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  1. There’s a lot of it going around. 🙄
  2. If any person/persons decided to attack me verbally or physically I would do my upmost to defend myself irrespective of their ethnicity. However I have never had the need to do so, I don’t feel at all threatened and hope that nobody feels threatened by me.
  3. Well it started out fine, what a month it could turn out to be, one way or another, onwards and upwards hopefully.
  4. We have to think that about every game or we wouldn’t be true supporters.
  5. How do they feel about them whilst abusing them?
  6. Post 3, surely some of the abused Liverpool people must be Liverpool fans.
  7. Christ Almighty, it’s difficult enough supporting my beloved Owls without working on people and football clubs to hate. Liverpool are simply yet another great well supported football club that has reached heights that neither of the Sheffield clubs could even dream of.
  8. This guy didn’t deserve everything that life has showered on him, if there is a hereafter let it be a trouble free one.
  9. V.A.R has made all refereeing decisions questionable, the days of the referee/lines person being the final decision makers are well and truly over. The only way that the referee can be exempt from criticism is to hand over all decisions making to the technology guys, which would add on a lot of time to the game.
  10. I commenced work at the bottom of Fargate in 1962 and completed work at the top of Fargate in 2010, rest assured that a lot went on between these times away from Fargate. I thought it good to mention what I recall as my best loved place on Fargate, this being the YMCA which catered for both genders in many areas, a true God-send back in those days.
  11. The day that I meet a ghost is the day that I become one.
  12. Please promise me that you’ll never say “I’m a pensioner you know”, when attempting to get a lower price.
  13. I somehow don’t think that turkey and mince pies were on the top of his wish list when/if he killed the deceased.
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