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  1. Hi guys watched some of the game at my stepsons outdoor party in Hillsboro on a tv outside dodgy stream but was ok till it crashed.. We look like relegation material lol...but Wigan next at home on sky so ye never know..only three games in one point not gud ..
  2. Awesome start for ye guys give bullen the soddin job ...Think you may have a great season ahead wish ye well... Typical stuttering start for us but its only couple of games...
  3. Surely its got nothing to do with the speedway that was on ..
  4. Yeah its very close to us in walkley plumes of smoke were seen. Big bangs which to me sounded like explosions not fireworks..
  5. Cheers bud yeah that's what l thought be a tough place for everyone they might fall apart away but we will see..
  6. Congrats guys nice start..
  7. Wish ye both sheff teams all the best for this season as normal As for us could be a exciting time jeez last nights game was excellent to watch shame we only got the point but was going to be a tough game.. Roll on the next..
  8. Belated birthday wishes bud
  9. Cheers for that bud..been a nightmare luckily antibiotics have done the biz in time.. Think my top six to go in the mix . Leeds West Brom Boro..? Owls.. Cardiff Stoke But could be way off the mark...would luv to see Boro..Owls top two...
  10. Being surrounded by owlsmad stepsons l agree you have a better chance this season the brucey farce though hasn't helped matters.. Ye need a manager with some sort of experience at the top level or top level of the championship someone whos been there and succeeded.. Hard to find the right man though your chairman seems to like changing managers like changing socks .. We all want to be in the premiership at least for one season to play the big teams with sell out home games.. I for one luv the championship its one of the toughest leagues in the world to actually get out of but of course l would like promotion that's the main aim.Really look forward to the new season every year.. But as we all know if ye don't have the big bucks and don't support the top six ye there to make up the numbers and to be blown away nearly every game.. Just enjoy the experience .. Im just recovering from a blood infection after a op three weeks ago not nice ..
  11. My stepsons say bullens the guy for manager give the guy a chance..
  12. Just hope Pullis don't come knocking on the door for ye ye don't want defensive play as we had to suffer .Great bloke but his dinosaur tactics are out dated...attack attack attack is needed.. I of course wish ye well this season always do..
  13. Hello....sorry not many posts been in hospital for a two hour plastic surgery recovering slowly walking again.. As for this brucey business think its shocking he can just walk away coz its his hometown...Ashley paid benietez 6mill a year..wants bruce for a mill a year...Clubs bout bankrupt according to a couple of geodie m8s l have with ash the cash buying every business that's going bust just to line his own pockets..Put the money into the damn club that's what benietez wanted ..Do ye think bruce would get it..nope.. Think bruce should have stayed put but that's football for ye... Looking forward to our owls games again hope everything be sorted before the last game at Hillsborough ..no pressure just 4-4..lol..
  14. Tell ye contracts mean nothing nowadays if a manager signs for so many years he should honor the club before he goes. Some just get greedy and want the money..
  15. If he does wont be coming to us woodgates got the job at boro see what happens.
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