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  1. I'm not on VM, do no - but check the forum - may give you an idea.
  2. TPS is a toothless tiger in this situation - see my comment in post #66 as to the true origin of the phone-calls, TPS has NO jurisdiction outside the UK. As to the emails, just mark them as 'spam' and your ISPs spam filtering service should intercept them after a reasonable number get reported.
  3. Very sensible, @kay1 - exactly the right way of dealing with them.
  4. I certainly have, although I get very few myself, I post quite often on one site to try and persuade people to not answer these calls, and the last new post was nearly 40 hours ago. Simple explanation - 99.9% of these calls originate from the Indian sub-continent, and they are in total lock-down, so cannot use the 'call-centres'
  5. @Baron99 - EXACTLY!! In response to post #108
  6. No problem. Can't answer your follow-up questions, but maybe it has broken down and the owner needs to arrange recovery/repair?
  7. Just checked the MOT/tax status on the GOV.UK site, and it is legal, so unless it is causing an obstruction, nothing can/will be done.
  8. Then the Google Playstore will be installed. Yes - she doesn't want to be hit by unexpected bills, and some games make it easy to inadvertantly hit an 'upgrade/install' button.
  9. @geared - you mean bring the country to a standstill? - Not a real option, IMHO.
  10. Well said, @Resident. I was going to try and reply earlier, but couldn't find the words.😀
  11. Thanks @Annie Bynnol , for your 'to make it clear' comment and your first line, too.
  12. You didn't say it was Sunday 08/03/20 - you implied it was today, the disruption is due to Network Rail work and therefore out of the hands of the rail franchisees.
  13. @Bigal1- Can't see that on either the TPE or National Rail sites?
  14. Thanks @Ghozer you are correct of course that an iPad isn't worth the hassle for the reasons you state, although I didn't know you could bypass the lock. I should have remembered the origin of 'rooting' too - must stop multi-tasking when I try and answer technical questions 😀
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