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  1. I would think yearly Covid booster jabs will be like the Flu jab. For the over 60's and people considered at risk.
  2. SAS still have a mask policy https://www.flysas.com/gb-en/safe-travel/
  3. Says they were called to the restaurant because of a disturbance from a group of protestors. I assume they knew the rules about showing proof of vaccine before they went to Applebees. It's not nice seeing the police doing this though.
  4. Not a few months just a couple of days a week at most. There will be places in Sheffield that do it.
  5. Lots of places. Coffee shop, dry cleaners, restaurant and a few other places near me have all been closed for a bit over Christmas. Some for a few days others a bit longer.
  6. Or they are just closed for winter break like a lot of businesses.
  7. You think that's funny. I found it boring.
  8. Having drinks and nibbles in the garden is hardly work.
  9. How can you keep defending Boris. He can't give a straight answer. If he was just truthful with people we wouldn't have to go through all of this.
  10. Some blokes (not me) would. You can get 4 days out of a pair of boxer shorts.
  11. New drama about Hillsborough campaigner Anne Williams. https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2022/jan/02/tv-tonight-maxine-peake-anne-itv
  12. If they only gave it to those 40+ or with existing issues I still don't think that would change the situation in 3'rd world countries.
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