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  1. Got this for sale shortly with everything you'd need to go touring. http://www.glossopcaravans.co.uk/new-caravan-swift-celebration-x-880-2021-ck321e4da/ Full spec is on the link. Moror mover included. Van is as new and any inspection welcome. PM me with any questions.
  2. Bucket of hot water & Jayes Fluid works well for smelly bins.
  3. You can buy replacement panes from velux but you could also try someone like Abbey Glass at Woodseats. Most of the windows I've seen with blown panes are really old with the frames showing signs of decay and the mechanisms starting to fail. Might be worth replacing the whole window if that's the case.
  4. Don't think the places on London/Abbeydale Rd are still going. Try Source Sounds at Chapletown. Only other place I can think of.
  5. Exactly right. Our estimates are valid for 30 days only. Materials cost have increased by around a third over the last yer (if you can actually find stock).
  6. Personally, think we have half a chance of being a decent mid table team. Not winning enough games. But not losing the others by loads of goals. Time will tell.
  7. Yep, exactly the right thing to do. But Id get a small plastic square header tank, pepper it with small hole via a drill bit then sit the pump in the tank. Surround the tank with pea gravel. two bags max should be enough.
  8. Ive just found out that Sean Crehan sadly passed away last Saturday. (I'm not as old as most of you on here). Im 52. My dad is Ian Campbell (ex De La Salle) and was very good friends with Sean & Trisha and I was the 'other' teachers' kid as All Saints with Matt Crehan. For his sins, he took me to my first football match at Hillsbough. an Owl through and through. RIP Sean, you were a bloody decent bloke and I for one will miss bumping into you outside your house.
  9. Take the bulb out if your really so tight as to risk your own and your passengers safety.
  10. Have you contacted Yorkshire Water about this ? They'll come and do some checks for you but if its surface water then you'll need to instal a pump.
  11. Hardcores at bottom of Herris Rd or Pagets on Broadfield Rd have a decent selection on show.
  12. There called cripples for a reason !
  13. Thanks Tony. Glad to be of service. Send me a copy of the property advert on email to sheffprop@gmail.com. Ill give you an estimate based on the photos. If you want to go further we can arrange a site visit to firm up a price. It'd be October before we could actually book you in as things stand. Dan
  14. Maybe SCC could/should put pressure on whoever responsibility it is to carry out the repair ?
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