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  1. It's society SR, I just wonder where we are going, very fearful for my Grandkids future !
  2. I recently bought a pack of screws, but didn't notice they were designed for use on MDF Although I have a large range of Ferrules, none of them fit the head of the screws purchased On the pack the Ferrule head is marked as TX Where could I obtain the Ferrule required without having to buy a whole set of different sizes ?
  3. Hi alchresearch. Elmin Pitts Farm it is, recognise the location from the photos. Many thanks !
  4. An everlasting memory of running alongside the torch bearer with my grandson ( on the footpath ) from the Hallamshire Hospital along Clarkehouse Road down Brocco Bank then down Ecclesall Road to Collegiate Crescent when my grandson said that's enough ! When we started to run down Brocco Bank I was gob smacked when I saw all those folks around Hunters Bar roundabout.
  5. Lady luck at the moment isn't with the Blades. The farce at Villa Park Boldock with a very rare mistake at Newcastle Playing a team tonight that hasn't played as well as that in a long time 3 away matches on the trot, the Bramall Lane crowd have driven those lads on this season
  6. I would certainly contact Martin Westby via the e mail I quoted in post no 2
  7. His lovely wife gives him her full support. How far is it from where he lives now to Middlesborough ?
  8. I have here the excellent book " A History of Sheffield Football 1857 - 1889 " by Martin Westby. The index unfortunately does not give reference to the Kettlebridge location or Kings Head FC, but I would have thought that somewhere within the book which contains a mass of information there is a reference to both Kettlebridge and Kings Head FC Martin Westby can be contacted via Martin@EnglandsOldestFootballclubs.com Give him a try, I reckon he might know something of interest too you
  9. Out walking the other day. After coming to Hope Cross, we turned right and down through the trees On the way down is a very old abandoned building, presumably once a farm house before all the trees were planted Anyone with information re this building I have a number of books with info about that area, but can't find a reference
  10. Hi Padders, you didn't mention the great view, access to the City Centre and plenty of free food !
  11. 8-30 am Wed morning. Neither adults or chicks to be seen, presume the chicks have flown !
  12. Hi Dannyno and thanks for some very detailed information !
  13. Out on a bike ride yesterday afternoon and rode on to the canal basin. A very large group of folks totally ignoring social distancing as were groups in Millhouses Park seen on my way home There will be a second wave of infections, I do hope i am wrong !!
  14. Have the Falcons on St Georges that have been ringed over the past few years, been identified in other locations around here or wherever in the UK ?
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