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  1. RollingJ

    Tv licence scam

    First question I ask myself when I get an unexpected email, even from 'TV Licensing' is - 'Have I ever given them my email address'? If the answer is 'No', then it is an obvious scam.
  2. 'Bleeping' tagging not working again! What I was going to say is that I agree with you, Waldo, but long-winded posts to nowhere put many people off.
  3. @makapaka I totally agree with your statement above, and to be honest I wonder just what the OP is trying to say. Having read both threads created by them - but not any others they have posted in - I just think 'a lot of hot air and no substance'. I could be wrong, but this individual comes across as a little inadequate to me.
  4. Call me cynical (or even wrong) but the OP reminds me just a little of 'justinelle' - just not quite as verbose.
  5. RollingJ

    Quaifying for a bus pass.

    @altus altus - thanks for the further information - saved me looking later.☺️
  6. RollingJ

    Quaifying for a bus pass.

    Thanks for that. As I live in Sheffield and only use the service 218, I hadn't looked at other services, but I seem to recall seeing something about them earlier this year.
  7. RollingJ

    Quaifying for a bus pass.

    I see revisions to services quoted on the Derbyshire CC travel pages, from 29/03/19, and there is only one service being withdrawn - in Derbyshire. Route 218 (Bakewell - Sheffield) is being re-routed in Sheffield, and rescheduled, but there is currently no revised timetable available.
  8. RollingJ

    New forum feedback and questions

    Not seen an answer to this one, yet. As above.☺️ This is still not working correctly for me @Geoff, @Josh - oops now it is, but it is still a hit and miss function. Most of the time the cursor is trapped 'inside' the highlight box and prevents any further action, you have to abandon the post and find a way to get peoples attention without using the 'tag' function.
  9. No sane person is going to buy this item, surely . I can do what the software does in about four clicks of my mouse, from my £12.50 'Integral' 128GB pen-drive.
  10. RollingJ

    Hmv going into administration / Now saved

    Yes there is - Fargate/High Street.
  11. RollingJ

    Fooling the people for nearly 40 years

    And your point is, justinelle?
  12. RollingJ

    Fooling the people for nearly 40 years

    The simple answer to your final question, the_bloke, is that the OP is for some reason on a mission to drag everyone to the lowest possible level. I haven't seen one authorative reference to support any of their claims - most probably because there isn't any.
  13. RollingJ

    BT phone cable or bell wire?

    You had a rubbish engineer, then. Those I have had out for line faults have all been really helpful. In fact,the one who repositioned and replaced mine shouldn't have, as his remit was to investigate a high SNR/varying connection speed issue, which, sadly,this action has not resolved.
  14. RollingJ

    BT phone cable or bell wire?

    That's how I was set up until late last year, with exactly the same kind of results. Changed to a Mk.5 socket (repositioned) in an attempt to cure a slight problem.

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