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  1. If the retailer is class / designated as an 'essential retailer' & therefore allowed to open under the current COVID-19 Govt restrictions, then that retailer can sell whatever they want, whether, you, me, the local authority or the police consider a purchased item to be 'essential' or not. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/business-52090441 It is down to the 'essential retailers' to decide what they are going to sell & some of their stock may be off-limits, due to current staff shortages or the issue that they cannot monitor social distancing throughout the entire store. For example, go to M&S on Fargate the clothes depts have been cordoned off with only the food half open but you can still buy Easter cards, Easter eggs & other Easter merchandise. At the other end of the scale, Wilko's down in the Haymarket have, as far as I can see, have been selling thier full range. In tbe past week, I've bought a tin of Hammerite & some Fish, Blood & Bone for the garden. Hardly what some would call essential items although they were purchased while we were out buying food items, rather than a separate journey. So if you see a shop open, you can buy anything you like from what they are selling & if you are stopped by some officious jobsworth, including the police, you've not done anything wrong. Also remember, you are also allowed out of the house more than once a day, (there is NO law against it at present, you're just not supposed to congregate in groups), although I'd advise against it as it increases your chances of catching COVID-19 but also a large dog does require more than one walk a day. So go out & buy your Easter eggs with impunity.
  2. All the concerns that a lasting COVID-19 pandemic will hit all UK businesses? I don't think so. The companies making sanitiser must be rubbing their hands.
  3. Anyone wishing to show their appreciation for Amazon delivery drivers are asked to clap at their homes tomorrow anytime between 9am and 9pm.
  4. I saw Paul Chuckle in Sainsbury's today. We were in the same narrow shopping Isle, heading towards each other, so I shouted out to him; "Oi Chuckle! Two meter, to you."
  5. A further 563 deaths in the past 24 hours in the UK. Truly shocking, including deaths of a 13 year old child & a 4th medic. From what I've read, the substantial increase could be down to the new method of counting, where all deaths are recorded whether the death is a direct result of COVID-19 or COVID-19 is a secondary contributing factor, if it is stated on a death certificate. Still, no comfort for those who have lost family & friends.
  6. The 'go to' doctor of the moment, Sarah Jarvis, for everything COVID-19, (she must have one hell of an agent, as she's on the Jeremy Vine Show every day, as well as the One Show & the ITV Coronavirus Special yesterday), didn't believe the goat story, believing it was an April Fool. She took a lot of convincing.
  7. Quote from the BBC's football page; "Premier League clubs are living in a moral vacuum and players should be the first to sacrifice salaries", say politicians. Julian Knight, Chair of the Digital, Cultural, Media & Sports Committee has condemned the actions of SOME Premier League clubs, who have furlonged non-playing staff. These include, Spurs, Newcastle, (let's remember, owne by Sports Direct's Mike Ashley, should therefore be surprised?) & Norwich, (part owned, still I believe by the lovely & very wealthy, Delia Smith?). The Premiership clubs will probably say that they are doing nothing wrong but when you here that there is a possibility, even with the Govt money made available, that if the COVID-19 lockdown goes into May, then thousands of small & medium businesses could go out of business,. then whatever Govt money is available, shouldn't be finding it's way to very wealthy football clubs, who can afford to pay non-playing staff in the comimg months, especially when you read on the same BBC football pages of clubs looking to spend £50 million plus on players for the next season. Our Premiership clubs should also look & be shamed by a number of their European counterparts l, such as Barcelona to name but one, whose players are taking a 70% pay cut to help out. https://www.beinsports.com/en/la-liga/news/barcelona-players-agree-to-reduce-salaries-by/1441942 Let's face it. No Premiership club is going to go out of business. There's also Novak Djokovic setting up a fund & donating a considerable amount to fight COVID-19 in his home country of Serbia. https://metro.co.uk/2020/03/27/tennis-world-number-one-novak-djokovic-makes-donation-help-fight-coronavirus-serbia-12466459/
  8. Also very useful for individuals, companies, unions, governments for investigating your pension funds. You might not like the likes of hedge fund managers but they help maintain your pension funds. Everyone has a place in the big machine. Stated it better than me.
  9. Three loaves in a trolley? THREE loaves? I remember my Grandad telling me about the days when people were allowed three loaves.
  10. Wait until the goats mate with the dolphins.
  11. Terrible & the child had no apparent underlying health conditions either. And now there is only a maximum of 5 mourners allowed at a funeral so families possibly won't have a chance for a final goodbye.
  12. Just heard the Radio Sheffield news & a report which specifically stated that the Roma Slovak Community in Page Hall are failing to observe the current social distancing requirements by continuing to congregate in large numbers out on the streets in the area, visiting one another's homes & not operating social distancing rules when entering business premises when buying goods. This despite The Star headlines a few days ago that SY Police were leafleting the area to warn of the consequences of not social distancing or self-isolating. The latest SY Police have stated that they are aware of the situation but can't concentrate their resources into the Page Hall area as they also need to police other areas. SY Police just ignoring then, the potential to increase infection, not only for the Page Hall area but possibly also for the wider community of Sheffield, our city which has already seen one of largest number of cases outside London? The Govt has just handed down powers to deal with such situations of groups of people congregating in public isn't this an appropriate situation where we should be seeing SY Police handing down fines as a first response?
  13. A win is a win, as far as the majority are concerned. A majority win in the EU referendum, further backed up by a decisive General Election result where the electorate turned its back on those offering any 2nd EU referendum or revoking the whole lot in favour of staying in the EU. Now let's forget about all this 2nd referendum nonsense & move on. Really, people who are still going on about a referendum result that happened nearly 4 years ago, really do need refocus their perspective & channel their energy into something more worthwhile & productive.
  14. Stated it once before & I'll state it again, it's like dealing with Sisyphus. See post 241. Keep endlessly pushing that 2nd referendum boulder up that hill.
  15. I know. David Platt held with a knife to his head & we've got to wait until Wednesday, just like the old days. I say the old days, if it was back then the tension would be could Alf Roberts get that pound coin back that rolled under his counter? I was hoping that Corrie was going to continue & reflect the COVID-19 crisis. I wanted to see how they'd all cope queuing for food at Dev's shop or the Co-op round the corner that nobody ever uses or mentions & having to cook their own food once Roy's Rolls was shut?
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