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  1. Not worried, another wanabee who won't last long.... Bye .
  2. The unstoppable weekend boy wonder surge's into a commanding lead... And the film crews are filming it.. 📽️
  3. You are famous Francy, famous for your Flip Flops... Cooked a Sunday dinner.
  4. Usual great post Hots, can't elaborate on that, whats the answer ?.. their isn't one.... except a new squad of players.. This present bunch of non trier's is going no where.. I've always had a slight bias for the Owls, stems back to the 60s.. Bramall Lane one week (with a stupid cricket pitch on one side) then the following week, a visit to the Wembly of the north, what a joy, gazing up at them massive pylons, standing behind the goal on the kop, cheering on the Owls, just a distant memory now.
  5. You will never win this thread Rudds being courteous . I stamp my authority, lead from the front, I'm a warrior , the winner....
  6. Ahh Francy, you want a balloon, here you are...…… 🎈
  7. As a footie fan all I want to see is my team giving everything, win lose or draw.. The Blades have done just that every game this season, amazing, unbelievable.. Now bring on the FA cup.
  8. Not like the old days Fran.. Wake up to the milk man rattling his crates, then watch the postman doing his deliveries.. the binmen then arrived humping the old metal bins on their shoulders.. sometimes the coalman would arrive and dump 10 sacks of coil in coilhouse.. the watter works man would come up the street with his T shaped tools and let the water out of the drains.. all before 11am.. WOW.. so we built up an appetite , and right on cue, along came the Fletchers van, an elephants foot please (yummy).. Then, wait for it, the highlight of the day... THE RAGMAN ! rags old, any old rags.. MAM MAM got any rags, ragmans here.. she used to give me some rags, and say , get me some donkey stone, duh, I wanted a goldfish.. nearly forgot the ice cream man, 3d of ice cream in a cup, exciting or what...
  9. Got to pick up some new glasses from the opticians ... Then we shall see..
  10. Brave statement Rudds, I take it your not adverse to the occasional sharp pointy knitting needle being rammed up your jacksie
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