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  1. True, but life is full of risk, the application of said function will reduce it.
  2. You may very well be right, but these 'click-bait' articles, disregarding the sensationalist headlines, do illustrate how risk averse society appears to have become and there does not appear to be anyone responding them to point out that almost any action/activity can have unfortunate consequences unless common sense is applied.
  3. What you are describing (except, possibly, for the shop example which is a little extreme and unlikely) has been going on for many years and I haven't seen a load of reports of accidents in those environments. As has been said before, use common sense and awareness and unless you are really unlucky, nothing disastrous is likely to happen. Out of curiosity, what is/was your job?
  4. @Pettytom a jellybaby 😀 I have no handrail on the steps down into my cellar, but warn everyone unfamiliar with my house to keep to the left - if they choose to disregard this advice and fall, that is their fault, not mine.
  5. I agree that the H&S brigade have gone OTT @bassett one - and blame the legal profession for much of that, they saw what their mates in the States were up to and thought 'we'll have some of that, too'. As regards harbours &c, I think you will find that where the public officially have access, say fro harbour-side to a vessel of reasonable size, safe gangways are provided, but that is not always practical if you are boarding say, a small fishing boat, nor is that easy to fit handrails to vertical ladders.
  6. Just spend 10 minutes on the Seven Sisters (Eastbourne) and you won't believe how stupid some people really are. I know I was born and bred in Sheffield, miles from the coast, but whenever I go near any cliffs, I work on the principle that they could be unsafe, so never walk directly underneath them, and always a good 15-20 feet from the edge, or from any safety barriers that may be in place - common sense, but as I have said previously, that attribute appears sadly lacking in a good 50% of the population.
  7. No blame if people use common sense, but as I said above, that flew out of the window some time ago - we now, sadly live in a 'blame culture',
  8. Me neither, @bluecanary, but you forget that the DfT - or any other Govt. live in a universe divorced from reality Understand your comment @Andy C, but it can be done.
  9. I'm assuming your post was 'tongue-in-cheek' @probedb. All I can say on this subject is - why does no-one take responsibility for their own actions these days? Common sense seems to have gone out of the window.
  10. I was aware of the proposed split, @Andy C, just not quite sure how @spilldig was referencing it, but now I understand. I too, can't see the logic, but then that quite often is the case with Government departments decisions - I sometimes think they exist in a parallel universe. 🙁
  11. What has TPE got to do with East Midlands Railway? Just asking, because (1) they are a different operator and (2) EMR don't go to Manchester Airport.
  12. I find these comments a bit strange. I have both iPhone and iPad, which both usually go out with me. The Google maps app is permanently 'on' on the iPad but the phone is just that - the phone only has 'Whatsapp' enabled, everything else that could track me is disabled/switched off. However, I never get any texts or messages of this nature. Maybe because I don't use either as a payment option?
  13. OK - that explains a lot. Speaking as someone who uses the rail network frequently, I would never use Trainline to book - there is a booking fee added to the ticket cost, for one negative. They are OK to find prices, but personally that is ALL I would use them for. For actual booking, I would always go direct to the operator (if I knew who it was), or to the official National Rail site if I didn't - they automatically redirect you when you have decided on your route/ticket option, and no operator charges a booking fee. Proof?
  14. Try specifying Sheffield to London St Pancras International - direct trains from Sheffield are available. Which site did you use to obtain these times/prices??
  15. Again - I know, but as said above, blackydog has not specified a day/time of travel, so we are both making assumptions.
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