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  1. Really? By having a social conscience? What a very strange worldview to have.
  2. Clearly operating on the principle that if one completely unqualified and unfit candidate can make it...
  3. This is my day off. Doing you a favour isn't work, it's a pleasure.
  4. I've removed your errant apostrophe. You're welcome.
  5. You have a horribly cynical attitude to teachers Michael; having worked in schools for the best part of a decade I know plenty of them. Without exception, those that I know have been working as hard as they can, whether from home trying to carry on with distance learning, or those that have stayed in school working with keyworker kids. They worry, they care deeply about the children they work with and the last few months have been anything other than the easy time of it you're suggesting.
  6. Not the Spoons in town; I'm ex-Sheffield now in Leeds - my local is a couple of miles out from the centre. Re wine boxes, we may be joining you - met up with some pals yesterday who swear by them!
  7. The decision to fire Long-Bailey is a travesty of justice,
  8. Rumour has it my local Spoons is open for business on Saturday - I might go up and watch from a distance for a while before deciding to commit to a pint. It certainly wouldn't surprise me to see extreme intoxication, zero distancing and a fistfight or two.
  9. It's been badly handled and poorly implemented. Opening pubs up on a Saturday is asking for trouble. A Tuesday afternoon would be a much more sensible proposition. Having seen recent scenes at Bournemouth and elsewhere headlines like the ones you predict are inevitable really.
  10. They're trained to bite someone and not let let go until told to. This can cause injuries.
  11. Looks like 'Doing a Bournmouth' might be the ideal new phrase for someone behaving selfishly at the expense of others...
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