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  1. Same here - a verbal warning or first written warning at the very most, not Gross Misconduct in a million years. Link to ACAS website below; https://www.acas.org.uk/helpline Good luck!
  2. Must dig mine out to improve my connection with the wifi box a couple of rooms away - nearly forgotten I brought them out to France - thanks for the reminder! Used to have them in Sheffield because the Virgin router was in the front room downstairs and youngest sons bedroom was back room upstairs. Worked a treat.
  3. Celebrating along with Boris Johnson - no surprise there then 😎 https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-51149538
  4. So 15,000 German farmers are going to take Germany out of the EU......................................not.
  5. Wow - supporting decisions by committee's. Now who has been whingeing about these for the last few years?
  6. How did Mandy prevent Corbyn's disastrous manifesto? How did he stop Corbyn appearing next to useless at Prime Ministers Question Time? May would give Corbyn an open goal and he'd still put the ball in his own net.
  7. If you're going to post a link please ensure it's not in a massive point size. Note they say they are protesting gainst the German government - not the EU.
  8. He was given every chance and had tight control over the party - hence the disastrous manifesto. Look where it led.
  9. Don't you remember the massive demonstrations against the Iraq war - I think there were nigh on a million of us in London - far bigger than anything the Gilet Jaunes have ever organised here in France. I think the Tories would take a rather dim view of en masse strikes at the drop of a hat and would legislate against them.
  10. Because it would have been futile - Blair had won two general elections and the only remotely credible candidate was Brown. Corbyn meanwhile was viewed as going nowhere fast and likely to end in disaster.
  11. I don't like blind obedience in following an obviously disastrous course of action (obvious to anyone who wasn't in the labour left echo chamber). Many Labour members correctly openly disagreed with and protested against the democratically elected leader over Iraq.
  12. Should members blindly follow the leader when it's obvious to the majority of the known universe the leader is leading them to disaster?
  13. How is "splitting the party" warning that the leader is about to lead them over a cliff?
  14. The right to protest and strike in enshrined in the French Constitution. Perhaps you should have the same in the UK so a few dozen Trots and Anarchists could ambush Johnson.
  15. Errrr no - that's the Express reporting - you know, the paper that's always tipping a blizzard and Arctic conditions.
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