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  1. That’s an interesting post Westie1889.
  2. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/child-refugee-vote-brexit-bill-withdrawal-agreement-labour-boris-johnson-a9275391.html MPs vote against amendment that would have protected the right for unaccompanied child refugees to be reunited with their family after Brexit. We've finally got our country back but it's a cesspit.
  3. There’s a fair few of those in the USA as well.
  4. I suspect Trump thinks cultural sites are mainly golf clubs, brothels and casinos.
  5. I think you’ve got the wrong Roosevelt.
  6. Good old Harold Wilson, he pulled a right blinder with that one. If only we had an equally smart PM in power now. Where is he by the way?
  7. We don’t have to be their poodle all the time though. LBJ did his best to get us involved in Vietnam but Harold Wilson wasn’t having any of it thank goodness.
  8. Just got 6/1 at William Hills that Halley's Comet will make an appearance before Boris Johnson.
  9. This government has enough weirdos and misfits to start with.
  10. You’ve got a point there mate.
  11. Who’s running the country?
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