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  1. smary

    Best cd copying software

    how would I customise windows media player not to acquire usage rights?
  2. can anyone recommend a free cd copying software. I have a disc I do not want to lose so wish to make a copy.
  3. will get back to you when I next go to see her - she hasn't got much computer knowledge so I will have to be present to guide her. She di say she had tried to follow the Microsoft advice but it hadnt worked.
  4. the f drive shows its empty I think the problem is far more complex than just having a clean up
  5. any ideas on how to stop this pop up - its driving my friend mad. I haven't got the problem so any tips would be appreciated.
  6. smary

    External cd/dvd drive

    Like to keep you upto date - the problem is solved emailed the company and they arranged to send out a replacement, which at the moment is working!!!!
  7. smary

    External cd/dvd drive

    Well swarfendor43 many thanks for that but its way above my pay scale - didn't understand a word of it accept 8 GB memory stick!!! Anyway contacted Govee and they are sending out a replacement so watch this space.
  8. smary

    External cd/dvd drive

    Thanks for reminding me. I have contacted Govee - lets see what happens
  9. My friends new laptop came without a cd slot, I understand this is the norm these days. She purchased an external cd drive Govee which we used to install a couple of software programs. But today it won't work - the laptop says it doesn't recognise the drive. We have tried it in all the usb slots but nothing. I have brought the drive home to my computer and it is saying the same thing - cannot recognise the drive. We are both using Windows 10. Any help would be appreciated! Unfortunately the 30 day return date has just passed so can't return it.
  10. smary

    Marianne Glendinng DRONFIELD

    Check out the phone books for Dronfield - there is a Raymond Glendinning on the electoral roll
  11. smary

    Heeley Memories

    There are several pictures on sheffield pictures of cottages.
  12. I am wondering if I can view my photos on the tv from my tablet. I happened quite by accident weeks ago but since then I can't do it. When I scan for nearby devices on the tablet nothing comes up.
  13. My friends new laptop has arrived without a cd drive. Can we use the old laptop to act as a cd drive so that we can put her software onto the new laptop. Also will a 8 gb flashdrive be big enough to make a recovery disc
  14. smary

    TV shows up on computer network

    I shall have to Google how to stream!!
  15. My tv shows up on my computer can someone explain how I can make use of this??

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