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  1. AGREE Mr Bloke !! Good evening Sheridan 1-0 bit confused with your post, please explain !
  2. Some of the once banned folks who have returned have again made this section a load of tripe !!
  3. Good evening Richard Try for some sponsorship so you have the cash to produce a newsletter
  4. Good evening Richard and the best of luck with your initiative I was Vice Chair of a Sheffield NW group for a number of years Hopefully you will bring your community together and see a reduction in crime Make sure you engage with your local police ! i
  5. There is a huge gulf in class between many premiership teams. If the Blades go up next season they may well come straight back down. It's all about money and if we don't spend some cash on new players in the close season we are again doomed !
  6. I must stop having these feelings like the Blades sneeking a win tonight. Turned the radio off after Spurs first goal, just had another listen and it's 0-4
  7. Around 1958 I along with many other folks went down to the Midland station to watch the circus arrive. I cannot remember just what in the way of animals and the containers they were in did arrive, but what I do remember is the Elephants being walked along from the station to the circus site around the Eldon Street / Trafalgar Street area. I walked along with them, did anyone else ?
  8. The answer to this question might be obvious, but I will ask it anyway ! Did the Pullman have a scheduled stop between Derby and Manchester ? Another question. What was the maximum speed limit on route and on which section was that ?
  9. Come on lads lets have a few comments. Not a good match but we worked hard !
  10. Didn't ever travel on that train, but as a young and keen trainspotter, once saw it travel through Hassop Station, that would have possibly been in 1960.
  11. 65 years a Unitedite. Seen all this before. Hope they get back up before I snuff it !!
  12. Good evening hillsbro, this all really interesting information ! Some family members did speak of Douglas's relationship with Kathleen and that was at the time that his wife Winifred was on her death bed !! According to a family story, Douglas did once live at Ridgeway. My Grandparents, my Dad and my Aunt once visited the house. Douglas gave my Grandparents a lift home, My Dad and Aunt had to walk back to their home at Heeley. There was snow on the ground, I was told my Aunt spent most of that journey on her backside after continually slipping on the icy footpaths. Tales from the past !!
  13. Douglas re married Kathleen Hornsey in 1941
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