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  1. UEFA lifting the ban on televised Saturday 3pm matches in the last few days would suggest behind-closed-doors matches could be the solution. Lifting the TV ban will appease or please a number of supporters. This surely looks like a decision made to enable the completion of the season.
  2. And your issue with this is what exactly? An employer issues some equipment to their employees to assist them with a form of homeworking.
  3. BBC Website today: "Meanwhile, a new ventilator, which took just three days to design, has already successfully treated a Covid-19 patient- and has been backed by the Welsh Government" https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/world-52013888
  4. Zivkovic signing now confirmed. However, like Berge, he appears to have no red cards....no fights with fans....or suspensions by his employer of late. Really starting to question Wilders freebie choices now.
  5. There's the thing. They're not his businesses. He's not even on the board of directors: https://www.thaiunion.com/en/about/people/board-of-director Which begs the question...how does anyone know if he is an astute,successful businessman at all?
  6. Never in all my years have I ever seen a manager bring in so many decent players without actually spending a bean!!
  7. Disclosed https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49061841
  8. Looks pretty murky to me. Doyen Global has Nelio Lucas registered as a director from March 2013 to February of this year. Wikepedia still suggests he directs the company. He's totally intertwined with Doyen Sports. And he's some character. https://theblacksea.eu/index.php?idT=88&idC=88&idRec=1277&recType=story
  9. How about one of the parks that has decent footfall, but no on-site café? Bingham Park near Endcliffe. Somewhere like that.
  10. Are we aiming high enough here? I know he's done ok but....? http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/32914651
  11. Its a topical football subject. How come its gone?
  12. Is it ok for them to support a double-offending violent ABH thug?
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