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  1. I've been supporting them for 67 years. Seen all the ups and downs. They will be back, but when I don't know !
  2. Feeling like I did on ThanksGivens day !!
  3. Nikki Red always responds with those words. The first line is important and that is hopefully some one reading this thread who knows of Janet Mason will respond to you with a private message. Best of luck, hope you make contact with Janet !
  4. Brian Hale, once of 4 Martin Street, passed away a couple of months ago. My cousin's wife's family lived on Martin Street, Gambles. Brenda Gambles married name was Stevenson.
  5. Thanks MEC176 and a big thanks !
  6. Hi medusa and thanks for a very informative reply !!
  7. Still closed as above, that was on Friday 29th.
  8. Will do pattricia, thanks for that !
  9. Hi all and thanks for your replies. I am waiting for an appointment for a biopsy at Chesterfield after an MRI scan showed something on my Prostate My latest PSA reading was 3.4
  10. I have yet to ask Looking at apelike's post, doesn't appear to be of any benefit
  11. Evening lads. Like many of you out there I have a Prostate problem. I keep seeing ads for ProstaGenix, anyone used it ?
  12. March 12th 1960 FA Cup 6th round at Bramall Lane, Blades v Owls. Wednesday 2 up in 1st half, both goals from Derek Wilkinson. A 60000 crowd ! 2nd half United hammered away at the Wednesday defence, Swan v Derek Pace, what a contest and me as a very young Blade had to admire what a player that bloke with the short shorts on was ! 2 - 0 to the Owls.
  13. Sad to read that we have lost a guy who did much to relate the history of Sheffield and South Yorkshire along with his wife Joan to the general public and the many Students he taught. He was a lovely down to earth guy and the vast amount of books and articles he produced will still be valued for years to come !!
  14. Still Closed on Sunday the 10th at the side of the Sheffield Smelting Co.
  15. Hi folks and thanks for your response It is my intention when this bug has disappeared to contact academics at either Sheffield or Hallam University and perhaps the Local History section of the Central Library, people who study / collect stories relating to Sheffield Culture and pass on the information given. Keep your stories coming please !
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