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  1. Janus

    Ebay Hell

    I think there is a sort of disguise or something going on that slips past the eyes of ebay. I have occasionally bought items that appear to be in UK, and they arrive from China. After the order has completed, I think the seller emails their contacts in China. Surprisingly, these items have not seemed to take any longer than UK mail to arrive?? They certainly don't come on a slow boat from China.
  2. Janus

    Ebay Hell

    But arn't there some very reputable sellers on there too, who are selling branded products?
  3. Danny, Can you start a crowd funder linked/tied in to the crime stoppers reward? Apparently there are no fees with this platform. The larger the reward money, the greater the chance of a result. https://welcome.crowdfunder.co.uk/fundraisers/
  4. I understand it works like that with RM/Parcel force. Is it not different with couriers? I have never sent anything with them, only received.
  5. I get what he thinking. I am wondering if he has made a mistake. If not, then we are saying that it is the dvla that have made a mistake. He says he has checked on line and tax is not due for some months-1st Dec??
  6. @fatrajah With the MOT, you have the paper certificate with the expiry date on. What do you have, or what is it that makes you think the tax is due. Could you be mistaken?
  7. Thanks for looking and finding that Willman.
  8. I've had the kitchen a long time, and yesterday it caught fire. I just need to replace the door on one of the narrow units. If anyone knows where I can find a replacement-even a decent 2nd hand one that is not charred, I would be greatful. I think it may be difficult to find a match (unlike yesterday). https://ibb.co/VtkVz9j https://ibb.co/F0hPCp1
  9. Yes Chris, I think what you mention is the same as Becky B advised. I`ve sort of got an alternative to my road bikes. It is not as robust as a MTB. It is an aluminium Boardman hybrid. I think I have only been out on it about 3 times. I thought it might come in handy for half decent paths in some woods. It has gears, and I`m used to cycling but it is not as easy as the roadies, particularly on hills. It will fit in the estate car , so maybe I could drive the 10 mile or so to Wadsley bridge, and park in Sainsbury`s car park, then cycle from there. Does that sound like a reasonable way to do things? Anyone know how far it is from Sainsburys to where the wood starts?
  10. Janus

    Ebay Hell

    As you are only left with the Paypal route now, go with not as described/reasonably expected. Any reasonable person would understand that you cannot be expected to consume a full container of vitamins in less that a month.
  11. @woolyhead Take notice of this advice from Swarf. . Not all towers are compatible with all monitors in respect of the sockets. I eventually managed to get my 'new' second hand tower working with my old flat screen monitor, but I bought quite a few different connectors and cables/devices etc, before I got things working.
  12. May I ask, who is it that you want to spy on?
  13. How do you cope with the back of your head though? I even struggle seeing top. I am assuming you are doing it yourself? I've had a go with the Wahl but only took a bit off top and sides. Not touched back. Can you do mine?
  14. I was reading an article explaining that dogs can be fostered. I didn't know about this, so had never given it any thought. Below in bold tx is the piece I read: Foster an animal Several animal welfare charities, including the RSPCA, allow families to foster animals for a short time. This is a great option if you can’t commit to buying or adopting a pet in the long term but you are able to offer temporary accommodation. Looking after animals is known to relieve stress, but fostering an animal is beneficial in other ways too. It supports local animal shelters and contributes to the rehabilitation of rescued animals, so they can be rehomed more easily. I'm interested in finding out a bit more about how it works. If anyone knowledgeable on the subject can advise, that would be appreciated.
  15. Thanks for providing that Altus. I've just had a look at it. I can see the dotted lines-for example along Penistone road. I believe that is the cycle path on the pavement, which I've used quite a few times. I'm interested in off-road cycle paths. Do you know how to bring these up on your map?
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