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  1. Hey up ! Did you know that men have walked on the moon, but they can't fix the problems with the o/head gantry !!
  2. Many of you passing the farm will be aware of it's present major refurbishment which seems to be taking forever. I wonder what price the building will be when it eventually comes on the market !
  3. Thanks for that, going to save me buying a new drill Alarmingmark - thanks for your input, looks like I am sorted smithy266 - battery charger / transformer, call it what you will !
  4. Hi folks Any information please as to where I could obtain a transformer for my electric drill Output = 18v 400mA One of the 2 wires entering the socket has become disconnected and looks impossible to repair Service centre tells me spares no longer available, not surprising considering age of drill 21st century society, chuck it away and buy another !!
  5. Bought the same pump this afternoon as the one that packed up on me from Wards at Coal Aston Bit shocked at the price £60
  6. The 24000 ticket sales I mentioned, I heard quoted by Alan Biggs on the Sheffield Live TV channel Not seen any other reference to this figure either on social media or the papers.
  7. I am told 24000 season tickets have been sold, please confirm ! 30k - 24k leaves 6k for visiting supporters and am i right in saying that a club must leave an allocation for pay on the day ? Facts please, no daft comments !
  8. Morning Kevvy and thanks Any one with knowledge of other outlets closer to Sheffield
  9. Recommendations please ! My pond pump driving the water into a filter box has failed. It's an Hozelock Cyprio Display pump 1500 Model 3378- 0000 230v 50hz 33w 0.25 A What type of pump have you got ? Can you still obtain the above ( web site unclear ) and where from, i.e. Wards at Coal Aston or where ?
  10. 65 years a Unitedite ! Remember them going up in 1961 and again in 1971. Great day in 2006. Live for the moment whatever happens next season !! Thanks for all the good comments from you Wednesdayites Walked past my Dad's plaque on the wall of the John St stand on Saturday, gave it a touch and thought how he would have loved the day.
  11. Advice please on the most suitable fish for an outdoor pond, low temperatures an obvious consideration !
  12. Sad news about the death of one of football's hard but fair players. Tommy passed away age 74 The ' Anfield Iron ' he was nick named.
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