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  1. What about the old TTS Site on Archer Road ?
  2. Send an email to building control asking the question. You'll not need planning permission. Personally id say you'll need neither but it depends if the knock through involves structural work.
  3. I'm disappointed to read the above post regarding our great city. Shame on you all. Not wanting to start a race war, the areas with larger carribean communities tend to be in the less desirable areas but depends on your reasons for looking. Kelham Island is a decent place to live with plenty of night life to keep you happy and reasonable rents at the moment. Spital Hill/Burngreave/Pitsmoor doesn't have the best crime rates. Before anyone starts, I'm a Pitsmoor lad myself.
  4. You have your opinion of course. Plenty see it differently.
  5. Pagets Broadfield Rd & Jewsons Queens Rd are both open.
  6. You shouldn't need permission but a call to the Council planning dept will confirm.
  7. Ive had that happen to my skips too many times. Not gonna do it !!! Its stuck in the garage. Thats why I want rid. Appreciate its hardly worth an unessential journey so it can wait.
  8. Yeah, I appreciate its not exactly essential. I just know there a bugger to get rid of.
  9. Sorry to hijack this thread. Is it OK to take an old mattress to the tip ?
  10. Don Valley windows have aways been great. Your dealing direct with the factory & fitters so no middle men.
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