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  1. hackey lad

    Evenings for couples

    Beat me to it
  2. I agree , I think that's what labour are counting on , winning the election then blaming the Tories for everything But would they answer questions as to why they didn't oppose anything ?, NO , buts that career politicians on all sides
  3. hackey lad

    Katie Hopkins gets what was coming.

    Why constantly bring Trump into the argument ? I can call my gay friend ,a P..f , he is not offended by it, believe me he is very forthright and would tell me if he thought I was being offensive but in your world that makes me homophobic .
  4. But not for persons of a nervous disposition
  5. Not seen it all but I think she was saying the EU are disrespecting our county . The EU seem to have blocked any deals and as she said its time for the EU to say what they want . She is standing up for this country but she is on shaky ground . I think we will see a general election before another referendum
  6. hackey lad

    Katie Hopkins gets what was coming.

    Got to , respectfully , disagree with you on that one
  7. I voted leave and stand by my decision but you are not helping the leave side by constantly talking about "foreigners"
  8. hackey lad

    Mr Trump - All discussion here

    Ive not heard about the misogyny , do tell . Do you believe the accuser should give evidence of the alleged crime ?
  9. What exactly did you think you were going to see in Poundland ? And why the comparison between Copenhagen and Poundland ?
  10. hackey lad

    Mr Trump - All discussion here

    Not interested in an argument but I cannot see whats wrong with that . If you accuse somebody of something , lets see the proof
  11. hackey lad

    Crystal Peaks expansion plan

    Ive never got the fascination with Wetherspoons , big ,soulless places
  12. What , on Norfolk park , Dyke vale road etc . The don must really be in flood if its affected those areas Nothing to add then ?

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