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  1. Well apparently the Owls tried to sign him in January? so I wouldn't be surprised if it happens.
  2. 2 ways with Windas ,1 get him fit for next season or 2 sell him but it's got to be in the Owls interest & not for a small amount .
  3. Ooooo ok ,bet your gob is as big as is gob ,I'm surely guna win this one mi owd hands down😀😀😀👍👍
  4. Bet your dad's bigger than his dad 😄😄😄😄
  5. Well ,we all see things differently but clearly he's stamping on the fan & not the 1st time he's used his feet before,but the EFL are investigating & wanting footage & the police will be involved until the outcome of that we will see ???
  6. Just seen a video clip of McBurnie stamping on a forest fan ..
  7. Simple "LIFE BAN " police prosecution
  8. 🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕
  9. I totally don't get it whooooooosh yep ,but hey no one has died its only football.👍
  10. You could easily block each other 😉
  11. Sorry wipe Dem tears away & a disappointing result , please enlighten me I'm totally lost to this 😢
  12. Oooook & the punch line is ????????
  13. Another 1 for you , The Blades have just put their next beauty contestant out, Morgan Gibbs white in the "MISS PENALTY COMPETITION "!
  14. Wey hey 6 points 👉 just popped onto the adidas site ??? Just bought some adidas SAMBA 😁
  15. 😀😀😀 been to forest Green been to notts forest & County , banter that's my middle name ,mard arse that's you first name chill mucka. 😁👌
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