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  1. Silly post . What about when builder is stabbed to death ?
  2. I was kidding with you . I called her a scrubber . You didnt seem to get upset when she called people "Scum" . People like the gentleman who died today
  3. Did Rayner say that in Norvern towns people used the word scum as a jovial term of endearment ?
  4. Yes its a Norvern term of endearment . I have called many of my friends , male and female , scrubber
  5. If its good enough for her , its good enough for me
  6. Tory Scum eh . RIP Sir . You had more class and integrity in your little finger than that scrubber ever will have .
  7. Thanks for that glowing reference Laughing Boy . Got to go soon , just realised Penny 😍😍😍 is on Question Time tonight
  8. Hope you get a nice home and if you do keep coming on here , its a great forum
  9. Yes I know what you are getting at ( no Kit Kat was harmed during this post) but people are quite happy discussing Jeremy Corbyn on this thread.
  10. Many years ago I wanted to learn the harmonica . My then girlfriend went to a music shop and bought me the very same harmonica . Apparently they told her that the "C" one was the best for beginners . To my shame I never learned and have still got it at the back of a draw somewhere , unused . Good luck and try and learn it ,unlike me ( Maybe one day) .
  11. I understand you dont want to talk about ex Labour MP Claudia Webbe but there is no need to be rude .
  12. Point me in the right direction , please .
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