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  1. 100% correct my friend 😂😂😂😂
  2. Rory Stewart started pulling a few trees up.....
  3. Not anymore there not..... Corner gauge cracking easy repair they weld it up and use a frog grinder to blend it in with existing rail
  4. Biggest fiddle up to date and the guilty parties got away Scott free
  5. If I don't watch BBC do I still need A licence?
  6. We had them under decking down garden stopped feeding birds and they went overnight.. No food no rats simple
  7. Yes it did get a little bit nasty I actually closed my account down for a month or so 👍
  8. Probably goes hunting that's why
  9. License should be free for pensioners end off what next means test for a bus pass people dying told to reapply for benefits this country gets worse....
  10. Disgusting its the 21st century time everyone got on we only have life live it
  11. His name was John heywood his mother worked there as well Blanch a right battle axe lol
  12. Special privileges in what respect? Grimesthorpe was a special place ask anyone who lived there before the slum clearance 😔😔😔😔
  13. Blue ball at Hillsborough was a fair size and cannon in town centre was also big taking In the cellar bar Saturday afternoon favourite of mine 😇
  14. Can confirm one is at Wakefield and doing OK 👍
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