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  1. No, don't. He's got better things to do. Wait for a bit and it'll stop hurting.
  2. You don't recognise that Brexit is a total horror show nor that the Tory scum are a controlling elite. Double yikes.
  3. It's not about giving them more - it's about giving them a safe, pharmaceutically clean, maintenance dose, which frees them from having to spend two thirds of their time searching for the next score and having to steal, mug, or prostitute themselves to pay for it. You're just completely wrong.
  4. You really have an extraordinarily narrow and reductive way of looking at the world don't you?
  5. Psychotics? Presumably you intended to write 'psychedelics', but heroin isn't really regarded as a psychedelic.
  6. Why do you hate Iran? Why do you hate Obama? Why do you love Trump?
  7. Iran is a beautiful country, with a rich cultural heritage and lovely, hospitable people. All you're illustrating here is your profound ignorance and prejudice.
  8. I imagine he copes like I and others who deal with the public do - with almost infinite patience, good humour, sympathy and on the understanding that there are certain limits to our tolerance.
  9. There's plenty wrong with it, not least that it will lead to an escalation of violence and more deaths.
  10. More apologies for terror, oppression and murder. Repellent.
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