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  1. Michael, is that the large carpark at the side of Tesco extra bordering Wharncliffe St/Drummond St?
  2. Argos is closing on 7th March, and Poundland the following Saturday. Every cloud...... RMBC has pledged extra parking, upgraded lighting,replacement of litter bins, signs & bollards, and user friendly seating!
  3. Could be. I've had it a while and rarely use it. I'll check it when the weather is fine.
  4. @Soul-Buddha I could do with mine looking at-it slowly goes down on it's own without weight on. I think mine could be oil seals. The non domestic ones are potential "hernia jobs" when lifting them in to boot of car. Thread is 4 years old. Maybe Rudds1 will tell us how he got on with the repair.
  5. I seem to recall that someone has started a thread on this a short while ago. Was it Anna?
  6. I was not aware of the change Baron-thanks. I have just phoned the licence No. I asked the following. "If I removed all the BBC channels from my tv tuner, would I still need a licence". The answer was yes. Can anyone tell me how that is justifiable, really.
  7. I have seen that happen on my 4g Android phone-3g displays at the top, of the screen. I think this is when it is a busy time. I say this because I notice the 3g display in the house. In the majority of time, 4G displays in the house. It is good news then-that 3g is not going to be pulled anytime soon. I will source a large button phone on 3g for him. That will suffice. Thanks.
  8. I have been looking for a basic phone for an elderly relative. Just something on payg for very occasional use only. Just to let me know his train has been cancelled for example when we have arranged to meet up. I understand the 3G signal is only available for a limited time. Anyone know how long is left ?
  9. Just posting to wish you success in your endeavour. Every mountain climbed always started with the first step.
  10. Was the can damaged in any way? Apparently, even if dented, this can sometimes cause very tiny perforations. Also, the 6 figure date format that was mentioned 24.09.17 seems more likley to be the date manufactured. Just curious- what food was in the can? Hope you start to feel better soon. Try a few tbl spoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. Very good for killing bacteria in the stomach.
  11. I sometimes have a need to travel through Sheffield-Penistone rd/Halifax Rd on a match day. Example: If a match starts at 3pm and runs for 2hrs.Plus, the time it takes for fans to leave ground and walk to cars, and drive out of the area. What time would it be before Penistone Rd & Halifax Rd is clear?
  12. Just out of interest, what sort of "distance travelled" would be used by the camera system to calculate the average speed of a vehicle?
  13. It almost sounds like the criminals are ahead of technology.
  14. It is a street I have been lots of times and known how to get there easily. I never knew the name of the street though, and now I do.
  15. Just been following route on Google maps from Halifax Rd, and it looks like it is Cowper cres.
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