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  1. Stones mixed in with the coal is dangerous. When they get very hot they can explode as they expand, and shoot out of the fire.
  2. Janus

    Mannequin or Bust

    I have seen them a while back on E bay but they are not cheap. Other options: Place a wanted post on Freegle (they have an App now) Trying clothes stores for any damaged ones? You can get small fibre glass repair hits from Tool station. I got some to repair a small hole on a bath.
  3. Janus

    Really slow broadband

    Hi Sooi, Sorry to hear that you have not been able to make any significant progress with your BB speed issue. Although the Openreach engineers are the guys that would ultimately do the work in your cabinet, cabling etc, they can only take instructions from your provider, so it is not much use you talking to them. ISPs use Openreach as their contractor. Although the slow speed is not the fault of sky, it certainly is Sky's responsibility. The contract you have is between you and Sky. As part of that contract Sky have a responsibility to provide the minimum BB speed that was agreed with you at the time of the contract. If the speed is below the minimum you can cancel the contract. Do you know the minimum speed that was agreed? Do you know the minimum speed that you are getting? If you cancel with Sky, you may still not be able to improve on the BB speed while ever you are in the same property & relying on that cabinet.
  4. Janus

    Quaifying for a bus pass.

    I think it is fair to say that there is a bigger picture. It is not nice seeing elderly people in care homes. Making their life easier and more pleasurable with the travel pass is a good thing. I would much rather see them on trains, trams and busses than in care homes. "Use it or lose it" is a good saying, and sitting at home with little or no company is not good. Most people feel better after a few hours outdoors. As an aside, the cost of local authority funded care homes costs thousands per year per individual. Do the maths. The consessionary travel pass is a wonderfull thing.
  5. There may be a bit more to this. The guy's location is stated as India. When he says he is persuing a course at Hallam Uni, he may mean that this is his intention when he eventually arrives from India. Maybe he is just planning ahead. Or, he may have only just arrived here. To be fair, if I had just got off a plane in Calcutta I would not have a clue. Elger, if you have not been frightened off please post again. There is help & guidence available here.
  6. Janus

    Safe areas for a single mum

    I've just been thinking about a scenario involving a block of flats that is part owned by Sheffield council & part owned by those who exercised "right to buy". This is a block on St Lawrence Rd S9 area. Last year, on behalf of my elderly friend who owns such a flat, I informed Sheffield council that a large hole had appeared in the gutter just above his bedroom window. The council replaced the gutter for the total length of the block. My friend never mentioned anything about getting a bill. I assume he pays a yearly charge to Sheffield council for things like this. I will ask him what the service charge is the next time I see him. I would imagine it will be a lot less than a block that is totally private owned. The OP could rent one of these for a little while, and if satisfied with the area could make a purchase. Within stalking distance of Meadowhall, and less thanow 10 minutes walk of a main bus route in to town from Attercliffe.
  7. Janus

    Safe areas for a single mum

    There lies the potential problem. There is a block of 6 near me. Each occupier is charged about £1400 every year to cover the maintenance-rising annually of course. The roof has been repaired, gutters replaced, exterior coating on walls repainted. Thing is, the 1400 is a base level. When a big job like the roof needs doing the shortfall is added to the 1400. It's ok for someone who doesn't want the responsibly and the shopping around for individual job quotes . The people that manage this system don't do so for free. Some may prefer it, but I would advise anyone considering it to be well aware of hidden/potential large & unexpected bills.
  8. Janus


    I think the guy said it is 96 pence per litre + vat. So I calculated 20 litres as: £19.20 £3.84 vat Total=£23.84 The contact No to be sure: 01142852987 Address according to google is: Nutwood Trading Est, Unit35 Limestone cottage Ln, Sheffield S6 1NJ
  9. Janus

    TrackOff Elite...anybody?

    Is this it? https://www.prosofteng.com/reviews/trackoff-elite-internet-privacy/
  10. Janus

    Safe areas for a single mum

    What sort of area of Sheffield could the OP purchase a 2 bed terrace property with 80k?
  11. Janus

    Needing MS works suite 9

    Swarf, That Libre link is the one I used. I only tried the first one-Basic version The other one, version 6.0.7 is described as : " If you deploy LibreOffice in an enterprise or corporate environment or are a conservative user, please choose this version". Of course, I don`t mind the inteded purpose-I just want something that works for works 😉. I will try the other version when my brain has recouperated a bit. Windows sent a large update today. Took about 20 minutes or more to install , then I went out for couple of hours. What is the ninite.com for? -Is it another location that Libre can be D loaded from.
  12. If I use my default browser- firefox for the DL, will I actually be able to DL explorer6? Will it install on win 10? Have wasted a few hours this afternoon with Libre. I understand that explorer6 is needed to run works suite.
  13. Janus


    I phoned Pennine lube and this paraffin comes in 20 litre containers. It`s a bit big to be lifting out of the car on your own in the bent over position. They don`t put it in to individual 5 litre containers which would have been handy. I use it in one of them flame guns for burning weeds.
  14. Janus

    Needing MS works suite 9

    I downloaded Libre version (see link) but it will only open letters. It will not open my spread sheets. I uninstalled it, and will try version 6.0.7 which may work. Anyone understand what these source codes below are for and whether they have to be downloaded after the main download? Download the Sourcecode libreoffice- 198 MB (Torrent, Info) libreoffice-dictionaries- 42 MB (Torrent, Info) libreoffice-help- 15 MB (Torrent, Info) libreoffice-translations- 135 MB (Torrent, Info)
  15. Janus

    TV license fee to increase again.

    Car boot, 860,000 is a lot. I wonder if people are just not watching TV, or maybe these people just don't bother about a license any more. I don't hear about people being prosecuted on a grand scale. They used to say even if you have a video recorder and no TV you still must have a license, as the video can receive the signal being transmitted.

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