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  1. Hi Hopster, a location of Lees House please !
  2. Hi ab6262 and thanks for your reply My intention is just to remove the side wall ( rectangular section ) and not the wall between the rear of the pantry and the coal house I will only take out the necessary bricks to make the cupboard space and no more. Further comments would be appreciated i.e. advice re building regs.
  3. Hey up, you builders out there ! I am considering breaking through from the hallway into what was once the coal house to make a cupboard The house was built circa 1934 What effect could this have on the staircase ? I am presuming no effect thinking that the staircase is supported top and bottom and not by the brickwork underneath Your comments appreciated, Thanks !
  4. Hi John. Have a look at the Sheffield Indexers site. You can post your question on there and I assure you that you will receive a response from some very helpful folks !
  5. Hi Robert and thanks for that, really interesting, hope to see more !
  6. Out walking the other day,sat at the side of the dam for a while watching Carp just below the surface moving across. Occasional fish jumping for flies.
  7. A strange tale re Millhouses Shed, you might not believe this ! I worked with a lad called Jack Thompson, ex fireman at Millhouses He was in a loco cab at the side of the coal stack when a guy he knew walked past. He said hello and the guy didn't reply, miserable sod he said ! At work the following morning he was told that particular guy had died the day before, that was before he thought he had seen him !!
  8. Yes, you had to be a fit lad to see all the locos at the cutting Darting from one side to the other and then up to the cutting PHEW !!
  9. Saturday morning and the occasional LNER V2 came in from York Too long to turn on the table at the Midland Station The crew took the loco up to the Totley Cutting to turn it round
  10. Hi John, could go on all night about Millhouses Shed 19B and then 41A Used to look forward to Sunday morning when often there was a Clan Class on shed having brought down the night sleeper. Totley cutting and the sight of those Beyer Garrat's, MAGIC Fond memories but can't think now why I spent so much time writing numbers down.
  11. Good evening LW950 Can't promise when, but the next time I up at Ringinglow, will take a compass bearing for you and anyone else interested.
  12. God evening all. I can assure you that Lincoln Cathedral can be seen with the naked eye from Ringinglow when weather conditions allow and of course you know the precise direction to look. My eyesight isn't 100% but I have seen it after first establishing the position with binoculars.
  13. Remember the only time I ever went in there, probably around 1983/4 I had been on a training run with a group of lads from Wednesday's training ground on Middlewood Road. We walked through the door and couldn't see the other side of the room for fag smoke We all turned round and walked out
  14. Good evening all, black cloud here. I'm looking forward to next season, think the Blades will come straight back. An interesting situation all round for the Owls. Should be a challenge for you regular contributors next season. Take care lads, watch the blood pressure ! When you have been watching your favourite club for as long as I have, which is 70 years, a lot longer than most of you young uns, you do get used to the ups, downs and ups again. A question for you Owls, how long before you are back in the Premiership ? A question for you Blades, if United get back into the Premiership, how long will they stay there ?
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