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  1. If you hold down the shift key and press shutdown it will do a full shutdown of the computer.
  2. Just seen a post on Facebook saying they are closing down after 40 years. Having a clearance sale on the 25'th Jan.
  3. Was out in London Bridge at a few pubs Was heading to the Underground on my way home. A guy came and went to high five me wishing me happy new year. Next thing I know he had his leg wrapped around mine. I tried to push him away but he kept it there. He then left and I felt my pocket and realised my phone had been taken. Turned around and couldn't see him. Have blocked the sim and reported it to the police. They came to my house and took a statement. The phone will be blocked and show as stolen if they try and sell it. Happened so quickly and I was in a bit of a daze after it happened.
  4. So what are you suggesting. You work/worked on the buses so know a lot more than me. I can't really see someone taking TFL to court over this.
  5. If you make the buses contactless it will. In London the driver doesn't have to worry about tickets and using a machine. You get on the bus touch your card/device on the yellow reader wait for the green light and that's it. Zip cards (schoolkids) and freedom passes (60+) are contactless and it saves a lot of time. I know not every one has a contactless debit/credit card or a device (watch/phone) with Apple/Android pay. There a lots of places to buy an Oyster card if you don't have contactless and they are really easy to use.
  6. Contactless is the way to go. So easy in London you just tap your card/phone/watch on the yellow reader and your done. It is a flat fare of £1.50 on all buses. You can now hop on unlimited buses or trams for free within one hour of touching in for your first journey.
  7. I've seen some Scouts selling poppies. Some of the Underground stations have have poppie stalls which is a good idea. They have card readers to this year which makes sense.
  8. If you have a noise issue you need to ring the council.
  9. Why would you want to buy one? I understand they pulled out because of theft and damage to the bikes.
  10. I believe some of the new double deckers have air con.
  11. We get quite a few planes/helicopters fly over our house for Trooping the Colour. It's part of there route to the Mall. It's really cool seeing the Red Arrows. They had Concord flying with them one year which was amazing.
  12. If your car is on the drive and someone blocks it in I believe you can call the council. They will send a traffic warden around to give them a ticket.
  13. One would assume the house has been converted in to a HMO
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