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  1. Why do you want a lesser charge to be applied? Because the victim was black
  2. Sadly Trump emboldened his base, and in the minds of many of his supporters legitimised racism.
  3. But at least it's a comfy place for Johnson to shag his latest bit of 'totty'
  4. Ah okay. Plenty of reviews about Sheffield City College. What are you planning to study?
  5. Have you looked on the reviews of present and past students on each of these college's Facebook pages? Might have more luck there.
  6. Paul Williams in 2011 he asked an inappropriate question on social media about 'Tory MILF'. Not great, but it's way down the charge list of Boris Johnson's misdemeanors.
  7. People have been up in arms about the prospect of an ESL all day - complaining that it will no longer be the sport of "working man". I think that ship sailed long ago! The price of tickets is astronomical, and players in the top league are remunerated beyond the dreams of avarice. The sentimentality is just sick making. I'd have more respect for the elites if they followed through with their anti nanny state logic, & stuck to fingers up to the public & said "tough tits. That's the market for you". There must be loads of non professional football teams out there whose players all work in the communities whose teams they play for. People should support them.
  8. There's a new bar with a terrace to be launched on Carver Street in the building opposite St Matthew's Church. Once that area is redeveloped it will be a welcome addition I hope.
  9. Unfortunately when the chips are down in this country, a lot of people turn on each other. The press revel in printing stories about scroungers on the dole getting a few quid more than they're entitled to. The Tories too are past masters at divide and rule
  10. Great to see World Snooker back in Sheffield 2021. Also great to see the perm is back in fashion. Dierdrie Barlow: Neil Robertson:
  11. Apparently Twitter is buzzing today because Bernard Jenkin MP, on yesterday evenings edition of Question Time, said that the royal family are "the least privileged in Britain". It was in response to a question from the audience that the BBC news coverage of the Duke's death dragged on for too long. But Jenkin was having none of it. I bet Jenkin is one of these tiresome types who likes to opine that white middle class straight men are the most discriminated against in Britain today
  12. It's also worth pointing out that the wonderfully Dickens-like character Eric Pickles, who as you will be aware is the 'lobbying watchdog chair', failed to publicly declare role on Tory business forum. Former Conservative cabinet minister who chairs the government’s own lobbying watchdog has been accused of a potential conflict of interest for failing to publicly declare his ongoing involvement in a Tory business lobbying forum. Eric Pickles, who heads up the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments (ACOBA), did not mention his presidency of the Enterprise Forum in a written submission to a parliamentary committee or in his CV, before becoming chair of the watchdog last year. The Enterprise Forum, which boasts of its access to government ministers, aims “to improve the quality and flow of information between the business community and the Conservative Party”. Lord Pickles has been the Forum’s president since 2017. Lobbying watchdog chair failed to publicly declare role on Tory business forum | openDemocracy It's almost as comical as the Government's own Anti-Corruption Champion at the Cabinet Office since 2017, John Penrose MP, is married to the Track and Trace head Dido Harding. The performance of the track and trace system has been so stunning that Johnson has offered her the role to head up Britain's new Health Protection Agency.
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