I smell a Rat.
  12. West Brom who? We're looking decent enough at the moment, so we can get summat here. Wickham's looking interested, and he's (ssshhh, don't speak too soon) looking quite fit. Good to see Lee back playing well. He's possibly our best player when he gets involved (and he usually does). Works well with Bannan, Some spirit and interest seems to be back at S6, and for that reason, I smell a rat.
  13. Hi Padders. Glad you're well too. Had a Bereavement. Not Covid Related. Proper shock. Otherwise, alles in ordnung. (Summat for you to Google?) Made me think of Bypass Blade to be honest. He disappeared quite quickly.
  14. I used to live on a crap Street like that, but I moved. Bliss!
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