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  1. Could have been a couple down ,but well done to patched up Owls 👍. Liam Shaw one for now & the future ,going to be a great first team accusation if his head doesn't rule any ego .
  2. Looks like team made up of 1st team under 23 & 18 due to covid infections.
  3. Get in 😀👍good ridance to the Dinasore TP
  4. Are the owls playing tonight on sky ,??? Seems all about Derby ???. Or is it me
  5. Cracking result , Middlesbrough players need to change thier boots ,? Verrry slippery spent most time on the backside. 😀
  6. Apparently West Brom believed interested in signing for £400.000.
  7. What utter garbage thats my tv off ,can't watch anymore 😒 😕 😑
  8. What an embarrassing loss , can't keep a lead ,?cant score more than 2 ? Can't beat any team ?🤮
  9. Another loss & embarrassing once more . Same old sxxxxxxxx🤡
  10. Pheeeew , glad thats finished lucky to get a point, but Reading I have never heard a team scream on every tackle or penalty shout wow not shout but actually SCREAM😫 "really" loud like big girls .
  11. Please please not Pulis ,dull boring football .🥺
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