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  1. There is a saying "Reap what you sow" as an owl this club has been a shambles for a good couple of years & chansiri should shoulder most of it .😠😫
  2. Another disappointing result along with a delusional Monk managerial display 😒
  3. 4.3 we're guna win 4.3 we're guna win 4.3 😂
  4. Make that should be up by at least 4 or even 5, not clinical enough in front of goal .
  5. Tbh the Owls should be up that now .
  6. Not much activity tonight but Owls holding a 1.0 lead from Murphy with a good worked move .. Spoke too soon Sinclair1.1 . Oh dear 1 chalked off for offside apparently then up preston to score 1.2 . 1.3 shockingly ****e.
  7. Hunt on Lee off . Typical 1.0 down.😒
  8. Playing well & De cruz should have scored last seconds of the 1st half...
  9. Oh that looks like game over 2.0 ...
  10. 1.0 down at half time & unlucky tbh, now we start the second half , Rhodes off De Cruz on WAWAW.
  11. Its all hear'say at the moment who know's until it all comes out in the wash? if the Owls win then the EFL will not let it lie vice virsa from the Owls. Unless your part of the EFL or the Owls Legal team then speculation is all some can hang on too.????
  12. Fletcher ,FF injured alot & Fletcher only lasted 5 mins sat & Fox yes to an extent started to come good but before pretty mediocre at the beginning.
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