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  1. I don't know, what is stopping people using Covid as an excuse to get out of work? Why not people who have back pain, stress, food poisoning etc.... What would you do about it?
  2. If you've done it, why are you getting on your high horse then? Speaking of sick pay, and self certification: Workers told they can take 28 days off sick without doctor’s note | The Independent
  3. Private Eye is reporting that Downing Street offered to relax covid rules for Philip's funeral, but the Queen declined saying she should set an example not be an exception. That's true leadership.
  4. I didn't say people should abuse the system. People haven't "used Covid to get a lot of time off work on full pay", many have HAD to self isolate because they've got Coronavirus, they've been pinged, and they've obeyed the law. During the long periods of lockdown, people were ringing up the radio stations I listened to were really struggling with the boredom of lockdown, or had serious problems with their mental health. Nobody enjoyed lockdown. I think there is an effort to portray some people as lazy scroungers, but when it comes to those who have defrauded the tax system out of billions in furlough - oh well, we'll write that £4.3 billion off, it'd only be spent on benefits to those who'd pi$$ it up the wall anyway
  5. So why did they vote Brexit then 😆
  6. Christian Wakeford Tory MP for Bury South has defected to Labour. Perhaps he senses that the Tories won't win the next election and he wants to retain his seat.
  7. People with long covid and who have been certified by their medic as unable to work due to their symptoms are entitled to be signed off. I would suggest that government money claimed by a handful of people who may try to fake symptoms of long covid to get out of work will be miniscule in comparison to the sums of money defrauded through £4.3 billion business support loans defrauded from the taxpayer.
  8. I hope Weatherspoons don't change the name of gammon and chips because apparently it's offensive to a certain segment of the population.
  9. How do you feel about the UK Government writing off £4.3 billion taken by fraudsters from furlough and other business support in lockdown?
  10. I know it's priceless, complains about restrictions then complains about the consequences of having the disease....
  11. Even a worse excuse that the cat was sick all over my homework: Boris Johnson: nobody warned me No 10 party was against the rules | Boris Johnson | The Guardian
  12. Long Covid can be an extremely debilitating condition. I've heard on the radio from 2 consultants working in hospitals who have it, and are struggling to function, let alone work. If your doctor thinks that you're too ill to work because of it, then you will be able to get a sick note.
  13. Just noticed this on msn newsfeed: Gavin Williamson could receive knighthood from despite series of failings as Education Minister (msn.com) Is Johnson taking the pi$$?
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