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  1. Steve Bruce is looking for a new job. Anyone still want a new manager at S6.
  2. I haven't been ripped off but someone claiming to be my company has fleeced a home owner for a couple of grand.
  3. When employing any trade, my advice to anyone would be to ask family & friends for recommendations as well as contacting any trade who's been on SF for a decent period of time. (The idiots get found quickly & disappear). Ive been to see a job today where someone had used my business name via one of these "Check a trade' type sites. A complete and utter bodge job and left the customer in a mess. Any decent trades person will not need to chase business via these sites. I asked the customer if they could describe my van. Was told a plain white van. Mines silver with sign writing ! Final tip, don't take recommendations from Facebook etc. Just be careful. Any respectable trade will be happy to give you a card with a land line and address along with a written estimate/quote. Be aware, don't get ripped off.
  4. I had a really bad case of brown water a few years ago in Sharm El Sheik. Never experienced it as bad in Sheffield.
  5. Joint 6th ? Surely you mean 7th considering our goal difference ?
  6. Is it a true ridge or hipped ? If you have a gutter on the side of your house its a hipped roof. Rather than re pointing consider a dry ridge system. Happy to give you a price. 07766016099
  7. Ive never been fortunate enough to meet John but when I do I'll be sure to stuff a couple of notes into his collection tin. He's a legend and Sheffield is rightly proud of him and his work.
  8. Are there any multi billionaires on here who would like to cut down on their annual tax bills by investing in SWFC ?
  9. How to sum up todays performance/result in one word. Shocking. Add your own below.
  10. Does the car have an OBD socket ? If so could try plugging a code reader in and see what it reveals.
  11. Should we ask to see ID before giving them our loose change ?
  12. A more realistic prediction I think.
  13. James Bond is not a gay'er or a lady (Jane Bond).
  14. Looking at the league table its clear why we aren't higher. We can't score goals. A draw would be a decent result.
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