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  1. No I am proper young ones , I am sure they are not interested & I agree , the presenters get paid far too much . Look at Gary Linekar for a start
  2. I wouldn't protect the BBC at all , it's pathetic now , trying to cater for the young ones who are more than likely not interested in it all .They are probably stuck to their games & phones rather than watching BBC
  3. If Covid 19 is going to beat this family from Sheffield , who has Ancestors from the Norse , then it has another thing coming . I have changed beyond recognition . As a Staff Nurse who works on Covid wards , I am proud to say I am a Nurse . Coming up to the 24th & I am having my vaccine because if we Nurses can't lead by example then who can
  4. Oh yes ,I agree pattricia , that is so frustrating , when at last there is something to watch , there they all together .Annoying 😄 I have to say , I have had Netflix for a while & never used it . Heard good & bad things about it
  5. Anyone else getting fed up with all the repeats of repeats of repeats on TV . I know it's difficult times right now for people working at the TV Stations , but surely there are some programs we haven't seen yet ,or find some from the archives . Going to have to get my Netflix sorted now 😆
  6. I have lost over 4 stone am now 8 stone 7 , I don't go to gyms , I have my own kit at home .I have gone back to what I use to weigh
  7. Presley , I 100% agree with you . I used to love Enders when it first started ,at least it had some humour & characters . And Corrie was always good for a laugh , what with Jack & Vera , Hilda & Stan , but now they all bore me to death . Ever since I got SKY I have never watched a single episode of any of them . The list you have , are fantastic , proper characters the lot
  8. Oh for goodness sake , this is getting so ridiculous now . BBC really get on my nerves .
  9. I have to say , all soaps ,(such doom & gloom ) . Any Game Shows , So called Comedians of today .
  10. Fantastic singers . Just hoping it gets back on track once this is all over ,so we can go & see more brilliant stuff
  11. Well , have booked tickets for Mum & me to go see Collabro next October . Here's hoping we can finally go . So disappointed when this horrid Virus put paid to this year . Really feel for the Entertainment Industry , we just love going to Theatre & Concerts . Here's hoping this time
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