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  1. Andy Murray is British when he wins, when he loses hes Scottish .
  2. I agree with you but after all this time , even if its , say another three months then surely its worth it .
  3. Best to keep adding another couple of weeks on , if it helps us.
  4. Would a disabled persons travel pass , with photo , be ok for voter ID ?
  5. Lisa Nandy looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights . Student debater at best , as for Paul Mason , bitter springs to mind . Robert Buckland schooled them both.
  6. Some people disagree with facts and protest for another enquiry until they get the facts they agree with .
  7. Yes thanks . Just found it on BBC news website , just wondered why he would be in prison here. Thank you
  8. Where is the news on Radovan Karadzic . I cant find it . Found it now .
  9. No. Because I dont like the result dosent mean they should have another one until they get a result that I agree with .
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