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  1. It really is disgusting all this talk about Hecky, but that's the state of football today We haven't yet had an offcial announcement and somebody give me a good reason why Chris Wilder will cure the problems we have. A lot of what goes on in football today STINKS !!
  2. Good morning KP Nuts 2 An apology, it won't happen again, that's me being personal The temptation will always be there with others whilst ever you are on this Forum !
  3. I don't believe you will be playing Championship football next season it will be Division 1 for you lot
  4. Doubt whether any fairies would enter your garden Slugs and snails and puppy dog tails more than likely !
  5. The question is what part of their bodies was being shaved Immature and irresponsible people that they are, there wont be any whiskers on their face !
  6. Nah den KP Nuts 2, I can't believe you have just created that post, quite correct in what you have said. Keep it up and stop posting your normal trash !!
  7. Looking forward to the Wednesdayite's on here giving us minute by minute match reports on Wednesday nights game against Liverpool !
  8. United members of this forum would like to thank all the Wednesday members for their kind comments !
  9. Burnley haven't won at home, United can't win anywhere Result on Saturday = depression and despair around Sheffield 2
  10. I would like a response please to your post i.e. ...... we have the best in the long run .......
  11. Darren Moore I don't think so, Paul Warne possibly !
  12. You had better explain that comment with more detail
  13. Always an interesting exercise when a managers job appears to be fragile I personally haven't a choice, other than a UK guy preferred I don't want either Wilder or Warnock Open to you lads !
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