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  1. What I'd like to know is what is going to happen to the £240 Million that we have paid to Rwanda if the deal falls through? https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-67656220#:~:text=The UK has given Rwanda,sent to the African nation. So far not one single immigrant has been sent to Rwanda from the UK. There's a letter in the Times today from a lawyer pointing out that our government proposing legislation deeming " conclusively " that Rwanda is " safe " doesn't make it true, Rwanda was judged to be unsafe by the UK Supreme Court last month. That being the case I can see this whole thing being another monumental balls up, if it turns out like that what happens to the two hundred and forty million quid of taxpayers money?
  2. I raised the point about attitudes to Scousers in my post in response to your OP. You must have heard derogatory comments about Liverpool fans and Liverpool people over the years? I was simply making the point that in my experience they're mainly decent people.
  3. The abuse that Liverpool people get from certain people annoys me. I always wonder how many Scousers do they actually know? Back in the day I used to stay overnight once a month in Liverpool on business, that went on for a number of years. Liverpool and Newcastle - where I also stayed over - were my favourite places to visit, I find both Scousers and Geordies to be friendly and amusing.
  4. The tackle on Bogle happened directly in front of where I was sat. It was an obvious foul and Bogle was fortunate not to get hurt more than he did. I wasn't in a good position to give an opinion on the one leading to their first goal but it begs the question as to why that one was checked on VAR and the Bogle one wasn't? There's a definite bias toward the top teams in Premier refereeing decision making. It isn't a conspiracy against us in particular it applies to all Big v standard clubs. Discussing it last night at the match someone made the point that the Premier League attracts the top players in the world, why not the top referees as well? At least that way it would eliminate personal favouritism shown toward a particular team. As for VAR the referee on the pitch should be the final decision maker. If the VAR operators spot what they believe to be an infringement they should draw the refs attention to it and then STFU. The ref then takes a look and He makes the decision without any further input from Stockley Park. If further input as to the quality of his decision is required we'll give it to him, that's one of the things we buy our tickets for.
  5. Thankfully not many do, but those who do are indeed hypocritical. Not quite as hypocritical as British people complaining about foreigners coming to this country uninvited though, given how the empire was formed 😉
  6. He had every right to be in Ireland and is regarded as a hero by many. The Irish - generally speaking - take a very laid back attitude to immigrants to their country. Providing they are there to work and improve their lives they're welcome. Ireland knows a bit about having to immigrate to survive and its diaspora are spread across the planet. It's now a wealthy country and has little problem with incomers. Per Capita it has more immigrants than the UK, like every country it has its share of racist scum but most people are relaxed about the situation. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/dublin-ireland-deliveroo-driver-fundraiser-child-knife-b2453349.html
  7. There are - and have been - many highly intelligent, competent and caring people who believe in a religion. Because I personally find it impossible to believe does not mean that I disparage believers. The same applies to atheists another group that have a belief that they can't prove, there have been many decent human beings that have been - or are - atheists. To me how you treat others is the only way to measure peoples worth. Someone's religious belief or non belief is their own affair. Going on some of the stuff that's come out recently about our politicians we are currently ' led ' by a bunch of drunks and druggies. Competence, a regard for the welfare of all the country's citizens and honesty is what we need. Currently we appear to be sadly lacking in those particular virtues.
  8. Once again you demonstrate your lack of intelligence. In fairness though how could you deny the facts stated in the post which prove you're a moron? 🤣
  9. When questioned by the police the deranged person said that he carried out the attack because of all the Muslims being killed in Palestine and Afghanistan. As the latest Israeli Hamas situation started in October he wasn't too out of date with political affairs. Attacking random people without any idea as to their religion or political views still qualifies him as a nutter. Not that attacking anyone whatever their religion or political view would be acceptable. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-67604591 Enlisting lunatics to carry out attacks on innocent people using the internet is a despicable way of conducting things but that's the world we live in today. No one said it was our fault, it's the result of countries interference over centuries and we've been saddled with it. But acting as though it's all one sided and our lot are as pure as the driven snow is a bit pathetic. The innocents who are harmed by this are definitely not at fault.
  10. I'm someone who believes that the people who live in a country have the right to run that country, and if a foreign country interferes in their affairs and wont leave after being requested to do so then they have a right to use force, and those that brought that situation about should stop whining. You on the other hand are someone who has no problem pontificating about things you know nothing whatsoever about aren't you? Remember when you told us that Britain - a country that didn't exist as a polity at the time - invaded Ireland in order to prevent France from using Ireland as a route to invade ' Britain' ? At that time the French born French speaking Henry II King of the English, Duke of the Normans and Aquitanians and Count of Angevins was King and hardly worried about invading himself. Your lack of knowledge and complete ignorance about any particular subject doesn't prevent you from voicing your opinion though does it? Excuse me from treating your opinions with the ' respect ' they deserve.
  11. What has that got to do with anything? Is it true or isn't it that Europeans have invaded the Middle East and interfered with their affairs, partitioned their countries and helped ourselves to their assets before any of them did anything to us? That being the case it's understandable that there would be a reaction. Yes we have to protect ourselves against that but whining on as though we've been picked on by these terrible people doesn't help anything.
  12. The country responsible for the most wars in the last one hundred years is the United States of America, it has been at war for 222 years out of the first 239 years of its existence. England/Britain has been at war with all but 22 of the 196 sovereign nations in the world. France is the most successful military nation in Europe, wars fought, wars won. Each of those is a supposedly Christian country, so perhaps claiming that all would be peace and quite if Christianity was the world religion may not be true. Muslim countries tend to engage in civil war rather than fighting other countries as much as the Christian world does.
  13. cuttsie The Aztecs were a warlike people and proud of it, they also carried out human sacrifices. Catholic Franciscan monks confronted Aztec priests and demanded that they stop. https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/02757206.2022.2060215#:~:text=The Aztec-Mexica people of,by both men and women. https://www.history.com/news/aztec-human-sacrifice-religion You do understand that worshipping the Moon and Sun is a religion don't you? Spending up before you snuff it means paying tax on what you spend it on and depriving your children of their inheritance. There's no escape, the government has got you coming and going.
  14. If someone attacks someone randomly that they don't know, and has done them no personal harm then yes, I think that mental instability is the reason. Just about everyone is capable of being violent under certain circumstances. Self defence or the protection of others is a reasonable reason for the use of force. Just deciding to attack someone without a specific reason is a sign of a mental problem. Religion is an excuse for lunacy from some people but without it they would still be violent maniacs. Did the attacker in Paris engage the people he attacked in conversation to verify that they were anti Islamic? I've met white Muslims he had no idea and couldn't care less, just wanted to be violent. Religion is used to justify atrocities but it is also used for good and overall the good outweighs the bad but the bad gets the publicity. I was raised religiously but don't believe in any religion dreamt up by the limited imagination of humanity. I'm not an atheist which is another belief in something that can't be proved. I'm agnostic, I simply accept the fact that I don't know. I have seen religion provide comfort in times of heartbreak and have regretted that I simply can't believe. But I wouldn't deny the consolation to those who do.
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