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  1. Mooks

    Local 6 predictions league 2018-2019

    Predictions: Middlesbrough 2 Reading 0 Preston 1 Sheff Wed 1 Sheff Utd 3 Ipswich 0 Barnsley 2 Blackpool 0 West Brom 2 Rotherham 0 Oxford United 1 Doncaster 1 Predictions end:
  2. Mooks

    Hull v Blades

    To true m8 unless ye support the top six others are there to make up the numbers but every team deserves a season or two playing the big boys
  3. Mooks

    Hull v Blades

    Well done guys looks like the promised land awaits..
  4. Mooks

    sheffield wednesday v bristol city

    Understand m8 may the best team do the biz.. But didnt want the playoffs from the start but if and if its a big if we make it cant see us going that way anyway to be honest lm looking forward to next season new man at the helm no doubt . Get rid of the so called big stars and blood the new acadamy players who are eager to please and have the passion to do whats needed coz these bozos have lolst the plot..Inm not against either team here in sheffield my stepsons are owls mad we have good banter come match days . Also got blades friends and also have a good banter with....
  5. Mooks

    sheffield wednesday v bristol city

    Yes m8 but we let ourselves down today be squeaky bum time next weekend lm up north then visiting my kids. Still proud to be a exiled smoggie, still hoping but be tough now reading home saturday then rotherham away.
  6. Mooks

    sheffield wednesday v bristol city

    Cmon you Owls
  7. Mooks

    Local 6 predictions league 2018-2019

    Predictions: Hull City 1:1 Sheff Utd Rotherham 1: 0 Birmingham City Sheff Wed 2:1 Bristol City Plymouth Argyle 1:2 Barnsley Chesterfield 1:1 Boreham Wood Doncaster 2:0 Accrington Stanley Predictions end:
  8. Mooks

    Blades v Forest

    I hope the blades go up dont want to play you in playoffs. Cant believe were still in the mix for a playoff place. Lose 4 then win three.. Crazy
  9. Welll just feel like gibbos only doing it for boros own gain. But if it comes out that things arent what they should be then fair enough. Just seems a bit strange why hes come out and mentioned it for one how does he know. Its the EFL buisness to find out surely
  10. Cant see it m8 lm sure gibbo said were not getting anymore. But who really knows what goes on behind closed doors
  11. I think our chairman should just shut the hell up. Its up to EFL to find anything wrong if anything. Me l cant see anything is going to happen and we will be in championship yet again.. We have no money coming in now so we will see what happens. Wouldnt worry guys
  12. As a boro fan myself think TP will go end of the season hate losing managers always the scapegoat. The amoebas on the field do the work
  13. Mooks

    Local 6 predictions league 2018-2019

    Predictions: Sheff Utd 1:0 Nottm Forest Swansea City 1:1 Rotherham Norwich City 1:0 Sheff Wed Barnsley 2:0 Shrewsbury Sunderland 1:0 Doncaster Gateshead 0 :1 Chesterfield Predictions end:
  14. Mooks

    Local 6 predictions league 2018-2019

    Predictions: Sheff Utd 2:0 Millwall Stoke City 1:1 Rotherham Leeds Utd 1:0 Sheff Wed Barnsley 2:0 Fleetwood Doncaster 2:0 Plymouth Argyle Chesterfield 2:0 Maidstone United Predictions end:
  15. Mooks


    Yeah bud ok looking forward to next season this ones gone t.. up..

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