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  1. I think you may have a good point there Pete, if this current situation carry's on for an extended length of time, I foresee civil disorder.
  2. RETIRED, been very busy..... Another day another disaster. Been out beer hunting, been very unproductive the last few days, but I don't give up easily, so, gave it another go today. First stop was Morrisons, straight to the beer aisle, same as usual, empty shelves, just about to leave and EUREKA ! ! ! I struck gold,on the bottom shelf, out of sight nestled a 15 pack of Guinness, 15 cans of precious necter, whoa ho get in that trolley. Got the treasure home safely, placed it on the kitchen table, and then it all went wrong, this is when disaster struck. Have you ever tried opening a carton of Guinness,It's wrapped in a very thick cling film, and from previous experiences very difficult to remove, so being a very brainy sort of guy, I decided to use a pair of scissors, the trouble is me and scissors don't see eye to eye. I usually take a chunk out of one of my fingers, or gash the back of my hand, not this time, MUCH WORSE. I pierced the wrapping....and managed to pierce a can of Guinness, WHOOSH, Guinness squirted everywhere, it was like the Fountains Of Bellagio in my kitchen, I whipped open the cupboard door , grabbed a container, removed the gushing can, and managed to salvage about half... the kettle, the microwave, the kitchen wall, even the lamp shade all decorated in a shade of Guinness. I even had a shade of Al Jolson about me.....I'm off. 🎵 I'd walk a million miles for one of your smiles 🎵.
  3. Some really nice tributes on this thread, being within a walking distance of the Pheasant mean't I could spend many a Friday night listening to him, R.I.P. Frank.
  4. Well done Jane, I should have spotted that, the times Iv'e driven up there.
  5. Just heard that Frank passed away today.. used to watch him play at the Pheasant, the best guitarist I've ever heard. He couldn't half belt them numbers out. RIP. Frank.
  6. You should co co...……. I keep getting correspondence from Funeral Directors, do I want to take out a pre paid Funeral Plan.
  7. Hi Pete, nice to hear from you, as Rudds says , I too have been wondering about you. Hope your wobbly knees are fine.
  8. Oh dear, Another earth shattering catastrophe. Just got a leaflet from post office saying you have a parcel to pick up at Sheffield Lane Top PO. We can't deliver because the sender has not paid enough postage, when you pick it up please pay £1-50 excess postage Well I've racked my brain cell, what could it be, whose sent it, I'm not expecting any parcel, normally I would just go and pick it up but having to pay £1-50 made me think.. Rang my 2 daughters asking if they knew what it could be, nope. Oh well I will have to bite the bullet and pay the £1-50. Anyway just been and picked it up, A SLICE OF BREAD. Last week I texted my Sister in Law who lives in Pickering asking if she could spare me a slice of bread, as I had run out. Would have been funny if it hadn't cost me £1-50 Just texted S in Law complaining , she's just texted back. What do you want Jam on it..
  9. I'm over 70, but pride myself at being fit and healthy.. I can give 40yr olds a good run for their money.. So I'm carrying on as normal as is possible.
  10. Baron your jokes get worse, Here's a proper one. 5 people on a plane what's about to crash, Donald Trump, The Pope, Nicola Sturgen, Boris Johnson. A 10yr old schoolboy, There are only 4 parachutes. Trump says I'm the most powerful man on earth,grabs a chute and jumps. The Pope says I'm the leader of all catholics, grabs a chute and jumps, Nicola Sturgen says I'm the smartest woman in Scotland, grabs a chute and jumps.. Boris says to the 10yr old boy, you take the last chute I've had a good life, The boy says, don't worry, that smartest woman in Scotland grabbed my school satchel and jumped.
  11. I'll have a proper look later, but the last one is the junction of Upwell St./ Brightside Ln.
  12. Francy is my mate, But I wouldn't ask for a date, Yes, she's a bugger, And I would like to hug her, But she's married, and that I hate.
  13. Did you not read about the masses of people gathering in the Peak District, Seaside, Mt Snowdon, over the last couple of days. The police are simply trying to halt a repetition of this. Well done Derbyshire Police.
  14. Ash, you are one of the good guys on this forum, It must be a very harrowing time for you and your family.. For what its worth, I wish you well.. Things will get better, yes It will take time, but we will get there. Keep going, Keep posting, and all the best Mate.
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