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  1. You have done, I thought you'd got Crooner Virus.
  2. The so called Celebs get a vast amount of money for appearing on the show , hundreds of thousands in some cases. Would it not be a good idea to have members of the public compete, with a say 100,000k as the winners prize. It would save the TV company money, and would attract some oddball characters. Worth a pilot show.
  3. Brummies rioting at Wolverhampton Lidl. Riots.
  4. Nothing planned... Another flaming lockdown day stuck in, really fed up with it now.
  5. Wetherspoons shares are currently trading at £1070.00
  6. Don't bank on it, been waiting 64 yrs and no luck.
  7. Cash them in, I've only got one... Thanks for the info though, interesting.
  8. Already done that pal, not won anything.
  9. Just completed tonights trial Pres. Packet of peanuts and 6 cans of Guinness.
  10. Mines due a big win then..
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