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  1. Baron99

    Word Association (Part 28)

  2. Baron99

    Been There or Not been there?

    Yes. Luxembourg?
  3. Baron99

    A to Z of British comedy’s

  4. Baron99

    Word Association (Part 28)

    Restrain (Ooo, er!)
  5. We've come a long, long way together Through the hard times and the goodI have to celebrate you, babyI have to praise you like I should.
  6. Lunch early and relax nightly. Extra.
  7. Baron99

    Winter weather thread 2018/2019

    I posted something back in December, that I'd been listening to the Paul Hudson Weather Show on Radio Sheffield & one of his regular contributors, a guy who looks at weather lore & previous weather records going back centuries, stated that we very rarely get 2 bad winters in a row & that this winter would be drier & milder than normal. So far he appears right. He also pointed out that 2018's hot, dry summer was very much like 1975 & that of course led to a mild winter in 1976 & the subsequent drought. On Paul Hudson's show this weekend, Radio Sheffield at 12pm Sunday, he'll be speaking with Yorkshire Water about the current state of the reservoirs. Just thought. I recall 2 really bad winters - Mike & Bernie 😂
  8. Breakdancing is one of a number of sports proposed for the 2024 Olympics. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/olympics/47317052 If they want to introduce an 'urban' element, surely something like Parkour would be better with something like competitors racing each other over a course while being timed & having to include a number of set elements?
  9. Baron99

    Sheffield's New Lord Mayor

    I have seen very little media coverage promoting the city of Sheffield but I've seen a great deal of self promotion from Mr Majid.
  10. Baron99

    Sheffield's New Lord Mayor

    Tough act to follow? I hear Timmy Mallet's not got much on these days. Would we notice the difference?
  11. Baron99

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    Truly a Europe of open borders, even though the UK isn't part of the Schengen Agreement & therefore she should have had the stolen UK passport checked as she made her way across Europe & when she entered Turkey.
  12. Baron99

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    Apparently, Begum considers the stripping of her UK citizenship unjust & she may consider applying for Dutch citizenship via her husband. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-47301623 I'm sure the liberal Dutch will 'welcome' her & her terrorist husband with open arms? One point I never realised until I heard it this morning was Begum never actually had a UK passport. She stole the passport of her elder sister in order to leave the UK then travel across several borders, seemingly without anyone checking, while at the same time the story & pictures of her & her 2 friends was all over the media.
  13. Baron99

    Adverts that annoy..

    Many of the latest bank ads that are all touchy-feely. Particularly hate the bank ad, (can't remember which bank), that has a number of celebrities with post-its stuck to their foreheads, trying to guess their particular disability / illness, e.g. Victoria's Pendleton with the word 'Bulimia' stuck to her head. When I go into a bank for business, I want people behind counters who can provide me with speedy banking services not their ability to provide some kind of counselling on the basis that they've had half an afternoon on some training course about disability / mental illness.
  14. Baron99

    Bulls Eye

    Someone reminded me of a Jim Bowen classic line. Interviewing one of the contestants, Bowen asked a woman what she did for a living; "I'm unemployed, Jim." And Bowen's reply? "Smashing."
  15. Baron99

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    Just watched some more of the Sky interview with her. In her own words, the only people she is apologising to is her immediate family, no one else. She also stated that the executions of UK aid workers Alan Henning & David Haines, amongst others who were beheaded, were justified in Islam. Three questions that I'd like to know the answers too? 1. Who is the child's father? Begum might have been an 'innocent' teenager when she left the UK but she she clearly wasn't when she gave birth for the third time. 2. Who's the child's father & is he still alive? 3. What do you tell the child when he asks about his father in the future? With such a high profile story, you can hardly lie to him about the circumstances under which he was conceived.

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