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  1. A very real chance we'll sleepwalk into no deal unless Corbyn realises that another general election is highly unlikely to happen between now and October - and even if it does the chances of him being elected on a platform of ushering in the socialist millennial is pretty much non existent. So far he's up there with IDS as the most ineffective opposition leader in living memory.
  2. Longcol

    Norton Retail Park - St James

    I see - you're definition of "phenomenal" is somewhat less than miniscule - but you're just trolling again.
  3. Longcol

    Were the moon landings fake?

    Most people who believe the conspiracy theory live in the USA, and a good proportion of them appear to be blissfully unaware of the whereabouts of any country outside the USA with the possible exceptions of Canada and Mexico.
  4. Well seeing as the population of China is over 20 times that of the UK - and is more than likely more people than have lived in the UK ever..........................
  5. Longcol

    Freedom of religion - no

    Well seeing that a Muslim is someone who follows or practices Islam...............................................
  6. Longcol

    Were the moon landings fake?

    They went to Fake Australia Theme Park.
  7. Longcol

    Norton Retail Park - St James

    How "phenomenal" are the environmental benefits? What minute fraction of 1% of fuel consumption in Sheffield are we talking about. Or even locally.
  8. Longcol

    Sheffield council reshuffle

    I also see that central government funding per region for the North West is over £800 per person more than for Yorkshire & Humberside. https://researchbriefings.parliament.uk/ResearchBriefing/Summary/SN04033 Care to multiply the population of Sheffield by £800? PS - social housing includes RSL's (Housing Associations) - their housing isn't owned by the council.
  9. Indeed - the modern day equivalent appears to be that the "One Nation" is the rapidly decreasing and ageing membership of the Tory Party. Not so long ago it would have complete fantasy to imagine the Tories to be at odds with the CBI, British Chamber of Commerce etc.
  10. So does jumping off a cliff. No. Neither was the 2017 General Election.
  11. He means profits for investors (taking next to no risk).
  12. All the way to the junction with the A57. Why bother?
  13. Longcol

    How many outfits do you wear per day?

    He's always on the scene Fireman Jeeves And he never gets peeved Or he'd get the sack You can't ignore Jeeves is the type of manservant that allows one to wear the appropriate attire at all times of day.
  14. Longcol

    How many outfits do you wear per day?

    My advice is to have a manservant with a fire extinguisher to hand at all times.
  15. Presumably why they're used on 99.9% of property and are effective 99.9% of the time.

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