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  1. Hope ye stay up guys just hope ye don't bottle it as the game goes on. One thing for certain Brum to beat derby. And you not to lose .. Our season just fell away so hope it's a good game 2-3 owls..yes lm saying that 👍
  2. Well l can see a double coming on ok we were good against the millers but l think we will try to much on Saturday and get to complacent. Hoping ye stay up be one hellova game against derby if it goes to that last game Wish ye well 👍
  3. Yup lm a Boro fan and l think you will beat us Saturday. Be a first for me but l won't be listening or watching sky sports till end of the game. But no doubt my owls mad stepsons will keep me informed 😁
  4. Think Boro on Saturday will be the game l hope if we win we won't put ye down. My stepson s will refuse to talk to me, but way were playing win tonight we beat miller's tomorrow and you beat us. Results for your way anythings possible.. But looking grim if you lose tonight draws no gud.
  5. Totally agree get well soon Darren My stepson s been seriously ill with same complications but he's pulled through and out now . Damn this virus it's a nightmare for all !!
  6. Well we play the millers and owls in same week so could be the games that decide it. We must beat miller's for ye..👍 and you beat us which may be possible..
  7. Gotta win guys but nothings going to change unless teams above keep getting points. Good luck guys
  8. Blimey that was some performance 👍👍
  9. Yeah my stepsons agree things been grim for years Just hope ye don't struggle in league one if it happens the big earners may leave . But the new kids in U23s may get a chance to prove themselves.. Wish ye well as always guys.. Sad times..
  10. .. Shame bout the result guys still keep the faith ye never know 👍
  11. Just says two tracks cannot be burned on cd even though the rest did fine. Very strange.. Is there anyway of doing it ? Thanks
  12. Hi all - Just wanted to know does anyone know why when l burn albums from iTunes only 8 of 10 songs burn to cd from same album
  13. Looking gud guys . Cmon you can do it 👍
  14. Hi all - Just wanted to know if there's anyone who rears and has a interest in butterflies and moths. I became interested in 1977 when l left school lm 60 this year and still rear them and have a keen interest in all natural history Used to go to the insect shows but ever since l moved here in 2008 l have yet to find anyone with same interests. Anyway just thought l would ask.. Cheers Ian
  15. Well can only hope guys now with all the scrapping for survival you need to win and others drop points to survive. No gud winning and there winning. So gud luck guys👍
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