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  1. And another pair of hypocritical "Do as we say, not as we do, folk. https://www.metro.news/have-royal-pair-gone-plane-daft-over-jet-travel/1680527/
  2. Noticed that while queing on Shoreham St. today to get on to the Kop, gate security staff were warning everyone about the Lane being a no smoking zone & anyone caught would get a 10 week ban. Funny then I heard two different tales in the pub after the match about the ruling not being enforced with apparently one steward telling a smoker, (who'd argued that as he was at the back of the Kop & therefore out in the open air), he wasn't that bothered & it wasn't worth the hassle for the money he gets on a match day.
  3. Let's enjoy this one but I'm expecting a bit more fight from Leicester. Apparently Wilder is now some kind of football genius. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/aug/18/sheffield-united-crystal-palace-premier-league-match-report Long may it continue. Due credit should also be given to Knill in all the achievements as well. He's played a big part in our recent success. At least the BBC have changed their report headline from earlier. Apparently we only won because we were playing a 'Lacklustre' Palace. We can only play what's in front of us.
  4. Let's face it though, he's in his dream jobs. No matter how hard he tries he's always going to be fan first, manager second. He probably still can't believe he's in charge.
  5. Great game, (because we pulled it off but we did deserve it), anyone have any idea as to why there were 7 mins extra time? Also heard in the pub after the game that Zaha has aledgely spat in Baldock's face but the officials didn't spot it? Zaha had a shocker for them. Didn't look as though he wanted to play for them today & when he went over to the Palace supporters at f/t all he got was boos & v-signs for his trouble.
  6. Speaking with a couple of Wed fans last night, they were speculating that it could be Sol Campbell?
  7. I'm sure if you ask nicely, we would lend your lot some money.
  8. Looking forward to it but let's face it, this is one of those games we have to win, (& fans expect a win), even at this stage of the season to avoid a scrap at the end of the season. Never believed in the phrase, "It's a marathon not a sprint.". Remember the last time we were in the Premiership & really only need a few points that would have virtually guaranteed safety, with about 10 games left? Games that should have been won but drawn; games that looked certain draws ended up being lost with Warnock repeating the mantra, "Don't worry there's 9 games left... there's 8 games left..." etc.
  9. But it is BDTBL we're talking about. I remember an early January, Saturday morning game a few years back against SWFC. The weather was freezing, gale blowing, about -5. Go for a Bovril at h/t & was one of the first in the queue, only to be told that, "We've run out of hot water but you can have a Coke out of the fridge."
  10. Regardless of whichever presenter we're discussing, why do many radio shows have to have multiple presenters, presenting them or a main presenter & a few underlings playing second fiddle / being used as idiot foils? For me, only the best presenters can carry a programme single handed. If you need back up, you're in the wrong job, If the BBC is looking to save money, one presenter per show.
  11. This should create a few posts? Music to my ears. https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-united/sheffield-united-can-rule-over-sheffield-wednesday-for-years-chris-wilder-1-9941302
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