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  1. What the heck are you on about? I live in Totley - and have done for 64 years - and never experienced anything like what you are saying. Yes, there are the odd - very odd - neighbourly disputes, but they are usually settled quickly and amicably. We also get very little on-street rubbish, and what little we do is quickly shifted. Where do you live?
  2. Now I could be wrong here - and apologise in advance if I am - but is there not indication at each stop with regards to the services using it?
  3. Wondered exactly where the problem was. Just hope they clear it before tomorrow, otherwise I'll have problems getting down south.🙂
  4. Thanks for that useful information, @Spiderplant - just goes to show the rot is higher up the tree.
  5. Back on topic - Why was such an unsuitable candidate chosen?
  6. Yup - that kind of makes sense, @amnicoll - they don't have a lot of sense.😀
  7. With respect, he should never have even been selected as a candidate. He had no experience, his physical/mental conditions were known and he was totally unsuited to being an MP. Hallam Labour Party have brought shame and ridicule to politics on a massive scale. Cynical me also asks how we suddenly got so many Labour voters in the constituency.
  8. It is not all First Buses fault. Lower passenger numbers, lower subsidies for uneconomic routes and a PTE run by people who don't have a clue are also contributory factors.
  9. In that case, then, we should have received ~224b Euros - excuse my rapid erroneous calculation.
  10. The actual LUX/UK ratio is 1:10.8 (218 census) so the UK cash figure should be ~20,167b Euros.
  11. OK, I get you now. That would be no good for me (if I was still working). I spent all my working life at either the Atlas site (i.e. Firth Brown - now long gone) or River Don. Apart from about three years when I was living on Park Hill and working at Atlas, I have been two bus rides (or one and a long walk) away.
  12. Of course not.😀 Sorry I must have misinterpreted your post - I thought you were suggesting going back to pre-industrial times .
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