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  1. According to a Tory MP, it's all Labour's fault that this MP couldn't keep his hands to himself: A Tory MP reportedly blaming Keir Starmer for the Pincher scandal is as ridiculous as it sounds (msn.com) I've said it before & will say it again, Tories love to boast that they're the party of 'individual responsibility'. Until they're the ones in the ****, then it's everyone else's fault
  2. You'd rather see bank branches close than be polite to people who wish to be referred to as 'she' when you think they're a 'he'? Well we best hope that this policy of companies wanting their staff to be treated with respect doesn't spread to supermarkets, entertainment venues, public transport, etc etc - you'll be in a pickle then wouldn't you.
  3. Also it seems that Halifax are just doing what HSBC and Nat West banks are doing in this regard HSBC and NatWest join businesses allowing staff to display preferred gender pronouns | Business | The Times Hopefully more banks and building societies will join in, so customers who are of the Daily Mail mindset won't have anywhere else to put their money
  4. All Halifax are doing is allowing staff the option of having their pronouns on their badges, just so that customers know which pronoun to use when referring to one of its employees. Some of its employees may be transitioning from one gender to another, or may look masculine if they're female, and feminine if they're male. Some employees might not mind if people get their gender wrong, but some may feel sensitive about it. Back in the 1980s when I lived somewhere other than Sheffield I knew of a lady who had quite a prominent dark hair on her face, that gave her quite a masculine appearance. She was such a nice person, and I can imagine the nasty comments and looks she would get from some other people. Other than for political posturing and excluding people I don't know why the Mail would choose to target the Halifax for this. I bank with the Halifax, and feel quite proud of the fact that they've taken the time to think about the needs of its workforce, rather than fear that they might be called 'woke' or whatever the Mail and some of its readers think.
  5. In 2018 it was Carrie going down on the Tory Foreign Secretary 😆
  6. I think the MP in question, Chris Pincher, has the perfect surname for someone who gets their kicks from groping others
  7. Watch the film Personal Services. You'll find out, and you'll be guaranteed a laugh as well
  8. Indeed. And the sad thing is people like West77 will overlook any amount of bad behaviour, whatever its consequences, as long as it indulges his prejudices, annoys other people, or so that he can gloat over the Brexit fiasco.
  9. I'm suggesting that your rubbishing of the idea that people should be interested in the allegation that Johnson's then mistress performed a sex act on him while he was at work in the HoC doesn't sit well with your narrow minded attitude to people's sexual orientation, which is mostly behind closed doors. We know that you're not the sharpest tool the box, that your homophobia is rank; but are you really trying to claim that Johnson's lover performing a sex act act on him the Foreign Secretary, while at work is not worthy of comment; but what consenting adults do behind closed doors is open invitation for your condemnation?
  10. No I'm not confusing you with another poster. You've made plenty of disparaging remarks about gay people on here, mainly aimed at me. You're interested enough to make disparaging comments about people's sexual orientation, so don't give me this nonsense about 'only washerwomen' being interested in the fact that Johnson's lover performed a sex act on him when he was at work in the HoC.
  11. Yes I voted on whether she should resign or not. EDIT: Why is that even important???
  12. Really? You're the one who's quick to get on high horse when disparaging other people's sexual orientation.
  13. Now we know why Johnson always says he's getting on with the job Instead of Bojo, his new nickname should be Blojo This story isn't going away
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