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  1. John Hardwick lived at page hall ginger hair went to earl Marshall school no brothers might have had a sister 🙄
  2. Knocked around with Garry ward for years aka sarge he lives in Leeds now I was same age as Marie ward went to school together infants junior and senior 😜
  3. What's happening to page hall and Vir vale
  4. Good job he had a car 😂😂😂am sure he was called Mr Palmer also cleaned windows?
  5. Well said crookesey am doing same got to think what young UN's going to do in a few years ?
  6. Used to have a pint with Scot commander now and then his mum was Edna big families in them days 😛
  7. Grew up at page hall moved there after slum clearance at Grimesthorpe lived above Davy the bakers on page hall shops for around 14 years loved it skinnerthorpe road was a well to do area had a few friends on there went to Grimesthorpe school then whiteways when it 1st opened was also first to move into earl Marshal school also just built have many great memories of the area it's a crying shame how the area has now fallen to its knees 😠
  8. Heard its on Penistone rd? Old Crown be nice to see a few old faces 😜
  9. Ask on the Attercliffe thread am sure someone will help 👍
  10. Tommy (standback) Rogers right lazy git attended both pits note the word attended lol.
  11. My old foreman was called Graham Truelove lived on Badger Estate Woodhouse smashing bloke 👍
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