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  1. Runningman

    WBA v Blades

    An explanation please, thanks !
  2. Runningman

    Sheffield don wheelers

    A lad called Barry Pashley worked for Henry in the London Road shop, Barry used to train with Wes Mason.
  3. The line from Meersbrook Avenue to Endcliffe Park is SE to NW. I didn't state that my pal saw the plane fly directly over Meersbrook Avenue, he just observed it from that location !
  4. I worked with a guy who as a lad lived on Meersbrook Avenue off Chesterfield Road. He was in the street and saw the aircraft fly over which seems to suggest that yes it was coming from the east.
  5. Runningman

    The parkrun thread

    Hey up Park Runners, especially those who run at Endcliffe ! What are your opinions about the high number of participants. Do they spoil the run for you or don't the high numbers bother you. Have you any safety concerns ? Should a limit be imposed on the numbers taking part. What about 2 events i.e. Male and female ? Sensible responses please, no trolling thanks !
  6. Runningman

    Gary madine sufc bound?

    Well I'll go to foot of our stairs ( Sheffield saying ) Apologies soad, something could happen, but I am not in agreement !!
  7. Runningman

    Gary madine sufc bound?

    A polite response soad ! Have you been consuming too much alcohol ?
  8. Runningman

    Castle archaeological dig

    An unbelievable negative post !!
  9. Runningman

    Tunnels under Sheffield

    Hi Billam. A good chance that was built during wartime as an escape passage between houses if the houses were hit by falling bombs. In the cellar where I lived a s a child, you could see on both walls where the brick work had been replaced over what would have been two escape routes.
  10. Runningman

    Steve bruce on his way to swfc

    Not all of us ! There are some Sheffield folks around, me included that want success for both sides. If it gives you some kind of elation to see the other Sheffield team fail, then have a good luck at yourself !
  11. Runningman

    New forum feedback and questions

    Good evening Ghozer and thanks !
  12. Runningman

    New forum feedback and questions

    Hi Ash and thanks, however, can't see what you suggest. Need more help don't I !
  13. Runningman

    New forum feedback and questions

    Evening everyone Have we no longer a search facility on the forum ?
  14. Runningman

    Birley street

    Bit more info needed please for some educated response i.e. Where was Birley St ? What is your interest in Birley St ? Why before the Blitz ? Any names connected ?
  15. Runningman

    Mick McCarthy set for owls job

    You Wednesdayites are annoying me. If you beat the Blades tonight, Jos will be a GOD !

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