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  1. Surprised at the location of that sighting what with all the cycling activity around there !
  2. Went in the box at Heeley Station whilst train spotting numerous times, pleasant bloke !
  3. Flabbergasted after what Chansiri has had to say recently. This whole business of hiring and firing is more than ridiculous, in fact it STINKS ! Just where is football going ? SWFC are up the creek without a paddle for a long time if they appoint the wrong man. Those of you wanting this, well I hope it works out, if it doesn't, then please don't come back on this Forum. GOODNIGHT !!!!
  4. Hi steved32. 30 games to go, a lot of points to play for and lets hope other sides near the bottom aren't in good form. What is needed is for United to stay up and for Wednesday to join them, would be real good for the City of Sheffield. Unitedites wanting Wednesday to go down and Wednesdayites wanting United to come down are folks I can't stand. This city will need a lift in all directions after the Pandemic, both teams in the Premiership would be one hell of a tonic !
  5. Very disappointing performance overall ! Spent all that cash on Berge, McBurnie and Brewster, but in comparison to most of the Chelsea lads, they are not CLASS players ! We can still get out of trouble or can we, going to be a long hard season !
  6. Yes, some guy, just get on with life no matter what the circumstances. His current partner, WOW what a stunning lass !
  7. Don't know what to say ?????????????????????
  8. Hi busdriver1. I will park just before the Derwent Viaduct, catch the bus there and alight at the Snake summit. That is when life returns to normal !!
  9. We have a comment that someone passing Snake summit has seen 2 bus stops in place From where do I catch the bus to alight at Snake summit ?
  10. Good evening busdriver1. Got my thick head on at the moment !! I presume you are saying that a planned journey from Sheffield to the Snake Summit will not be allowed ?
  11. Hey up PaddyMc and thanks for that Going to be days when the weather is good that you can't get on that bus Have Hulleys any double deckers ?
  12. Agree with every word. I have been watching them since 1954 !
  13. Hi Thirsty Relic. Whoa ! I was asking a question about CW being replaced, not suggesting that the board could be considering sacking him. I do hope you are right in what you are saying. Yes, it's early season and as I said 4th bottom would do, although I am sure that wouldn't satisfy CW. A serious comment because I do hope they turn it round, we aren't in as bad a position as the Owls.
  14. Bit early to say we are going down, but the Blades are definitely going to have a hard season. Can CW turn it round, will the board stick by him and who would take over if his services are dispensed with. Finishing 4th from bottom will satisfy many including me. So many questions to answer. Funny old game, a couple of good results and confidence will increase. What must be upsetting for both CW and the players is the fact they are not getting hammered, playing well, but losing, should have got something out of last nights game.
  15. Perhaps a tele call to Hulleys will tell if the bus stops between the Snake Inn and Glossop Very convenient if it stops at the Snake summit
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