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  1. Illegal migrant who piloted a small boat sentenced to 9 years. https://www.itv.com/news/meridian/2024-02-23/asylum-seeker-boat-pilot-sentenced-over-channel-crossing-deaths At least we should be able to deport him due to the length of the sentence but if it was down to me, he'd be on a plane before midnight
  2. My bold. And this 15 year old threw her full support behind ISIS's actions, including supporting them in murdering people as old as she was, while things were going right for ISIS. As soon as it all started to be fall apart & there was no prospect of the Caliphate they promised, she decided she wanted to come back to the UK. I'd say leaving Begum where she is in Syria is a bigger deterant to stopping people from going down the same path.
  3. John Savident. Has he died, I say, has he died? What a great character Fred Elliott was. I was watching an old 'Yes, Minister' the other week & Savident was in that playing a senior civil servant.
  4. Over 1,000 people have been stripped of their UK citizenship between 2010 & 2022 for various reasons, so Begum will be amongst them. https://commonslibrary.parliament.uk/research-briefings/sn06820/#:~:text=Over 1%2C000 citizenship deprivation orders,public good'%2C since 2010. You'll have to do your own research as to how many were fighting abroad for terrorist organisations? Begum just decided she wanted to be a cause celebre.
  5. "Lady Chief Justice Baroness Carr said: "It could be argued the decision in Ms Begum's case was harsh. It could also be argued that Ms Begum is the author of her own misfortune. "But it is not for this court to agree or disagree with either point of view. "Our only task is to assess whether the deprivation decision was unlawful. We have concluded it was not, and the appeal is dismissed." Unanimous decision by all 3 judges. That's good enough for me. Let her stay & rot in Syria.
  6. You've seen me state it before, I'd have paid Heckingbottom et al at the end of last season & tried for the out of work at the time Brendo Rogers but that would have meant the Prince putting his hand a whole lot more deeper into his pockets. Things might have been bit different if we'd not sold at least one quality player in Ndiye & also Berge & if Heckingbottom had gone earlier & Wilder had more games to play & not suffered the number of unfortunate injuries we have but we'll never know? So we are where we are. People are now slagging off Wilder without really giving him a chance after only a few games. Ok, we sack him this Friday afternoon, who's going to come into a side looking at relegation? What quality of manager are you going to get? Come on, name a replacement for the rest of the season & the start of a new season in the Championship? Wilder previously built a side to take the Blades out of the Championship to the Premiership. For me, let's get rid of some of the deadwood on high wages, give him the money to spend as well as the parachute payments & rebuild again & go for a promotion push. Wilder at least deserves another chance to give it a go next season.
  7. If he's been working for the Home Office & handling any of their data, (some of which will have varying levels of security classification), he'll will also have signed the Official Secrets Act. Just because someone has had some information or data land on their desk & its pricked their moral consciousness & they feel that it would be in the interest of the public to know said information or data, doesn't mean that they have a duty or a right to release it to the media. Ultimately, the information or data belongs to a government department.
  8. I might change my seat next season & go for one of those where I just don't post anything on SF for 90 odd mins every second Saturday & the occasional night during the week but pretend to everyone else that I've been. Very popular in the Hillsborough area I believe?
  9. Stop being obtuse & I mean that in the slow to understand definition.
  10. London's largest indoor arena is the O2 with a capacity of 20,000. Greater London's population is 9.5 million. So once again, I can't see what you're getting at with a regions population? Absolutely no correlation what so ever, so it's another "And" from me. You put a show on at Sheffield's Arena, do you think the entire audience is made up of Sheffielders? Likewise, not everyone from Manchester, (smaller population than Sheffield) , let alone Greater Manchester, won't all be at a Manchester show. People buy tickets & travel. As far as Manchester is concerned it's more about ambition & making a statement by saying we now have the largest capacity indoor arena in the UK, come bring your business here.
  11. I've read your posts on the monkey chants against Palmer. Here's your biggest contribution to that thread: "Just pisss off , I have never been racist in my life , My best pal was Albert Binney A champion Sheffielder , A boxer , A prisoner of war who taught me the meaning of being humble and grateful in this life , just pisss off." I'm embarrassed for you. Back in that pen & think long & hard.
  12. Looking at the prioritised areas; Five areas have been prioritised: Neepsend, Wicker Riverside, Castlegate, Moorfoot and Furnace Hill; & regularity of flooding these days, you might need a boat to get out of your front door?
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