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  1. Wont be playing us next season hohum league one it is...hopefully new manager new youngsters new start...if it happens.. good luck for the rest of thte season last game be a owls rout against us...peed off to be honest...
  2. Beat them soften them up for us on saturday we need the points...
  3. Good luck guys thats a fantastic draw for you pep might put out a strong side now the the league titles far far away...
  4. Hi guys - Apologies for not posting lappy gave up on me had to wait till l got another but lm back.. Hell the owls have had a right up and down few weeks cant work it out.. As we know no games easy in this league,we seem to have picked up a bit so lm more hopeful of mid table now... Think the lions aint easy at any time should win it though..
  5. Think its just a rumour boros local paper have come out saying hes just good friends with gibbo..
  6. Where did ye hear that bud all l know hes got a good relationship with gibson and at one time he wanted the job. Hope its right hes a good manager likes a challenge and by hell he would have one...
  7. Excellent...out the cup against spurs...out the championship.....great season....not !!!!!
  8. Totally agree m8 last to 0-0s were a win for me just cant stick the ball in the net but as that match last night pools v arsenal the kids are well worth a go there more eager and play there legs off. to be honest l hope we do go down as the big earners will pee off and the kids will knuckle down in league one. Be at the bottom in couple of weeks still wearing my sweatshirts t shirts always will... Gibbo took the easy way out took woody on but noone else would take on a sinking ship we have theplayers just the wrong ones playing lol..
  9. Ours before we end up in League 1...but then again might be good for us get rid of all the top earners and start again...But as always l will stick by my team well ye have too.. So dissapointed never knew we would be in a relegation scrap already..
  10. You think you have probs bud...
  11. Whatever ye know what l mean..just want ye to do well...were doomed already but keeping the faith as normal...
  12. Only live 5 mins away looks popular as ye say but theres a few on south road already . Should have been a decent chippy to compete with Cod on the block at commonside which is very good and the amount of hairdressers is just mindblowing..
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