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  1. Hi Anna, I'm just curious about your request. Looking for a forum on a specific subject but preferably in Sheffield. I think that is going to be a very fine niche situation, but others may know. I guess if there is one in the area it creates the potential to connect with others in person. I hope you find something.
  2. Pleased you won Bassett one. Good on you for fighting your corner and not taking it laying down.✋ Although I have never been to one of these tribunals I can imagine there is an element of stress. Some of the mentally unwell will not have the strength to face it unfortunately, and lose out on income.
  3. OP, If you know anyone that has a small angle grinder & stone cutting disc it does not take long to cut. It does create quite a lot of dust though, so take precautions.
  4. This is good news for those oppressed by the governnent. "Seven out of ten people who appealed in court against a decision to deny them disability benefits were successful, analysis shows. In total, more than 293,000 people across the UK have overturned a government decision at tribunal in the past three years". https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-58284613
  5. Mice also like to chew/eat the plastic outer isulation on cables. There is something in the cable compounds apparently that attracts them.
  6. I fully agree with what has been posted so far. I don't believe that these are just isolated cases. The problem is that there does not seem to be any consequences for the surgery staff-they will probably be getting their salaries as usual. Of course, joe public the patient, continues to be unnecessarily inconvenienced without good reason, while the doctors and staff sink deeper in to their confort zones as mentioned. It is time for the public to take action.
  7. With the publicity not just on this forum, but all the media articles, I think there will be a resurgence of interest in his recorded material. He released a few videos and audio cassettes back in the 80s. I don't know if anything went on DVDs. All the best Mr Vasey. EDIT : There is stuff on ebay including blue ray disc.
  8. I suppose a good few of the 28,000 might have bought tickets if the gig had been allowed. We'll never know.
  9. He has 28 thousand fans supporting him at least. Any publicity is good publicity in this situation. He will be gaining more fans from those that would have not been aware of him. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-58463658
  10. Some years ago, baking potatoes were about 7 inches long and with a decent thinkness. These days in the supermarkets, the spuds labeled up as baking potatoes are about the size of tennis balls or smaller. What happened?
  11. The general public have the choice in respect of the type of thing they spend their cash on. There is such a thing as businesses pricing themselves out of the market. Holidays are not essential, and not the only pleasure available.
  12. @Monitor That is a good point.
  13. I understand what you mean Padders. "The price was a shock’: Britons on holidaying in UK this summer. The Guardian speaks to four people braving eye-watering price hikes to holiday in Britain this year". With more and more people staying in the UK for their holidays, prices for campsites and rented accommodation have rocketed this year. Despite this many in need of a break have decided to accept the hike. The Guardian spoke to four people about their holiday plans this summer. https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2021/aug/07/price-shock-britons-on-holidaying-in-uk-this-summer.
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