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  1. This is difficult to explain but when my pc has been quiet for a while I get pictures showing - they ask do I like this etc. but when I press enter to open the computer up nothing happens I have to ctrl alt delete. It then goes to sign in and I can press enter and the thing fires up correctly. This is annoying any suggestions?
  2. What is powershell ?- why is it opening every time I switch on even though I have disabled it in the start up section. Do I need powershell??
  3. I seem to remember they had love seats!! - I saw Elvis in Blue Hawaii - my friend had her first cig and was sick - she never went on to have her second.
  4. My Mcafee is about to expire any recommendations for total protection(I use that word loosely) - nothing is total.
  5. I have back up files going back to early 2018 - my external harddrive is getting full. Can I delete early back ups?
  6. thanks for the replies - have sent her off with the information, letting her sort it out now.
  7. My niece has started college and they are using photoshop - can anyone explain the best way to get this - buying it seems to have changed to a monthly fee.
  8. Update, tried connecting with ethernet cable and speed no better Its got to be the pc so now not sure what to do next. At the moment we are just living with the slow speed!
  9. A bit more information may help you- Mary had a brother Israel and one Edwin - Edwin died in 2000 in the Worksop area. Israel married Kate Thompson in 1940 he died in 1974 she died in 1979- but they both may have had children so worth looking for them. I will have a search!!
  10. I'm using the same site to check the speed on all the comps. We are considering moving the desktop nearer the router so watch this space. Thank you everyone foryour assistance, but I think you can rest your brains now. I will get back to you if I need more help.
  11. I've just looked on the electoral roll and there are hundreds - one in Sheffield - I think more information is needed. He is Patrick J Smyth and age between 50-60?
  12. Hi Cyclone - just done that and the speed is showing as 28.3 with the Smartbyte on - with it off its 37.9 - on the internet broadband speed check its showing as still 9 ish - why the difference . So don't know what has changed, but very happy about it. Should I disable Smartbyte? I should also say re your comments about your speed - I live in a small village in Cornwall and we have only had a mobile phone signal for 3 years so am over the moon with my 72 Mb. You city people don't know how lucky you are!!!lol Thank you RollingJ for your input -
  13. Swarfendor437 - I have tried to follow your instructions - on step 3 (choose how your updates are delivered)- the PCs on my local network is selected. The computer is relatively new about 2 years Inspiron 3668. I feel that you chaps are spending a lot of time on this problem for which I am very grateful - unfortunately I am not that computer literate so you will forgive me if I sound 'thick'. Also on step 3 the option allow downloads from other PC's is ON
  14. You are correct it isn't a custom built - just a common Dell Inspiron i3 and it came with wifi fitted. I have done option 5 as suggested and the speed is shown as 72 Mp which BT say is the correct speed to the house. It then drops to 45 on the laptop - 9 on the desktop. Both laptop and desktop were in the same room when I ran the test, but not both switched on at the same time. I conclude from everyones comments the problem is with the desktop - next problem is how to solve it!!!
  15. the desktop is on constantly so don't think its the updates.
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