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  1. I’m also probably too old to hold any opinion that conflicts with your far left views, this is my final post on this forum, I wish everyone well.
  2. Yes but they weren’t old men they were doing the job, other than Reagan who was a mere 70 then he took office.
  3. It’s ever been the same with respect to world leaders, if they haven’t done it their critics will say that they have, if they have done it the same critics will say that they haven’t. What I will say is that Joe Biden at age 78 has a very fair chance of dying in office, I’m 74 in a few days time and would like to think that I may reach the age of 78, I reckon that he has some guts to take on the presidency.
  4. I’m 19 years too old to get a public sector position, they don’t employ 74 year olds. 😉
  5. It would be good if there was a political party that represented working none public sector employees. One looking at age 55 as being their normal retirement age, the other having to work into their late 60’s, well someone has to pay for the public sector retirees.
  6. Six years served out of the sixteen he was sentenced to serve, seems to make a mockery of the judge’s considered opinion as to his danger to society’s young. I doubt if there are any experts on a mere forum, unless we use the interpretation of ‘ex’ as being a has been and ‘spurt’ (what’s a u between friends?) as being a drip under pressure. 😉
  7. I’m extremely picky when it comes to Heeley, both sets of my great grandparents brought their families up there, the Marshalls and the Rings didn’t tolerate that sort of behaviour.
  8. That’s the same everywhere, the minute that you hear those immortal words “were good neighbours”, you know that you have just met the self appointed ‘leaders’ of the area. 😉
  9. A very nice area, however your mother isn’t about to walk to the local shop, decent bus service, close to the Peak District, rail stations at Dore/Totley and Dronfield,
  10. It always strikes me as being very down market, as against say St James, however the victim was at the worst careless, where’s the cctv of the event by the way? We discovered that my late mother was carrying large amounts of money in her handbag as she developed dementia, did she deserve to be robbed, she wasn’t but I repeat did she deserve to be robbed? Get the police out of police stations and police cars and put boots on the ground, it used to work fine.
  11. No likelier than any other, how about Hillsborough Barracks, Langsett Road/Penistone Road?
  12. I’m sure that it is, as what I can’t say, best nip down and have a look, it’s near the United ground.
  13. Get yourself around the charity shops, I’ve picked up signed limited edition prints by Cunningham, Gorman and Scarborough for very little cost, will keep an eye out for PO Jones.
  14. You do realise that I err to the blue and white variant don’t you? 😂
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