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  1. I live in Walkley and it's dangerous now asdas online shop been cancelled today wife's at risk of this damn virus so most is online. This roads got 3in ice on it no way vans can get up here Hate living on a hill in winter.
  2. Most games this weekend will be full of u 23s if there fit enough. This virus is killing the football this season. As most of life in general. To be honest l can see this season go to the end with no crowds. Then we will see which teams will survive till next season. We have a lot of positive infections too so can see Brentford battering us if it goes ahead. Keep safe all 👍
  3. Cheers m8y well l can dream the plus is it's 100% better than last season..👍
  4. Owls will stay up the next three games are crucial...win them then anythings poss but of course they will be fighting too stay in the league.. Whatever if they don't lose those three games you have more than a chance... I need you to stay l enjoy the banter with my stepsons...at times 😀
  5. This has to be 3 pts for you but strange both us and derby beat Brum by four goals. But yesterday was a bad day at the office so to speak. So what will happen Friday don't know lm guessing some confidence has or is returning to you and sure derby be buzzing too.. Good luck guys 👍👍
  6. Well congrats guys we had a bit of a nightmare but can't complain ye needed the three points derby on Friday three more then would look alot better for ye. Congrats again stay safe all 👍👍
  7. Now which owls team turns up the peed off can't be arsed or ok let's do this for the new caretaker boss.. Think it will a close thing between either of them. As for tonight be close l think odd goal in it.
  8. Jeez never saw that coming can't believe he lasted ten matches. Now you are in a right mess lve always said your chairman knows buggar all bout football he needs to go asap.. Sad times for the owls .
  9. Cheers bud and same to you well we can only see what happens on day which team turns up for the passion and grind a result out.
  10. Here we are again guys banters already started by text from my stepsons. There convinced a Boro wins on the cards but lm not sure both managers will be up for this. Of course l hope for a Boro win but anything but a loss will do me.. If we play like at Brum l guess be hard stopping us . Whatever the result good luck as l want ye to get out of trouble . Cheers and happy Xmas to all may the best team win 👍👍
  11. Sleep well and ride the Nantucket sleighride leslie...R.I.P
  12. Hi guys - Jeez seems to be getting worse for you dont know what to say about what can be done, l think the old get rid of the manager is outdated always the scapegoat its the 11 donkeys on the field that does the graft. Been there seen what can be done lm alot happier now than last year. I think the players arent good enough full stop ye cant flog a dead horse so to speak. Confidence is lower than a dachounds ringpiece needs some new blood urgently my stepsons giving up and aint looking forward to playing us on 29th.. Think 4th from bottom is the target get there and next year could get better. Double relegation is not a option for sheffield but at the mo its possible.. As normal l wish both clubs well but this season wishing well isnt good enough.t its so dire at the mo..
  13. Hi guys - What a sorry state ye in my stepsons cant believe it l bet everything will change against us end of the month pullis will be up for that game but then again so will warnock... Nice big 3-3 😄... I wish both sheff clubs well l hope its not a double relegation be catastrophic for the city... Cheers
  14. Hi guys been long time.....surely 6pts next two games... Trying to keep positive my wifes seriously ill with everything going hospital thursday see what and why shes so ill....not covid though... good luck guys...
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