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  1. Brian contacted me and gave some more info Thanks again Longcol
  2. Hi again Longcol and thanks for that Will try and contact Brian Howitt
  3. Good evening LOLBROO and thanks Gathering info bit by bit Hi Longcol if you are following this post. I was wrong with the 1969 date Reading the above article states the race was last run in 1961
  4. Good morning Longcol. You are asking me questions that I eventually hope to have the answers for ! The date of 1969 is one I have seen, could be right, could be wrong ! Remember in years gone by, there wasn't too many competing in Marathons and press coverage was minimal When I find the information I require, then will post on here I am currently awaiting a reply from a guy who once ran the Doncaster to Sheffield event Watch this space !
  5. Are we talking about the wash house on Broadfield Road near the baths ??
  6. My apologies for the lateness of mentioning the fact that Ray Stevenson died in November 2017
  7. Hi Longcol Don't want to presume anything without some hard facts ! I do believe there were plenty of Marathons outside the Olympics and other major games, but support was minimal and press coverage poor !
  8. I am trying to find details of the route used for the Doncaster to Sheffield marathon last run in 1969 I believe the finish was on Furnival Road adjacent to the approach road to the old station The route passed across the junction of Upwell Street and Brightside Lane I have no other details !
  9. I was a runner for 40 years stopped in my stride by a hip replacement, no longer a participant in Park Runs. An observation re Millhouses. Are the paths wide enough to accommodate the runners doing 3 laps plus the public ? Surely the Endciffe run has out grown itself !
  10. Did it follow him to the Wednesday ground, or was it a Blade ?
  11. Hi David. Please don't beat yourself about the lack of response, disappointing as it is. I am sure like myself that others are more than grateful about the time and effort you have put into the organisation. Very disappointed that I will be unable to attend, which you are aware of !
  12. Anyone lived on Herschell Road prior to 1970 ?
  13. Hi Anna. Like many council estates in Sheffield there are unfortunately some forms of low life existing on the Low Edges estate. however, there are many good honesty folk in that location. My son lived on Low Edges for a few years, never encountered any problems where he lived. My advice would be to do some door knocking around there and ask folks opinion of what it is like in that location. There are as you must be aware many other areas in this city offering rented houses. If you have any doubts at all about Low Edges, then look further for piece of mind.
  14. Just carrying on my post above. I was amazed at the organisation and apparent professionalism of this scam. Seemingly genuine folks on the phone, loads of very convincing paperwork, dates quoted, information obtained from wherever about my previous timeshare experience. Took me a while to realise what was going on, good job I referred to the web ! You have been warned again !
  15. Lets face reality ! We have now lost 3 at home and it's at home where we need to pick up points. There is a fine line around the bottom of the Premiership come April re relegation or staying up. Bringing Clarke on could have been a master stroke by Wider, the guy was beaten by the awkward bounce of the ball, otherwise could have been a hugely important equaliser ! Early days yet, onwards and upwards !! Hi Jim and thanks Used to enjoy Bramall Lane one week and at Hillsboro' the next
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