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  1. I know I'm butting in on this point, but others read these posts and I may have something to help clarify this point. Sheffield will shortly be opening a new "Special School": https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/home/schools-childcare/new-special-school There is also a term currently used for in education for funding purposes called SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities). Some educational establishments (perhaps with a certain proportion of students with additional learning needs?) tap into this funding, and include it on their literature and websites. This may be what is being referred to. I can see it easily being shortened to a previous term "Special Needs". The poster may wish to clarify, but also may not due to confidentiality, or not wanting to be identified as reporting on his visits or work in these institutions without permission.
  2. I was longing for it to break down - and I got the impression the commentator wanted it to as well!
  3. Plenty of people - putting cash from their businesses into the bank for instance.
  4. Pity you didn't think to keep a complete packet - you could have either put it on ebay or sold it at auction!
  5. I thought I'd removed all the mice. Oh well, I'm too emotionally tired to relocate them myself after the stresses of this evening's match. Sending in the "B" team 🐱😺 A last pint please - I think I'm just in time!
  6. So, you in addition to potentially being arrested with the luvvie, you are also admitting a previous offense in relation to Spangles. I guess this is to get you thrown into solitary confinement when in prison. That may work, but unlikely. Overcrowding may mean you are only 2 to a cell instead of 4. Also, visiting may be suspended, due to Covid. Worth a rethink?
  7. Make sure you can get your money back if the performance is cancelled due to Covid restrictions not being lifted.
  8. I'd take a bag of crisps if you've got them instead - salt and vinegar, tomato Sauce, or plain
  9. Can I have a pint when you are ready please, Padders. Not been a good start to the Euros for me, but many more matches to go.
  10. No, it wasn't! Turkey defended well only for the first half - Blades defend well all match. Neither have many chances in most matches, granted. Overall, a young Turkey team (probably the youngest squad in the competition) ran out of steam after chasing the ball most of the match. The better team won, simples!
  11. As he's a Blade, I think it very unlikely that he'd put an Owls shirt on. Unfortunately, we at BDTBL have a surplus of forwards at present, so unless the new man decides to get rid of a few, I can't see us getting him. Pity, as I've liked what I've seen of him.
  12. I'm starting to get nervous, and its still almost 2 hours before kick-off!. Come on ye reds! (Turkey that is tonight playing Italy. I'd be happy with a draw though)
  13. I wish I'd got friends like that. The nearest I've come to that is when my father built me a sandcastle in Skeggy - about 60 years ago!
  14. My O/H's car had a GPS, and it was forever saying things like "You are not on a road that has been digitised. Stop, turn round, go back to the last known location". This was regular - on motorways, B roads etc. I suggest that that car and the bluebottles all use the same or similar GPS's.
  15. It doesn't appear that I missed anything last night. I was doing jobs so that I could watch the first Euros match tonight, that happens to involve one of my teams to follow (underdog Turkey). I reckon I may just be able to pop in after the match for a quick couple after the final whistle. See you then!
  16. I think I'll be on my way folks. Safe travel home everybody! Bye!
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