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  1. Similarly re mobile telephones in hospitals- they used to be banned too.
  2. Yes, Many preliminary searches raise the possibility, esp. on properties in Derbyshire. As with all such entries, it's up o the prospective purchaser whether or not to investigate further. But the first response should be to refer the matter to the vendor's solicitors, asking whether V has ever investigated (and, if so, with what outcome) or taken appropriate anti-radon measures..
  3. SSE is offering a good broadband deal to its electricity/gas customers. No, I'm not currently using its package. See https://sse.co.uk/phone-and-broadband?utm_medium=email&utm_source=eloqua&utm_campaign=19_H2_A-EM_3&WT.mc_id=email|eloqua|Elq_19_H2_A-EM_3|19_H2_A-EM_3_TEL_CORE_EM_3&email=19_H2_A-EM_3_TEL_CORE_EM_3
  4. Of course, the tickets assume the continued existence of Northern Rail- but see BBC News today at https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-51048896 .
  5. The trouble is that they're not your solicitors. They do not collect rent (perhaps because they ceased to be instructed by the landlord- hence your property is no longer on their systems) and have no obligations towards you.
  6. You as tenant (leaseholder) are entitled to buy the f/r as long as you have owned the leasehold for > 2yrs. That is so no matter whether it's registered or not and even if the landlord L (f/r owner) is unknown. BUT the procedure is more complex if L cannot be found- a County Court application is involved. See s.27 of the Leasehold Reform Act 1967: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1967/88/section/27
  7. Sort-of. Indemnity insurance is a temporary fix but does not cure the problem. Ask your solicitor whether the freehold reversion is registered at HMLR, or you can check this yourself via https://eservices.landregistry.gov.uk/eservices/FindAProperty/view/QuickEnquiryInit.do If the freehold reversion is still unregistered, that's usually because it has not been purchased since before 1970 and nor has it changed hands otherwise (e.g. by gift or by Assent) since 1997.
  8. Royal Mail postcodes https://www.royalmail.com/find-a-postcode does not recognise 'Hick Street' at all. 'Hicks Street' is S3 8BL.
  9. Still, I'm baffled as to why it works. The iron doesn't have a headache or muscular pain. What paracetamolic properties chemically affect the stainless steel plate?
  10. Yes, I think so. But most people nowadays are addicts and refuse (explicitly or by conduct) to abide by 'no mobile use during working hours unless in emergency and authorised' rules.
  11. No, but the change was announced last year (on 7 June)- see https://www.gov.uk/government/news/2020-may-bank-holiday-will-be-moved-to-mark-75th-anniversary-of-ve-day. The problem was that many diaries/calendars were already being printed.
  12. Well, I did try it- and blow me down but that's the answer! Whoever would have though it, eh? Many thanks for the guidance.
  13. For several successive car insurers, I've been adding-on the breakdown cover as an optional extra- plus legal expenses insurance and NCB protection. Almost all insurers sub-contract breakdown cover to AA/RAC/Green Flag and, because they bulk-buy, it often works out cheaper than if you buy it direct from those firms. You get the same level of service as if you were a direct member of AA/RAC/Green Flag. The last-mentioned uses Twiggs who always seem to be efficient. And, yes- there are mostly four or more levels of cover: basic (away from home), or also at home, or inc. onward travel, or inc. cover across the EU.
  14. ALSO: e-mail "ownership", and defamation consequences, will presumably depend on which legal system applies. An e-mail correspondence between users in different jurisdictions (domiciles)- even England and Scotland- is problematic.
  15. Is it correct, as I'm told, that Windows10 won't ultimately be replaced in this complex way but that it will simply be updated (routinely) from time to time?
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