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  1. Nevertheless the advertising agencies are still employed at great expense to influence people, by people wanting them to buy their goods or messageinto buying goods. The written and spoken word is how we learn about the world and form opinions on a diverse range of subjects. Newspapers are supposed to report news but are becoming more and more opinion based rather than fact based.
  2. Reduce breeding: Our population is falling . I believe it's about 1.7 Neverltheless the west has the biggest carbon footprint, up to 40x bigger than a person in the third world. Education (particularly of women) and equality helps the population fall naturally. Large families are the only security some poor third world people have. Change that, and you lower the population. China did it by legislating couples to have only 1 child, but it's caused all sorts of other problems. Reduce consuming: I totally agree. But we live in a hyper Capitalist society where over consumption is vigourously promoted. Our 'growth' figures depend on it, it's how we measure success. It needs to change. Responsible citizzenship: Can't argue with that, but what is it? Who defines right and wrong these days? -our politicians? They're amongst the worst offenders, they can't open their mouths without lying through their teeth. The Elite flying around in their private jets? Pontificating to all and sundry that we should do as they say not as they do? The Establishment? Likewise, out of touch and remote. Big business? Encouraging rampant consumerism? The Media who have an agenda all of their own? See what I mean. Responsible citizenry should include those at the top. They should be setting a good example. Too many people who try to do the right thing are seen as 'losers.' That has to change. I'm not arguing with you, you are right. I'm just pointing out that it's not that simple. You're last sentence is the quintesential truth.
  3. Crikey.... and they call me pessimistic. We could be hit by a meteorite at any minute etc, nothing is forever, but the world evolves and changes all the time, and it will continue to do so with us or without us. That's not to say we shouldn't care for and protect it and do what we can to mitigate our negative effect on things, but we're now more aware. We're learning and we're trying. Let's appreciate what we have, and love it. And that includes each other.
  4. I'm not sure in this case it's the government that's creating the hysteria, more the media. Boris seems to be trying to calm things down. He's said quite clearly that Christmas will not be cancelled, and a lot of people seem to be ignoring the mask wearing thing and nothing's said. Personally I think testing people coming into the UK is sensible/ reasonable until they know more about the new varient. I agree with the rest of your thread, especially the bit about control. People are all but clamouring for restrictions to be imposed on them for something which with the vaccinations really isn't much worse than flu, and arguably, never was.
  5. He is an investigative journalist (arguably) and has his own internet channel. He is a well known purveyor of interesting conspiracy facts and fictions.
  6. Very probably. It could open up a whole Hornet's nest of trouble. Personally, I believe if a person's comments are not intended to give offence or be malicious (eg a joke) but the recipient finds it offensive, they should point it out there and then. But that should be the end of it.
  7. OK Mr Pedantic, I should have said 'are currently debating...' It doesn't alter the fact that we have to maintain our freedoms. We won't miss them till they're gone.
  8. The video shows an Australian resident working woman, not a traveller, who was incarcerated in spite of testing negative on a number of occasions, and was taken forcibly to the camp from her house, (videos showing this are included) and who lost her job as a result of being forced to quarentine in a camp. Very heavy handed response to Covid in anybody's book I would have thought...
  9. I think people are more concerned about Covid being an excuse to limit peoples freedoms and set precedents that will remain on the statute books long after Covid. I believe the British government are at this very moment debating whether to make protest marches/ gatherings illegal.
  10. That's very helpful ECCOnoob, thankyou. Are there any day care centres left these days? I remember my Granny going to one in the 70's. More of a lunch club I think, but with activities thrown in. She loved it. Does anybody know if they still exist?
  11. Time passing doesn't make wrong things right....
  12. Re: Newspapers, the 'working class' newspapers have the biggest circulation because they are the biggest demographic group. Daily Mail has the biggest circulation (I believe) and the most strident views, usually expounding all the values of a hierarchical society, monarchy, etc, while villifying the Unions, anyone who oposes the government, eg Julian Assange, legitimate protests, migrants, all unemployed are 'benefit scroungers' etc etc The brain washing can be quite subtle, using language rather than facts to sway opinion. The people who read this (the biggest demographic) can't help being influenced by it. This media is forming opinion rather than reporting it.
  13. Looked at the link, and it was helpful thankyou. It comes under the private carer bit at the end, but I'm not sure many elderly people will be able to cope with the 'employer' aspect of dealing with PAYE, holiday pay, sickness benefit etc. Probably that's why not many people know about it/do it. I'd be interested in anybody who employs somebody's experiences of it, or from a PA themselves. I know someone who does it and she works for several people, how does that work? Sadly I can't ask her as we've lost touch.
  14. Not sure what I mean to be honest. I'll have a look at the link, but I think this is more about sharing activities, transport and companionship, than the washing and dressing aspect.
  15. Does anybody have any information or better still, experience, regarding PAs (Personal Assistants) for disabled people in their own home? It was mentioned in passing on some TV programme, but I wasn't paying attention. What are the costs and is help with funding available for it?
  16. And aren't we paying the price for it. Worst Conservative government in history, and the bar wasn't high...
  17. Laid back Australia seems to have gone a bit mad with restrictions. They have camps for covid victims and people with positive test results (and for perpetrators of covid misdemeanours.) plus swinging fines, and armed police on the street making sure the rules are obeyed to the letter.
  18. You don't head up a monarchical system which has lasted a thousand years without a strong streak of cunning and ruthlessness. It's in the blood, they are the ultimate survivors. And don't kid yourself that our modern royal family doesn't have it too.
  19. Why is he a vulture? He spent most of his life serving and protecting Diana, and was very nearly rewarded with a spell in prison for his pains. He knew where all the bodies were buried so had to be discredited with smears so he wouldn't be believed; -successfully if Presley's post is anything to go by. His book hardly gives any secrets away, in fact IMO it's sickeningly reverential and forelock tugging, but that doesn't make him a vulture, more a much maligned victim.
  20. Doesn't the diverse nature of those many parties demonstrate a lot of general disatisfaction in the country..../
  21. I have no intention of frightening people but do have some experience of mental health provision, and I can assure you it is not good. When they closed the old asylums for community care the intentions were good but the community care wasn't. With all the cuts it has got worse and worse ever since. Half the homeless people on the streets are the evidence of that: unable to cope but unable to get the help they need. The sad thing is they are too ill to help themselves or to access the care they need as it requires enormous determination and stamina to fight for it, stamina which they don't have.
  22. You seen the waiting lists for help with mental health? Thanks to the Tory cuts it's virtually non existent.... Own goal mate.
  23. It worries me about the quality of the writtem laws. Presumably they're written at the instructions of the House of commons (having also passed through the House of Lords) by extremely well qualified and well renumerated Lawyers. And then thoroughly checked by the Law Lords. Is that the procedure? Yet they seem to be full of loop holes and mistakes, ammendments and subsequent laws etc. which suggests to me that they sometimes aren't fit for purpose. Also, while we're at it, why is the law no longer accessible to the common man, it being prohibitively expensive and outside his pocket, and often ends with unforseen outcomes (like winning a case but having to pay costs,) that make it too risky to pursue. And I'm told the law is 'not about Justice, but about the Law.' The exhorbitant cost of the law affects us all, as ...'vs the Crown' cases are paid for with our taxes. Sometimes the costs of cases reported on the News (often in the £millions) makes my eyes water. Are we getting value for money?
  24. In my experience, the problem is staff not checking records and making mistakes....
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