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  1. Good news! Winner of Vardy v. Rooney to meet winner of Heard v. Depp in the play-off final.
  2. Every solicitor is duty-bound to give completely impartial legal advice. That's exactly why those who collude in secret deals with EAs are so pernicious.
  3. The problem is that at least some EAs have 'under-the-table' deals with solicitors (= "pay us a fee, undisclosed to prospective clients, and we'll tell them your details"). As per post #3, you need an impartial, disinterested recommendation instead.
  4. The main thing is that none of these changes will be retroactive. All existing leases will be wholly unaffected.
  5. I don't know; but there's no legal obligation to reply.
  6. I can see the attraction, and over 90% vote in Australia. There are small fines if one doesn't. See BBC News item https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-australia-61186402 UK turnouts are often depressingly low, esp. in Local Elections if not held when there's also a General Election. So a good idea? Democratic (maximises turnout) or anti-democratic (forcing people to vote when they don't want to)?
  7. Or, worse, moan but then omit to vote- or even to register to vote.
  8. Best to use a 'whole of market' mortgage broker or a reputable financial website (e.g. Martin Lewis, Moneyfacts, Compare the market, etc.)
  9. Read that as "...buying up freehold reversions..." They do not usually buy-up leaseholds. And it's by no means 'recent'. These operations effectively started as long ago as the late 1960s. It all depends on the insurance covenants in the lease.
  10. As a student is (usually) not liable for CT, the rent is payable in full. Saying that rent is inclusive of CT means only that the stated rent includes any CT that is payable- maybe the full CT, maybe a discounted amount (e.g. sole occupier), maybe none (e.g. student). T cannot demand that L sever the rent. After all, the clause means that L does have to pay any CT that falls due- e.g. if a sole occupier marries (so the 25% discount ends) , or the student's period of study ends (so the 100% discount ends).
  11. Yes. Two main ways: 1. Debtor executes a mortgage deed in creditor's favour. 2. Court makes (unsecured) Order; debtor defaults; Court makes Charging Order. Either the mortgage deed or the Charging Order needs to be protected by registration at HMLR.
  12. Yes, I have daily experience of dealing with Coppen/PAS. You need to ensure that your legal position is protected. There are ways to cajole them into action but none of these is either simple or cheap. (If I had £1 for every person- or even solicitor!- who's told me "But I tried sending a reminder letter/ a stamped-addressed reply envelope/ telephoning/going to the firms' premises [delete inapplicable], to no avail", I'd be very rich!)
  13. Not a nice comment- although memory tests aren't what they used to be...
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