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  1. You never cease to amaze me Rocker.. Keep chiseling.
  2. Their already full when boarding...
  3. I'm not bothered about mask's on planes, but I wish they would make it compulsory to wear a parachute.
  4. I saw that on BBC teletext service yesterday morning, it also said the poor have got poorer.
  5. I'm no expert on Pigeons, but they definitely look like "Duckworth" Pigeons.
  6. Perhaps he should have been more precise and stated, "Having a smoke"
  7. Good one for the Sheffield Forum 2023 calendar.
  8. Congratulations to the "Baubles" Mr. Bloke, you must have them well trained on retaining their title for another year. Hope to see em again next year.
  9. In my experience, when someone resorts to name calling and insults, it only means one thing... They've lost the argument, Simple. I'm sure you already know that.. As you say no need for the ignore button. (which I've never used either)
  10. I'm saying you never react by swearing at another poster........... I read the comments on this thread, but won't get involved, because I don't want to suffer the abuse that you and others suffer. As for Covid, you make some interesting and valid points of which I fully agree.
  11. I'm surprised at Mel using that kind of terminology against another poster.. disgraceful. And I will also say that I've never known you sink to such depths of depravity.
  12. Good morning Anna, I trust you've noticed on the news " the worlds top wealthiest men have seen their wealth double during the pandemic, while the poor have got poorer."
  13. I'm watching Snooker at the moment........ Please get rid of that useless John Virgo, and bring back Dennis Taylor... Virgo is so annoying, no wonder he never won owt.
  14. She's only copying the Television company's, by posting repeats.
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