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  1. Total cheats are Fulham & the Ref WOW had a mare 😖,gave them everything & Im suprised he gave the equaliser.
  2. Happy with 3pts & a better playing wise second half.👍
  3. 1.0 up but sorry shocking to watch .🤔
  4. Lee's has had to be replaced by Iofa,& Bates onto the bench before kick off.
  5. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄Mmmm , And ???
  6. Not good enough, 1 up front not good enough, 🙄
  7. Sad to hear the passing of former Owls ,Nottingham forest & Bristol Rovers at the young age of 40 having also suffered from a stroke in 2015 . Condolences to his family & friends
  8. You missed 3 points a clean sheet & top of the League ,ah ,ah ah😉
  9. Millwall now down to 10 men ,wallace red card 43 mins.
  10. Would rather have Naomi Campbell than him .😉😋
  11. 5 goals 1 conceded 6 points playing well ,can't remember the last time the owls have won 2 in thier 1st 2 games. But hey oh life in the prem a draw against the mighty Bournemouth the Blades juggernaut up & running now?😉
  12. You are such an inspiration to the Owls .Mmmmmmmmm " NOT " 🙄
  13. Radio Sheffield say £1 million?
  14. Good bit of Business 5 million rising to 7 for a player signed 4 year ago for 3 million, Joao can be an handfull when he wanted but can also be lazy & a waste of space .
  15. 😁😁😁😁🥅⚽️3.1 10 men .
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