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  1. Dunt be daft you couldn't afford brillos only fairy carbolic that made your eyes sting lol as for pigeons yeah tasted OK 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  2. Know some webbs from Sheffield lol too many Daves to mention though... Good luck swebb 🙏
  3. Never know mate anythings possible.
  4. Knew a Graham colley wonder if they may be related would like to see hin again after 50 years.... 🙏
  5. Everyone in Grimesthorpe kept pigeons at some time... Well got no feedback on ball inn so went and had a look. Yep it's shut had a walk down little lane it's a jungle now hard to believe that as kids we played down there amongst the rows of terrace houses bowling green one end ball at the other both cast into the historic past of Grimesthorpe..... RIP
  6. That's nice to know he was a good bloke took him to bakewell once poaching but that's another story....
  7. Knocked about with a guy called Trevor Buzzy had running dogs and terriers around 1980.
  8. Heard a whisper that the Ball /ringside has now shut down can anyone confirm this before I have a treck from Barnsley?????
  9. Done some stressing in Totley tunnel spent some time at Totley box when I worked on rail its a nice walk through tunnel to Grindleford some say its haunted
  10. Lived on deer lands av for a short time near 8ft steel Houses across Brook some good memories huntsman parson cross hotel moved to Hillsborough 1984.
  11. Smashing bloke his wife was called Jane I think we drank as couples on Saturday it was a great night out followed by curry at nirmals... Good old days a cast into history books loads of pubs always bustling and never much bother either 😁
  12. Francis Butler did run a club on Grimesthorpe Road;Butlers did a lot for charity including organising the Grimesthorpe feast!
  13. Sorry can't remember was around 1980 when I last saw him... His wife was a lot younger than him used to go in tramways on London Road good old Saturday nights 👍Dave was a landscape gardener worked up ringinlow and was only around 50 when he passed away.
  14. Everyone went to reform Chapel or Grimesthorpe boys club at some time in the 70's sadly boys clubs gone now I am not sure if it changed to Grimesthorpe youth club and allowed girls in later in life?
  15. Had a pal on club St Dave Hunt passed away years ago but was well known for having terriers and lurcher dogs for hunting 🤔
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