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  1. Would do but not keen on corbins big ideas so voting green party 🤔
  2. Crazy it's all Politically incorrect what's next black Friday racist!
  3. World would be a better place if everyone got on... Religion root of all Evil
  4. Thanks lol I shoot on a local farm and if you saw what free range poultry ate you wouldn't eat free range birds or eggs 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  5. The chips at my local (Corton Wood) are shocking still got skin on tasteless as I said get chicken from there and chips from elsewhere KFC gone down hill over tears at Firth Park in 80's you struggled to eat it all you got that much!
  6. Different place nowadays saw Keith Robinson a week since don't see any of the lads anymore chat with Richie stones on forum happy memories all families moved on now!
  7. LOL yeah remember the card games well same happened up road at horseshoe usually on a Friday... Pay day
  8. Yeah Firth park was a fantastic pub in 80's
  9. I used to go in Wharncliffe as a teenager smashing pub went past today its not a pub anymore... Do you have any memories of the pub good or bad
  10. Never been pinched in 40 years nice clean licence still think cops target motorists though
  11. Why is it police only seem to rapid response to motoring offences 🤔
  12. Go for it East Coast Skegness Ingoldmells plenty on seasonal work 9 or 10 months a year bit bleak in winter but loverly and peaceful sjre you will enjoy it 👍
  13. Remember quaker oats factory catching 52 bus to work at Crosby kitchens if nobody picked me up at bus stop!
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