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  1. About half a dozen times a year. We need a tunnel or two through the Pennines.
  2. The Govt should have said to him, "Right then Burnham, you're in charge of your region, get on with it but we're locking down the borders with your region so no one in or out. You decide what level of lockdown, if any at all that YOU want but when the ICU beds & wards start filling up, don't even think about sending people over the Pennines."
  3. So Harry Gration suffered a bout of pneumonia while isolating for other health reasons during his months away from Look North. https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/people/harry-gration-reveals-he-was-hospitalised-pneumonia-while-shielding-during-lockdown-3007566 Some other interesting comments in the piece as well, including that the there is to be a 'Cull' of BBC staff with the programme only having one main presenter. It comes across that he's decided to retire before the BBC 'retired' him?
  4. I've never liked those Russian dolls. Too full of themselves.
  5. Only listened to it on Radio Sheffield & agree a draw was a fair result based on the commentary but still disappointing overall, considering the number of chances we appear to have had in the first half. You don't get many chances in the Premiership to score but we seemed to be so close in the first half. Must have had a good half dozen that only needed a final touch? So we are at least creating the chances. Sounds as though Berger put in a full shift, along with McBurnie, who I'm usually critical of. At least this time we got the rub with VAR.
  6. I reckon that Sheffield will be in tier 3 by the end of the week to coincide with our half term break? We've also got Halloween & Bonfire Night coming up, so that also might reduce the numbers out & about on those two nights?
  7. Just found the original 'Taggart', episode 1 on the 'Drama' channel.with Mark McManus. Not how I remember it? Very slow going compared to later series.
  8. 4 of us & a few cousins went to St. Marie's roughly from around the early 1960's to the mid 1970's, not long after the new school was built up at Fulwood. We all ended up at St Paul's / All Saints on Granville Rd. Certainly remember Sister Mary Dennis, or Sister Hairy Menace, as some called her. She was a scary Nun. Used to strike fear into small children. You never heard her coming. It was like she was on wheels; seemed to glide across the floor? Certainly remember the small ping-pong bat that she would suddenly produce from her robes. If you were lucky, you'd get the flat side of the bat on your hand. Occasionally, it might have been the bat, edge on, on the back of the hand. Different times then. Teachers I & friends recall? Miss Cane (Caine), apt for a teacher & what you got on a Monday morning if no one spotted you at any mass the previous day. Being made to stand in the corner facing the wall if you'd done something you shouldn't have or having to stand on a chair while the whole class looked at you being ridiculed. (Is it too late to put a compo claim in do you think on Human Rights grounds?). Also seem to recall a young novice Nun, Sister Irene in the reception class who was great with children. I know she never became a Nun as she left & a few years later my mum, brothers & sister bumped into her coming out of a house in Nether Edge. Also remember the massive, metal, main front door; the classrooms' folding doors that could be set back to make one large room that ran most of the length of each floor; the Brothers' house at the far end of the building, just over the wall & the supposedly 'haunted' bell tower. Rumour was a female pupil once hung herself up there? (Let's face it, good story to keep the children from climbing up to the bell tower). The wooden floor classrooms - picked up many a splinter. Anyone remember Mr Riles' (think that was his name?) sweet shop just down towards St. Mary's Rd that would be packed with kids & their mums, just after school ended for the day?
  9. Totally agree. I'll settle for an undisputed VAR 1-0 goal & 3 points.
  10. Maybe I have, maybe I've not? Maybe it's the whiskey? I'll concede in part.
  11. My bold. Totally agree. History will show that 16,414,000 or 48% of the eligible voting population were scared by 'Project Fear', the thought of WWIII breaking out the day after the referendum & Chicken Lickin' being let loose.
  12. Typo error that's been corrected but REALLY? Clearly referring to the referendum if you look at the stats provided. There's even a BBC link. That's all you've got, then? All you you can pull me up on is a typo? I must be doing something right then & when the FACTS can't be challenged? I'll settle for that. A typo & being right.
  13. Just for the record. You do realise that when you quote a population of 65 million, you do realise that you're including a proportion of the population under the age of 18 who were ineligible to vote, don't you? We're going over old data but just in case anyone is in any doubt, here's the full details again. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/politics/eu_referendum/results 72.2% turnout of the eligible voting population, so well over two thirds of the eligible voting population. I'd call that a fair turnout. Of course what I do recall from the few weeks before the referendum was many news reports showing many an enthusiastic 'Remain' supporter, stating how they were going to vote tactically on the day, such as how students weren't going to vote in their home towns & cities but vote in the cities where they were studying or people stating they were mobilising & concentrating their efforts in certain parts of the UK through groups organised via the Internet / chat rooms. It seems with hindsight that they were being so clever, they actually forgot to vote? There is no getting away from the FACT that just over 17,410,000 / just over 52% of the eligible voting population in a turnout of 72.2% voted to leave. History will recall these FACTS.
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