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  1. I see that Brexit has resulted in ordinary families having to pay extra in the shops for groceries https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-food-prices-rise-uk-families-a8876946.html No doubt this will be good for the working classes, as at least one poster on here would have it.
  2. Mister M

    Climate Change thread

    Because to the likes of some in the Telegraph and the Spectator, to be middle or upper class and not even be socialist, but to have a sense of social justice is to be a 'traitor to your class'. Sadly they've swallowed the myth - hook, line and sinker that to be a 'proper' socialist you have to be poor. Though of course on those occasions when the poor do speak out against the rich, they do so because they are 'jealous' and indulging in the 'politics of envy', or being 'class warriors'. I've no problem with the rich owners of the Telegraph and the like pursuing this line - of course if I were rich I wouldn't want those with power and wealth speaking out about the unfairnesses of the system. What does make me laugh is people usually at the bottom of the pile simply parroting the line that if your wealthy then it is the height of inconsistency to care about inequality or the environment - as if the two are mutually exclusive
  3. Mister M

    Climate change protests

    You could say that about the pro Brexit protests in London during which Tommy Robinson spoke. Or doesn't the lack of diversity at those protests bother you so much?
  4. Yes I think Farage railed against MPs and their expenses when they were exposed by the Daily Telegraph, yet he omitted to mention that he had charged EU taxpayers a fortune for his expenses https://www.ft.com/content/1993d000-c48d-11e3-b2fb-00144feabdc0 I think Farage's rage against MPs expenses is pure hypocrisy, and sour grapes given that he has tried to become an MP 7 times and has failed to get elected
  5. It wasn't so long ago that Galloway was supporting the UK to remain in the EU https://twitter.com/hopeoverfear01/status/1050530604184408065 "As anyone with more than one brain cell would do" I've more respect for people like Peter Oborne who laid out clearly his reasons why he felt that he got it wrong when he voted to leave and campaigned to persuade others to vote leave.
  6. Mister M

    Climate change protests

    They're not the only ones that are class based.
  7. Mister M

    Climate change protests

    Because Theresa May quite sensibly banned their use after Boris Johnson spent a lot of public money purchasing them.
  8. Mister M

    Climate change protests

    Perhaps some of them are middle class. Is that a crime? I'd rather focus on what their message is; to do otherwise would make look like i had a chip on my shoulder.
  9. And that is something that many people forget when they become comfortable and prosperous. I do find the language used by Brexiteers in parliament e.g. Mark Francois to be confrontational and militaristic. I'm surprised that Carboot, as someone supposedly on the left doesn't call it out, or even separate himself from: the petty nationalism and simplistic sentimentality that characterises many statement from Brexiteers.
  10. Mister M

    Climate change protests

    No it doesn't. Punishment should be proportionate. Demonstrating is a fundamental civil liberty. Nobody complained when gammons started protesting outside Downing Street when they feared they wouldn't get their lousyBrexit.
  11. I see the EU are not too happy with Britain: 'Their first decision was to go on holiday': http://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/brexit/their-first-decision-was-to-go-on-holiday-eu-fears-uk-will-waste-brexit-delay/ar-BBVZ19q?li=BBoPWjQ&ocid=iehp I know MPs are tired, but I can see Verhofstadt's point.
  12. Some cheapskate exploiters I guess.
  13. It seems that today's date, 15th April is a momentous one in history Titanic sinks The millions starving in China Jallianwala Bagh massacre Hillsborough disaster And now Notre Dame up in flames
  14. It doesn't seem like 30 years ago. I remember it well. RIP.
  15. Even Michael Heseltine is in support of what David Lammy said about the ERG.

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