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  1. I've been given the task of identifying somewhere that stocks narrow width-19" washing machines. Searching online for narrow width brings up just about all the range to trawl through regardless of size. I phoned currys, and there is no option to just ask if they stock them at their retail park on Cliff. No human voice available. Have also phoned Williams electrical, and they don't do them.
  2. Thank you Nikki-red, for directing me to this mega-thread.
  3. I have looked in the garden section and also done a search for garden ponds, but cannot see such a specific topic. Has it been deleted?
  4. England is giving out its first doses of the Moderna jab, the third Covid-19 vaccine in the nation's rollout. It will be available at 21 sites, included the Madejski Stadium in Reading and the Sheffield Arena. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-56727510
  5. The 45 years olds and below are still at risk until vaccinated. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-56729897
  6. Are you looking for anything specific?
  7. My thoughts are that the lockdown should not have been lifted until the vaccination roll out was complete. Just my opinion.
  8. Apparently it's the 'any way method' of obtaining guns that Joe Biden is addressing. Starting with a crackdown on the proliferation of so-called ghost guns, or firearms assembled from kits. It's a start, and I hope he will go further.
  9. There lies the problem. They have been carrying guns for so long, they would see it as abnormal not to. There was a bloke being interviewed yesterday. He said, "A gun is just like any other tool-it's the same as a hammer". It's delusional on a mass scale.
  10. I do recall in the previous lockdown that the classifieds were suspended. Could the reason be that a lot of people who would normally post are thinking they cannot do so at the moment?
  11. It would appear that Mr Biden is going to do what he can to change the gun laws. See Sky news etc. Yes I know it is a massive hurdle, but I have the greatest respect for this idea.
  12. Hello ab6262, Unless we actually know the member, or are in touch online, how do we know they were banned? I mean, some members that were regular posters may have just stopped using the forum. Some may have passed away? For example I have not see anything from Pete Morris for quite a while. I used to like reading his posts. I think he was actually one of the mods.
  13. The one from Deliveroo backfired in France. Sending fake bills to thousands of customers. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-56617049 Someone will do something so stupid one day, that it will result in tragic consequences.
  14. What are your thoughts Michael? I know Stevenson road-where the old Northern power tools is. How far would you say it is up to Newhall road. I'm just thinking that 20mph is quite slow, but it depends on whatever else will be going on in the vicinity. Edit: Just gone through the proposals. There appears to be a technical hitch. The system just remains on 'saving' and does not appear to complete.
  15. Good afternoon Abbeyedges. I am trying hard to workout where you are coming from. Do you feel that a forum based on a specific topic-in this case Sheffield, should not have other sections? There may well be some forums around with just one core topic. No sub sections, and no deviations . I cannot say I have seen any, but they may exist. However, Sheffield forum has always had a multitude of sub sections while I have been a member. Others may know if that has always been the case from it's inseption . If I have not grasped what it is that you are not happy with, please feel free to put me right.
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