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  1. It won't be long before their arrest-the photo is clear enough to identify them.
  2. @Thirsty Relic There are certainly issues with staffing levels. I think it will get worse before it starts to improve. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-61598158
  3. Janus


    I can't see the attraction.
  4. Janus


    Dragon's Den?
  5. Apparently violent incidents at GP surgeries have doubled in less than five years, according to figures from police forces. The news reported that the number of assaults at surgeries and health centres resulting in injury had almost doubled also. Can you imagine that. It is the type of thing that you hear about occurring in pubs on a weekend. There must be a lot of aggressive people around. I can't recall hearing about this sort of thing at surgeries previously, but it had been happening to ambulance staff a few months ago. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-61648987
  6. You can't say things like that, think anout the tower! 😁
  7. Prince Charles and Camilla will be appearing in this Thursday's Eastenders, if anyone is interested. Thursday 2, June, 2022 at 7.30pm.
  8. Maybe this is the way I think, but I am interested to hear the perspective of how others see this. On a cold day I see beggers sat on the cold concrete ground for example. I say to myself, there must be easier ways to make a few quid. For example, tidying someone's garden, creosoting a fence etc. When sitting on the ground it has to be colder than walking about, and even walking about in winter is cold. What do others think? What/how would you do in their situation?
  9. @cgksheff Thank you for this post (respect to you). That is interesting what you explained about the courseness of the inside a tubeless tyre. I knew nothing about that. 'Every day a school day' 👨‍🎓
  10. @geared That sounds like a good option to me. I had not heard of that sort of thing. I still have the original spare wheel in the boot. Have owned the car for 10 years. Do you know of a place that would look at it for that sort of job?
  11. @Dardandec Hi, You have mentioned a few things there that I was not aware of. The insurance thing can be a concern. I prioritise safety. One tyre keeps losing air. I've been to the tyre place a few times. Had that black sealing paste put around the rim. Another time the sanding disc on it with angle grinder. The guy suggested getting another wheel from somewhere. It's an oldish car and I'm thinking I may struggle to find a decent used alluminium wheel. It is for 2006 Corolla D4D , coming up to 16 years old but still very good. Dose not get used much, less that 3 thousand mile annually.
  12. Very good idea. I feel it is a good initiative that SF is being creative while helping the local community. I was thinking maybe a Sheffield based charity. Is Bluebell wood childrens hospice an actual charity? Someone will know.
  13. It is a car Dan. That is good then. I been going to a tyre place and it has not been possible to seal my tyre. I thought it must be illegal now for tubes. I wonder why it has not been suggested. I may finally be able to have it fixed I hope.
  14. I probably confused you mentioning that part. I was trying to use the example of London as you say.
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