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  1. Roger Helmet made a vile racist comment blaming racism on black people: "David Lammy’s ranting illustrates why prejudice against black people persists." https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/brexit-partys-roger-helmer-argues-17203153.amp What a plonker.
  2. I agree. This kind of gratuitous cruelty is disgusting and I support a tough crackdown on the scum that did this.
  3. A number of senior Conservatives, including Malcolm Rifkind in an interview with LBC, have said that it is right that of the police were called to his house, it is right that Johnson speaks about it. Even if to put the rumours to bed.
  4. It's been confirmed that Johnson has spoken several times to Bannon. It's rubbing off.
  5. I wasn't just referring to his private life, I was referring to his public utterances, the public money he has wasted on various vanity schemes, the lies that he has told, the actions of him whilst a journalist, MP and minister.
  6. Also worth noting on here that Kyle has refused to appear before the CM&S Select Committee after they invited him to appear before them. This from a man who would regularly berate people for not turning up on his show to 'face the consequences of their actions'. How disgustingly duplicitous of Kyle. Also worth noting is that those that have appeared before the select committee said that lie detector tests were 'right about one third of the time'. Was that ever said on the show, when lie detectors were used? How many people's lives have been ruined by this dreadful tacky show? They probably think that the people who appear on it are trash, and they look down their noses on them Jeremy Kyle should NEVER be allowed on the television again. He and the producers of that show should be ashamed of themselves. The select committee is still continuing.
  7. That's a fair enough point. However, I think it's recognised that to be fit for the role of Prime Minister, you should recognise that although you may have faults, you should try to aspire to be better. Johnson seems to make a virtue of his vices, and thinks his behaviour is funny. Sadly, many of his Tory electorate seem to indulge him in this delusion. There can be no excuse for ignorance. The facts about Johnson's actions and what he has said are well publicised.
  8. That's interesting to hear....Just before Jeremy Corbyn was elected loads of Tories paid £3 for the membership )or whatever it was) and voted for JC. Karma.
  9. Johnson is just taking the Tory membership for granted. If they want to be treated like mugs, that's fine. However, they should remember that they are voting for the PM, and not all of us are mugs, or like being treated as if we're idiots. Johnson is a crummy, second rate charlatan in my opinion. I don't give a damn about his private life, but I don't like arrogance or entitlement; and by the way he's behaved in the past and now, it looks as if he's got those qualities in spades.
  10. It's just been on LBC of Johnson's confirmation that he won't be taking part in the planned TV debate. Not been a Tory party member I don't have a vote; but I hope those that do take his absence at these events into account. Though being given a choice between Johnson and Hunt is like being asked if you want a dose of dysentery or typhoid.
  11. His non show at these events & lamentable performance when he does attend makes me wonder whether he does want the PM job....
  12. I mean this in the context of everything that we know about Johnson - his actions, his opinions, his statements, and by people that know him. It is also based on the findings of the You Gov survey which found that Tory members would gladly see the economy trashed and the union of the UK broken, just to get their lousy Brexit. But we do know that he has made a habit of lying in the past. It cost him his job at the Times, it cost him his job at the Telegraph, and it cost him his position on the shadow front bench when Michael Howard was leader of the Tory Party.
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