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  1. Discusting Sheffield United fan who had a poo on Hillsborough pitch breaks his silence over ‘nugget’ https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/crime/sheffield-united-fan-who-had-poo-hillsborough-pitch-breaks-his-silence-over-nugget-1396635 The foul yob that curled one out on the centre of Wednesday's pitch said he is 'tickled' by the online comments resulting from the viral video of him doing the deed. I don't know why he thinks it's funny. Apparently his face is clearly visible, while being videoed by his mates. Wait till the police catch up with him, and the media. Then we will all know his identity.
  2. Whereas the Tories wouldn't care about whatever help came their way; even from the BBCs Laura Kuenssberg.
  3. But you're happy buying counterfeit fags. She's not. Educate yourself.
  4. Not for Laura Kuenssberg, she's been reported to the Electoral Commission for breaches to electoral law, over her reporting the counts of postal votes. https://twitter.com/ElectoralCommUK/status/1204790546675437573?s=20 https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/bbc-laura-kuenssberg-postal-votes-electoral-commission-a9242976.html This has not been a good week for her. She's just shown in a couple of incidents her bias. I've been mildly sceptical of the claims that she's been biased to the Tories, however the 2 incidents this week have opened my eyes.
  5. Neil Kinnock was an incredibly powerful orator. It seems so cruel that lickspittles from the gutter press, who haven't got a fraction of the talent that he has, dragged him through the muck on a daily basis in their mucky so-called 'newspapers'. I feel nothing but contempt for them.
  6. At the weekend I started with a really sore throat, as well as sneezing a lot. By the afternoon I had most of the cold symptoms. Though I don't feel too bad now. It hasn't been a heavy cold, thankfully. Some of my work colleagues have relatives who have had the flu, which is horrible to have. Mercifully the last time I had the flu was at the Millennium - so a long time ago. But I remember it well. I was bed bound, shivering while sweating, aching bones & chucking up every 10 minutes. Lasted for 3 weeks
  7. Deep cleans are really important in schools, and especially hospitals where not only cold, flu and noroviruses are, but in hospitals there is MRSA. Although cold and flu viruses are airborne, it's really important at this time of year to wash their hands regularly, because the bugs are all over door handles, buttons on lifts etc. If you can't wash your hands, there are baby wipes as well as those alcohol hand gels.
  8. Actually he appeared on Iain Dale's LBC show for an hour - so he was there, taking calls from the public. All credit to him for not running away. Unlike Boris Johnson or Jacob rees Mogg, who are trying to evade scrutiny.
  9. I see Boris Johnson runs off and hides in a fridge to dodge a GMTV interview: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/dec/11/boris-johnson-hides-in-fridge-to-avoid-piers-morgan-interview I mean Piers Morgan is hardly Andrew Neil
  10. This was discussed on Channel 4 News last night. Kuennsberg has form for smearing Labour, and her latest attempt at passing off what some 'senior Tory from CCHQ' said as fact without checking that it was true, does make you wonder about her integrity and impartiality.
  11. Johnson threatened Channel 4 with not having their charter renewed after he refused to appear on their leader's debate, CH4 then put a block of ice in his place. Johnson is peeved that it was a local BBC reporter that challenged him with the picture of the child with suspected pneumonia lying on a hospital floor for hours. It's what Lynton Crosby called 'the dead cat strategy'. as a way of distracting attention away from bad news onto something else. However this time, Laura Kuennsberg was exposed for spreading fake news. Twitter and even the mainstream press and broadcast media have gone nuts on this. Very embarrassing for Laura K and the BBC, as well as the 'senior Tories' who claimed that a Labour supporter punched one of Matt Hancock's aides outside a hospital when he did no such thing..
  12. Boris Johnson skewered by Andrew Neill https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-2019-50679252
  13. In 2015 The Independent campaigned for a Conservative / Liberal coalition Government. Not sure about the 2017 election. The BBC left leaning??? Not sure if you're repeating a trope from the 1980s, but this last few years, even according to Conservative supporters, the BBC is generally hostile to the left.
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