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  1. I was going to correct the spelling of his surname but it's actually more appropriate.
  2. Makes you wonder how our forebears made it out of adolescence & into middle age with out a little label telling them when their food & drink was potentially going to make them ill. Oh yes! They just used a bit of common sense & carried out a quick smell & taste test.
  3. Agree. Looking at the symptoms described, I've had most of them since the 1990's.
  4. Tuned in part way through a radio report today with someone, (didn't catch their name, job title, etc), stating that the licence fee freeze would be noticible to the viewers in the quality of BBC programmes produced in the coming years & that unless the licence fee is subsequently increased, people will 'suffer'(?). What? Will Lineker be forced to take up a paper round to supplement the 8 other jobs he was reportedly doing last year or Winkleman be forced to take in washing? Here's a start in making a few savings. I'm sure that if the BBC let Lineker go, they could probably get the likes of Jermaine Jenas or Alex Best to front MOTD for at least half the cost?
  5. Simple solution. Change the name, 'TV Licence Fee' to subscription fee, scrap the TV Licencing Dept., and scramble the various BBC signals. People could then pay for whatever BBC channels they wish to subscribe too, as with the likes of Sky. It would also end the problem of licence fee dodgers
  6. With a plethora of new platforms of tv viewing starting up such as Netflix & Disney, the BBC will be forced to go subscription at some stage in the future & let's face it, it's share of the viewing audience must have dropped in the last decade, if not the last 2 years as people bought into the likes of Netflix, Disney & Amazon Prime, especially among the younger generations. Then you have the likes of YouTube to keep people amused. They've also got highly paid 'stars' like Lineker, Winkleman & Ball to keep paying. (Whether they deserve their salaries is another matter but you can be sure if the BBC cut their salaries by 50%, that feigned loyalty to the BBC would be out the window). The 'big' names will eventually walk anyway when tbe likes of Netflix chuck more towards them. The BBC don't help themselves either by such as overspending tv licence money on tbe likes of the new Eastenders set to the tune of around £30 million. The basis for the tv licence is a bygone relic. In this age of technology, where the population can get its tv entertainment from a multitude of sources, (including free tv such as Pluto) & where people can pick & CHOOSE who they pay a subscription too for their tv viewing, name me any other walk of life where people are FORCED to pay money to an organisation they may make a conscious decision not watch, in order to watch live tv programmes. It's like saying I've got to give money to a privately run bus company in order to use my car on the road.
  7. You must have a tongue like Gene Simmons?
  8. Along the lines of what Hackney Lad has posted, deplore the abuser not the art. If you agree with the removal of the Eric Gill statues at the BBC, then you'll also be pressing for the the removal of the Stations of the Cross at Westminster Abbey. Really this clamor all of a sudden to remove things from the past because they now infringe sensitivities that have only surface in the past few years is ridiculous. Do we get rid of paintings by such as Carrivagio because he was a convicted murderer? Get a grip! You'd expect such actions to be committed by extreme totalitarian regimes. Oh by the way. Mein Kampf is still available on line & at any good book shop, even in Germany. So no book burning there anymore then. Maybe their 'snowflakes' are a bit more grown up?
  9. And of course Fanny's husband, Johnnie Craddock's, classic end of piece to camera, just after Fanny had shown everyone how to make doughnuts; 'And may all your doughnuts turn out like Fanny's."
  10. I've got a couple of old Parkinson's to watch at some stage. BBC 4 on Saturday night are re-running compilations of his old shows from the 70's & 80's. The ones I got to watch feature Peter Cook & Dudley Moore, while the other has Tommy Cooper & Frankie Howard. Apparently, Howard wouldn't go on Parkinson unless he had all the questions in advance so that he could 'spontaneously' provide ad libs. So maybe things haven't changed that much?
  11. I know we get Floyd's old shows on repeats, what I was suggesting is a chef like Floyd with his attitude to drinking etc, wouldn't get within spitting distance of a programme commissioning office these days. Tv producers might like a character but they certainly don't want a maverick or loose cannon.
  12. Yes, born a male or female & ultimately your remains will be male or female, no matter what you decided to claim in the period in between.
  13. Yes. Starmer's basically telling the electorate he's terrified of facing Johnson in a straight fight at a Gen. Election. Or in other word he's only popular because Johnson is unpopular. Of course, Starmer & his supporters are assuming that he'll still be in post in 3 years time?
  14. As a similar number die, the average body makes about 2 to 3 million red blood cells every second, or about 173 to 259 billion red blood cells per day - FACT.
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