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  1. Was a bit embarrassing Rocker, It's that long since I opened my wallet, it had seized up, fortunately I was at the garage and they got 2 big lads and a crowbar..
  2. And that my friend is why I've just shelled out £462-10p to have my gear linkage problem repaired
  3. Every time I go t' tip, I come back with more than I took ?
  4. Afraid I'm busy at the moment... But will bear it in mind.
  5. Not a lost romance Jane. But an Epic tale of Shakespearian proportions. Buy the book. Sir Thomas de Padders latest tragedy.
  6. Never mind Bassett, it could be worse........ You could have been a Fort William supporter. (see Highland league)
  7. Thirsty, you seem to be throwing your weight around just lately... Got a spring in your step? Not that long ago you were sleeping till dinnertime, then Blades bang in 6 and your buzzing... The question now is, will it last?
  8. Well spoken Rogets Nice to see someone with the guts to deal with the problem.
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