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  1. I'm using Microsoft 10 and dont laugh but my mail was a blue icon with an envelope !!! Should I disable my anti virus and do a system restore. As my grandson never uses the pc can I remove the spanish 365 etc.
  2. I think 365 is something to do with my grandson! I didnt download it I have tried system restore but it freezes.
  3. I have uninstalled Microsoft 365 en-us in error for some reason this has removed my email program - any suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. Thank you been trying to remember yes it was Dewires
  5. Can anyone recall the name of a wholesale store just on the left at the bottom of Spital hill. I think it began with a D
  6. There appears to be another child Winston Solomon Seivwright born 1970 mothers maiden name is Scarborough - he died in 1970 - could this be one of yours. Joanne Lyn gives born 1972 mothers maiden name Clift
  7. we bought our first bed there - bottom of Ecclesall Road in 1967 - we were very embarrassed when the assistant said we should get on the bed and test it!!!
  8. My Dad Frank Hibbert worked at NC from 1947 I wish he was still here he had a great memory. I worked there for a few years 1970s. I worked from Mr Colton chief metallagist. Names I remember Bob Scorrah! Robert Littlejohn, Stuart Ramage
  9. A Sylvia M Shaw married a Malcolm Green in 1962 - could this be the daughter??
  10. You may find this interesting - https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/43258948/thomas-james-burtoft Strange if he died back home he seems to be buried in France.
  11. So sorry to hear about Nigel - we had Whomersley in our family history and often shared information.
  12. I think my cousin lived there - John Gascoigne
  13. A trip to the library may help - if they still have phone books
  14. I haven't got a Peter Bolsover in my tree at the moment - but there was one living in Sheffield if you can get hold of a phone book. You could give him a call to see if its the one you are looking for. He was in the Sheffield 2 area.
  15. Hi, Joanne - so sorry to hear about Ian. I am related to Lily she was my mums cousin. I have loads of research on the family if you are interested. regards Smary
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