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  1. My iron is used every week or so. But why does its otherwise shiny face rust? It's hot when in use (obviously) and does not become damp. I know that exposure to damp causes steel to rust but I'd assume that an iron features stainless steel. What don't I know about it? And how might I stop it from happening? Your sensible suggestions welcome!
  2. We always have to be aware that others may not, you know. Nobody would want to find a supposed tax rate of 0.5% turn into a much higher rate part-way through a transaction. Be a little more considerate, please.
  3. Er, Stamp Duty (@ 0.5%) does not apply. You meant 'Stamp Duty Land Tax'. For any purchase other than of one's only/main home, SDLT applies to any price of £40 000 or greater. The rates are then: a. 3% on whole price up to & inc. £125 000; then b. 5% on next slice > £125 000 up to & inc. £250 000; then c. 8% on next slice > £250 000 up to & inc. £500 000, etc.
  4. I've not heard of any formal settlement but that might be because the various parties want to see what eventually happens: a. at Grenfell tower; and b. in any new legislation. The problem is that there are many, many interested parties. 'Fault' is unlikely to rest on just one of them. And then there's the question of who will pay for rectification: original developer its contractors, their respective sub-contractors, the current freehold reversioner, any intermediate reversioners, the management company, the current tenants (leaseholders), their Chartered Surveyors and/or solicitors who acted when each tenant purchased, etc.
  5. Yes. The polling card is not needed at the polling station. The poll clerk can verify that you're you only by asking two statutory questions: 1. "Are you the person named as XYZ on the Electoral Roll?" 2. "Have you already voted at this Election?" Poll cards are even sent out to postal voters- i.e. the cards are not merely to tell you which voting station you have to use.
  6. Price for f/r: don't know- but it's likely to be > £1500, as the lease's residue will be only about 98yrs. Coppen's fees: currently £500 + VAT for conveyancing work (even though, bizarrely, its solicitor confirms that his firm does NOT receive that amount!) plus £500 + VAT for valuation fee (even though, bizarrely, Coppen does not usually appoint any valuer and all negotiations tend to be direct with its Mr Pennington!) Purchase fees: usually about £600-£700 + VAT and about £50 of HMLR fees.
  7. Either way: ensure that your deposits are protected under UK law. For Bank of England/PRA Depositor Protection Scheme, see https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/prudential-regulation/authorisations/financial-services-compensation-scheme
  8. Millhouses/Abbeydale Road South/Abbey Lane, perhaps.
  9. Conveyancing aspects: is your house: a. mortgaged [you'd need consent from the mortgagee]; and/or b. leasehold [you might need consent from your landlord, the reversioner, depending on what the lease stipulates]? Each such consent must be in writing- keep at least two copies, one with your title deeds and the other at home in a safe place. And in any case notify the insurance company in writing before and after you carry-out the works.
  10. True. For even more landlord-frightening scenes, watch Pacific Heights: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0100318/?ref_=adv_li_tt
  11. Yes- and, more to the point, many flats' leases restrict the leaseholder's entitlement to sublet. If you do buy a flat, ensure- before exchanging contracts- that your solicitor investigates this issue in detail.
  12. True. But I do hope that nobody knowingly left an insurable property uninsured.
  13. In case this thread does not already mention the BBC Radio Sheffield Floods Appeal, donations can be made via https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/syfloods
  14. Your friends, as owners, have to tell the Council that it's no longer empty and that you now occupy. You are liable for Council Tax unless: a. you're exempt- e.g. a student; or b. you and your friends agreed that they will be liable. BUT you and they cannot bind the Council in determining whether the CT bill in addressed to you or them.
  15. Usually, yes. There are several alternative schemes, however, or a one-off new house might be covered by an Architect's Certificate.
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