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  1. Can one, return ones MBE back to one, please. Yours, Mrs E Windsor.
  2. Oh I don't know. Last time I went in I managed to get exactly what I wanted. A glitter ball, aqualung & a thermal lance.
  3. My bold. When Josephs was interviewed on Calendar tonight by Laura Rostron, she was asked directly that given her salary of £190,000 per year & given the fact that she has been suspended on full pay for the last 6 months & that most are suffering economically at moment, "Was she going to hand back some of the salary that she has not actually worked for?" Josephs' response was to state she would make a voluntary donation to a number of charities but no mention of the actual sum. I must say watching her apologise, she did come across as less contrite & more caught out.
  4. Watching Glastonbury the other day, I have wondered why one of the biggest bands in the world, ABBA, never played there. A check on the Internet revealed why? It's all down to Agnetha refusing to go to Glastonbury ever again after a traumatic experience. Agnetha went to Glastonbury in the late 70's as a fan but she got stuck for 8 stressful hours in one of the mobile toilets screaming her head off. It was a case of Portaloo, couldn't get out if she wanted too.
  5. Rooney decides to walk out on Derby. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/61932150
  6. If I were the manager of the Blades, I'd be more than happy to see McBurnie sent down. It'd save me the problem of not picking him week in, week out.
  7. Loxley Electricals. 0114 233 5274 I've used them on a number of occasions. The owner of the business, Warren Trippett is a good bloke & can be trusted. They have a website with more details.
  8. Where Do I Begin? - Andy Williams.
  9. Didn't we have a lovely time the day we went to Bangor.
  10. Plenty will know the UEFA Women's game is on. They've been advertising it week in, week out all season on the big screen at BDTBL.
  11. My bold. 40% of UK jobs are non-essential? Seems a bit high? Which jobs would you consider 'non-essential'? Apart from Estate Agents; Wedding / Party Planners, I can't think of many?
  12. FINA, the governing body of World swimming have banned transgender, (male to female), from female competition unless the swimmer had transitioned by the age of 12. https://www.bbc.com/sport/swimming/61853450 Seems fair to me. Imagine the uproar & complaints if Usain Bolt suddenly decided to become Ursula & fancied a crack at the Olympic women's 100m. No doubt Sharon Davies will be pilloried on social media now?
  13. My bold. Now you're the one making assumptions & also assumptions about me. I'll ask again. The gripe & the main reason for your opening post. Did you pop into the charity shop & ask why they require a reference?
  14. My bold. Wrong. There's a guy albeit in his 40's who works at a charity shop at Woodseats & has done for many years who has Downs Syndrome. Did you think of popping into the charity ahop & asking why they require a reference?
  15. And still Labour supporters are less than exited by Starmer. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/jun/19/he-comes-over-as-weak-keir-starmer-fails-to-convince-wakefield-voters Still believe Labour will win the seat back though as last time the issue was the sitting Labour MP, who was an ardent Remainer.
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