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  1. Yes they lived at side of gennel across from carruthers lorna Danny and vanna can't remember rest 🤔
  2. So you agree animals should die with the least pain possible?
  3. You said there's no. Point in trying to minimise suffering earlier? Make your mind up.
  4. Can anyone remember Ken mansell he was a local fisherman and war veteran who lived in the oval had a big family 🤔
  5. No point wanting to minimise suffering sorry I think there is...
  6. Take plastic off 😂😂😂😂😉
  7. Humanly stun them so they died in their sleep with as little pain as possible.. And no I am not vegetarian I eat most meat except sausage! (watched it been made once never had another)
  8. Regardless of religion this thread has turned to a debate about animal cruelty on a vast scale I for one would like an end to this barbaric method of killing animals...
  9. He should have phoned in sick if he wasn't up to driving the bus... JOB Done lol
  10. Absolutely terrible treatment it was hard to distinguish the animals from the animals doing the slaughtering time it was made illigal apart from approved abbatiors
  11. Meat tastes the same no matter how its slaughtered a cow with its throat cut tastes just the same as a cow that's been shot once its ready to go in oven.
  12. Meat is meat it tastes the same no matter how it died it may taste different due to the way it is reared but as for the way its slaughtered makes no difference at all to the taste.....
  13. Islamic slaughter is in the dark ages I personally agree that it should be banned as animal cruelty but where can you draw the line? Chickens hung upside down on a conveyer belt to be beheaded and plucked and gutted is not exactly un cruel is it!!!!
  14. Chicken madras sounds better.... Probably halal chicken as well 👌
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