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  1. When everyone eventually tire’s of this perhaps the reality will be that a) Labour need a monumental turnaround to win the next General Election and b) The Conservatives will be returned to power due to Labour’s weaknesses not their strengths. It’s to be hoped that there isn’t a major international incident whilst this bun fight stumbles on.
  2. Absolutely nothing to do with the Labour Party, they should contain their efforts to winning General Elections, not demanding the replacement of the leader of the party that trounced them.
  3. This family was so inbred that in many cases illnesses/conditions that our ancestors took in our stride, could be a death sentence to the royals. This is why they now look out of their immediate blood line for breeding purposes. They used to have such large families because many of them would succumb to conditions that just kept the likes of our ancestors off work for a couple of days or so. The more that in breeding took place the more was the chance of mental illnesses along with everything else. The problem that they now have as I see it is that due to modern technology they are easily seen being housed, transported, clothed and fed as if they deserved these luxuries, whilst doing bog all to prove it. Well that’s my little rant over, have a nice day.
  4. Would that be in respect of Eddy, Diana or both?
  5. If this was happening in Victorian times he would simply have died of something or other, as did Prince Eddy, Duke of Clarence, but thinking about it Princess Diana’s ‘accidental’ death came in quite handy for the royals didn’t it?
  6. Yes if he ignored advice from his ‘team’ of ‘experts’ and then acted in this manner you would be fully justified in referring to him in this manner. However do you actually believe that he makes monumental decisions such as this without taking ‘expert’ advice?
  7. Well from reading Labour posts I didn’t see it that way, this is crediting them with having more upstairs than I credited them with.
  8. At the risk of repeating myself, why do Labour supporters wish Bojo to be replaced as PM, when he is obviously not having the best of times, surely they should want him to stay in place?
  9. A late acquaintance of mine turned himself into the person that he wanted to be, he’d seen his elder brother do it, however he never made much money, but he sounded as though he came from money, not a council house in Thornbridge. He died in debt but managed to fill the Abbey Lane chapel with folk that could buy and sell him, it was then that it clicked, he didn’t need to have a lot of money, he just loved being close to those that had it, he had convinced himself that I was way down the wealth barrel, I never contradicted him.
  10. The wife and I bought our son a property, because we could afford to and he couldn’t, should he have refused it. When all’s said and done he just got part of what he would get on our demise.
  11. Both Thatcher and Lenin had no problems in receiving hospital treatment, I’m as working class as they come and have learned that if I want/need something badly enough I sort it out myself, I wouldn’t trust a politician with anything relating to me and mine.
  12. Yes you’re only allowed an opinion if you’re left of Lenin, with zero business experience and a hatred for anyone who has. You get what you vote for, so enjoy.
  13. Of course it has but, neither you or I have any idea of what goes on between the Bojo lug holes. However not having a few bites and drinks against having them smells of a set up to me, and I’m not on anyones side
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