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  1. Did he make profit ? Did he spend alot of money to make a profit? Or did he brake even? . Also you could also put it on the other foot ,he took a gamble on the Owls & spent money & Im sure the Owls under him where the highest in wages in league 1 & Megson did gave them a good roasting for playing for the shirt having being paid good money .?
  2. Took the Owls from going into Administration paid off debts ,got the Owls out of League 1 & spent money on players & mangement & did he make a profit out of the club mybe or maybe not ? But thought he was leaving it in good hands ,& at first yes but Chansiri had taken this club into the mire & lost the plot ,.
  3. No need to get angry or to kick off on anything put on here anymore , Now for a side in diseray I myself have lost confidence in all of the club from top to bottom & DM should hve been appointed straight after Dinasore pulis was sacked ? & for me Chansiri should just sell up & let someone like our previous owner actually who gave a dam about this club take over
  4. Same old losing useless toothless wednesday 😪
  5. Great result ,tbh they had a maybe 15/20 mins ,but other than that ," GET IN"
  6. 1.0 to the Owls ,best half I have seen the owls in a long time ,best team winning
  7. I said & knew the Owls would win today 😁😁😁😁, ?????????? Wait for it
  8. Hutchinson suspended is better than a playing pelupessy
  9. Could have been a couple down ,but well done to patched up Owls 👍. Liam Shaw one for now & the future ,going to be a great first team accusation if his head doesn't rule any ego .
  10. Looks like team made up of 1st team under 23 & 18 due to covid infections.
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