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  1. @Resident and @RJRB- thanks for your replies above.
  2. I'm also wondering why, when a narrow lane with blind bends and signed 'No Pedal Cycles' with a clear sign is regularily used by cyclists who travel on it as if it was a racetrack - further details available via PM if required.
  3. Fair enough, if you can do that, it is a great advantage from a number of angles. Mind you, there are jobs (mine, before I retired for one) that are not possible. When I lived on Park Hill and worked on Savile Street, I walked unless the weather was really bad, but once I moved to the South-West of the city, and my job relocated to Brightside Lane,that was NOT an option, even on a nice day. You know what they say about statistics.
  4. I bet this doesn't get a straight answer - but here goes: @Planner1Do You Cycle or Walk to your pace of work, and if not, why not?
  5. According to some, @Blue Day -yes. Even though it probably caused chaos in the surrounding area.
  6. Yep, and I bet all these policy-makers walk or cycle everywhere?
  7. Or even those who can't ride a bike and rely on public transport (now gridlocked)? I certainly wouldn't like to walk 16 miles a day to/from work, especially in the middle of winter.
  8. There will be an excuse for incompetence coming soon enough. Glad I don't have to go that way very often.
  9. @Makabusi, @Rockers rule, @Delayed -🤣
  10. @steved32 and @Delayed thanks - so no doubt another non-story.
  11. Who the blazes is Stanley Johnson?
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