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  1. Better analysis. Imagine two worlds almost- but not quite- identical to our world (which we'll call 'World1'). World2's only difference from World1 is that, tomorrow morning, all Arabs' weapons, inc. rockets/stones/etc., disappear. World3's only difference from World1 is that, tomorrow morning, all Israeli weapons, inc. rockets/etc., disappear. So what happens tomorrow? World2: after a while, Israel realises that all Arabs' weapons, inc. rockets/stones/etc. have disappeared. There's peace. Both sides live (relatively) happy ever after. World3: after a while, Arabs realise that all Israeli weapons, inc. rockets/etc. have disappeared. Soon thereafter, nobody is left alive in Israel. There's peace. Arabs live (relatively) happy ever after. QED.
  2. And that relates to the topic of South Yorkshire's buses because...?
  3. Plus: whyever is the new 'county' post called a Mayor? It's nothing of the sort. Maybe 'REEVE' would be a better name. After all, a sheriff derives the title from a shire-reeve.
  4. Isn't that what Labour always says, though? I recall the mantra from its explanation as to why it lost the last General Election and also the EU Referendum- that voters just didn't understand. How condescending. Yes. The BBC news item appeared quite late, after a lot of prodding. See https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-57057821
  5. Labour says that it has to listen to what the voters have said. What, it's realised that only now? Did it not think to do so during its c.100yrs history?
  6. In some areas (not SY), the County Mayor and PCC roles have been amalgamated so that one person is both.
  7. The Referendum counting is not due to start until tomorrow (Monday), anyway- so we need to wait a little longer...
  8. Perhaps one should have voted for this NOC party? That seems to be the situation until next May.
  9. True! PMs are a nuisance- and note that I don't handle matrimonial law anyway. I'd recommend using someone who's better able to advise OP's partner.
  10. Real answer: 1. If V wants to impose a covenant on P, the contract as exchanged has to say so. It's impossible for one party acting alone to change the contract after exchange. 2. BUT it's not the contract that creates the covenant; it's the Transfer deed (or Lease etc.) reflecting the contract's contents. 3. Moreover, V cannot easily enforce the covenant against P/P's successors in any case unless: a. V retains land to which the benefit is annexed; and b. V's benefitting land is clearly defined AND abuts- or is very near to-the land that V's selling to P; and c. the precise wording shows that the covenant is intended to be permanent and not just a personal obligation on P; and d. the covenant's benefit is registered on V's benefitting land's title and its burden against the land that V's selling to P; and e. non-compliance by P/P's successors can be shown to cause a loss on the part of V (e.g. reduction in value of V's benefitting land which would quantify what V could claim).
  11. No, I'm not a UKIP member. Yes, people are allowed to hold to hold political opinions. Whoever claimed otherwise? But nobody has yet propounded a positive reason for voting Labour as yet. And rejoining the EU is not on offer by any Party, esp. as these elections are not for MPs!
  12. The PCC seems to be a solution without any problem that needed its fixing!
  13. For updates (from a full Crucible, at last!), see https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/snooker/54134722
  14. https://www.tesco.com/store-locator/uk/?bid=3181 says 0345- 677 9621 (so only a local call-rate).
  15. A recent poll suggests that about half of Labour voters still wish the UK to rejoin the EU. That just sums it up. The Referendum result was not to their liking, so they wish to repeat it until they obtain a more favourable outcome. As to policies, who knows? Hence it seems implausible that any Labour Party gains can be expected.
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