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  1. It will provide them with a laugh if I don't wear a towel 😂😂😂😂😂
  2. Yes for a fair trial a fair meal and a fair execution 😀
  3. Best times of my life cept for 80's lol 😇
  4. Are you any relation to buller rigby used to work in scrapyard????
  5. Google picture sheffield for some grimesthorpe piccys 😜
  6. Yep he worked in steelworks.. Well most of us did 😀
  7. Bet you sailed it at Firth Park boating lake... Now cast into history books
  8. Gilson lavis drummer with squeeze gave the whip a fair crack as well brilliant drummer loved his beer lol
  9. Nasty piece of work she is... Spiteful
  10. Shocking she should be held to trial the law stinks 😱
  11. Sure that bird was owned by Dennis cornthwaite it used to swear like a good un we lived on Clevedon St thi k you lived near askhams?
  12. Not really most British firms are struggling these days.... At least you tried and no doubt banked a few quid whilst doind so 😂😂😂🤣
  13. The £78 was to pay Marston mate for services rendered then they pile interest on and milk you for more get a final settlement and pay it they like a dog with a bone was £18 for every letter in 1980 so God knows how much nowadays its legalised robbery people refuse to pay a £60parking fine end up bankrupt 😡
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