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  1. Saw Chuka Umunna being interviewed on GMB this morning, (well he's hardly going to get a serious political grilling on Friday from Kate Garraway & the bloke from Tipping Point), & Umunna was going on about how it's a bad deal, yet nobody thought of the simple question of asking Umunna which parts, if any of the deal he'd actually read or why he seems privvy to seeing the deal so early, when it appears the majority of politicians had yet to see it. Umunna, (I can't decide which Party I want to belong to so I'll start my own), another Remainer politican whose got a whiff that he can rejuvenate Project Fear. He even touted that line again that since the previous referendum, 2.5 million under 18's are now eligible to vote & they ALL want to remain.
  2. Piece running in The Star concerning Page Hall & surrounding areas. Same old, same old, yet nobody appears to want to address the issues. https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/people/action-address-simmering-tensions-sheffield-neighbourhood-welcomed-809370 What ever happened to the 'Let's build a football pitch' idea from a few years ago to build community relationships. Can't remember which local MP / councilor though that idea up?
  3. Just read through all the posts. Quite interesting but it has struck me. Does it really effect any of us on here? Are any of us actually Sheffield Uni Students? If you are, then no good complaining on SF. Take your concerns to Sheffield Uni. I remember when I was a student. My politics were to the Left of Marx. I wanted to change the world for the better of everyone. Having graduated, got a job, good salary, house & family to look after & realised my position in the world, my primary concern & ensure I did the best for my kids & now try to help grandkids achieve their full potential & not be dragged down by some of the flotsam & jetsam that floats by, my politics are just to the Right of Ghengis Khan. More that likely, the meeting has been organised by a tiny few like minded individuals who are less interested in changing things but more interested in saying they tried to change things & posting how 'important' they feel they are on their Facebook & Instagram accounts, while pouting in their selfies.
  4. Reading today that police forces are considering cancelling police leave on 31/10/19. A combination of Brexit & Holloween. Sky falling in; WWIII breaking out; human sacrifices in the streets? Better pray for rain then!
  5. Well the Sun & Telegraph would be where you'd expect Cameron & May to write / be interviewed by. GQ is hardly going to be the kind of mag your average trade unionist or Lab supporter is going to buy, especially as its run by a very wealth American media firm. What? Corbyn cozying up to corporate America? Maybe he's looking at the possibility of being their London fashion correspondent is a few months. After all he does now own a suit. According to today's i newspaper, McDonnell has said both he & Corbyn will stand down if they lose the next General Election. McDonnell also says that a woman should run the Lab Party & has named Angela Rayner as a possible successor.
  6. Boldly offered out Tyson, smacked. Punch.
  7. Stars shining bright above you Night breezes seem to whisper "I love you" Birds singin' in the sycamore tree Dream a little dream of me.
  8. No. Portmeirion? I am not a number!
  9. It's just as much the quality of the guests these days as the inability of the chat show host to get anything out of them. If they've got nothing to say in the first place other than to plug their latest film or book then it won't be a great show. Take last night's Graham Norton show. 2 lightweights in Sienna Miller, (still insisting she's an actress) & Paul Rudd. Yet on the same show you also had Robert De Niro, (who does few interviews) & Bruce Springsteen. These 2 could have carried the show between them without the banal Miller & Rudd.
  10. Checking out YouTube the other night, we found the following full length film starring Simon Pegg, "Kill Me Three Times." Pegg plays a hit man on a job in Australia. Also stars Aussie actor, Bryan Brown. Very original story lines, unexpectedly funny, black humour. Made in 2014 but never seen it before, would recommend. I'd give it a 6.5/10.
  11. The Claymore. Was that the place that had the big sword on the outside wall? Wasn't there also a fish & chip restaurant upstairs in the same building?
  12. Oh I would. As someone, like most initiated into an organised religion without any say-so at 6 months, (Catholic), then First Confession at 7 & Confirmation at 11, while remaining a non-practising Catholic, it would have been nice to have been asked in the first place. I'd say most Catholics, (especially the young), don't agree with with the Catholic scriptures on gays etc. What you appear to have in the likes of Brunei & Uganda is the unfortunate mix of local prejudice & religious fernaticism.
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