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  1. So sorry to hear about Nigel - we had Whomersley in our family history and often shared information.
  2. I think my cousin lived there - John Gascoigne
  3. A trip to the library may help - if they still have phone books
  4. I haven't got a Peter Bolsover in my tree at the moment - but there was one living in Sheffield if you can get hold of a phone book. You could give him a call to see if its the one you are looking for. He was in the Sheffield 2 area.
  5. Hi, Joanne - so sorry to hear about Ian. I am related to Lily she was my mums cousin. I have loads of research on the family if you are interested. regards Smary
  6. there is someone on ancestry who has Mary in their tree.
  7. I knew an Ian Staniland in 1967 - who used to cycle with the Sheffield Sports cycling club - I think he went to Oz.
  8. I have this family in my ancestry. I would suggest that Barnet moved to work at the large Salford Gas works. George and Harriet Housley are my 3x grandparents. who would be if my calculations are correct would be Barnets grandparents.
  9. Do you have any other information? Parents name etc - date of birth!
  10. Yes Lily was my mums cousin - I think her husband was Arthur. Their son was Ian. Retep, What is your connection? Just checked my research and yes he was George Arthur - but uncle Arthur to me.
  11. Yes Lily was my mums cousin - I think her husband was Arthur. Their son was Ian.
  12. I had some relatives called Burkin (ian)and some called Reynolds(John)- I seem to remember they lived on Palgrave
  13. Just to let you know - Sky box up and running. thanks for all the help
  14. Can I use my old sky box as a freesat receiver and if yes how do I go about it?
  15. I wonder if the rill was part of the water system for the steel works!
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