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  1. But also dangerous, irresponsible, capricious, selfish and thick as two short planks.
  2. I know which of those two is more likely to be telling the truth...
  3. It's fairly obvious if you think about it - we can't have a TOTAL lockdown without closing hospitals, utilities, transport, food production/distibution etc. If we did so, many people would die.
  4. When people take more than they need. Obviously.
  5. There's no good reason for anyone attempting to buy 12 weeks worth of food at once. It's sheer stupidity. Social distancing doesn't mean you can't leave the house, nor does it mean you can't go out to buy food.
  6. Probably got it by being selfish, stupid and inconsiderate, causing great alarm and distress to others and in some cases, directly leaving others - including some of the most poor and vulnerable - to go hungry. That 'saving people's lives as a result' is hogwash, by the way and a cheap attempt to dress up greed, selfishness and stupidity as altruism.
  7. Because they are - and no, not everyone is doing the same. Buying excessively is unneccessary, selfish and greedy. On the contrary, you'd be sensible, considerate to others and not a total dick. Because of greedy, selfish idiots who can't contain themselves.
  8. Won't happen. Give it a week or so and it will all settle down.
  9. Do what I'm doing - get together with neighbours! I can't leave the house but our neighbourhood support group are organising beer runs to the local independent breweries. Support the little guys, get to know your neighbours better, get ******. It's all good.
  10. Not often you and I are on the same page Michael, but with you all the way here. Total scumbags.
  11. There are community help groups springing up all over the place Jeannie - I'm sure if you spend a few minutes looking online you'll be able to find someone locally who'll do a shop for you. We're self isolating and already have had one neighbour do a trip to the supermarket for us. This morning we're waiting for another one to drop us in a nice fresh loaf.
  12. This is unmitigated nonsense, but if anyone can enlighten me as to what the poster means when he says ''I'd cut off the power off DBs'' I'd be grateful. Also, why does anyone urgently need a fridge freezer?
  13. I can't imagine there's any realistic prospect of emissions not rebounding sharply after the shutdown is over, can you?
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