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  1. It is reported that ERG MPs want to threaten jail for any British citizen who 'undermine British negotiations abroad' https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7591983/Tory-MPs-push-law-threatening-JAIL-British-citizens-undermine-Government-talks-abroad.html Judging by te comments, many Daily Heil readers think it's a wonderful idea
  2. When leaving with 'no deal' is mooted, and the threat of hardship, poverty and travails on the people, Brexiteers MPs and journalists love to invoke the 'Bulldog spirit' that apparently saw us through WW2. Yet many of them are now moaning and whining that they feel a bit bored with Brexit, and want to move onto something else. Snowflakes
  3. Yes it is factual because I think it's a good post. On the point that you raise, MPs are not delegates, they are there, yes to take their constituents views into account, though ultimately they vote with their conscience. Just like John Redwood does, who represents a remain constituency.
  4. Unfortunately there is a view that's been articulated by a certain poster that the only demonstrations which are viable are the ones in which the horny handed sons of toil do the marching. Good job then that the Suffragettes demonstrated for equal suffrage in the Victorian era, because had they done so today; the sneerers would be carping about 'middle class, hysterical women' getting uppity
  5. Having said that at least Mrs May's deal ensured that worker's rights and environmental protections were kept. Johnson's deal doesn't have those. I'm glad that Corbyn has spoken out against the proposal, and I sincerely hope that no Labour MP will vote in favour of it.
  6. In the recent past, David Cameron and Theresa May have wrote articles for the Telegraph and the Sun. Similarly The Telegraph and other right wing newspapers have exclusives straight from the Tory Party. How is that different?
  7. Some do have mixed sex changing rooms, with individual cubicles, though the showers are communal. I've no objections to having mixed sex changing rooms with cubicles, but I would prefer same sex showers - as I don't want to be without my swim shorts in a mixed sex environment, just for the sake of modesty.
  8. I thought Café Rouge was expensive for what you got. I don't mind paying more, but the portion sizes were 'cordon bleu', but not cordon bleu quality.
  9. So you label a young man who committed suicide after being bullied online as a 'snowflake' and 'weak'. You're no better than Katie Hopkins. And that's nothing to be proud about. You're the one that needs to grow up.
  10. It may well be that the people who attend this protest are mostly white and middle class; I hope that in the coming years they attract a wider cross section of the public. However, because the protests aren't a representative cross section of the public, that doesn't invalidate their argument. If the protest were a strike by local authority workers like support staff or admin staff would you be complaining that it was a bunch of working class people whinging about work? Most likely not. I think you need to drop the 'chip on your shoulder' act. So what if people are middle class and white, are they somehow to blame for this. or indeed is it anything they need to feel guilty about? You come across as really immature.
  11. Boris Johnson doesn't even know how many children he has.
  12. I'm almost certain that the UK would get an opt out from its citizens doing national service, if we satyed.
  13. A good point very made. Indeed as I recall, it was that very point made by Will Self that so enraged prime gammon Mark Francois that he flipped and claimed Mark Francois had said the exact opposite:
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