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  1. Have you contacted the Communications Workers Union ?
  2. Hi Janus Almost sure it was a train station building, somebody on the forum will no doubt confirm !
  3. We get a lot of similar posts on this Forum. My take on these situations is that if it's is nowt to do with me I am not interested !
  4. Hi Kev I have 10 fish in the pond but the little varmints spend most of their time underneath a stone shelf in the corner of the pond. Is this usual, that is they are in a new environment Will they eventually appear and swim around so we can see them ?
  5. Some of you may remember a section of the Collins family living on Meadowhead Avenue. The local Police work load increased somewhat by residents reporting botched and over priced building work. Consumer Standards also became involved. A young lad living in the house never attended school, he was caught shop lifting locally.
  6. Hi Sheffbeth, excuse my ignorance, what is Banofee pie ?
  7. Good evening Fore, no I wasn't in any way annoyed with you, just hope that magnificent bird comes to no harm !
  8. Hey up folks. Can we resist in advertising the precise location of the vulture. Don't want some idiot having a shot at it !!
  9. Good comment trastrick, fascinating subject, looking forward to some pm's re whether or not folks in other parts of the UK have heard of them.
  10. A big favour please from you folks talking about Touch Burners. I am doing some research into their origin. They were obviously from reading this thread, made in various areas of Sheffield. What I would like you to do is to make contact with a relation or friend who was born and raised in another part of the country. Question them about Touch Burners, do they know what your are talking about, how did they make and use them. All responses please via private message !
  11. Hi kevvy and jackanne. Bought 3 gold fish and a couple of shubumkins ( spelling ?) today from Wayside Gardens at Oldcotes. Home in 35 mins, fish now swimming about like crazy !
  12. Hi jackanne and thanks for your comment
  13. Morning Kev and a big thanks ! Hi again Kev Know the location of both places you mention However, I live at Beauchief in Sheffield which is a good hours drive from both places Would the fish I buy survive the journey in the plastic bag ? Apologies for my total lack of knowledge !
  14. To save me looking through all the posts on here, could someone tell me please where in Sheffield or round about is the best place to buy pond fish. I only have a few goldfish at the moment and have found that there are a number of fish that will survive in an outdoor pond i.e. Golden Orfe, Pond Sturgeon, Weather Loach, Molllies & Guppies, Red Shiners & High Fin Banded Shark I am a novice re pond fish, so some good advice required Thanks !
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