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  1. I've not condoned it What were you kidding about?
  2. Nonsense. In your original post you certainly didn't intend it as a term of endearment.
  3. I recall Mr Amess was a real champion of his local area Basildon in Essex. The manner of his death must be heartbreaking for his family. RIP
  4. Ironic thing is that Caswell doesn't come across as particularly bright - bit of an attention seeker really.
  5. Having elite schooling and being highly educated doesn't mean that the people are any more intelligent than anyone else. With regards to the running of the country, just look at the mess we're in now, much of it self inflicted. To be honest Anna, I've got less of a problem with people like Johnson, Rees Mogg and the like. They have got that sense of entitlement and a belief that theirs is a divine right to rule. But none of that would mean anything if people lower down the pecking order didn't allow them to get away with it.
  6. And yet no-one on a ministerial level has resigned because of the handling of the pandemic. I mean you could say that Cummings was sacked - he certainly was. But that was only because he fell out with Princess Numnuts, or what ever juvenile name he gave Johnson's partner. Calling Carrie Symonds silly names is a sackable offence! Being a useless incompetent like Pritti Patel is okay, presumably because if it weren't then Johnson himself would have to go. I doubt whether any future Conservative opposition would ever again, with a straight face, call for a member of the Government to resign.
  7. I've no view on her. The joint report from both the Health and Social Care and Science and Technology Select Committees is damning in its criticisms. A third rate minister in the shape of Stephen Barclay refused this morning to apologise 7 times when questioned about the many thousands of unnecessary and preventable deaths from Covid 19. The Government response, the report said: Was the worst public health failures in UK history. Even Johnson apologised on TV when the official death rate hit 100,000. What makes Barclay think he's above apologising to those families whose loved ones were amongst the many thousands who lost their lives unnecessarily?
  8. Bet she's devastated to hear that she's not got your attention Hacks.
  9. It doesn't bode well for the Independent Public Inquiry if ministers have their heads stuck in the sand refusing to accept the facts.
  10. Nice bit of gaslighting and rewriting history. Expect more of this from the Sun, the Express etc etc. Next week: Brexit has been an unmitigated success.
  11. Ah , okay well, Eckington, Killamarsh and Mosborough are definitely worth looking at. Close to the M1, and you'll probably get more for your money there than in areas nearer to town. I don't want to offend anyone but avoid Page Hall, Firth Park, possibly Parsons Cross and Jordanthorpe as they're a big estates. Burngreave maybe worth thinking about as many of the houses are quite big, so you'd have 2 reception rooms. I lived up there for a while, and I didn't experience any problems - however some people have, and it isn't the safest area of Sheffield... There's Intake, Gleadless and White Lane as well, but I don't know those areas very well, so you're probably better asking someone on here who's lived round there to give a fair answer.
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