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  1. Untouchable tonight Rudds, nice to be going to bed in the lead.
  2. Padders

    Keep counting up til

  3. Padders

    Keep counting up til

  4. O K. Rudds, you"ve done your stint... I will take over the evening slot as usual.
  5. Good morning gang from your leader.
  6. Made up I am, Fanks Fran.
  7. Padders

    Page Hall vs Shiregreen

    Posh part of Shiregreen, drive down there once a week.. Go for it.
  8. Padders

    Page Hall vs Shiregreen

    No brainer, Shiregreen.
  9. Go to sleep my baby, Rest your pretty eyes.
  10. Padders

    Bartering at Car boot sales ect

    Doubt if you can Haggle/Barter at DFS. everything is half price.
  11. Padders

    Keep counting up til

  12. Time for the champ to appear and remove short lived Rudds.
  13. I"m not happy mate... Francy has not congratulated me yet..
  14. Wild thing, you make my heart sing, You make everything groovy, wild thing.
  15. Been in front too long Ruddsie. Time for some action now.

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