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  1. All the above posts pre-date Friday's tragic event. Maybe politicians might now temper their outbursts and language? Maybe then there'd be fewer attacks.
  2. "evade their legal responsibilities"? No, Read that word as "Avoid". Rather than witter about 'tax abuse', focus on tax evasion. If everyone did pay all tax lawfully demanded and properly payable, without evasion, the rest of us would pay far less tax. This applies to just about every tax levied in the UK.
  3. Maybe they could play it as an instrumental? The guitar work and riff cannot be beaten.
  4. Reading that as 'British', yes. But I wonder whence comes the idea that we 'permit dictatorships'? You'll find that they don't arise because of permission! By definition, they instead arise when there's a decision by people- or, more often, one person- to seize power unlawfully.
  5. 'White sugar' isn't a song by the Rolling Stones. They prefer 'Brown sugar' titles because them are rarer.
  6. Try https://www.racfoundation.org/data/wholesale-fuel-prices-v-pump-prices-data
  7. Start by speaking to Business Sheffield (https://www.welcometosheffield.co.uk/business) and your own Accountant.
  8. 'Local media' clearly excluded Sheffield Forum, then!
  9. No. For a flat, the LPE1 provides important information from the landlord to the prospective purchaser- re ground rent, service charge, management arrangements, breaches, fees, etc. Perhaps your solicitor could offer to retain funds out of the sale proceeds, to cover anything that might be owing to PAS; but even that won't surmount the need for information re management arrangements, breaches, fees, etc. Is there a management company/agent separate from PAS?
  10. Point of information: The LDP is not 'Liberals'. The Liberal Party still is. See https://liberal.org.uk/
  11. Odd, then, that nobody was aware of it. It wasn't very 'announced', I think. Who knew?
  12. [1] No, you own the leasehold or underleasehold. Coppen and/or PAS owned a freehold reversion or a leasehold reversion or both. [2] Has your sale been completed or do you mean just that you've found a prospective purchaser? [3] This form has little relevance to houses. It's designed for flats. [4] Not unusual. [5] Not easy. How many years are remaining on your property's lease/underlease; and is it a house or a flat?
  13. Generally: make sure that what you buy is freehold. Many S20 houses are leasehold or underleasehold; remedying this is slow, expensive, and involves Coppen (Estates) Ltd.
  14. Ethanol is not a 'fossil' fuel, though, if it's extracted from recently-grown vegetable matter!
  15. Mr Blair himself was a Leaver, prior to becoming Labour leader.
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