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  1. On the news today...... July 2019 Boris to reduce corporation tax from 19% to 17% claiming it actually increases revenue. Today, Boris postpones reduction in corporation tax, saving 6 billion pounds . Very confusing.
  2. Morning sweetness... Anthropoid
  3. I have always watched it Pat, used to think it was a brilliant programme..But like other long running series its past its sell by date. As you say, its like watching repeats.. even the contestants aren't much too write home about..still watch it though.
  4. Cheers Prob, bit too complicated for me.. just wondered why it had changed from a K104 to a 35L.
  5. It's amazing what you can find with a little research (thank you goggle)….. Their were Mosquito squadrons, horses, dogs, and even carrier pigeons used in the 2nd world war, But very little mention of the role the humble British gerroffmee wasp played. One little known mission codenamed operation Dolly Peg was carried out in December 1943.. British Intelligence had managed to crack the Enigma code and gain vital information about the whereabouts off German troops, it was established that the Germans, having fought their way through horrendous conditions needed to wash their clothing... This was done on Monday mornings at 9am..having finished the washing, they would then hang it out to dry on the Siegfried line.. So the Allies concocted a cunning plan, a swarmy squadron of British Gerroffmee wasps was despatched over the English Channel, and trained to remove all the clothes pegs on the Siegfried Line.. It worked and all the German clothes and under ware fell off into mud and sludge . This had a massive impact on German moral, slowing their advance and giving the allies the upper hand. Of course the Germans were very upset about these tactics, Herr Hitler called the British spoilsports and childish, he vowed revenge. A few weeks later he called upon his generals and top scientists to a meeting at the Reichstag to counteract the threat of the gerroffmee wasp. A genetically modified bug would be developed , a SUPER bug,no...a KILLER bug,no..a NASTY pesky bug, no...………. A bug invented by a Professor Heinrich Von Doodleiser (NICKNAMED THE DOODLEBUG) it was designed to fly across the English Channel devouring Gerroffmee wasps (bit like Pac Man), it didn't work, our intrepid wasps were all fitted with Sat Navs, allowing them to detect any incoming doodle bugs, the doodle bugs were then intercepted and shot down by Mosquitos, helped by the iconic Spitfire. Located East of Lincoln just of the B1202 road lies a memorial to our brave wasps, its aptly called Wasps Nest (yes it doe's exist, check it out) The construction is similar to a mini Taj Mahal, its surrounded by lots of residential wasps nests. Well worth a visit , take a half empty jar of Mackay's Scottish Strawberry Preserve, place it on the perimeter fence, and they may come out to feed...……..The project is mainly funded by the manufacture and production of Stinger devices, purchased by police forces up and down the country, you can of course leave a donation.. So remember, if you encounter a wasp in your home this coming summer, don't reach for the aerosol can, open a window and coax it out, we may need their services again.
  6. Don't remind me, hate November.. Just of out now.
  7. Thanks for that Willman..I do owe them £357-60p. which is less than last year, think its unpaid tax on bank interest.
  8. Thanks DeZeus.. Thought I would be paying more, sods law isn't it... its never less.. will have to check my income in April , and work it out from there.
  9. I was once told by two keen gardeners to put manure on Rhubarb... I tried it, much prefer custard.
  10. I've just spent all morning trying to figure out how police manage to put handcuffs on a one armed criminal.
  11. Francy your an absolute star, what a squadron.....
  12. Thanks for your time Terry.. Came this morning, loads of gobbledegook , I can't make end or tail of it. It's like trying to crack the enigma code, think I will take it to Bletchley Park.. Why don't they just put a note at the end... ( this means you will pay more/less tax next year).
  13. Any of you smart guys help me, I haven't a clue. My tax code has gone from K 104... to 35 L... Do I pay more or less tax.
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