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  1. I'd reckon the percentage roughly corresponded to people who I knew who thought the EU was some devious plot by foreigners to get back at us plucky Brits who had won two world wars all on our own - or summat like that.
  2. Given that London property / rents etc are sky high compared to the rest of the UK, don't you think companies might have already considered this?
  3. That's going to bugger up a lot of package holidays.
  4. Longcol

    Boycott Gillette razors.

    Doubtful -in 45 years of work the majority of people I worked with were female.
  5. Like we "could" stop outsourcing call centre jobs to India - but don't hold your breath - especially if we have to negotiate a trade deal directly with India.
  6. Longcol

    Boycott Gillette razors.

    No women I know / knew used to "perve" over Diet Coke ads - maybe you're mixing them up with the women in the ad who were following a script?
  7. Longcol

    Boycott Gillette razors.

    Everything apart from white middle aged British males?
  8. Middlesbrough - an example area of high employment but low immigration - so locals not done out of jobs by immigrants - and given a large number of jobs were in the steel industry probably easier for a lot of Sheffield folk to relate to. How do we spread jobs around the country outside the public sector? The huge number of jobs in catering / hospitality etc in London isn't going to magically relocate to unemployment hotspots. I'd be more than happy to increase money spent on education and training - unfortunately the Tories prefer the austerity agenda..
  9. Hedge trimmers might be better.
  10. Well - let's see - who do you think the unemployed in pockets of high unemployment like Middlesbrough might include a fair number of? https://www.theguardian.com/cities/2017/apr/26/different-world-middlesbrough-tees-valley-mayor-election
  11. So have we established that the NHS recruiting doctors and nurses from abroad is unlikely to make much difference to job prospects for ex-steelworkers?
  12. As if the Tories would have spent it on training rather than tax cuts for the top 5 - 10%.
  13. Who is calling anybody thick - a Middlesbrough ex-steelworker is highly unlikely to have the qualifications or skills required to re-train as a nurse - or the inclination - Sheffield hospitals are hardly full of ex-steelworkers who retrained to be nurses.
  14. Longcol

    A new influx of boat people from france.

    As you're a stickler for legality - if they're picked up by a British boat in British waters then we have a legal responsibility to sort it out in Britain - not France. And claiming asylum isn't illegal.
  15. Because the government won't pay for it - it is cheaper to poach people trained abroad. And are, say, redundant steelworkers from Middlesbrough really going to retrain as nurses?

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