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  1. owl.66


    If only palmer could cross a decent ball in.
  2. owl.66


    Well a game of 2 halves ,the Owls totaly dominating the game & 3 .0 deservedly. Came out second & a bit slugish on our approach but without them causing to much concern at all then a couple substitutes from Bruce with one being Matais who was at fault to them scoring but hey oh very satisfactory result & on to Tuesday., WAWAW .
  3. owl.66

    rotherham utd v sheffield wednesday

    What a cup final game 😁2.2 loads of different talking points in this enthralling game .πŸ‘
  4. owl.66

    R.I.P Gordon Banks

    R.I.P Big man W A S A W H E F F I E L D
  5. owl.66

    rotherham utd v sheffield wednesday

    Owls 1.0 .
  6. owl.66

    Cream sofa bed & lamp


    • For Sale
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    Cream sofa bed with 2 pillow/cushions & white with gold uplighter bedroom lamp which comes with bulb & dimmer switch. Sofa has 2 small holes which look bigger in the pictures than actually are. Please note only comes with the 2 x cream need Gone ASAP W=57"(144cm) D=29" (74cm) H=24" (61cm) Ext bed length =82" (221cm)


  7. owl.66

    millwall v sheffield wednesday

    What an absolutely embarrassing performance, Chansiri should be paying them fans for their support. 3 things from tonight Fox , pelupessy, joao , standout shockers .
  8. owl.66

    millwall v sheffield wednesday

    Wow 61 + mins & this is torcher. πŸ˜₯
  9. owl.66

    millwall v sheffield wednesday

    Well 22 mins in its painfull to watchπŸ€” Pelupessy mmmmmm
  10. owl.66

    Blades v Boro

    My nephew will be a Blades mascot tommorow night & he's so exited a win for him only .
  11. owl.66

    Owls v Reading

    Naarich Naarich who , I thought it was me that was dyslexic , dont get to upset of chucking 3 points away you got 1 from being in control 😁
  12. owl.66

    Blades v Villa

    Big G towd billy knows where the net is πŸ₯… but neither can muster a win mmmm just trying to find 3 reasons not to get up set about it .😁
  13. owl.66

    Owls v Reading

    No mi owd you have it all wrong . The owls can't score or beat a poor Reading side ,dem Blades don't win after 3.0 up & concede 3 i n 12 mins against a side even the Owls Under Jos can muster a win against Villa πŸ˜‰ Stick to skeggy part timmers club & enjoy a pint off bitter .
  14. owl.66

    Owls v Reading

    Never mind could have been offered a job has dog walker at s1 ,just need to be abble to hold on to a lead with 3 infront . Even Jos the Los managed a win at villa 😁
  15. owl.66

    Owls v Reading

    Half time ,lots of Endeavour huff & puff just lacking the killer touch.. Second half hopefully goals ....................?..........................

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