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  1. gaz 786

    Page Hall Shops - History

    LOL that was Martins shop it sold car spares ect. Prior to that it was a chemist shop I should know I lived next door for 14 years 😔
  2. gaz 786

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    It's odds on she will worm her way back in one way of another she got no emotions what so ever no morals scruples needs to be irradiated out of way.....
  3. Try the Dinnington website sure someone will know
  4. gaz 786

    Page Hall Shops - History

    Correct Martin Nortcliffe and his older brother Barry Popes hardware and DIY was on the corner until they moved into patnics junk shop next door. I spent many a good year around those shops and remember them with pride 👍
  5. gaz 786

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    I always thought so... Unless europrats legalised it to keep world peace.
  6. gaz 786

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    About time Common sense to. Keep her out good riddance
  7. gaz 786

    C.B. Radio in Sheffield

    Dint Dave Bradley pinch ur windscreen out off manta?
  8. gaz 786

    Wensley street prefabs

    Was that Clark????
  9. gaz 786

    Page Hall Shops - History

    Bet most of em are dead now 🤔
  10. gaz 786

    Binghams Potted Meat

    Try potters of Barnsley best ever!
  11. gaz 786

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    Well said I have been accused of racisim and the best mate I ever had was Jamaican... She's a terrorist supporter and must be treated with caution.
  12. From what I read he sounded a great down to earth guy thanks hillsbro👍
  13. Disgusting the whole judicial system has gone to pot bring back caning in school and coppers clipping cheeky kids it worked in the old days

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