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  1. Do you think racial insults, habitual lying and conspiracy to assault are acceptable behaviour for a Prime Minister? Yes? No?
  2. If you genuinely believe that expressing disgust at a man who called black people 'grinning piccaninnies with watermelon smiles', conspired to have a journalist beaten up and tells outrageous lies all over the place is - ''self righteous, reactionary morally superior bilge'' you probably hold such attitudes yourself - and are thus a deeply unpleasant and morally sick individual.
  3. The big difference being that Corbyn helped bring about peace in Northern Ireland and Johnson is a racist.
  4. Not defending anyone - asking for evidence.
  5. You're the one asserting that this person is a sexual predator - where's your evidence?
  6. Where's your evidence of violent predatory behaviour?
  7. Are you claiming she's responsible for sexual violence? Against whom? Locked up? For what crimes?
  8. Why, if that's what they want to be called?
  9. That doesn't illustrate anything beyond a pathetically poor understanding of statistics on your part.
  10. What does 'loyal to their birth place mean'? How does someone demonstrate this?
  11. Because he's bent as a nine bob note and abused his office for political gain and to the detriment of the country? Or do you think that should be ignored?
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