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  1. Not prickly at all but even you cannot argue with facts
  2. No , what is funny that with all the cream of stage ,screen and music backing labour , they are still in opposition and are miles/years away from forming a government .
  3. Maybe its just me but at one point on the plane , the main female was wearing a black wig and sunglasses and I immediately thought she was a ringer for Patti Smith .
  4. Well , he needs all the help he can get
  5. "Jonny Long-Prong " 😂😂😂
  6. Im fine thanks .The help is out there , if you want it .
  7. You do know you can get help with your obsession over the PMs lovelife ?
  8. Thats what I thought . Thats why I questioned about him wandering about the hospital.
  9. I may have missed it but what are you doing wandering round a hospital , nosing into different departments ?
  10. Never have . The clues in my name . Enjoy your beer .
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