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  1. He did say elite athletes, so us Wednesday fans have no need to worry.
  2. Wow! Crookesey's back!! At last. A bit of good news. Nah behave thi ssen! That said, I think all the Mods have been eliminated.....
  3. A thousand times I posted on here to appoint him at S6. Disappointed we didn't go for him. Now I'm very disappointed. I might even watch United on the telly now.
  4. πŸ‘ We're all Sheffield. We're all humans. Respect where respect is due.
  5. Yep. BΓΆrner has looked dodgy at times, but no more than Lees and one or two others. Glaring mistakes condensed in to the last few games made it look worse, I reckon. Uroghide has great potential. He's inexperienced, a thing you can't buy your way out of and can't hurry. At the end of the day, we're probably discussing players who won't be here?
  6. What a horrible term 'supply and demand'. A term invented and voiced by people who are already privileged to Plebs who fall for the nonsense. Airlines claim it at School Holidays. Publicans do it at New Year. Same holidays, same beer, same Planes, same staff but they inflate the prices cos they can. Bramall Lane should be empty. The pubs should be empty and the Planes should stay parked up. If a Plane's full, put on another Plane. How hard can it be? It's lack of supply, not too much demand, but Plebs don't see it that way. That's why they're Plebs. It's fine for people who are overpaid, but the average Joe isn't given a thought. Prices should be set for average Joes, not the Corporates. We wonder why some clubs (most clubs?) are in trouble, but brazen it through because 'money is God' Twenty's Plenty.
  7. Not all Season Sheri. When he ventured in to midfield, he looked tidy and in his forays up front, he caused a lot of panic. His goals late on gave us a boost. Like I said, his many mistakes late on were in total contrast to his better games. It's not just me who preferred him to Lees. JB not getting games did his confidence no good at all. IMO, he didn't deserve to be dropped. The same happened with Uroghide. Played well, or very well, then was on the bench for the next game. I couldn't believe the team selection sometimes. This happened loads under the Caretaker and happened a good few times under Moore. Consistency wasn't in our vocabulary quite often. Not sure if results would have been better or not, but I don't think the regular changes helped.
  8. IMO and a few others, in BΓΆrners first dozen games, he helped us to get over Hector. Julian looked a fine signing. Why he made the glaring mistakes he made in the last 4 or 5 matches is a mystery. Was he 'not playing' to get away, or was it a serious confidence problem? I reckon keeping him would be a great move, though not for him, he's definitely too good to be a League 1 (3) player.
  9. A great full back. Well respected throughout football. R.I.P Len. Condolences to his family and friends.
  10. Ahem! I may get banned? Legs wide open?
  11. I don't know how to interpret this one Alex? Remember the "2 Chicken legs please" joke?
  12. πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘ I'd like to think the majority of the country will be behind Barnsley tonight. Swansea are Welsh when all's said and done! Jokin' πŸ˜‰ WAYAW?
  13. Wishing Barnsley all the best for tomorrow, the 2nd leg and the Play-off Final. I hope they breeze it. Well run club, good Scouting regime, low budget and a fine Manager, all employed in the right way, with excellent attitudes and a never say die attitude. We surprised them at Oakwell with exactly those values. If we'd shown 75% of the same standard of intent all Season, we'd have been fine. Anyhow, come on you Reds. Onward and upward. πŸ‘
  14. πŸ‘and πŸ‘It's still a great competition. I'm sorry and sad that the so called 'Big 6' didn't bog off to Europe. I hope it still happens. Well done Leicester, great result, great goal and 2 impressive saves. I can't get used to these cack handed thumbs up. Can't something be done about it?
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