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  1. I'm not criticising anyone here, but the lack of dialogue/movement/printed media/rumours or ANYTHING coming out of Hillsborough seems very strange. The Bookies have stopped speculating. The Newspapers have forgotten that we don't have a Manager. Radio Sheffield have stopped asking Bullen about his, or the club's future. They have, at least, stopped publishing Bullen's comments. Are we in a Camouflaged Canoe, in the dead of night, slowly approaching the Bridge On The River Kwai? Or has DC fell down a massive hole and no-one's noticed it yet? I suppose the Status Quo will be upheld when (or if) Bullen hits a rocky patch. We've started off quite well (albeit against alleged relegation fodder) so we're feeling a bit pleased and confident at the moment. Barnsley, though, didn't look like Relegation candidates to me, but their most recent loss looks pretty worrying for them. Millwall will be a harder test. I never expect to get owt at Millwall, and this weekend is no exception. Anything better than a loss will be great in my opinion.
  2. United are the first team to draw at Bournemouth this season. Well done Blades! I hope Brian Deane was there.😂
  3. Another game, another day, It's only a fool gets carried away, As now, it's early, but we are top, At next week's game, we may just flop.
  4. Fletcher, Rhodes and Winnall, backed up by Forestieri and Borukov make for a frightening strkeforce. Not totally disregarding Nuhiu.
  5. Rhodes didn't build his goal tally by accident. He's got a stunning record, and like you say, speed may go, stamina may go and age related issues will crop up, but Rhodes is a long way from any of those problems. His knack and instinct is still there, and if his heart and soul is rekindled, he should bag loads of goals this season. We'll fly high if he contributes properly.
  6. Stan's post edited by me: This, I really can't understand. (I'm not questioning your opinion here) We have too many strikers, so one (some) have to go. So one goes and you (or the club) say we need a striker to replace him??? That's IF Rhodes goes to Norwich or Borussia Munchen Glassback or wherever. Why didn't we keep Joao and let Naarwich have Rhodes? Is Joao deemed 'not good enough'? Is Rhodes deemed not good enough? Is Atdhe a better striker than both of them? Do we accept that Fletcher is our number 1 striker? Where does Winnall fit in? Suppose Rhodes does go near the Turkey Farms, do we still need another striker. or are the 3 or 4 we have left (plus young uns coming through) not considered up to the job? If that's true, why let 2 go that I, and many others think, are maybe very good options, and keep the 'lesser options'? Why don't we just make the lesser options available for transfer? Like I said, I'm getting more and more confused every day. Joao, Rhodes and Winnall wunt be a bad strike force for someone else, would they?
  7. It sounds like sour grapes, but it's not. I, and many more like me, stated our dislike of the Premier League, it's greed, it's arrogance, and it's callousness whilst United were still in Division 1. Most of us couldn't give a hoot what United do, or where they are. This, I say, with the utmost confidence that they won't win anything. NOW, if they DID win something, you wouldn't see me for dust!!
  8. It's not often that the Bookies are wrong, but I'm as sure as I can be that they're going to be miles out with this assessment of the Blades. I reckon at least 8 places out.
  9. R.I.P John. 100% player. Condolences to his family and friends.
  10. Aberdeen insist that anything less than £7m won't buy him. He's got a great reputation in Scotland (but so had Stevie May) I'm not so sure, but I'd be inclined to go for McKenna rather than Hector. Hector (at 26 or 27) is probably not up to Premier League standard, but McKenna, at 22 could turn out to be a fantastic PL Centre Half, and therefore, very saleable. He could also be another under achiever who's sent back over the border before he's arranged his Mortgage. It's a difficult one, but I'm sure that Fletcher and Bannan will have advised our 'Recruitment Team' with their knowledge of the lad. If they say yes, then I say yes, but £7m is a Hell of a gamble for an untried English League player (meaning he hasn't played here yet) Maybe Steve Bruce made some sort of a pact with DC when he left us, that any unwanted player at Newcastle would be made known (and available) to us, as a 'lickle sweetener'
  11. Wednesday have said that the fee being asked for Hector has to be greatly reduced for us to be involved. As for the statement about 'Wednesday signing players without a Manager', Lee Bullen said at the RS Manager's Special that he, David Downes and Dean Hughes put player's names forward, gave DC their opinions, and leave it with Chansiri to act on their advice, or to put it aside. It appears that some of their suggestions (if not all) are bearing fruit. Shame we haven't got anyone good enough for Chelsea to want to take from us. If Lampard was Portuguese, he may have taken Joao!! Ah well, we'll see what happens.
  12. Thanks Padders, but let me tell you, my post isn't tongue in cheek, it's deadly serious.
  13. Do you know what happens when everyone wants (and gets) more money than the man (club) next door? When a Plasterer wants more than a Plumber, and a Joiner wants more than a Plasterer, and an Electrician thinks they are more important than all the others put together? Eventually, the majority 'can't afford it' and the clubs, services, parks, playgrounds, roads, hospitals, doctors, plumbers, plasterers, and joiners aren't like they used to be, and most people aren't happy. They're either neglected, or bypassed and overall, most things get worse. Believe me, Football will eat itself. Yep, there'll be a dozen 'elite' clubs left in the world, all worth trillions, but the game as we know it, will be gone. Lots of menials, like both Sheffield clubs and many others, will survive, but they'll probably play each other on a Tuesday night after work in Graves Park or somewhere. Bramall Lane and Hillsborough will either be 'Luxury Flats' made of Plasterboard and plastic, or massive Donald J. Trump or Rupert Murdoch Financial Centers. Note the spelling ........................................ Centers............ Not English.
  14. Finishing in the top 6 doesn't put you in the Premier League!?! Not liking the Premier League and not wanting to be in it are two separate things. I dislike the Premier League. I dislike the amount of money needed to compete in it. I dislike the amount of money Sky pour in to it. I dislike the obscene wages paid to people involved in it. I dislike the fact that most TV Companies think that it's the only League in the World (almost). I dislike the fact the BBC (TV) considered that the season doesn't start 'til next week and totally ignored yesterday's action. I dislike the way Pundits tell us that the Premier League is 'The Promised Land'. I dislike the greed and the selfishness and the arrogance that prevails in it. Some usually level headed Blades on this Forum are already showing signs of superiority and arrogance. I don't like to see 'em going down that road. It's not just Blades, it's a fair chunk of the 'run of the Mill' clubs in the Prem that suffer from the same affliction. Yeah, some Owls are guilty of having rubbed things in over the years, Don't they look a bit stupid now? I've always been humble, a trait I find is much better than being arrogant, greedy and selfish. I hope we get promoted this season, so that Chansiri can get some of his money back, and any money worries the Club may have, are removed. Should (when) we then fall back in to the Championship, I trust that we would handle our finances in a much better way, and that we never again have concerns about PPI, FFP or whatever else they've changed the 'list of shame's' name to this time round.
  15. Well done Padders! Top of the Prediction League an'all. ??????????????????????????????????????????? What's it to do with me Padders? You know me, I'm big on attitude being 9/10ths of success. In that case, Bullen should be a World Beater. In reality, Caretakers who end up being appointed on a permanent basis, usually fall flat on their face. I'm not that keen on Bullen getting the job full time, but rather him than 98% of the other names in the hat. Should he fail, that'll be the end of his relationship with the Owls, and that's summat I don't really want to see happen. Yes, keep him in charge for as long as he wants to do it, and for as long as the players respond positively to him, and the results are towards the top end, but don't slaughter the man and chuck him on the rubbish dump should things backfire. His part-time record is good, so I hope the lads keep it going. If one of the other Candidates are set on, I'll not be very happy. I didn't really want Bruce, but he did get me round to his way of thinking. As it stands now, it's still Jokanavic or Bullen for me. We'll see what comes out int wesh.
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