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  1. Yet you’re a big fan of Boris Johnson, a man who’s traditional family values are on par with those of an alley cat.
  2. The lack of any recent posts suggests the penny has dropped with his most ardent followers on here, the man is a deranged lunatic.
  3. A 91 year old bloke with a walking stick?
  4. You doff your cap and tug your forelock to the latter?
  5. Do you really think that people like this are Fascists? https://inews.co.uk/news/extinction-rebellion-london-protest-91-year-old-arrested-cabinet-office-latest-news-657723
  6. Why didn’t you say that in the first place?
  7. Could anyone who speaks mumbo jumbo please decipher?
  8. If we turned the clocks back a century you’d no doubt be saying the same about the suffragette movement.
  9. I hope nobody reports this post and it gets deleted because it shows you up for what you are, a thoroughly nasty piece of work.
  10. Hard to believe now they’ve got an alley cat as leader but it’s only a few years since the Tories considered themselves as the party of family values.
  11. Stop kidding yourself, you’re stocking up because you know they’ll be nothing on the shelves on the 1st November.
  12. I'll never understand why some members of the most fortunate generation to ever have lived in this country became so narrow minded, mean spirited, backward looking, joyless and wallowed in self pity.
  13. Could you provide some evidence please?
  14. Maybe Corbyn should start lying about everything, people seem to really enjoy being told lies.
  15. All because of a scheming bunch of charlatans who lied and deceived their way to a marginal win in a non-binding referendum which they then misrepresented as a mandate to do something whose details hadn't even been figured out. Oh, and they’ll get even richer by it.
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