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  1. What's the story in Balamory, wouldn't you like to know...
  2. Go on have another 🍷 Your making things hard for me, I can feel an extension coming on.. Bar open while 11-30.
  3. Think I know who will be keeping a close 👀 on things. The cats have gone..... so the meeces come out to play.. Brandy and Babycham Coming up.. 🍷
  4. Only me and you tonight Jane, What happens in "Padders Bar" stays in "Padders Bar" .
  5. And why shouldn't it be, of course it is...... No customers though, think their all having BBQ.. At last a customer, and a touch of glamour........ 🍺
  6. I'm of for some shut eye Gents.. Thanks for choosing "Padders Bar" for your evenings entertainment...... Last pint for Thirsty 🍺
  7. Salt and Vinegar coming up Matey... You could try my very tasty nuts 🥜 🥜 🥜.
  8. You certainly can Thirsty, 🍺. Was hoping to give you a bit of my Turkish Delight, but under stand you may have an headache.
  9. If your love live was as abysmal as mine, it might be an option.
  10. Ah, just checked, you went for Es Spania and Italy, my mistake.. Maybe I could interest you in a bit of indulgence in Turkish Delight .
  11. Drown your sorrows Mr. Bloke.... On the house 🍹
  12. Very exciting Mr. Bloke...... How am I going to squeeze it all in.......
  13. You could always watch the extended highlights later.
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