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  1. I am one of the 1.5 million considered a risk during the present Pandemic I have received loads of texts giving advice on all sorts for which I am grateful, I have also received advice on paper from my GP practice. I am fortunate during this sad time in being able to manage my situation without any cause for concern My heart goes out to those at this time who for whatever reason are struggling with life in general Chin up folks, we will be back to normal one day !!
  2. Hi there and thanks for the info about the Owls v West Ham Long time ago and the memory fades
  3. Hey up Wednesdayites ! Went to Hillsborough early 60's I think You stuffed West Ham about 6-0, Bobby Moore and all I was stood behind the goal on the Leppings Lane end, seemed that every time Wednesday attacked they scored Was you at that match ?
  4. Only ever missed the start of a match once whilst watching the Blades for 65 years 6th January 1962, supporters train special to Bury for an FA cup game The train got as far as the Totley Tunnel and stopped Must have waited for an hour or more When we had eventually pulled into Bury station, there were hundreds of Blades supporters running through the street to get to the ground Think we got into the ground just before half time We were able to walk round the ground to the side the Blades were attacking in the 2nd half and if memory serves me right we stood on a slope of compacted ash, no steps !
  5. 18 Feb 1959 FA cup replay Blades v Arsenal at the Lane Stood behind the Spion Kop goal Foggy, WOW ! you couldn't see what was happening at the Bramall Lane end of the pitch, the roar of the crowd was the only indication of how United were playing Won 3-0 in front of 47000 Kelsey the Arsenal goalie injured his arm, played out on the wing for the rest of the game How football has changed Such foggy conditions today would have meant abandonment of the match No substitutes in 1959 Hi Richard That Leeds game, what a match ! Talk about stuffing a team, they never had a look in
  6. Thought I would mention this match, one hell of an embarassment !! 15 Dec 1956 v Rotherham at the Lane They thumped us 2-7, couldn't believe it !!
  7. Remembering 2 memorable Blades v Newcastle games which I attended 1st Jan 1955, at 8 years old, not been watching the Blades long Stood at the front of the Spion Kop with Dad Blades 4 up after only 8 minutes, eventually won 6-2 4th of March 1961 6th round FA cup at Newcastle 3 up after 18 mins, all goals scored by Billy Russell United played in white shorts and tangerine shirts
  8. March 18th 1961 The Blades v Leicester FA cup semi final at Elland Road, Leeds My father had just passed away, obviously Mom was in a state ! Didn't think I ought to ask her for the money for a ticket and the coach fare But I did and she coughed up I knew a lad close to where I lived with a spare ticket which I bought off him the night before Went down to Pond Street on the Saturday morning, bought a seat and got on the coach What a journey, no M1 of course Horrendous traffic and we pulled into a car park near the ground at around 2-45 Folks running frantically to get to the ground and much to the amusement of many, blokes trying to jump across a drainage ditch and falling in. Got to a position within the Leicester supporters just as they kicked off Poor game I remember, but Doc Pace brought the ball down with his shoulder and tapped the ball into the net Ref disallowed it and Pace obviously very annoyed pointed to the mud mark on his shoulder The ref stood firm ! One of a hundred disappointments watching my team
  9. Thanks Padders, one hell of a crowd and a very uneven pitch
  10. Hi Alan, remember the Blackburn game only because my dear late Dad who was seriously ill was sat with us in the Infirmary listening to the radio Was it Dougan who scored that disputed goal ? Started going to reserve matches at Bramall Lane with my Dad when I was around 7 years old Used to get bored at half time On one Saturday I went round picking up fag ends, opened them up and made a pile of baccy on the steps !
  11. Hi basset one Went to that game against Tottenham, stood on the Leppings Lane, felt like a sardine in a tin If you remember there was around 60000 in the ground and no stand on the north side prior to the building of the new stand Hi Padders, yes was at the Norwich game stood behind the Spion Kop goal Billy Russell scored first for the Blades Never forget the Norwich supporters all waving their colours when they equalised and of course ' On the ball city '
  12. With the Mods approval of course and seeing how DEAD this section will be for a long time, could we have your memories whatever they may be re the Blades and Owls I will start by going back to my childhood when we had an elderly gent living in the same yard who was a Unitedite He didn't attend games anymore and loved me to talk to him about the Blades I was fascinated by his tales relating to Fatty Foulke, the Blades cup exploits, Fred Tunstall, the 1915, 1925 and 1936 cup finals, loads of other tales also Come on everybody lets hear some of your memories
  13. Thanks Annie, very interesting thread on Sheffield History
  14. Hey up train anoracks ! Was talking to my son about once ( late 70's ) being able to drive your car onto a special truck, then sit in a carriage and be taken down to the West Country When did that service start and finish and why did it finish Anyone remember any pricing ?
  15. Hi jordan2 A comment re wooden decking which may be of use to others Around 25 years ago I laid a sizeable area of wooden decking at the top of my garden, lot easier to move around than paving I didn't use decking timber, but used tanalised timber I purchased from Wickes in Sheffield Everyone of those 25 years I have applied preservative to the decking and have only had to make minor repairs over that time. Composite decking obviously doesn't need attention in the same way, but composite decking material is expensive stuff Hope you have some success !
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