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  1. I may be wrong here - it is a while since I looked at the proposed route, but I think it does - eventually.
  2. Dunno, but as has been said, this is under investigation, and speculation is pointless.
  3. All the buses I've seen in recent years have the in-cab height notification in imperial and metric.
  4. That's been off the scene for quite a while, but yes, the 'authorities' seem to like a 'problem' - real or imagined, keeps them in a job, presumanly, and applies whichever party is in power.
  5. Hadn't thought of that, @busdriver1- thanks.
  6. @JanusDouble-deck buses have been built to the same height (14ft 6inches, IIRC) for many years. There used to be 'low-height' with a sunken gangway upstairs, but I don't think they are in general production any more.
  7. If they attended these 'gatherings', then they broke the rules-apparently.
  8. So these un-named 'insiders' knowingly broke the rules, then?
  9. Not all of it no, although at least two of the areas (Northern being one, cba at the moment to research the other(s)) are. Obviously, the individual franchise holders pay the staff - RMT/ASLEF/TSSA and others who work on the franchises they hold - standard practice, I would have thought.
  10. Unless I have been totally misinformed about the way the rail network is provisioned in the UK, it is a 'franchise' model, still untimately controlled by the DfT.
  11. According to the media, that is/was
  12. @Organgrinder- totally correct. I sometimes wonder if the 'news' media should be renamed the 'doom' media.
  13. I realise it was t-i-c, but you've just quoted another really reliable source. 😄
  14. Note the source, though, @melthebell- a very reputable and accurate one. 🤣
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