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  1. And here are 'Colin W's' views about the upcoming game. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/neil-warnock-already-on-the-sheffield-wednesday-wind-up-and-makes-huge-call-on-garry-monk-bought-middlesbrough-pair-3209706 Good old Colin!
  2. No coherent response then? As I stated, only the naive would believe otherwise, so we no which line to put you in.
  3. Bananas contain potassium-40 & therefore, technically they are radioactive - FACT.
  4. All the faux fury from the Left about Johnson taking & responding to calls & texts from James Dyson. As if the likes of Leonard McCluskey et al don't have Starmer on speed dial & at their beck & call, calling in favours. Only the naive would believe different.
  5. I'm certainly a gammon face 😠 That afternoon sun is stronger than you think.
  6. My sombrero's good but I could do with a new poncho, if that helps out?
  7. You could invest in a hybrid fuel (petrol / diesel) electric car where you charge the car up & it starts out as an electric but as that runs down the combustion engine cuts in, so you can also simply run the vehicle on petrol / diesel until you get to an appropriate charging point. However, a Which report has found out that a very large percentage of car makers' claims for the distances travelled before their vehicles switch from electric to the combustion engine, appear to be misleading, so car owners aren't making the savings in petrol / diesel costs they believe. https://www.which.co.uk/news/2021/03/plug-in-hybrid-cars-use-more-fuel-than-official-figures-claim/
  8. My bold. Traditional fans no longer exist apparently. They're now 'Legacy fans' or 'Service users'. I think we all know that at some stage the Champions League format will will eventually disappear to be replaced by a European League but run by UEFA in the next 10 to 15 years. I believe the new Champions League format is going t run from 2024 for 10 years, according to reports. I've always thought a European League be made up of say the top 2 clubs, when first set up, from the major European Premier leagues, (England, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belgium & Holland) with two teams from the lesser European nations, making up a league of say 20 to 24. Promotion & relegation would be from the countries' premier leagues, with say each nation's lower finishing club in the European league, being relegated back to their premier league, to be replaced by that seasons champions. Of course, this would focus most if not all the tv money / advertising revenue on the European league & the Premiership would be as the Championship is now, attracting tv money but a lot less of it. Of course with reduced income & clubs more reliant on old fashioned gate receipts, clubs might start to look at having wage caps to ensure survival?
  9. I've just caught a bit of Talk Sport on the radio. They've just mentioned that the 12 clubs also. all voted in favour for UEFA's plan to expand the Champions League to 36 clubs. Obviously thought that they could make more money by the additional revenue from that tournament as well with the extended format? Nobody has mention the old moan of playing too many games?
  10. Just hope he doesn't end up at The Lane. He made no impact during his time with Bolton.
  11. When you look at the amount of current debt, (with the exception of Chelsea on a small profit), each of the 12 breakaway clubs are carrying, you can see why they were looking for a way to boost their finances. £2.3 billion in debt between them. https://www.mirror.co.uk/money/clubs-signed-up-super-league-23947264 But at the end of the day, a who's fault is that? And if they had broken away, what would happen eventually to the new money? Of course, it'd go to pay higher players' salaries & inflated agents' fees.
  12. My bold I read the other day that Paul Pogba, (his agent no doubt?) is looking for £500,000 a week to sign an extension to his Man Utd contract. Additionally, the next big thing in football, 20 year old Erling Haaland, currently at Borussia Dortmund, is being chased by a number of European clubs & he / his agent are looking for £1 million, (no it's not a typo error), per week. I think the boat has already been missed on introducing salary caps, certainly for the English Premiership?
  13. Intrepid - Yorkshire for "It's not very fast."
  14. Galveston, oh Galveston I still hear your sea waves crashing While I watch the cannons flashing I clean my gun And dream of Galveston
  15. Oooo! It's still raw, even after nearly 5 (FIVE) years. I'd better not pick at it further.
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