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  1. Got to say , I am firmly in the prison for life , bread and water club but this case is very different and I think the judge got it right .
  2. I honestly wish they would call a General Election now .
  3. Pair of two bob bullies , no more , no less
  4. Got to agree with that . They can talk about those things if they want to
  5. Thats cool Anna . I just get fed up at reading lots of threads on here where you shoehorn in your political views . Nothing is sacred
  6. I dont understand your questioning of this
  7. So the council saying they found out it was structurally unsafe , was not the truth ?
  8. Got to agree with you about Bone . Watched it thinking , stop it, shut up.
  9. Absolute bugbear of mine that . I regularly walk through a quiet , tidy little estate and see cars parked on the pavement when there is no need . Many times I have been tempted to do harm to the offending cars .
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