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  1. Stop hurling the compliments, it could go to his head. 😉
  2. What we all discovered is that ‘new’ is not necessary better, you weren’t stupid at all.
  3. Tony Blair was absolutely brilliant at winning General Elections, other than that let me think ————————————————still thinking.
  4. I had the test kit for weeks, did zero and ignored the reminders, I eventually complied and heard a few days later that I was bowel cancer free. Now if you really want to honour Deborah take the test kit a lot more seriously than I did, sorry Deborah.
  5. I only wonder what he would have been part of had his two mates lived. Thanks for all the messages guys.
  6. I recall Fargate House having an infestation via the air vents back in the 60’s, it’s now apartments and on sale for circa £6million, so must be OK now.
  7. Expensive repairs to property are a problem, the trades won’t even come out to you if you expect to pay a fair price for the job. We recently had our annual MOT on our central heating system, two guys for circa three hours, lucky we have an annual contract.
  8. She surely shows great ambition, Starmer could find himself replaced a lot sooner than Bojo.
  9. Either get up in the morning to live, or stay in bed and wait to die. My wife of 47 years is currently fighting for her life in the N/G, if she survives she will no doubt continue to make the pain in the arse of herself that we children of the 60’s appear to be so practiced at. 😇
  10. Why should I make excuses for a party that I didn’t vote for or support. You need to realise that there is more going on behind locked doors than your closed mind can cope with.
  11. What do you intend to do to reduce it’s impact, other than turning things down or off, I don’t have an answer?
  12. Yet another ‘for the sake of it’ post. And that includes mine, it won’t happen again.
  13. I suppose that nearly 4000 posts in 14 months must make you the forum expert, of which I have an amusing definition, didn’t you bother to read my intended savings prior to climbing onto your high horse?
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