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  1. Togetherness, well that's all I'm after Whenever you need me, I'll be there I'll be there to protect you, with an unselfish love I respect you Just call my name and I'll be there.
  2. Run To The Hills - Iron Maiden.
  3. Small mammals always look lovely. Mouse.
  4. Some have raised environmental concerns? Note the following & the response. https://www.rmcmedia.co.uk/vibe/food-and-drink/article/Plans-to-develop-Attercliffe-Waterside-cause-controversy "The space, which will be familiar to people who use the canal each week as a popular running and walking route, is one of the only green spaces in the area and as such the plans have come under fire from conservationists, worried that Sheffield City Council are about to destroy more of Sheffield’s natural heritage. In response, David Slater, managing director of Attercliffe’s Spaces Sheffield, said: “Sheffield has more green space than it knows what to do with and how to cope with. The Green Space that was given to the people of Sheffield by philanthropists of a bygone age who would have had no clue how life in the 21st century would be." The section in bold amuses me.
  5. I had my hair cut about 5 weeks ago & I had a mask on when I entered the barbers & was requested to keep it on. The barber had so much PPE on, they looked like they were going to perform open heart surgery.
  6. Watching a live tv report this morning on Good Morning Britain from the English Channel. Their reporter in a boat which had travelled close to the French coast, in their territorial waters, spots an inflatable dingy leaving the coast with a dozen men on board. Next they spot a French Coast Guard vessel approach but make no effort to stop the dingy moving further away from the coast. Instead all they do is shepherd / shadow it out of French waters into the main sea lane of the Channel. The dingy of course just continues on its way until it enters UK waters, where it cuts its engine on the appearance of a Border Force vessel. Once again, French authorities appear to be complicit in allowing illegal migrants to become our problem. It doesn't matter how many times Priti Patel meets with her counterparts & strongly condemns French inaction, while ever you have the French failure to protect their own porous borders that allow illegal migrants into their country in the first place & then blatant complicity on the part of French agencies, the crossings will continue.
  7. Look North also again interviewed Chris Gaskin of Energy Mill Gym in Shipley. It showed him in his gym with customers exercising away, despite the fact he's supposed to be closed & there he was again, saying he's providing a valuable service. Contrast him with another gym owner who was interviewed & was closed, abiding by the COVID-19 regulations. I can't understand why Mr Gaskin has been interviewed twice in 3 days yet the authorities haven't taken any action against him?
  8. If you fancy a walk in the fresh air, try the Sheffield Round Walk. You can download a map off the Internet. Start early enough, you can do it in a day or just pick certain sections.
  9. Canals are a lower flood risk than a river but they can overflow & cause flooding problems. Insurance companies would want to know how close a property is to a source of water, regardless of the type of water course, to assess whether cover is feasible. As far as insurance companies are concerned, the closer you are to water, the more your premiums will be.
  10. The first thing potential property buyers should be checking / asking the developers or SCC is could you guarantee that I could get insurance cover for any flooding issues?
  11. But the 'brain drain' clearly isn't working out according to the piece for some is it? A British academic in his 40s, who is married with a young family – and who migrated in July 2016 – told researchers: “The referendum happened and we immediately changed our minds about buying a house in Bristol. Our whole emigration decision hung on the referendum result.” The majority of interviewees who left agreed to either a pay cut or a pay freeze as part of their decision. Some struggled to find a job. “I have still not found work, which is not what I expected […] The cost of the move in personal and financial terms is always difficult to foresee, and I’m starting to wonder if I underestimated the risk involved,” said a British IT worker who migrated in October 2019 with his wife and three children. It's alright The Guardian throwing numbers & percentages out their to try & back up their futile, tiresome Brexit disappointment but it's interesting that they chose to highlight someone who is clearly struggling with the move abroad. Couldn't they find someone with a success story then?
  12. Not enough then to even cover Jordan Rhodes' supposed salary?
  13. And nobody does it better Though sometimes I wish someone could Nobody does it quite the way you do Why'd you have to be so good?
  14. Yes. Not far from the famous Sheffield dockyard. You can probably see the herds of Wildebeest from there or the Hanging Gardens of Babylon?
  15. When will they ever learn? Labour's Barry Sheerman has now issued an apology for alleged, anti-Semitic tweet regarding the recent House of Lords appointees, who in his opinion missed out on peerages? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leeds-53628761 He couldn't just apologise but in explaining in detail his thought process for his tweet, he's actually made himself look more stupid, which is ironic, as in his words he was trying to be 'Clever. '
  16. Apparently 700 hundred homes are to be built at Attercliffe Waterfront. https://www.thestar.co.uk/business/star-comment-lets-see-some-more-enthusiasm-ps100m-attercliffe-scheme-2929822?amp#referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From %1%24s Attercliffe Waterfront? No me neither. It's land between the city centre & Meadowhall & the project appears to have stalled. SCC have a preferred bidder / developer & an announcement was expected around a year ago.
  17. Heard of course of someone being 'A bit light fingered' but a similar saying that's stuck with me & many of my relatives because of my late mother's side, who was Scottish is 'He's a bit tarry-fingered.' In other words, tar fingered, everything stick to them.
  18. Don't believe they'll go to the wall because they've been owned by Sainsbury's for the past 4 years. However, they still operate in the region of 70+ large, independent stand alone stores like the one on Snig Hill. All of these independent stores closed just after lockdown in April this year & I can't see them reopening, not when you can buy from Argos online & pick up from the smaller outlets that have appeared within the larger Sainsbury's stores or have them delivered to your home. In the end, why would Sainsbury's want the additional cost of running the stand alone stores?
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