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  1. Were you drunk when you made that score prediction ?
  2. The council can't do much if you don't ventilate your house properly.
  3. Post up a bit more info. Is it a repair or a new roof ? Flat or pitched ?
  4. You might get a replacement from Swifties on Abbeydale Road. Its a reclamation yard on the junction with Broadfield road. Very often they are secured with a chain that can be fixed somewhere in the cellar. Measure the hole first so you know the right size.
  5. I wonder if anyone from Coppen Estates sits and reads this thread. Probably chuckling to them selves at what dicks they are.
  6. Why not buy a sheet of 18mm ply and rip down some 150mm strips ?
  7. Can anyone recommend someone who can adjust a soft top ? Developed a horrible wind noise/whistle at the top of the drivers window around 40mph. Cheers
  8. Dont assume anything when discussing the Sheffield Star. 😱
  9. Ive seen him the last 2 times he's played at the City Hall and have to disagree. His act changed both times and he obviously reads the local press before the show as there is always jokes about local stuff.
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