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  1. Janus

    Transport to manchester airport

    Keep a close eye on weather forcast in January for that route. Allow plenty of time.
  2. I don`t know exactly who is at fault when these governemnt projects go a lot over budget, but it seems to happen more often than not. Just been reading a news item this morning about the HS2 project being massively over budget. Apparently the "costing" under estimated the value of many properties HS2 needed to purchase along the proposed route, and many more had not been budgeted for. Apparently the figure MPs saw was hundreds of millions too low. What a mess.
  3. There is an exit barrier and an entry barrier side by side, in & out lane. There is no entering of reg No.
  4. Janus

    What would your dream job be ?

    That is a valuable and fortunate situation/mindset to be in. Working life can be over 50 years for some
  5. Possibly Happ but I guess it depends where car is parked in relation to where they might exit. The slot for the ticket at the exit barrier point may be just to raise the barrier. I`m unsure what would happen if someone goes through entrance barrier & gets a ticket, then goes in hospital building and pays after 15 minutes but stays 4 hrs, leaving at same place/exit that I did. The paying point is inside the hospital not at barriers. That is why I suspect there may be cameras?
  6. Janus

    Aldi -faulty goods replacement

    The best advice I can give anyone when buying none food items from Aldi is to pay for them separately to your groceries. It is then easy to keep all receipts for these items in one place in an envelope for example. I have exchanged none food items and had refunds from Aldi and never had a problem, but I always keep receipts. The last two items I took back were some cheap ski gloves I bought for winter cycling and a set of LED cycle lights. They require you to complete a form for refunds but it is not as much hassle as the alterative. Exchanges seem easier.
  7. This week I was at RDGH. I stopped at the carpark entrance barrier and pressed the button which provides a ticket and raises barrier. Before leaving the hospital building, I put my ticket in the pay machine and paid the £3.10 that was requested. The same ticket is returned after paying as it is needed to activate the exit barrier. About 25 minutes is allowed to leave the car park, but I was gone in about 5 minutes. However, I inadvertently left the carpark by a different exit-one without a barrier. Unless there are cameras the system doesn't know the time I left or if I actually left. I only realised when I got home with the ticket that I should have gone through the barrier exit. I am half expecting some sort of letter or something, because we hear so many stories about the companies that operate car parks.
  8. Janus

    Lottery numbers strategy

    I have always felt that Richard Branson comes across as decent and straight, a nice bloke. I understand he got the knock back twice. It does make you woder why he was not appointed to run the lottery.
  9. I'm interested in learning/teaching myself the language . Just had a quick look at the Apps. There are websites too. Would be interested in hearing what resources others have found helpful. I have no requirement to be able read or write the language. Would just like to be able to speak it. Any advice appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Janus

    Lyn parker

    That is a long time Joe when you are keen to find someone. If the person got married and changed her name since you began looking it makes the task even harder. The problem with the available public electoral register is that it lists by address not name, although it does show who is registered at each address. Bit of a needle in haystack situation. The debt chasers seem to have a good system in place, but I don't know which it is. I know a guy who owes credit card debt but he stays under the radar-no signing on or working regular, and moves around a lot. As soon as he starts a new job and gives his NI number the letters start arriving soon after.
  11. Janus

    Lazy half reporting by BBC news.

    There does not seem to be an end to the amount of things that someone wants to ban. There are terrorists in our society wanting to kill and injure innocent people, children starving in Africa etc, and homeless people sleeping in shop doorways on freezing winter nights in the UK, and we hear & read of people wanting to ban lyrics in songs, and adverts showing men changing nappies and women cleaning. What is happening ?
  12. Re Medusa`s post "new group ideas to be sent to Moonbird". Just tried to send PM to Moonbird and there appears to be a problem with the PM ? Please advise Thanks
  13. Janus

    Lyn parker

    Is she likely to be on any of the social media platforms?
  14. Just seen this online. I am not endorcing or disagreeing with it. "There was once a minimum height requirement for male police officers of 5ft 8in tall, however it has been made illegal to discriminate against or reject applicants on the basis of their height.14 Jan 2010" It seems to refer to anyone not specificly ethnic minorities. Could be a misquote from someone? I always thought that the height thing was in place in respect of it being a kind of physical capability when dealing with struggling crimbs etc. Bit like bouncers in nightclubs being of a large build. It`s not often you see bouncers that look like that guy off the cleaning product advert-Mr.Muscle.

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