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  1. So on the corner opposite Boots then ?
  2. Where abouts on Fargate is this BurgerKing ? I’ve not seen anything.
  3. Yeah, but penguin books published some classics
  4. Our dog has cancer and needs regular painkillers, we have to put the liquid painkillers in her food. Last weekend we were prepared with it being 3, 4 5th November, we could adjust exercise and meal times, however, what we weren’t prepared for was this weekend, fireworks being set off from 5 pm until 9pm, our poor dog was absolutely petrified, unable to eat or take her pain killing medication, why are people so selfish? Is three days from 3, 4, 5 November not appropriate to celebrate bonfire night? When I was younger, bonfire night was one night In the year, 5 November, not a week before, plus November 5th and the week after. People, please think
  5. Come on , it’s distrust and fear about minorities, because people don’t understand differences, I still maintain its divides d rule, to keep the population infearof what is different, if you’ve ever been a minority, you can relate to this, as I have
  6. One more white wine please Padders, my good man xxxx
  7. Well how many people were terrified about the number of Irish people coming over to the UK from the 1800’s to the present day? Oh yes we had two heads with horns , my husbands family thought that of me, how d’you think I felt ? A 17 year old self conscious girl, about her weight, and I had acne when his family commented about, well maybe people at large should maybe get to know people from different walks of life, instead of tarring people with the same bush, it hurts believe me
  8. It’s divide and rule, they want you to be scared and distrust minorities, believe me, I’ve been on the receiving end of predudice throughout my life,it hurts, but I’ve found genuine people get you through
  9. You’re one amazing dude, thanks mate, sure will xxxx
  10. Stop scaremongering, it’s ridiculous, nothing’s going to happen is it ? In the 1970’s with the troubles in the six counties, nothing happened in Sheffield, don’t demonise minorities, I’ve been a minority in Sheffield,because of my religion and because my mum is Irish, well I’ve never caused any trouble nor have my siblings, but I have come into contact with predudice throughout my life, but hey, I was brought up in Sheffield from the age of two, and Sheffield is a very tolerant and welcoming city, I’m proud to say as a 58 year old woman, I bloody love it here !!! Another glass of white wine please, my dear Padders in your lovely bar xxxxxxx
  11. Dry white wine please Padders, had a long night shift last night, back safe and sound, but tired, thanks honey xxxx
  12. Glad you’re better mate,might pop into your bar on my way home from work sometime xxx
  13. Absolutely, I’m the product of an Irish mum and a Lancastrian dad, our accent is amazing, my kids and niece and nephew have a mixed version of Yorkshire, Lancastrian and west coast of Ireland, lovely Ok hun xxxx Benefit of the doubt Cuttsie
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