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  1. Trying to protect ourselves and others from the people who listen and believe the likes of Piers Corbyn and Gillian Mckeith.
  2. Interesting documentary on BBC2 tonight. Looks at the lives of 4 people with dementia and how it affects them.
  3. Former Status Quo bassist. Really like the Quo and they're amazing live. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/sep/26/status-quo-bassist-alan-lancaster-dies-aged-72
  4. The people panic buying petrol are probably the ones who still have lots of loo roll from last year. When McDonalds announced they were closing last year there were massive queues for the drive through and again when they reopened. People are just selfish, it all me me me. I wonder how many of those jerry cans that people have been filling will be left in a garage and forgotten about.
  5. Thats how he dresses when on stage. Patchwork suit, red bow tie and pilot hat and goggles.
  6. Chubby Brown is a "Blue" comedian. He's like Marmite you either like him or you don't. He has been performing for many years and the fact that he is still touring suggests people still want to see him. It's the same with Jim Davidson. People says he is racist, sexist ect but he sells tickets for his shows. I think some theatres have stopped booking him though. If you don't like him don't go.
  7. The Roy Butler case is very sad but the problem is people don't know the full story. Has happened with other people who have had the vaccine and died. People are very quick to post about it even though they don't know anything about the person they just link the vaccine to the persons death. Have seen posts from people asking others for privacy when a family member has passed away and had the jab. They have asked people to remove pictures and videos of that person. They don't want them to be used in conspiracy theories. I'm not saying it wasn't the vaccine that caused his death. Will have to see what the Coroner report says. https://twitter.com/JaneDoe02407913/status/1429107908365717506/photo/1 https://twitter.com/karen23xxx/status/1429392830913449987/photo/1
  8. Google suggests using the tram or a bus. You just need to select transit (train icon) from the options.
  9. What's that got to do with the Conservative Party
  10. He just needed his little black book of contacts. If they needed a loan why didn't they just apply via the normal channels like every one else. The chancellor gave details about the loans/support available and there was lots of information about how to apply for them. I don't see why you need ex PM for this.
  11. It's his contacts they were after. They knew he would be able to pull some strings for them. If he wasn't a former PM they wouldn't be interested.
  12. Group of protestors tried to get into BBC studios at Television Centre yesterday. BBC Is no longer there, left in 2013/1014. Building is now mixture of flats/apartments, ITV studios and Soho House have a club there. I think the bit they tried to enter is Soho House. Loose Women was being filmed at the time in a studio nearby.
  13. Yes but the Covid sceptics don't trust the doctors. Except people like Kate Shemirani who was a nurse but was struck off for speaking "the truth". They say the MSN is full of lies. That Is somewhat true as you have to take some of what The Sun, Mail, Express ect with a pinch of salt. But If you read some the sites that they are promoting like Daily Expose you'll find a lot of rubbish as well.
  14. Yes Whitby seems to be a popular place. I remember going there as a kid, it was a sunny day and lots of people around. They were queuing outside The Magpie. It's about £6 for Fish and Chips at shop near me.
  15. Young people were affected by Covid last year. Some had mild symptoms but there were those that suffered pretty badly. I know a few people who had to go into hospital because of Covid. I can't believe that intelligent people think it's all fake.
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