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  1. But.... I didn't know Fargate suffered from flooding - except when someone smashes a water main.😕
  2. @Jim Hardie- did you read the GBNews link supplied by dan_999?
  3. I can't , no, but there again I've been using computer systems before Bill Gates thought of Windows, and have always been security conscious, even back in the days of bulletin boards. Do they still try that old trick?
  4. I never had you down as a conspiracy theorist, @Rockers rule
  5. Fortunately I have a life away from here, and as you just continue to snipe, I am going to ignore your posts from now on.
  6. Just FYI - I know very well how to do it, but I'm merely asking you which points you wish me to cover - if I can be bothered, which is becoming increasingly unlikely, given your attitude. My final post (on this topic) for tonight, as I have more productive things to do.
  7. Thank you - at least they had the courtesy to qualify their headline - but that will probably not get read, or be ignored by many
  8. Well, thats me stopping worrying - for the nanosecond I was. Do you have a link to this 'understanding'?
  9. Maybe because they have cause - I don't know.
  10. Fair enough. I don't get many deliveries - of anything - but apart from the 'Yodel' shenanigans, I've never had any real issues.
  11. Very strange. I've had quite a few Hermes/Evri deliveries in my time, and never had an issue (can't say the same for Yodel, though). Used to have issues with letters a while back - mail for addresses on our 'HQ' block were regularly delivered to the same numbered houses on the next road - 'HR'
  12. @zach I had heard something to that effect, but if the sender initially used RM, would there not be an extra label attached to allow processing through their (different) logistics system. Difficult to determine, if the OP didn't get the item, though.
  13. Apparently so - after I had pointed out your failings. Where do I start?
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