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  1. I am completely with you on this, despite the fact that I have failed to see the logic in any of you posts I have been unfortunate enough to catch previously (Any CV19-related topics are not intentionally read as there is so much carp in them -IMO)
  2. Very true, you do. . No offence, but surely things like that you automatically keep a record? I do, for any sites which require a login, even though my main browser on the laptop automatically creates a record for me. Admittedly, you can't do that with Apple (or banking logins, for example) but I still don't see why you don't write them down?
  3. Same as what I do with all my login/ID detaild, @pattricia- keep a written record. I find an address book is a good idea.
  4. Do we need one (unless you are the individuals posting the carnivorous fishes)?
  5. Based on the carp that is posted on a number of threads on this forum, maybe, but not, I suspect, a nationwide poll.
  6. @DromedaryGood thinking - I'd totally forgotten about those, its a long time (9/10 years?) since I used a desktop.
  7. The only way I am aware of to convert a desktop PC to run wirelessly is to install a Wi-Fi card to the inside of the machine, which is not always possible on pre-built units due to lack of space. Which desktop do you have - make and model, and do you know anyone with the skill to do the job, if it is possible?
  8. @ResidentTwo very good points, which will be wasted on many.
  9. And, why is the circulation of the 'Morning Star' s horribly dismal - yes I know it's not worth the price, but I remember many years ago now, when newspapers still sold a LOT of printed copies, and I did two morning paper rounds, I delivered that paper to just one house. Does the 'Socialist Worker' still exist - I never delivered one of those?
  10. Best advice - ring the council today and ask them if it was them. I assume you have a contact number?
  11. So, this guy - if the story is true - is an economic migrant. If he was in danger, then so are the rest of his extended family, but he is prepared to leave them at the mercy of whatever he claims to be escaping from - 'in fear for his life' - pull the other one.
  12. There are alternatives. I'm not playing football, and I'm not your mate.
  13. Ah, thanks @Martin C - knew I'd seen it, but thought it was today. 😕
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