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  1. They won’t be the last by a long chalk, both Sheffield clubs need professional ownership, SWFC certainly is short of this, SUFC’s Arabic Prince appears to have his heart in the job, hopefully his brain will accompany it.
  2. A supporter of a political party normally supports their choice through thick and thin, far left/far right, just place your cross in the usual place. However since Labour decided to be the party of the public sector and the Tories picked up a heck of a lot of the old blue collar vote due to self employment being a better alternative to unemployment or low paid jobs, no party actually represents who they thought that they did. Blair knew which way the wind was blowing, just a pity that he was the only one, but then again he wasn’t a believer in anything other than himself. Cameron threw his toys out of his pram when the EU vote went against him, leaving us all very poorly represented, is there nobody better than Bojo in the Tory party? I can’t see me ever using my vote again, and I know that many feel the same.
  3. At least if a club pays boringly successful football it proves something, this is that if they can succeed in one area of football that it is possible to succeed in another. I would much rather attempt to succeed from an area of strength than from one of weakness, even if it is boring.
  4. Are we comparing exciting football played badly with methodical football played well? I recall the likes of Francis, Waddle and Sheridan participating in the latter, until they could break through to play the former well. Aimlessly running around in circles only to be beaten by boringly better players is not how I want to watch my club play, very successful Arsenal sides were often classed as boring.
  5. I was a Brian Clough follower, even after he told me to F off following Sunderland losing to the Owls at Hillsborough in a cup match, when I asked him for his autograph. 😳 He was the first of the ‘modern’ managers, he could see things in players that other managers couldn’t, he was the greatest manager that England never had.
  6. Ex pro footballers have to give management a try before they join the media if/when they fail, it’s not that bad is it?
  7. One day people will most probably say, “Was that all that was needed?” 👏
  8. I just wonder how many geniuses like Sir Clive have been taken by cancer, so you guys who specialise in medicine experimentation, get your sleeves rolled up. R.I.P
  9. Why bother, it’s gone bust, live another day.
  10. It’s not the end of the world, you’re covered by a regulator, you exercised your legal right to do with your money as was your legal right to do. What is wrong is that a tuppence ha’penny ‘corner shop’ operation can pretend to be a real player, we have departments that should sort this sort of thing, don’t we?
  11. I always attempt to balance cost with quality, I’m with Shell Energy who I’m certain can ride out any storms in the energy markets. They are unlikely to be the very cheapest, but I do expect them to be still in business when my current deal ends.
  12. If you opt (can opt) to go metered on all three utilities then the usage is up to you. Insulation/double glazing is essential in order to get the lowest bills, good hunting. 👍
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