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  1. Been friends with Stan.. C.
  2. I'm certainly not writing the Blades off, just got a few niggling doubts about which direction they are heading. Time will tell, as you say..
  3. Got to hand it to Mr Rudds he does try, bless him.. But now it's time to give him the 🥾
  4. It's always going to be a fight for survival I'm afraid, last season was an exceptional season, and all credit to the Blades. Without a top manager, huge investment, massive stadium they will struggle.. Chris Wilder has been magnificence, but without the proper tools I feel he has taken them as far as he can.. Personally I think Blades can thank Hendo for last seasons heroics, now he's gone, I fear the worst. Hope I'm wrong..
  5. Huge congratulations Rocker, doe's this mean less time in't garage. ?
  6. According to google, R C Smith plasterer Browning Rd.. Very good recommendations as well...
  7. Crikey me, Can't argue with that, very artistic as well......
  8. Here comes Padders with a big one.. 2500
  9. Thank's a lot, I'll take it tomorrow.. Just been to Shirecliffe recycling site, they do not accept used fire extinguisher's.. Not a problem but how do I get rid ?
  10. Will the dumpit sites take fire extinguisher's please ?
  11. Captured an escaped convict.
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