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  1. Just off to Skeggy pal. Glad I've seen you before I go... Was wondering where you were, let us know in future instead of just sneaking of.
  2. I've had mine nipped a few times back in the day. Never thought it was classed as groping, in fact I enjoyed it...
  3. Cynthia Payne used to accept Luncheon Vouchers.
  4. I think I've found the answer to this cost of living crisis? Need some cheap good food-----Read on. Rats are eaten regularly in Cambodia, Lagos, Myanmar, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Ghana, China, and Vietnam.. These taste similar to Rabbit, they taste delicious when brushed with a moonshine glaze and barbecued.. They are also a good source of essential vitamins. Coincidentally we have a poster on the "Get rid of rats thread" (The Daddy) who is plagued by rats, and wants to get rid of them..... Here we have the opportunity to kill 2 rats with one stone (If your aim is good) Everybody round to DADDIOS. THE RAT FARM. CANKLOW. YORKSHIRE.
  5. A quick bit of research on Google reveals "Rats can easily bond with humans" With this in mind, perhaps they would appreciate a massage, a scratch behind the ears, or even a tickle. Once trained up, you could bungle them in your car, and relocate them to some other vicinity.
  6. Picking litter around council estate. Round.
  7. Top Tip Daddy, Keep of the football section, you will be Assassinated.
  8. I had an invasion of Italian Mice 🐭 🐭 🐭 (not rats) that took up residence in the cellar of "Padders Bar" in 2020. They had come over to support Italy in the Euro's 2020. All my Cheesy puffs were devoured, they eventually left when Italy beat England to win the competition.
  9. Bread is usually 800g for a large loaf, and 400g for a small loaf.
  10. Plymouth escapes Sundays terrible storm. Storm.
  11. If it's of any help, I've got a flute he can borrow.
  12. Ha, Ha, Thought that would stump you... Must be plenty of old Bus Drivers on here that remember that word... SUET- was a commonly used word to describe overtime " O tha sueting " Also I can assure HHR that during my time on the busses I met many drivers whom I could relate to as "Numpties"
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