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  1. If the ........ is over my post, its not aimed at you
  2. Would that be the same as linking Tabloid newspapers interest in the colour of a newborn child ? A simple yes or no will do
  3. Lads and lasses only played one game together . Oreight Padders , and better off played outside , oreight Ontarian . .
  4. Just been having a pint with me dad , told him about this thread and mentioned the hot poker trick. Asked him about the danger we encountered bombing downhill on an unsafe vehicle and he just smiled and said , well you were lads and that's what lads do . Good times
  5. It's already a very well used name . Them old fashioned names are making a comeback
  6. Wellies ? Where did you grow up Dore and Totley 😊
  7. I thought we , were the only kids to get the 2p ride to lodge moor for nesting and yes we were 9 or 10 at the time 👍 Used them for both round our way 😂 Also remember when building trolley the only thing my dad did was burn out the 2 holes in the crosspiece for the front axle. Did this with a red hot poker. No drills in them days. He said he had to do it because it was to dangerous for us to do it , but didn't mind us 4 up and bombing down a hill at 30 mph , with only a wooden handbrake to save us😅😂 Mods please don't move this thread . It needs to be read by as many people as possible 😊 Spear making and tying a sheath knife on the end for weight and a good point . Tied on with laces from me fathas work boots
  8. Looking for pram wheels , to make trollies with 👍😊
  9. No let me explain . When has climate change been a big influencer on local elections in Sheffield ? People in Sheffield are more concerned about the running of the City , climate change would be way down the list of concerns to local people . Still , you carry on voting for amateur politicians . Honestly don't you see the irony in this latest policy ?
  10. Apparently this bunch of halfwits have had a reshuffle , with the new focus being on climate change . All this after nationwide news about their tree felling policy .
  11. Asked three questions and answered one . Standard . Goodnight
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