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  1. Are you a scientist, or just a reader of tabloid newspapers?
  2. I'm not confused at all thanks. My view is clear and consistent. In my view all military conflict is atrocious and appalling. It's very rarely justifiable, but when it is - and WW2 is an example - then we're compelled, like bomber crews ,as it were, to do monstrous and atrocious things to other human beings. What I don't like - and which you quote me about above - is the hypocrisy of people who get all riled up (see post no. 25) when words like atrocious are used about armed forces. It's ridiculous - you're equally dismembered in an explosion whether it's a Nazi bomb or one of ours.
  3. That wasn't what I did though, was it? I clearly stated - ''I think this country did the right thing in fighting against the monstrous tyranny and aggression of Hitler. '' What I did suggest though, was that although in my view we were right to oppose Hitler by force, in doing so we committed atrocious deeds. Your line about 'placing those actions on the same level' doesn't stack up - you state 'wilful attrocity opposed by defence'; yet the defence involved the wilful and deliberate commission and action of atrocious behaviour on our part. As I've previously suggested, it's the acts of killing others, maiming others that are atrocious, not the intention behind those acts.
  4. I'm using it in the sense of meaning the act of deliberately killing people by dismemberment, massive trauma, explosion, gunshot wounds, drowning, burns and so on. If you don't consider such acts atrocious, then you're either amoral or just pointlessly playing with semantics.
  5. Lame apology for atrocities there, well done. I note that you're employing the utterly facile playground argument of 'they started it'. In the context of the WW2, however, I think you kind of have a point - I think this country did the right thing in fighting against the monstrous tyranny and aggression of Hitler. That being said, I disagree with your differentiation between atrocious acts committed in wartime and peacetime. Firstly, an atrocity is an atrocity regardless of time, place or motivation in my view and secondly, the line between peace and war is blurry and really very thin indeed - look at the 'troubles' in Northern Ireland. Was that a war or merely an outbreak of terrorism?
  6. An act is either atrocious or it isn't in my view - blowing an innocent person up, so their body is torn limb from limb, or dropping firebombs so they're roasted alive or asphyxiated - these are terrible things are they not? The motive is neither here nor there. To give another example - suppose, just because I felt like it, I were to mutilate a person by cutting off their hands and feet and then slowly torture them to death with a blowtorch. I'm sure you'd agree those were appalling and inhumane things to do, yes? Ok, now I'm going to do it again, for a very good reason - such as saving the free world from tyranny, or saving the lives of an entire orphanage full of children. Is the act - the torture, the dismemberment, the agony suffered by the victim, any the less awful? I don't think so.
  7. I'm answering the question which was asked - 'Can completely sane people commit atrocious acts on strangers?' - to which the answer is clearly yes. Unless it's your view that dropping high explosives and incendiaries onto major centres of population - leading to thousands of men, women and children being torn apart or incinerated - isn't atrocious, or that all bomber aircrew were completely insane, your protests are hollow.
  8. What an extraordinarily foolish thing to say. Think about it.
  9. You're scared of her - and she's a lot cleverer than you.
  10. I think it's really funny that you're so horrified and terrified by all this stuff. I bet Greta Thunberg makes you feel so small and insecure.
  11. Yes, absolutely. Think about WW2 bomber crews for example.
  12. Lol at the usual suspects downplaying racism.
  13. You keep on polishing that turd, we'll keep on laughing at you. Ever heard the word 'delusional' before?
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