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  1. Its that time of year again. Bees tend to nest then move on quickly. Its wasps that cause us problems. Right stingy bar stuards.
  2. Give me a call on 07766016099 or PM me.
  3. Happy to quote. Just finished a re roof in Stannington.
  4. What are you wanting doing ?
  5. Id be surprised if we didn't get a decent offer for Bannan. Hope he stays.
  6. Peveril Road is off Rustlings Road.
  7. Do you have any interesting links to tractor web sites ? Asking for a local MP.
  8. Really all comes down to what kind of property you'd like and budget. Chapeltown isn't a bad area by any means, High Green is just that bit further out.
  9. If you have any roof/gutter repairs please get in touch.
  10. That's been closed 3-4 years now. But yeah, it was very good.
  11. I honestly don't remember names (or wether male or female). I know what sex the nasty one was though but I never gave that info.
  12. Up to you mate. Makes no difference to me. Im just saying it'll be a real loss to the city if its to close. Im far too old and uncool to ever step foot in there again.
  13. I did work for some of them. Mostly nice level headed people but one of them was a right sour faced git.
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