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  1. No DOUBT calendar Leeds & look North Leeds will be showing a good 10mins of it 😆
  2. owl.66

    sheffield wednesday v aston villa

    Bruce & company will have the Owls boys up for this & rocus crowd . I see goals in this Owls 3.2 .....
  3. owl.66

    Stoke v Owls.

    Another decent result tbh ,would have liked the 3 points but upwards & onwards. But wait for it ???
  4. owl.66

    Stoke v Owls.

    Wow nice to see Hoooooooper back
  5. owl.66

    The will to win-the blades have it..

    Great result ,& one thing Look Leeds & Calendar Leeds won't show much of thier Loss 😁
  6. owl.66

    sheffield wed v blackburn rovers

    I think what a great job Bullen did while being caretaker manager P4 W2 D2 L0 & bringing in the old guard so to speak . I'm happy with towd Bruce & the backroom staff brought belief into the club & got the players up for it "WAWAW"
  7. owl.66

    Season tickets at S6

    Got mine just now WAWAW
  8. owl.66

    sheffield wed v blackburn rovers

    Been the better side bar far, just seem to have gone 1.0 up & starting to sit back a bit . Well a yellow for Fletcher god only knows WHY .
  9. owl.66

    bolton v sheffield wednesday

    Watching Nuihi this half hope he comes on in the second half
  10. owl.66

    The derby!

    Tbh I thought the allocation was agreed with both parties ,that it was a said price with a said amount of tickets either way ?
  11. owl.66

    Sheffield Wed v Brentford

    A game of 2 halves 1st excellent then the 2nd excellent. 😁
  12. owl.66


    If only palmer could cross a decent ball in.
  13. owl.66


    Well a game of 2 halves ,the Owls totaly dominating the game & 3 .0 deservedly. Came out second & a bit slugish on our approach but without them causing to much concern at all then a couple substitutes from Bruce with one being Matais who was at fault to them scoring but hey oh very satisfactory result & on to Tuesday., WAWAW .
  14. owl.66

    rotherham utd v sheffield wednesday

    What a cup final game 😁2.2 loads of different talking points in this enthralling game .👍
  15. owl.66

    R.I.P Gordon Banks

    R.I.P Big man W A S A W H E F F I E L D

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