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  1. Were all different. Glad you enjoy it.
  2. What area is the property ? Avoid the on line agents, if you want a decent sale price.
  3. Went to Morrisons at Ecclesfield. Possible the worst breakfast I've ever had. just to let others know. Thank you all for recommendations though. I made the wrong choice !!
  4. Im dropping my step son off at the NGH in the morning. Where is the best place to go for a breakfast close by while he's in there ? Cheers
  5. I have a friend who has a rental there which I do the odd few bits on when needed. Seems like a good & secure building to me. With the area being up and coming I think it would be a good buy.
  6. The whole roof would require stripping off and reboarding before applying a new waterproof covering. we do loads of flat roofing so happy to come and advise the best option for you.
  7. Ive always found Archers Estates in Crosspool to be good. I do quite a bit of work for them and they always seem on the ball.
  8. Yes, Ltd Company. I usually transfer the VAT money to a separate account and pay every quarter. Quickbooks have now replied with a request to my email for assistance. Its only a link to the help forum which is next to useless to me. Im a tradesman (trying his best), not a budding accountant. Your comments and assistance are greatly appreciated.
  9. I have the VAT money but like to transfer it away into a separate account every month. I have the online version with the app.
  10. Im having difficulty knowing which category to allocate things into and finding out what I've taken in VAT last month so I know how much to put away. Any help on these would be appreciated.
  11. With the upcoming changes MTD I've decided to try and get a head start and switched over to Quickbooks for accounting & invoicing etc. Quickbooks is possibly the most complicated system I've tried I think I need help !!! Anyone know of anywhere in Sheffield that offers training courses ? TIA
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