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  1. The name Dave Slinn rings a bell?
  2. Jimmy used to bounce with Trevor Tinsley now both dead last saw Jim in bradgate club playing snooker Trevor lived at Meadowbank and kept birds in his retirement both men mellowed as they got older but scotch Jim still Had a short fuse lol bless em both...
  3. Had a few friends that lived on there.. Derek Stewart Dave Stephenson can't recall other names had some good times around the area in 70s!
  4. Was a cracking night out on square at Ecclesfield in 80's walked from one side to the other with same pint 😇
  5. There's a clough house at top of clough Street Rotherham once was a nunnery but was bought by Asians and now looks like beautiful had a complete face lift saved from demolishing 👍
  6. Yep enzers chippy nice picture on picture sheffield... Took old newspaper and got a bag of scraps and a few chips for nowt... It was a few as well lol
  7. Butlers chippy if my memory serves me right but will stand corrected as not 100%sure 🤔Think the pub your on about was the Wellington?
  8. Can remember Jane wragg and her alsation major think her dad had something to do with Lane top club?
  9. On another note who can remember the crocodiles at Tiffanys night club!
  10. Very sad news Brenda Bailey from Hunsley Street passed away well known lady mother of David Neil and Antony (Gurdy) RIP
  11. Firth Park Hotel : Ball Inn and Sheffield Arms 3 quality pubs cast into history books... RIP
  12. Knew some lawtons off Deer lands Ave in 80's George and his son used to drink in huntsman pub not seen them for 30 years though!
  13. Ah not much gets passed us Grimesthorpe folk 😀
  14. Remember it well 👍did you know it was named after a racehorse? Not a lot of people know that 😄
  15. Does anyone know what happened to the ball inn on Upwell St? It's been redeveloped from what I can see shame the pubs now closed
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