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  1. Always take care not to be potentially liable for two Estate Agents' fees. Start EA2's agency only once EA1's has been conclusively ended.
  2. True; but there are 'retirement' mortgage advances available, in which the accruing interest can be 'rolled-up' rather than being paid.
  3. There are no 'free' weeks, really. If I recall correctly, the annual rent is collected in 48 (not 52) weekly instalments. So the weeks when there is no actual collection are covered by the weeks when when there is.
  4. Jeffrey Shaw

    Advice about trees

    Anyway, wasn't the tree already there before you bought the house?
  5. It entirely depends on the criteria used by the mortgage (lender). Darlington Building society is now offering advances of up to SIX times earnings but says that it screens applicants rigorously to ensure affordability. Very risky for both parties!
  6. Not always, although anyone buying without at least a Homebuyers Survey is asking for trouble.
  7. Yes- and one needs also to obtain a Building Act Compliance Certificate, without which one will have great difficulty is proving compliance: a. to the Local Authority themselves; or b. to a prospective purchaser, when the property is next being sold.
  8. Jeffrey Shaw

    House surveys - are they fair?

    Yes, but that's not the point that I was making. PLUS: there is a difference between liability in contract and liability in tort (negligence) re to whom the liability (duty) is owed.
  9. Jeffrey Shaw

    Coppen estates home insurance penalties?

    This is legally incorrect. Please post such material only if you know it to be right.
  10. No, that was repealed (and replaced) by the Fraud Act 2006- see http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2006/35/contents
  11. Yes. Had the EEC stayed as such, the UK would probably not have wanted to leave at all.
  12. Jeffrey Shaw

    New forum feedback and questions

    I might need a bit of time to get used to everything that's moved around... Yes, I asked that too! AND can we post without the signature strip? I've been accustomed to: a. including it when posting on legal topics; but b. omitting it on everything else. Is there an on-screen thingy to remove it when not wanted?
  13. Jeffrey Shaw

    Retaining wall

    Yes- esp. as vendor might be able to claim the cost against property insurance (if the wall's collapse was due to an insured risk).
  14. Jeffrey Shaw

    Coppen estates home insurance penalties?

    Yes, as I posted. Coppen relies on you not knowing!