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  1. Story here; https://www.thefreelibrary.com/Two+convicted+of+killing+postman+with+his+own+van.-a060774475
  2. Did you tell the BBC about it? Journalists rely on tip-offs for many of their stories.
  3. Looks like once every 40 minutes from town to Ecclesall Road. https://bustimes.org/services/6-database-refresh Unless you get your bus from Deepcar and tram from Middlewood to the University timings pretty much spot on you could spend a long time waiting on Glossop Road. Not something I'd trust for a daily commute.
  4. I seem to remember around 1980/81 the temperature never got above freezing for a month.
  5. Although the quality of service appears to leave a whole lot to be desired. https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/dark-money-investigations/revealed-tory-donor-lord-ashcrofts-outsourcing-firm-given-350m-vaccination-contract/ "Medacs was criticised in 2019 when a Care Quality Commission report on a homecare service run by the firm was rated "inadequate". The regulator found “that the care people received was not safe. The majority of people's care calls were not delivered at the time they were expected and people gave examples of where this had impacted significantly upon them and the safety of the care that they received.” Furthermore the report noted that: “medicines records were not kept up to date and CQC identified instances where medicines records showed a potential overdose”."
  6. You don't know how long I'll be taking it easier for after................ Still recovering from trimming 300 yards of hedge in December.
  7. We're seeing it already with Brexit - cheaper to up sticks and go to Europe with frictionless trade.................
  8. Got the letter to apply for my Old Age Pension the other day. I'll be chopping best part of six hundredweight of wood tomorrow. Then I'll take it easy for a while.
  9. It is staggering that someone claims the French wine industry faces problems due to warming when the output from the Med region in France (and Spain and Italy) is massive.
  10. Not proven re: cheese - did you read the links in my post? ps do you remember the cheese stall in Orchard Square about 30 years ago and what a revelation it was at the time. Sparkling wines (and other types) - the top French producers don't enter most competitions - they don't need to - they can sell their bottles for silly money - we're talking hundreds of pounds a bottle.
  11. Does it? Presumably counting 27 different varieties of cheddar as 27 different cheeses. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_English_cheeses whereas the French would class eg Camembert as one cheese no matter the number of different varities. Our local supermarkets all have specialist cheese counters stocking a good 50 plus varieties including a dozen or more from local farms- then we've another 30 plus in the serve yourself cool cabinets -both including a lot of goat and ewes milk cheeses. Estimated to be at least 1,600 varieties in France. http://www.socheese.fr/la-question/article/combien-la-france-compte-t-elle-de?lang=en
  12. The euro? Schengen? Not very good at riding roughshod over the electorate 😎
  13. Agree entirely - good that there's still the basic humanitarian spirit around in Sheffield!
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