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  1. Ye impress more than our league one shambles bud
  2. Cmon guys wasnt the best but it shows every games different ye cant win 4-1 every game . We played much better yesterday should have won but at least it was a draw..Be interesting which team turns up on friday for us.. Im sure you will be up there come May...last nights result will be forgotten if ye beat wigan...
  3. Glad ye going well guys lm hoping we can stay in this league think these two games preston on tuesday at home ( if any turn up } . And brum away on sky on friday night dont get at least 4 points think we will struggle to stay in this league. Unless ol woody gets the ol boot l have always said it was a very bold move to give him the job. What ever happens will stand by the lads ye have too in good and bad times.. Hope ye good streak dont hit a cliff face at Hull but ye should win that one... Good luck for the season guys think ye may suprise a few people...my stepsons are loving it..
  4. Cheers bud no what for us just watched woodys press conference why the hell didnt he play the young eager to please players from the start like the second half....Onwards to next game ...just getting the banter off my stepsons as usual by text ..lol
  5. Nightmare.....cant believe whats happened total mess from top to bottom...that was hard to take...chuffed for you l hope to make it to the promised land think monk may be the guy to take you there... But one things for certain l will stick by my club wear my shirt with pride next game maybe woodys last preston at home tuesday...good luck guys..
  6. Cheers bud hate it at the mo...
  7. Yeah lm ok just had a call from my sis saying shes had a bad fall hit her head on the fireplace and my niece has had a stroke..hell this life sucks..
  8. Well here we are again guys another bit of banter from my stepsons no doubt and of course my good friends on here, think its a building programme for us this season top ten maybe . So lm not going to be dissapointed if nothing happens if its thats what happens. As for you well with ol Monk in charge l think both will be up for it plus your excellent 3500 fans should be a crackin atmosphere.. Of course hoping for a win but can see us cancelling each other out 0-0 or a good 3-3 would be great to watch.. Whatever happens l will be on here still never hold a grudge just because its 22 people kicking a bit of leather about.. Good luck and may the best team win guys..
  9. Ive been around the country i was in warrington till l was bout 5 then my bro supported man u so did l for a bit...We moved to boro then l really got into it 45 years there only one team in the north east always will be . Owls my second team due to my stepsons being fans but alas not this coming weekend . As Padds says yeah used to shake hands and mingle with away supporters but the 70s and early 80s were just not viable for that anymore..Daft l know always a few to spoil for the rest...
  10. Have said all along every season the top six in the premier shouldnt be allowed in the fa and league cups all there interested in is the champions league = more money.. If they get knocked out theres the Europa cup.. Im sure most of us would luv a cup run and to get to wembley cups a cup to me dont matter what its called.. What bout a cup for the championship and leagues two of the european sides Our league one and two have there own cup competion so why not ...
  11. Big claps from this guy you were awesome ...
  12. Good to meet ye bud l have a friend in S6 who also follows the boro seen regulary with his boro shirt on. ..Never know might meet up again always gud to chat footy..
  13. Was in Martin Johnson optitions and was a guy with a blades shirt on started chatting as l had my boro shirt on and he said you must be Mooks...Turned out to be Longy l think thats what he said before we went to see different people. Was good to chat footy...
  14. Ye counter attack was gud and ye held on but to honest hudds never really had oppotunities to bulge the onion bag..good three points ye may find fulham more of a challenge. Then of course a small matter of us.. Last game of the season owls at hillsborough lm going to that one...hope its 5-5.. everything sorted by then l hope..
  15. Should be a gud un this to be honest two teams willing to impress new managers 3-3...er l mean 0-0 ...but ye never know be watching ..
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