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  1. Yes Lily was my mums cousin - I think her husband was Arthur. Their son was Ian. Retep, What is your connection? Just checked my research and yes he was George Arthur - but uncle Arthur to me.
  2. Yes Lily was my mums cousin - I think her husband was Arthur. Their son was Ian.
  3. I had some relatives called Burkin (ian)and some called Reynolds(John)- I seem to remember they lived on Palgrave
  4. Just to let you know - Sky box up and running. thanks for all the help
  5. Can I use my old sky box as a freesat receiver and if yes how do I go about it?
  6. I wonder if the rill was part of the water system for the steel works!
  7. I don't know if I am dreaming but perhaps someone out there will confirm - when I was little say 1960's my family used to go for a picnic in Stocksbridge. There was a rill running through the woods, it was man made I think. Can anyone confirm this or was it just a dream!!!!
  8. This is difficult to explain but when my pc has been quiet for a while I get pictures showing - they ask do I like this etc. but when I press enter to open the computer up nothing happens I have to ctrl alt delete. It then goes to sign in and I can press enter and the thing fires up correctly. This is annoying any suggestions?
  9. What is powershell ?- why is it opening every time I switch on even though I have disabled it in the start up section. Do I need powershell??
  10. I seem to remember they had love seats!! - I saw Elvis in Blue Hawaii - my friend had her first cig and was sick - she never went on to have her second.
  11. My Mcafee is about to expire any recommendations for total protection(I use that word loosely) - nothing is total.
  12. I have back up files going back to early 2018 - my external harddrive is getting full. Can I delete early back ups?
  13. thanks for the replies - have sent her off with the information, letting her sort it out now.
  14. My niece has started college and they are using photoshop - can anyone explain the best way to get this - buying it seems to have changed to a monthly fee.
  15. Update, tried connecting with ethernet cable and speed no better Its got to be the pc so now not sure what to do next. At the moment we are just living with the slow speed!
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