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  1. So , I was telling the truth . Thanks
  2. hackey lad

    Ukraine elect a comedian.

    Bernard Manning
  3. Can anyone explain Labours position on a second referendum /peoples vote . The Leader says no, the Deputy leader says yes . Very confusing
  4. hackey lad

    Alcohol On Public Transport.

    Dianne Abbott . Now people know I would be the first to pull her down but even I think this is petty
  5. hackey lad

    Climate change protests

    My Lord, that's biblical
  6. hackey lad

    Climate change protests

    And how are you qualified to talk about climate change ?
  7. hackey lad

    Climate change protests

    Other than a bit of secret Jacob love , I am also wondering why ????
  8. hackey lad

    Climate change protests

    Wrong thread for Brexit , bang on about it elsewhere . What has this protest achieved other than huge cost to the country ? Raised awareness , seriously . These same people have been raising the same old awareness for decades now. What has this week achieved ?
  9. hackey lad

    Climate change protests

    Personally , I think climate change on earth is cyclical , Ice age etc . So I ask you , what do you think this protest , that has cost the country many millions has achieved ?
  10. Not bad at the moment , Im no richer or poorer but its not about me .
  11. hackey lad

    Climate change protests

    Yes , lets bring London to a standstill and then we will move on and protest in China . No , lets stick to London . Why ? Well London will give us a week and then politely move us on , but China ............
  12. I hope there isn't a general election because that would be the end of Jeremy and his cronies and I like them around for the comedy value that they bring to politics

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