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  1. @gamezone07 Sorry to hear of your experience of what may conclude as a scam. When you say that the seller has provided a name & address, have you established that those details are genuine ?
  2. To give a little more clarity to the Dutch reach. When opening the door with the left hand and holding on to it, this limits the amount of distance that the door can be opened. It also provides an additional opportunty to look back down the side of the vehicle. Also keep in mind the blind spot when using mirrors.
  3. I would suggest Sheffield freecycle. https://groups.freecycle.org/SheffieldUK
  4. I'm always keen to learn from others. What and where is the drip tray on a car? If you have oil on the chasis and underside I also think water will not remove that , even under pressure. Hence I can see why you mentioned the steam method? Did someone not properly tighten the oil filter/drain plug?
  5. Anyone know which episode of Dragon's Den that Michael Carroll the 'lotto winner' is appearing in? I read it in an article online but I don't recall it mentioning when. Anyone know? Edit: It seems this is Fake news.
  6. Good morning Mally, thank you for the heads up. When I looked online I did get the impression that there could be more than one address, hence why I posted my question. 'HeHasRisen' has helped me. I have put S1 2HH on the envelope. The guys at Royal mail go the extra mile. I think it should be ok.
  7. I feel this site may be of interest to the members who have an interest in this section of the forum. Some very old photos. https://www.francisfrith.com/sheffield/photos
  8. A concern I read about some years ago was the mercury content in Salmon. The health bods were advising to only eat salmon up to twice per week. Apparently it starts with the tiny fish. I understand that there is a quite lot of 'farmed salmon'. Maybe that is safer?
  9. Thank you for your advice, it is appreciated.
  10. It is repairs dept, but I need to enclose stuff in the envelope so not using email. So I will ignore the Barkers Pool bit? . I believe it is S1
  11. Thanks for the links, very interesting. I hope the rivers remain clean now. The irony though is that some of the water companies are discharging raw sewage in to rivers. You couldn't make it up. It's shameful. This is a recent news article. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-60040162
  12. I was searching online for the correct address of Sheffield council. I got Pinstone street S1 2HH. I also got Barkers pool? Is Pinstone st within Barkers pool, or does the council have different locations depending on nature of mail. I have a letter to send.
  13. Alchr, Do we know roughly how long ago it was that the area was named that?
  14. This may not be very helpful to you, but it could lead on to something/someone. I have been to two 'talks' on other subjects at the Fat Cat pub that were run in an evening. The is of course in Sheffield. If you dug around, made a few phone calls and contacted the people who do the speaking at the Cat, they may connect you to someone. People lead to peaple, sort of thing.
  15. A year or two back, we were informed via local news media that the river Don had been cleaned up. The news report told us that Salmon were back in the Don. I'm referring to the stretch that runs through Sheffield & Rotherham in the context of this thread. Did this actually happen, or was it nonsense. Or, maybe it happened briefly and the rivers became poluted again. Anyone know? I'm quite interested in this. Probably a one-off stray salmon as I've heard nothing else. I did a brief search and this came up. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/salmon-found-in-river-don-at-sheffield
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