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  1. I'm wondering why it only applies to trees above 3 meters high. I would think infestations could be on just about any size?
  2. I have the digital radio tuned to BBC 5live. Ready for the commentary of tonight's bout at 9pm UK time. The ring walk is estimated to commence at 8.45pm. It is also sky of course at £24.95 for keen fans. https://www.whathifi.com/amp/advice/anthony-joshua-v-andy-ruiz-jr-2-live-stream-how-to-watch-the-boxing-from-anywhere
  3. Janus

    Boots ?

    A few years ago, I bought two pairs of Quechua water proof boots from Decathlon down Moor. £40 per pair at the time. I don't do much walking, but if I need to walk anywhere in cold wet weather I will wear these. I also have two pairs of karrimore walking shoes, £30 from Sports direct inside meadowhall. Very comfortable, and obviously lighter than boots.
  4. I remember one case that was reported as a terrorist act. The 'lone wolf' bloke who drove his van in to a group of Muslims. I think one of the elderly men in the group was killed. The Imam amongst them stopped the others from lynching the van driver, which was honourable under the circumstances.
  5. What happens if you hand it in at the police station, and you don`t hear anything? As the purse contains a bank card, I would be contacting the branch of the bank that the card is from. You could leave your details with the bank for the customer to contact you.
  6. Registering, or completing the forms they send out, has a lot to do with facilitating the collection of council tax. The don't only send them at election time.
  7. Janus


    Let us hope that the mortgage providers will delve deeper in to the risk issues from now onwards.
  8. I heard once heard someone say, " Without the monarchy in the UK, there was a risk of a dictatorship". Not a subject I know about at any level.
  9. Janus


    It is so wrong what the developers are trying to do. There is clearly no concern for the predicament that the potential home owners are going to find themselves in. @Baron99 It is a good thing that you have posted this. I really do hope that all the potential buyers become aware of the issue, assuming the houses are built.
  10. Imagine if every kind of item sold was online, and it had always been that way. Then one day during a conversation , one of these online traders announces that they are going to open a shop. One of the first questions to be asked would be, "What about the overheads"?
  11. I first read it in the highway code booklet during the 1970s. I cannot say how long this had been part of the HW code. I believe the origin of the "rule" was due to it being more difficult for an HGV to set off again up the hill, than it was for the vehicle coming down the hill.
  12. Janus


    I had a bit of curiosity regarding distance above sea level of various locations in the local area. Logically thinking, the greater the distance a river is from the sea, the higher the ground-to a point. So just thinking of the Don going out towards Doncaster/Fishlake! and it's path to the Humber and so on. On the website , I'm using post codes. GPS is said to be not so accurate? My home location results 80m above. Living part way up a hill I checked the sea level of post codes that run parallel at the top & bottom of my road and 80 seems about right. S9 1EP which I have used as the guide for where Meadowhall is, displays 30m above and is of course close to the Don. Not sure what you guys think about the figure for that area.
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