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  1. Good evening TedW and thanks for those amazing photos Why do faces remain in your memory, but names disappear ? Excuse me, but I must mention some of the lads I recognised, Hope they are all well, no doubt there could be some who are no longer with us ! Dermot Mcdonell Roger Fairhurst Geoff Mculloch Tony Downing Roger Crofts Pete Hammond Lol Wear Roger Mills Barry Stephenson Doug Atter John Weldon Pete Cowlishaw John Rotherham Bill Nundy Dave Fisher Ray Brown Tony Hardwick Alan Plant Pat Clay Harry Strutt Thanks for the memories !!
  2. This post could run for a long time as I start to reminisce about some of the names mentioned. Eric Ludlam whose nickname was Lobby, a fiery character at times, but a heart of gold ! Jack Atter whose GPO/BT career came second to his bird watching interest. Len Meadows tragically succumbed to Dementia. Dick Pettit & John Clay I remember. Alan Atter, Jack Robinson, Ted Haythornthwaite, Tony Houcher, Barry Bamford, brothers Terry & Bill South all well remembered. I could go on and on.
  3. Hi Chaddamp, Runningman here ! Are you asking me or some one else on this thread ?
  4. Best of luck with this Thorpy Sorry but can't help ! RS
  5. Please discuss the title. As a cyclist for 60 years and one who always tries to make myself visible, this trend don't half annoy me !!
  6. Hi banjodeano The meters have been like that now for a few months It's a quiet road especially at night Plenty of opportunity for the low life to operate ! No doubt being considered whether or not to replace them
  7. Watched the game on Friday evening McBurnie covered every inch of the grass, that will do for me !
  8. Good morning stifflersmom and thanks for that ! WOW would be my comment !!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonder what sort of long distance views could be possible prior to the smoke of the Industrial Revolution
  9. Hi Derby Tup Somewhere on this thread there is a photo of the Welsh mountains viewed from the Snake summit I reckon that must be 70 miles as the crow flies Must attempt to see that view !
  10. Hey up Blades fans, are you all asleep ? Your thoughts on tonight's match please !
  11. My Mom worked there from approx 1955 to 1966 Elsie S---------n
  12. Hi Derby Tup Yes, turn right on Fulwood Lane which is just past the Norfolk Arms pub travelling up Ringinglow Road from Sheffield . The viewing point is at the junction of Fulwood Lane and Greenhouse Lane I can't be any more clearer !!
  13. Out of curiosity, anyone yet know the reason for the refurb of the viaduct ?
  14. Apologies guys, all his managerial merry go round is becoming extremely boring !!
  15. Come on all you Blades, your thoughts on this afternoons game !
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