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  1. An old friend from Firth park drowned in there his name was Lewis Rose part of a big family off flower estate
  2. Well said and openly honest it was a great area to live in the 70s
  3. On the spot fines or court and community service picking up litter I grew up at page hall and have a lot of respect for the area it was lovely in the 70s and early 80s
  4. Was it called DDD? Think it sold doors was near motorcycle shop .
  5. As far as I know Alan is still ok and knocking around not seen Dave for years last time I saw him was in Rotherham 👍
  6. Knew Alan kilby well he was a good pool player we used to play in Wharncliffe at firth park I was mates with David Nicholson also deaf they were very good friends
  7. Cleavedon st grimesthorpe now long gone am afraid !
  8. I know a lad called Barry Pass aka Dabba lives at Hillsborough may be related?
  9. Had some cracking strippers on Sunday dinner !!!
  10. Man Francis earl marshal and his side kick Dowson (up to my room boy) 50 years ago and still remember them words 😜
  11. Yeah they could open a nice new swimming baths in the area like we had years ago sheaf valley !
  12. Ah Tony and Rony if If I am correct 👍
  13. Was Tony Capstick a radio Hallem DJ?
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