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  1. Wilder will keep the Blades up .
  2. Minimum wage regulations were not ignored.What other basic requirements?
  3. I know some workers ignored health and safety guidelines, that’s why they were sacked. I know some workers phoned for ambulances for minor things that’s why they were sacked. I’m not elevating Ashley to god like status , just pointing out he’s not the devil like some unions and MPs would like you to believe.
  4. Don’t need what, justified criticism ?Copy and paste that too .
  5. Two pages of rambling started by you . If you reply to my posts ,I will reply to yours .
  6. Hand ,wrist ,back and head injuries . Ever bumped your head , ever bent your finger back . They're not serious injuries . Risk assessment is required by law but if workers ignore it and health and safety guidelines ,what do you do ? What is the proper rate for the job ?
  7. Fine , I had nothing to do with the topic being taken off . I have not made it MINE its a topic for anyone . Stop being mardy .
  8. Yes it is but why were the Ambulances called in the first place , who called them , how did the injuries happen , how many of the life threatening events resulted in death , how many of the Ambulance calls were for minor things ? And thats without the other things you posted and only know from what you've read . At that time Ashley was looked upon badly by many because he was a successful business man employing many thousands and still does .
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