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  1. Well @enntee, from my admittedly limited observations, even at what you would call 'busy' times, you are lucky to see any passengers on the three services which go past my window, so I'm guessing that is unlikely to be a problem.
  2. I agree with @pattricia, too. I'm 66, and apart from a niggling shoulder problem, I'm probably fitter and more active than I was 20 years ago. A friend of mine is 72, and although he's a bit of a hypochondriac, he still runs 3 or 4 miles a day, and up until the current situation stopped them happening, took part in a number of competitions, often beating people 20/30 years his junior.
  3. Actually, Anna, the moral of the story is 'never trust a politician'.
  4. Dunno where they get that from, but I can remember quite a few of my 65 years that were colder. I suppose they could be talking about south of Watford Gap, where it has been a little colder than the average over the past 10 years or so, but it is not the case up here. Sorry, but you have another month+ of potential snowfall, although looking at the site I use for forward conditions, it doesn't look TOO bad, but UK weather is hard to predict more than about 10 days forward, and even that can change at this time of year.
  5. Any chance of a reply to post #12, @Anna B?
  6. Your cynic may be correct, although I'm not convinced, but I still can't believe there wasn't at least one back-up. Even small organisations who use electronic data storage have a recovery option, and I don't think you could call the police a small organisation. I think there is more (or less) to this story than we are being told. Exactly, and they are going to do that, are they?
  7. OK, take you point, @Thirsty Relic. However, as dentists were not allowed to practice under LD1 (+LD2??), they will have a build-up of work in their own field?
  8. See my comment - not all doctors are trained for all injections, so are dentists trained for those outside their profession?
  9. I still find it VERY hard to believe there are no back-up files available .
  10. In principle yes - but are they trained for giving injections? Unrelated in a way, but I have needed cortisone injections in the past, and at my 8-doctor practice, only one was authorised to administer them.
  11. Quite probably @lobster - but that little detail would get in the way of a good 'story' - i.e. bit of fiction.
  12. Yep, especially on this forum if you don't agree with the self-appointed 'experts'😀
  13. OK. The FT wants me to pay - no thanks. The other two merely refer to an un-named 'source' - so all-in-all a load of unverified speculation.
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