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  1. Stuck a £5 quid bash on Nigel Pearson @ 20.1 but who know's 🤔
  2. Good Job he won't be coming back , hate to see what would be said on that .😉 WAWAW
  3. 🤔🤔🤔 whats this thread about now I'm very confused .😁
  4. 🤔 Mr FFP dodger who would this be then? . The Owls are howed compansation in anyway you want to look at it , Bruce & Newcastle are in the wrong .😉
  5. According to the Sheffield star, Lucas Joao has handed in a request to leave after two rival championship clubs had put offers in that fell short of the Owls valuation. Interesting
  6. There might be a spanner in the works at Newcastle? Been reported former Marseille coach Bruno Genesio is in England talking about the Newcastle Job????
  7. One thing that's come out of this He is one of the mosted hated men @ Hillsborough & in the Toon & hopefully it all crumbles around him ,lost all respect for the man 👍
  8. Its that hot Judas Bruce jumped out of it 😁
  9. Apparently Chris Hughton has put himself out of the running for the Owls hot seat.
  10. Reports are that an agreement of 4 mil now been paid by Newcastle.
  11. Relieve him of 1st team duties & stick him on garden leave until an agreement has been made by both clubs ,can't go anywhere until his contracts up .
  12. Stocksbridge in the other pre-season game today.
  13. Idiot fan confronted Bruce at Lincoln.
  14. Plenty of managers out there without picking one who is currently employed ,so I hope Mr Chansiri makes it hard & gets a good fee for them . If Newcastle want Him & His backroom staff make them pay .
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