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  1. Hotmale 1954

    norwich city v sheffield wednesday

    Fergie Time was born in a Wednesday - Man U game, so it's summat we have to get used to.
  2. Hotmale 1954

    norwich city v sheffield wednesday

    Try standing up from a seated position without using your hands. Fletcher tried to get to his feet and the ball fell on his hand. Plain as day. No dispute whatsoever. Apart from not sending the Norwich player off for 'restraining him' and the Fergie Time that allowed Norwich to equalise, I thought the Referee had a flawless game. He realised that a player's not going to freeze 3 inches from the line and no-one and no thing can deny gravity. What was Fetcher to do? Drag his hand away? My eyes aren't bad. I clearly saw an horrific assault on Hulme in a Barnsley game a few years ago. A few hundred didn't see it, or saw something totally different. These things happen. I know what I saw.
  3. Hotmale 1954

    norwich city v sheffield wednesday

    It's no good moaning about it. Swings and roundabouts. And brick walls.
  4. Hotmale 1954

    norwich city v sheffield wednesday

    Nah Padders! If owt happens, it's not the end of the World.
  5. Hotmale 1954

    norwich city v sheffield wednesday

    You dislike us with a passion don't you? Answering your obsession is spoiling my viewing. What about a red card for the Norwich player handling/holding the ref following the false penalty claim? Can this offence be re-produced on here for clarification please? Probably not.
  6. Hotmale 1954

    norwich city v sheffield wednesday

    You move your hand to slow your bump, or to lessen your discomfort. OOo look. The ball's hit my hand 3 INCHES FROM THE LINE and gone in. Not really. I'm fine with a Wednesday win and a huge odds chance of the Play-Offs, but some people are not so comfortable just in case a miracle should happen and Wednesday got in to the final mix. Nobody wants to play Wednesday in the latter stages. We've not got a bad record tha knows?
  7. Hotmale 1954

    norwich city v sheffield wednesday

    2-1 Wednesday! Fletcher! It scuffedin in off his arm, but IT WASN'T HAND BALL! His arm's been there for 31 years. It would have been daft to have had it amputated just in case this kind of scenario happened! Handball on the line to prevent a goal in United's last game wasn't highlighted by Blades for some strange reason?
  8. Hotmale 1954

    norwich city v sheffield wednesday

    Dawson will be fine. It's rare for a 'keeper to get booked. It's even rarer for them to tempt another yellow, or a straight red.
  9. Hotmale 1954

    Blades v Forest

    Rotherham sent me a nice letter to thank me for my donation. I'm getting tired of this 'United, all good, Wednesday, very poor' rhetoric. Thousands of Wednesday fans helped to bail Rotherham out. The majority of their fans still dislike us intently, but what the heck? We've still got the six local teams and I hope it will be like that for centuries to come. Your posts are good to read CM, but you must try to control your dislike and your digs. We're all Sheffield aren't we?
  10. Hotmale 1954

    norwich city v sheffield wednesday

    Another injury. Hutchinson off and Pelupessy on. 1-0 down. We're not overawed though, so we'll see. Blinkin' eck! What a strike! Forestieri 1-1.......... 32 yards out! Brilliant goal!
  11. Hotmale 1954

    norwich city v sheffield wednesday

    Westwood injured during the warm up, so Dawson steps in. OOOOeeeerrr!
  12. Hotmale 1954

    Local 6 predictions league 2018-2019

    Sheff Utd 2 Nottm Forest 0 Swansea City 2 Rotherham 1 Norwich City 2 Sheff Wed 0 Barnsley 3 Shrewsbury 1 Sunderland 2 Doncaster 1 Gateshead 1 Chesterfield 2 Predictions end:
  13. Hotmale 1954

    Who stays, who goes at S6.

    The ones we wouldn't miss in my opinion, Contracted or not, are: Nuhiu - Boyd - Pudil - Onomah - Van Aken - Jones - Pelupessy - Nielsen - Fox and Rhodes. I'd love to see the real Abdi play for a run of games and pray we could see the player who Watford fans said was 'twice the player Forestieri is'. To hear he's been fit all season and not get a game, seems very strange to me, regarding his reputation. Westwood, Palmer, Lees, Hutchinson, Iorfa, Hector, Kieran Lee, Bannan, Reach, Aarons, Fletcher, Winnall, Joao, Forestieri and Matias are all worth their place. If we have to shed 'strikers', then I'd be looking at Winnall and Matias. Matias will always be God in my eyes for that cracker at L***s. My squad would be a good one to build on, in my opinion and leave Bruce to fill in the gaps.
  14. Chansiri has 'taken one for the team' in finding a way through. It's similar to a player handling on the line to prevent a goal, thereby increasing the chance of his team going to the next level and pocketing millions of pounds. Either way, it's cheating in my eyes. That said, one gets a one match ban, but the other one should be fined, humiliated, taken to Court, hung drawn and quartered and his club should be banned from existence. Errm? ..... let the EFL deal with it, now it's been 'exposed'. It's the Carlos Tevez situation in a round about way. Some owners are grasping for any straw they can find. I can't blame 'em, but if Chansiri hasn't broken any rules or laws, then the 'spirit of the game' can go to the foot of our stairs. The Spirit of the game was thrown over a cliff when Sky signed their first deal with the FA, The EFL, Fifa and any other organisation that took the King's Shilling.

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