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  1. If we dint do thi old turn back tut gooal back pass jobbi towd luangi wunt huv got sent off . But hey oh a points a good result with 10 men & still unbeaten now in 11 league games ,,,,,,,,,
  2. Team news 6.45 rumour brennan out & dunks having a fittnes test also seen could be no windas ?
  3. 6.30 pitch inspection, could be postponed.?
  4. Owl.66 sponsored by fixodent glue for all denturs ðŸĶ·,fix it stop the cold chattering. I am privileged enough to go out & buy but it aint happening , why should people go out & do so with the club producing some shocking results ,not paying those who wanted thier money back . I am a supporter & pay my way but sorry they can shove it & early prices should be pre-season or early has april/may time
  5. Brown( toilet function ), Sow , Barapants ,byers ,wing , ðŸĪŠðŸ˜
  6. Ho no on mi way ta tom ,embarrassing pathetic.
  7. All I need is youuuuu when im cold & piffed off ðŸ˜Ī
  8. Shocking defending 0.1 🙄 Make that 2.0 😝
  9. Live at Hillsborough m8ty 😀 , only joking on Ifollow.
  10. No mi owd ,Im a cop man tbh & from where I was alot of hands waving & pointing so thought it was another serious medical amergancy when medics went running .
  11. Thought you being the old oficionado of all the Owls news insight ?? you of all people would have it nailed on without asking 😉 , 😃😃 but hey oh keep ya false teeth cemented down .
  12. Corbeanu on the bench is the one rhat baffles me tbh.😟
  13. The old thermals on the radiator ready for the footie today ,WAWAW
  14. X Owl player Vs X Owl player , interesting to see which manager comes out on top .????
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