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  1. Got that right H, sort of. You did pick three.........
  2. Padders


    What a beautiful young lady.. Heartbreaking. RIP Lauren...
  3. Todays chuffin weather....
  4. Well to be fair Mr. P. your attitude towards "Padders Bar" has been much more favourable these last few weeks. In fact Eileen was only saying the other day she'd like to fit you in.. I'll certainly put a good word in for you at our next AGM.
  5. Great minds Mr. P. You beat me by a whisker..
  6. Impressed Mr. P. I'm flapperghasted, After reading mostly rubbish on the Forum, it's nice to know we have such educated company as yourself. Artificial Intelligence is "Bah Humbug" I've got my Billy Hill betting slip handy and I'm waiting in gleefull anticipation of you announcing the winner. Of course you will be rewarded with Honorary Membership of "Padders Bar" Make it a Christmas to remember, whose the winner?
  7. I'm impressed Mr. P. I reckon you would win "Mastermind" on the subject of thread title...
  8. Whose going tonight then? I only watch the last 10 minute's to see who it is. And another thing, why are the celebs exempt from trials on medical grounds? They shouldn't be allowed to take part if they are not capable. From being a big fan at the start of the series, I now can't take anymore. Bet they finish up climbing that big slide with water cannons on em, not funny anymore.. How about getting the cast of Coronation St. in there, that would be epic, viewing figures would soar..
  9. Got to hand it to you Mr. P. You tell better stories than Hans Christian Anderson....
  10. Mr. Presley, Mr. Hackey. What a pair... Both of them, sat in their Shackletons armchairs watching tripe. Real men (like me) go to the pub, sup 12 pints and talk Footie, Rugger, and Boxing! Takes all sorts I suppose.
  11. You've just put my 90p ASDA Chicken Curry to shame......
  12. I'll be in big trouble again! Waiting for the fall out as I retreat to my bunker......
  13. Chuffin Ek, That's about 7/8 hissy fits today// Must be a record....
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