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  1. Don Valley windows have aways been great. Your dealing direct with the factory & fitters so no middle men.
  2. You'll need to up your budget. Sorry you've no chance at £600 in Tapton catchment area.
  3. Building control & architect. Its not an uncommon job but without the above you'll struggle to get a quote for the works needed. Simple answer. Yes. A set of drawings is your first step.
  4. I agree. The poor man can now enjoy the rest of his life. He's been dragged through this twice. Enough is enough.
  5. Companies like these are just con artists. AVOID !!!
  6. We do as much as we can from ladders but safety for the lads always comes first.
  7. Its unlightly your conservatory will take the weight of a slate roof. There are specific lightweight options but not had any experience of them ourselves. sorry.
  8. Were all different. Glad you enjoy it.
  9. What area is the property ? Avoid the on line agents, if you want a decent sale price.
  10. Went to Morrisons at Ecclesfield. Possible the worst breakfast I've ever had. just to let others know. Thank you all for recommendations though. I made the wrong choice !!
  11. Im dropping my step son off at the NGH in the morning. Where is the best place to go for a breakfast close by while he's in there ? Cheers
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