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  1. There is a horse riding school/stables near me. They recently put up a post on social media asking for volunteers to come and help. They had some painting and tidying up that needed doing as they had an inspection coming up. I assume this is to check that the horses are being properly cared for and the facilities are up to scratch. The posts on Facebook suggest that the animal sanctuary need some work doing to it. You would hope they would only remove the animals as a last resort.
  2. I think it's a bit of both. People know they can charge a bit more so they will.
  3. Never went to that one. If you want a good and cheap curry in London the Indian YMCA near Fitzroy Sq is good. £8 for lunch or dinner and it's a self serve buffet.
  4. A bloke down the pub. 😁 I saw a tweet that said about the 99%. When they were asked for a source they said just do a search but don't use Google use DuckDuckGO.
  5. Silent solution only works if your calling from a mobile.
  6. There is a fan zone in London (Trafalgar Square) but it's a host city. Manchester, Newcastle and a few other cities have fan zones but they are being run by private companies and not the Council. Paddy Power has set up the one in Newcastle. Due to Covid they have reduced capacity. If SCC did set one up people would be on here complaining that it was fully booked and they should of have more space.
  7. What about friends/family who have had the vaccine?
  8. In London I believe all the Black Cabs are wheelchair accessible. They have the 2 seats that fold down and a ramp. Mini cabs are different as it depends on the type of vehicle. Your not going to get one in a Prius unless you can fold it up and it fits in the boot. That 'll only work if the person is able to get out of the wheelchair. Buses are a lot bigger so it's easier to get a wheelchair on.
  9. It's not a game. They want to buy trainers. Something like this https://tinyurl.com/k3bxrsw2
  10. Another member of the tinfoil hat brigade no doubt. Quite a few people said we were going to have a lockdown a few weeks before the first one.
  11. You could try Beers of Europe. They're biased in Kings Lynn so you'll have to get them delivered unless you fancy a trip down. https://www.beersofeurope.co.uk/beer/country/ukraine https://www.beersofeurope.co.uk/beer/country/croatia You could try some of the international food shops on London Road (Ozman ect). They tend to have a good range of European beers in stock.
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EFL_Trophy
  13. No I was saying I have read Sky and BBC and Independent websites as well. I know BBC, Sky ect are not independant.
  14. I think you can have a business account and a personal account.
  15. Was out in Central London last night and most people seemed to be wearing a mask on the tube. There is lots of information about the pros of face coverings. Have read some independent websites as well as Sky, BBC ect. Full Fact is a good site to read.
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