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  1. I work for Record power at sheffield when it was on kettlebridge Rd Darnall just off the parkway for 12 years & left before it closed , Record power part was then bought out by a consortium of managers then moved to Chesterfield
  2. More money for the owner to pilfer & pocket ,happy days
  3. Need to win but ,I think its all over dead & buried after todays 2 points lost
  4. Typical wednesday, missed chances & poor defending cost 2pts ,personally I thing we still need 3 wins to stay up but think doomsday is approaching
  5. Apparently only 2k tickets remain & Stoke have sold their allocation also
  6. You got it babi ,nothing by halfs us owls 🦉 😀
  7. 😞 sorry but the Owls owner trumps yours ,plurrrrrr😀
  8. Some will be choking on a Chip butty at this moment 😀
  9. Get ready Helmets on dem Blades 😀😀😀😀
  10. Apparently on another chat site ,some more tickets could become available 3k , but can't see that happening tbh
  11. I think 3 wins for the Owls = 52 pts. The Blades, a Miracle
  12. Good just needs a fake tash , & yes above the top lip 👍
  13. What I reaaaaaly want to know ???????? Doe's Neil Warnock wear a " WIG " 🤔
  14. That's more interesting than the above 👍😀😀
  15. Can't tell how it happened, still in sunnier climes,& not back until early hrs Saturday, so just what I have read or seen later ,so happy in the end being 2.0 down . Let's face its still a mammoth challenge , but hey oh 👋
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