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  1. I agree with 'Resident', but at the risk of upsetting people by saying this - a large number of today's motorists shouldn't be on the road - it seems to me that either they have never taken lessons (or a test) or they have, and then left their brains in a jar at home. The number of 'numpty' drivers I see on the roads - not just in Sheffield, but around the country - makes me eternally grateful I never took my test. In addition to the behaviour referred to in the original post you get those that park on corners (double-yellow lined or not), on blind bends and other stupid places, probably because the poor individuals can't walk more than ten yards to get a newspaper, for instance.
  2. RollingJ

    Can my neighbour alter my security light ?

    Roughly what I said at the top of page 5, but thanks for kinda backing me up @Tony.
  3. RollingJ

    Can my neighbour alter my security light ?

    Whilst I can agree that dusk-to-dawn lighting is not the best idea and that motion sensitive PIRs are a much better idea, from both a deterrent and power-saving point of view, have any of you slating the OP considered that the neighbour may be at fault here? None of us have on-site knowledge, so everyone is jumping to conclusions - me included. My advice to @pattricia is to get a security lighting engineer and have the lights converted, and obtain guidance as to the correct placement and coverage of the lights. Just my two-pennorth.
  4. To the cafe manager/ess?
  5. @bassett one I hope you reported this - I would, even in a commercial cafe/coffee shop. In a hospital, it is IMO inexcusable.
  6. This - from the first link thrown up by Google - http://hdh.co.uk/retail/cambridge-named-uks-healthiest-retail-centre-june-2017-vitality-index/attachment/hdh-vitality-index-june-2017/ As I said, it doesn't look that professional to me.
  7. The Harper Dennis Hobbs site, which I assume is where this amazing piece of research originates, fills me with total confidence - not! It looks like and sounds like a one-man band, and to be honest, I'd give it as much credence as a report saying the moon was made of cream cheese.
  8. @chris 101 - I agree totally, and anyone who believes that tosh must need further education. It would be beneficial for the OP to give the source of this seemingly childish 'report'
  9. Surely if the bank sent it, the would know what they used to compress the data? If they don't, I'd change your bank.☺️
  10. RollingJ

    HMRC Fraud charge scam...

    I really wish we had a 'like button on here, Hb.☺️ I do realise that Car Boot is a royal pain in the rear, but just every so often replies from him and his kind need a bit of balance.
  11. RollingJ

    HMRC Fraud charge scam...

    You are joking, @Car Boot, aren't you - you do realise these calls are scammers trying it on, don't you?🤔 Just in case anyone doesn't know, HMRC will only ever communicate by post UNLESS YOU HAVE PREVIOUSLY CALLED THEM AND AGREED TO BE CALLED BACK - ON THAT SPECIFIC QUERY ONLY.
  12. RollingJ

    HMRC Fraud charge scam...

    This HMRC scam and the 'Your internet will be disconnected in 24/48 hours, are the two flavours of the month at the moment - and they are both recorded messages, so you can't even swear at the lowlife wastes of oxygen doing it. Not got round to me yet, but as I don't answer unknown calls anyway, I don't think I'll be bothered.
  13. RollingJ


    @Top Cats Hat Easiest way I found was 'Manage followed content' from the drop-down accessed from your avatar at the top of the screen. Note, this on the desktop version, from the one time I've used the mobile version, I can't confirm the same options are available. The other way is to click the black 'Following' tab at the top of the thread.
  14. You clearly want the last word, so I'll let you have it - except to say that public transport has to take the route where it serves it's customers.

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