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  1. I know zero people with reactions to the jab and zero people with reactions to Covid . I think we’ve been here before
  2. Mam probably uses a food bank . True or not, I worry about that child’s future . Dancer and model 😂
  3. How many people do you know with adverse reactions to the “ jab “ ? . Roughly
  4. He is Dianne Abbots scriptwriter 😁 . Kidding people , Im just kidding
  5. Just kidding . Wanted to get a dig in about season ticket refunds which gets ignored on here
  6. Calling someone Gammon is so last year
  7. Really enjoyed it . Finally got my season ticket refund for the 2015 /16 season and spent some of it on a day out
  8. Who did Wednesday have up front ,to score the zero ?
  9. Sounds like drug gangs taking over a rivals territory
  10. Hope not , I kind of enjoy the Starmer and Rayner comedy duo 😁
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