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  1. Shuteye looming, enjoyed entertaining posts. Cheers Thirsty. Night.
  2. Oh dear Thirsty, It's that time of night, Never mind, 5 letters please.
  3. High Rachel, Nice to see you, to see you nice. x Pain.
  4. Biological limits occur, Concurring knowledge. Ledge.
  5. Pandemic receding, expect some surveillance. Panda.
  6. Stop questioning, understand! it's bad. Under.
  7. He needs time Bass, time to weigh up his current squad, time to clear out the rubbish, time to rebuild if necessary. The one thing he hasn't got is time.
  8. Getting irritated, vowed everlasting silence. Irate.
  9. Loads of oven bulbs on google.
  10. Stopped using language, keeping schum. Longs.
  11. Not ever revealing, very educational. Sheep.
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