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  1. Jeffrey Shaw

    long term housing rentals

    ** No, there aren't. Any letting under the Housing Act 1988, whether AST or SAT, can be for any length of time. BUT: a. if it's for > 3yrs., it has by law to be in writing (although you'd be daft to grant an entirely oral letting); b. if it's for > 5yrs., it has to take the form of a Deed; and c. if it's for > 7yrs., it must be registered at HMLR.
  2. Jeffrey Shaw

    Coppen Estates. . . .Sheffield

    Coppen does negotiate (after a fashion) with Chartered Surveyors but not usually with anyone else. The leaseholder ['tenant', T] can make application to the First Tier Tribunal (ex-LVT) against the reversioner ['landlord', L]. The FTT has jurisdiction to determine: a. the price to be paid by T to L; b. the conveyancing fees of L; and c. the valuation fee of L. T is liable, under the Notice of Claim, for items b and c. Note: the FTT cannot make either party pay the other's fees for going to the FTT or being represented there, no matter who wins/loses.
  3. Jeffrey Shaw

    Coppen estates home insurance penalties?

    Family tree: Alan Copley Pennington [COP-PEN, you see] is the grandfather. Shaun Alan Pennington is his son. Robert is his son.
  4. Jeffrey Shaw

    Coppen estates home insurance penalties?

    Yes. Fraud Act 2006. An Agent can submit an invoice on behalf of a principal, under common-law agency rules.
  5. Jeffrey Shaw

    Lewis Wadsworth - Any opinions?

    Always be aware that the Letting Agent (LA) is just that- not an owner and therefore not your landlord (L). Its client is L who might have restricted LA's freedom of action. If you're dissatisfied, your rights are against L. Whom does the Letting Agreement name as L? You could verify the name/address via HM Land Registry for just £3, using https://eservices.landregistry.gov.uk/eservices/FindAProperty/view/QuickEnquiryInit.do
  6. Jeffrey Shaw

    Coppen estates home insurance penalties?

    Why pay the ground rent, though, as Coppen's stadard demand letter is legally invalid?
  7. Jeffrey Shaw

    "I want to buy your house" leaflet

    Advantages of such sale: no fees to Estate Agent, no need for EPC, no chain. Disadvantages of such sale: be careful to obtain independent legal advice about it, and know that the price might be below market value.
  8. Jeffrey Shaw

    Coppen Estates. . . .Sheffield

    Yes. After two months, whether or not the freehold reversioner has responded, the leaseholder can begin proceedings. But these are slow and expensive- hence negotiations (via Chartered Surveyor) are usually a better way to start.
  9. Maybe you and other affected leaseholders need to team-up and engage a Chartered Surveyor to negotiate with SCC.
  10. Jeffrey Shaw

    Coppen estates home insurance penalties?

    If you really wanted, you could sue for a Tribunal/ County Court Declaration that no such insurance fee is payable. That's true of the ground rent, in fact, as Coppen demands do not comply with the s.166(5) format: see http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2002/15/section/166 Trouble is, I'm not sure that you could claim your legal fees against Coppen.
  11. Jeffrey Shaw

    Leasehold short lease

    Yes, buying a freehold is better (if it's a house, not a flat). But someone wanting to buy a leasehold house (P) could arrange for the leasehold vendor (V) to serve a Notice of Claim once contracts are exchanged, as long as V has owned the leasehold for at least two years. That way, P would not need to wait another two years.
  12. Jeffrey Shaw

    W Richardson’s

    There are/were several companies by that name. Try Companies House (free) at http://wck2.companieshouse.gov.uk//wcframe?name=accessCompanyInfo but beware to focus on whichever company is really the one that you want. The only constant is the company registration number; company names are often changed, which can lead to considerable confusion.
  13. Jeffrey Shaw

    Leasehold short lease

    Coppen are NOT the 'leaseholders'- you are; Coppen owns what is probably just the freehold reversion. Plus it's usually an unnecessary delay if you fruitlessly try to contact the company. Instead, have your solicitor serve a Notice of Claim [1967 Act] to start the formal mechanism in order to winkle-out your house's f/r.
  14. Jeffrey Shaw

    Ground Rent (N.L. Moffitt & Partners)

    You can serve Notice of Claim even at a PO Box address.
  15. Also check the lease and its covenants.

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