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  1. Hollywood Actor Ryan O Neal has passed away today. What's Up Doc? and Love Story are 2 of his best films.
  2. I noticed at the Covid inquiry, his hair is just shaped like a helmet. Which is appropriate given what a bell end he is.
  3. At my graduation ceremony I don't even think they had music, apart from that dreadful background elevator music. Why would the National Anthem be at a graduation ceremony? It's not a state event, nor are any of the royal family present. Why bother having music at such ceremonies at all? To be honest - the people I speak to who enjoy the pomp and circumstance are those from overseas. I'm all for celebrating our identity as a nation. Though what I think is worth celebrating about our country others would possibly disagree with.
  4. I don't know, he's one of these red wall Tories - flash him a bit of red meat in the shape of scruff bag Boris, or dangle the prospect of being nasty to a few vulnerable people and he starts salivating.
  5. God how desperate must the Tories be if they're calling for that lump of uselessness back
  6. Boris Johnson's Dad was a tool maker too!
  7. In 2022 over 45,000 people crossed the channel in dinghies. Rwanda have said they have capacity to process 200 per year. Not sure percentage wise what is the likelihood of someone arriving to UK will be heading off to Rwanda, but it looks vanishingly small. It will cost £169,000 per person to go to Rwanda. UK paid Rwanda an extra £100m for asylum deal - BBC News LBC have calculated that with the money the have already spent on the Rwanda scheme the Home Office could've processed each and every asylum seeker in the backlog - 175,000 of them twice over. Responding to LBC’s findings, Dame Diana Johnson, who chairs the committee which scrutinises the Home Office’s decision making, said: “It’s becom[ing] less and less clear what the Rwanda policy will ever actually achieve. “The Government has already spent £240 million with another £50 million to be paid on this scheme and there seems no immediate likelihood that enough numbers will be going there to make it cost effective compared to processing claims in the UK. The deterrent effect also remains unproven.” Rwanda ‘laughing all the way to the bank’ as £290m cost of scheme could have paid for... - LBC
  8. No the confusion was mine, I didn't read the table correctly.
  9. I bet her co panellist Peter Hitchens will be sucking lemons though
  10. When are you planning to move abroad Jack? Have you checked with the population of that country whether or not they actually want you living there?
  11. Hang on Checkov, you can't have it both ways. This graphic that you quoted says that the average age at death from Covid is 40.4. Throughout this whole Covid debate you've been complaining about society shutting down, when the majority of those who died from the disease are much older than the average age of 40.4
  12. There were more deportations when Labour were last in power compared with when the Tories in power: Think it's Tom Pursglove.
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