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  1. Hi iansheff, I just laugh when I see news such as this. Is it their 2nd game of the season ?
  2. Anyone remember my uncle, Harold Hartley, was last working there around 1970, he lived in Heeley.
  3. I swam there one Sunday in the late 60's Will never forget that occasion, as my eyes and everyone else's eyes were streaming because of an excessive amount of chlorine in the water. The blue trunks I was wearing almost turned white !
  4. Hi all, apologies for being a doom merchant, but the weather in that part of the country doesn't look too good tomorrow. Wind speeds could influence the game !
  5. Now allowed to drive, new licence on it's way !
  6. Thanks everybody for your comments, a real mixture as I would have expected ! Sat here waiting patiently for either an e mail, letter, telephone call or a bloke in a black outfit with an axe in his hand !! Tell me folks, is it possible to post on here without being ridiculed ?
  7. Can you believe this ? I recently applied on line to renew my licence, I will be 73 in September. Unfortunately I ticked a wrong box ( Yes, I am a plonker ) and received a letter almost immediately telling me that after 50 years I could no longer drive !! Numerous tele calls and e mails to the DVLA have got me no further I have had to re apply Being without a driving licence is a serious obstruction to my life style No comments please about walking, cycling and using public transport as I do all 3 !! Your comments please, good, bad and indifferent
  8. Sharrovian, Don Stevenson, worked at Loxley Brothers 1952 to 1966. Died today, Sunday 21st of July, age 82
  9. A well remembered guy who has a well earned place in the history of Sheffield sport. RIP Bob !
  10. Moderator, please step in !
  11. Nah den Bash Street, please expand on the message you posted
  12. I spoke with David on Wednesday suggesting we created a Facebook page for ex pupils. Fair comment from David, he wasn't keen on the idea himself,so I have created a Facebook page ' Sharrow Lane school ex pupils ' Please feel free to post sensible comments on there. Hopefully we can reach out to more ex pupils A favour please if you know my name, don't broadcast it far and wide !
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