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  1. If I were you I’d stop buying the DM, it doesn’t do your mental health any favors.
  2. Well the DM ain’t crowing about Brexit and the wretched government it supports so it’s got to entertain the dummies that read it in other ways.
  3. That’s a question for cuttsie, personally I’d gladly pay thirty bob for a pint of Wards.
  4. I’ll admit there was no inbetweenness with Wards, it was either absolutely wonderful or bloody awful. I’m puzzled as to why none of the many breweries that have popped up in the city haven’t got the recipe for Stones and Wards because I’m sure both would be popular with drinkers over a certain age.
  5. Sounds good to me if they’re getting a decent wage, if there had been a government in place over the last 40 years willing to regulate the labour market this heavily the conditions that led to Brexit might not have arisen.
  6. Looking at your posts it’s clear you weren’t a regular in the city’s more reputable alehouses where a pint of Sheffield’s finest ale was a joy to behold.
  7. Ironic in that it probably applies to most of its readers. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2525602/Burying-head-sand-Youre-feeling-guilty.html
  8. Heathens ale, us more refined Sheffielders preferred Wards.
  9. Pub landlord on one of his fourteen pints a day route?
  10. That’s the stuff of nightmares, ****ing hell
  11. Did you work in social services in Rotherham?
  12. You are no friend of mine, the despicable mob of wrong uns you support are an absolute disgrace. It’s about time you did one and crawled back under that rock you ****house.
  13. It might be all a good laugh and a distraction but the reality is the mob you support are a shambles and the country is in a right mess.
  14. I’d have gone for corrupt house with this mob of Tories.
  15. Anyone any idea what particular sub genre of electronic music that is?
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