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  1. if you are easily influenced by others or are easily led then i am sure you will think you are hypnotised or put into a trance of some sort. if it helps people then nothing wrong with it.
  2. hes the soft touch for immigration, he wont restrain any unrest with any sort of authority as his vice will see to that, he is not a strong leader in fact very little to hear about anything hes done so far.
  3. we will see after the initial honeymoon period i am guessing most of America especially middle america will be regretting his election to power.
  5. wait until the lady in waiting gets her chance as soon as Biden steps down halfway through, roll on the next election in 4 years.
  6. i personally dont like to see it but we have become so brainwashed and sterilised to things nowadays, listen to some of the lyrics of the latest hip hop or grime tunes, listen even to some mainstream songs you will find something there to offend, some are pretty graphic, we are exposed to more and more stuff that is outside the norm as the liberal media try and normalise everything??? some pretty offensive stuff on social media too, its all around and its not going to get better it will get more extreme.
  7. In early June 2019, President Trump signed a disaster relief and recovery bill worth $19 billion. ... Some $1.6 billion is allocated to repairing roads and bridges post-disaster through the Federal Highway Administration's Emergency Relief Fund.
  8. when "plumbing" is top of the Guardian article then i think we can see that not very much has been done.
  9. Ok how does everyone think Joe Biden is doing now he is the in the most powerful seat in the world? news seems to have gone very quiet, has he done anything yet??
  10. we see far worse in the rest of everyday life now, its only a word get over it and stop being so offended.
  11. finally the owners have brought a breath of fresh air to the forum, thank goodness, as someone who had been banned at least 12 times in about 10 years for petty squabbles usually with the old fishy one and a number of other very left leaners. i dont believe i was ever extreme but got banned just because the mods didnt like my politics or views in opposition to theirs we never got warning in latter days or any real explanation when we complained to the help desk. now they are gone we hope! long live the new regime and lets get some interesting un-stifled debate and banter on various subject and lets keep it clean and within rules exactly lol
  12. totally agree with you, have registered again now i see some of the old moderation have gone who had their own agenda, this could be a really good debate and entertainment forum without ridiculous and overzealous moderation. lets get back to robust debate and banter obviously within rules and without extremism and distasteful views, but at least use common sense and allow all sides a fair crack of the whip and dont allow mods personal leanings to interfere. i look forward to be able to speak what what i think without censorship about all things including Sheffield . good luck new team please dont ban without warning or reason. x
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