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  1. And when my brother joined the queue for the one till that had a person on it , he was on the phone
  2. Well living in Bradford & have nothing much in the shops choice . I loved coming back to Sheffield to do my shopping , I don't bother with Leeds even though it's next door to Bradford . I was so disappointed when John Lewis closed & Debenhams , but that is the price we pay having Covid 19 . Once this nightmare calmed down , I was so looking forward to taking Mum to Debs & having my Latte & Ham & Cheese toastie ,then some retail therapy , but not to be , so sad
  3. My brother went in Boots on High Street & found a lack of staff on checkouts , instead there are self service all over . What about if people can't use this , some find it difficult . Is this a money saving thing ? .
  4. Anyone know what's going on on Duke Street . My brother rung Mum to say it's been closed because of an incident Just had a look on Sheffield news & it said Air Ambulance , Fire , Ambulances & Police are there
  5. OOOPS have I posted this twice ? , Can Mod take one off please
  6. Not my cup of tea at all , but people have different sense of humour . We can't all like the same things . To cancel the concert is bowing down to the PC world again . We are becoming a Nanny state , can we not judge for ourselves what we watch & don't watch
  7. Well , I got my brother a book about Wapentake ,& other clubs . I couldn't stop laughing because there on page 38 was my brother . Wasn't shocked to be fair , So good to read that book , remember the good days
  8. Mr Thomas Carroll who did the Surgery , you are an absolute genius ,especially when we had a phone call & I had watched that Surgery my brother had . You & your team on Neuro at Hallamshire were brilliant . Even as me & Mum were waiting for the call on the day of my brothers surgery ,you came through . I thank you all ,including my fellow NHS workers He is doing so well , he is a fighter & has gone through so much ,but he is such a damn star Shame my brother couldn't see his mates when he was at his place of work but never mind ,small price to pay & it's his birthday on 25th & OH YES , got him the Wappentake book , which we frequented rather alot
  9. Can I just say a massive thanks to Osbourne Rehab at Northern General for the fantastic care my Brother had after his major surgery at Hallamshire . You make me so proud You lot are so brilliant ,from the Doctors , Nurses , OT & Physio , you gave him the strength to get well
  10. No I am proper young ones , I am sure they are not interested & I agree , the presenters get paid far too much . Look at Gary Linekar for a start
  11. I wouldn't protect the BBC at all , it's pathetic now , trying to cater for the young ones who are more than likely not interested in it all .They are probably stuck to their games & phones rather than watching BBC
  12. If Covid 19 is going to beat this family from Sheffield , who has Ancestors from the Norse , then it has another thing coming . I have changed beyond recognition . As a Staff Nurse who works on Covid wards , I am proud to say I am a Nurse . Coming up to the 24th & I am having my vaccine because if we Nurses can't lead by example then who can
  13. Oh yes ,I agree pattricia , that is so frustrating , when at last there is something to watch , there they all together .Annoying 😄 I have to say , I have had Netflix for a while & never used it . Heard good & bad things about it
  14. Anyone else getting fed up with all the repeats of repeats of repeats on TV . I know it's difficult times right now for people working at the TV Stations , but surely there are some programs we haven't seen yet ,or find some from the archives . Going to have to get my Netflix sorted now 😆
  15. I have lost over 4 stone am now 8 stone 7 , I don't go to gyms , I have my own kit at home .I have gone back to what I use to weigh
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