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  1. I can"t stand Strictly usually, but I watched it last night because my dream girl was appearing Anneka Rice (yummy) . you have George and I will settle for Anneka.. What did amaze me was how they spin and swirl round in them great big stiletto heals..
  2. Evening sweetie, watching strictly, can"t stand the programme, but my dream girl is on, Anneka. Custard.
  3. Funny old game..... 17 chances last week, and lose.. Not one shot on goal first half and win....A great result none the less.
  4. T Cressy... your getting lackadaisical again.
  5. Morning Hots, always nice to have a smile put on my face, cheers pal . A smile for you 2-0 Owls.
  6. Hope everything is OK Cid, best of luck pal.
  7. Yes, never again, continually pestered by time share touts.. one young lady even offered me her body if I was prepared to go on one of their presentations.. another one (a guy) pestered me , saying he got £40 for every customer he recommended , so I said give me £20 of it and I will go, he was"nt having any of that.. think the authorities have stopped em now, I went about 15yrs ago. Yorkshire Mining Museum.
  8. Cheers Jim, you"ve tempted me.. £2 on the nose.
  9. Agree with that post Chas.. before I read it I had a funny feeling we are going to get a result.. I"m going 2-0 the Blades.
  10. He is a knight of the realm , Sir Geoff Boycott.. Get over it.
  11. Glad to see you"ve dropped the word Violent from your post Tom.
  12. Don"t forget my mate Rudds, actually I have toyed with the idea, would make a change from talking into my artificial ear which is strategically placed at the corner of Padders Bar. I hate shopping, always have done since I was Lidl.
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