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  1. It’s Mick mel. Mike is a Guardianista left wing Socialist term for someone called Michael.
  2. It’s going to be interesting, Bonkers could throw them under that bus if he wants. I’m a bit perturbed by some of the right wing folk on here to be honest, they championed this scenario yet just seem to be blaming Labour and Corbyn for the bobbar that we’re going to be in for some reason.
  3. I think the ‘Bit of a mistake on my part’ is an admittance that he voted Conservative whilst being a fully paid up member of the Brexit Party.
  4. He’s quality comedy value, Reminds me of Inspector Grim from The Thin Blue Line.
  5. I know where you stand mel lad. Mad Mick thinks we’re all Guardianista middle class socialists types whom seem to be brainwashed and indoctrinated by extreme leftism?
  6. You’re a very angry man. Have you though about getting some therapy?
  7. I like the Scots, I’d rather we stayed in Union with them.
  8. You’ve got a nice one up your way haven’t you? https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/foodbank-app-miriam-cates-mp-conservative-general-election-universal-credit-a9245901.html
  9. The Political landscape has changed dramatically since, if the U.K had voted yes to leave the EU before the Scottish referendum, the Scots would have probably voted to leave the UK.
  10. I grew up in a council house, can’t remember standard colored wallpaper.
  11. Are they going to stop grown men with beards (or without beards) putting on a dress to take a pee in the same public toilets as young girls though?
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