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  1. You are correct, for the second time, such is life.
  2. Stocksbridge rents out village idiots, a resident once told me that he couldn't count the amount that they had on his twelve fingers.
  3. I just noted that, but thought it worth saying that you can get stick on mirrors on-line for as little as £5.00, how much windows are is worth examination.
  4. So if the OP had wanted to pull out of the sale, would that be different?
  5. In any of the Labour wards, the electorate would never even notice.
  6. Had the betting scandal not happened Matt Sheppard would have sold Swann and Layne to the highest bidders, he had already shown his true colours with Kay.
  7. It has always amazed me how so many Scots have made it big time in English football. Where do they find them all, are they brought south as kids? It's not long ago that a Scot in a Celtic or Rangers shirt was an endangered specie.
  8. The Brown Bear on Norfolk Street is also a **** pub, but it's age is worthy of some respect. The map that I have seen clearly shows Exchange Street as being within the castle grounds.
  9. This part of the city has The Canal Basin, The Royal Victoria Hotel, The Alexandra Hotel, The Old Town Hall and the old Haymarket buildings are only a stroll away. The problem with this building is that it stands on the foundations of Sheffield Castle, that dates back to 1270.
  10. The Conservatives have never been voted into power by the mega rich, because there aren't enough of them. However Labour have been voted in by the public sector and benefit claimants, where there is a virtual plethora of both.
  11. Neither will it weaken it, I'm currently sitting a short walk from the Sheffield/Peak Park border, Sheffield CC can't really upset me anymore, I've been in the centre 8 times in the last 16 months, and 4 of those were bank visits. The centre will never return to it's former glory, Sevenstone will never happen and the market funding will not be there, all we are is a Rotherham with two universities.
  12. Sheffied was ruined by the three B's, Blunkett, Betts and Bower, who between them attempted to drag our fair city into being a satellite of the Soviet Union, Blunkett even had the red flag flown over the Town Hall. Sheffield became a laughing stock and attracted droves of left wing graduates who's aim in life appeared to be, to scupper every new business opportunity and to ruin existing businesses, by refusing them permissions to expand or move to new premises. I have some friends who run an energy conservation business, they needed to expand their Sheffield premises, the answer to their request was 'no chance', the same question asked of Chesterfield Council relating to a Sheepbridge unit, brought forth the answer, 'no problem'. Our identity has been stolen by the idiots that control our city, I remember it when it was great, none of these fools have any idea how good it was.
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