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  1. Hatey Katie Hopkins has been banned indefinitely from using Twitter. Her weirdo hate freak followers will be outraged. Oh dear, how sad, but never mind
  2. Neither of whom are as bad as the sick joke that is Prime Minister Boris Johnson. But Johnson speaks with a plummy accent and studied the classics at Oxford University. Sometimes he drops references to what he learned into his public pronouncements. The proles lap it up
  3. If this question has already been answered on this thread, please excuse me. I was watching Newsnight recently, and one of the articles was about how Liverpool City Council were using the spare capacity of the hotels in the area to house the homeless during the period of lockdown. I was heartened to see that amidst all the uncertainty for many that Coronavirus has wreaked, at least some of the least fortunate are getting an opportunity for some comfort. I was just wanting to know if this is a nationwide scheme to ensure that the homeless are protected. If not does anyone know if Sheffield City Council has made some provision for the homeless?
  4. Would it be local trading standards who deal with compaints of profiteering
  5. I see that the Spar by the Train Station is selling toilet rolls for £1 each https://www.thestar.co.uk/health/coronavirus/sheffield-spar-store-sells-individual-toilet-rolls-ps1-during-coronavirus-crisis-2483699 I really hope that they don't sell any. In fact, I hope they don't get any customers at all.
  6. I had it a fortnight ago - it was very unpleasant.
  7. He is guilty. You're attention seeking by framing it with the accusation that they're trying to enhance their careers.
  8. Discusting Sheffield United fan who had a poo on Hillsborough pitch breaks his silence over ‘nugget’ https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/crime/sheffield-united-fan-who-had-poo-hillsborough-pitch-breaks-his-silence-over-nugget-1396635 The foul yob that curled one out on the centre of Wednesday's pitch said he is 'tickled' by the online comments resulting from the viral video of him doing the deed. I don't know why he thinks it's funny. Apparently his face is clearly visible, while being videoed by his mates. Wait till the police catch up with him, and the media. Then we will all know his identity.
  9. Whereas the Tories wouldn't care about whatever help came their way; even from the BBCs Laura Kuenssberg.
  10. But you're happy buying counterfeit fags. She's not. Educate yourself.
  11. Not for Laura Kuenssberg, she's been reported to the Electoral Commission for breaches to electoral law, over her reporting the counts of postal votes. https://twitter.com/ElectoralCommUK/status/1204790546675437573?s=20 https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/bbc-laura-kuenssberg-postal-votes-electoral-commission-a9242976.html This has not been a good week for her. She's just shown in a couple of incidents her bias. I've been mildly sceptical of the claims that she's been biased to the Tories, however the 2 incidents this week have opened my eyes.
  12. Neil Kinnock was an incredibly powerful orator. It seems so cruel that lickspittles from the gutter press, who haven't got a fraction of the talent that he has, dragged him through the muck on a daily basis in their mucky so-called 'newspapers'. I feel nothing but contempt for them.
  13. At the weekend I started with a really sore throat, as well as sneezing a lot. By the afternoon I had most of the cold symptoms. Though I don't feel too bad now. It hasn't been a heavy cold, thankfully. Some of my work colleagues have relatives who have had the flu, which is horrible to have. Mercifully the last time I had the flu was at the Millennium - so a long time ago. But I remember it well. I was bed bound, shivering while sweating, aching bones & chucking up every 10 minutes. Lasted for 3 weeks
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