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  1. Annunziata Rees-Mogg, speaking up for the bloke from Hackenthorpe!
  2. If they still can't see Farage for what he is there's no hope.
  3. Don't forget he's bankrolled by the Barclay brothers and Arron Banks.
  4. Mister Gee

    Alcohol On Public Transport.

    Don't bother with that game, it's a working class Tory thing.
  5. Mister Gee

    Alcohol On Public Transport.

    I beg your pardon, I should have said some Tories on here.
  6. Mister Gee

    Alcohol On Public Transport.

    It says a lot about the priorities of the Tories on here doesn't it?
  7. Mister Gee

    Alcohol On Public Transport.

    He's a great advert for the Brexit Party!
  8. Aldi or Lidl will be a few quid better off then.
  9. It's a good job they haven't got a communist leader then isn't it?
  10. You still don't know her real name?
  11. Mister Gee


    No point because it's the usual load of crap from you.
  12. Mister Gee

    Climate change protests

    Talk about scraping the barrel?
  13. Mister Gee

    Climate Change thread

    Like Farage and "Mogg the Magnificent"?

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