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  1. They can't communicate with each other no arbitration just fight until one concedes then ask for funding off other countries to be honest av had enough of it so let them crack on loverly countries being wrecked idiots are sitting on a tourist goldmine brainwashed lot of em let's live in squalor instead of of a good life .
  2. Who are you to decide who gets nuked ?
  3. Uneducated animals still in dark ages swop a 12 year old girl for a camel have abortion when having girls only want sons time they moved forwards ... make a nice place for a holidays if they grew up
  4. Good on you mafya I grew up around the east end it was brilliant everyone got on its prime industrial land and housing why they cleared the slum and then built beautiful houses at catcliffe flood plains remains a poser ?
  5. Nuke the lot flatten it and let the survivers regenerate like Horishima 👍
  6. They were out of order should be jailed some coppers think they above the law not all ......just some .
  7. My mistake yes Sunday 3rd Dec 9am I stand corrected 😉
  8. It's happened again in Handsworth police shot dead two bully type dogs for attack on another innocent dog walker .
  9. Well he would say that being as his country's wealth is based on oil?
  10. Thanks pal I spelled it wrong but knew there was no I in the name .
  11. It was actually pierpont the sign was there last time I looked!
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