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  1. It really is such a shame, all those Blades supporters missing out on such a great season.. Bramall Lane should be packed to the rafters.
  2. Another terrific display, and a great win.
  3. Would imagine under present day conditions, it will be nigh on impossible.
  4. Perplexed, radio abysmal, now kaput. Radio.
  5. Back home Fran, lucky to be alive, 3 major incidents on the M1 driving down, and that was in the first hour, thank god my daughter was following government advice and staying alert.
  6. It's hard to forget your crazy antics ! Many years ago I was growing Runner Beans, my wife was really impressed at the way they were growing.. So one day when she was out, I nipped to my local greengrocer and bought half a pound.. When I got home I tied the beans to the plants. When the wife got home, she spotted the beans, ran into the house, and shouted, Come quick, come and look at your Runner Beans, theirs loads of them.. Fell for it hook line and sinker.
  7. I've got some good news and bad news for you matey.. Good news, I'm going to London today (to torment Daughter) so I'm leaving you in charge of the thread. Bad news is, I'll be back Sunday evening. Enjoy it while it lasts.
  8. Now Australian kangaroos eating doughnuts. Dough.
  9. Toilets. Great minds think alike longcol
  10. Already done that... by 2pts.
  11. Excellent football from the Blades made them look poor Nervy.
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