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    Mossway: Contracted out is basically when an employee has paid in to a company pension scheme. They would not have been taxed on the part of their wages that went in to the company scheme. Thus they get a state pension that is a bit less.
  2. Yes couriers seem the way to go for heavy items.
  3. Thanks for that Tin Foil. I have just had a look online at parcel force and their max length is 2.5mt long max and weight limited to only 30 kg. OK for rods. Interesting to hear about the cardboard box rule. The 6 ton lever hoist I have probably weighs 60 to 80 kg and would need a very strong cardboard box to prevent it going through the bottom 🙈 . When I lifted it up to hook on to a joist in the garage to test it, it felt very heavy and I did not have the weight of the long heavy chain as that was trailing along the floor. Was thinking of putting it in an old suitcase with a couple of trouser belts around the case to ensure it doesn`t burst out. When it was delivered by courier 2 middle aged guys struggled to my front door with it I thought I had read on here a while back that Hermese was good??
  4. I have some stuff that I want to get around to putting on E Bay. Some items like a boat rod are too long even in sections. Some items are a bit heavy, one is exceeding heavy. Some items are light. Do any courier firms cater for the occasional sender of parcels-say just 2 items per week as an estimate, as I don`t want to get bogged down with this. If anyone can recommend a company I would appreciate it. Thanks
  5. I know that when cooking bacon that white stuff comes out of it. I understand it's some sort of chemical or preservative that is added. I never expected to see this coming out of chicken. Probably because I either roast or make a curry and you cannot see it . Today I was shallow frying in a bit of olive oil, and it could be clearly seen. See photo. Even food that is thought of as fresh & unadulterated is processed. https://ibb.co/4pht5FH
  6. Was meadowhall built where Hadfield was. Hadfields is described as being in Attercliffe at the time, in this link. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hadfields_Limited#Hadfield's_Steel_Foundry_Company_Limited
  7. I have a list on my PC and S4 just states Grimethorpe and Pitsmoor, but I live in Rotherham. Why not post the street name on here and someone will know which area it is.
  8. Yes, quite. When the vehicles are stationary and a green signal is displayed to me I consider it safe to cross which is what I attempted to do. If it had been a child they possibly could have run across on observing what I did-possible fatality with a child if hit at the side of the head by a car. An accident waiting to happen.
  9. That is the junction Cyclone in your first link. Second link, basically yes but I was on the opposite side wanting to cross. When I got home I kept asking myself why is there no box section, but also thought maybe their had been one at some point that had faded. I certainly didn`t see the box section, as you confirm it does not exist.
  10. On this section of carriageway just before the wicker (with parkway behind you) there is a crossroads junction controlled by lights. No apparent problems there. However, there is a steel bridge just past the lights with a pelican crossing. Yesterday while trying to cross I nearly got run over. This was because several cars were setting off when the pedestrian light was showing green man for me. There are no lights for the drivers to see once they have left the lights behind them, and then stopped in queuing traffic in the middle of the juction just before the crossing. How can there not be lights at the crossing for approaching vehicles? Am I missing something?
  11. It is not what you think it is. The OP simply took the switches off the wall prior to plastering, bought new switches and is struggling to remember where the wires go on the new switches. As a qualified sparky you would know what to do straight away if a customer asked you to connect 2 switches to existing wiring that worked perfectly with the old switches. See post No3. Give the OP a break, and a nice price. Blame his wife when you are having a mug of tea & choc digetives afterwards as she wanted nice new switches after decorating. 😉 🍮
  12. YELLOW wires on two way circuits are referred to as the switching wire and are one of the wires in 4 core cables. If you do decide to get a sparky in, just get a sensible quote not the £250 guy.
  13. I was thinking about obtaining the crime ref numbers for every time it happens. I would imagine if the same incident keeps happening they may eventually give it some attention, even though way down their list of priorities.
  14. Also, if there are more than one wire of the same colour, put a bit of masking tape on them and write clearly on the tape which terminal of the switch they came from , L1 L2 common etc.
  15. Janus

    Lily beetles

    Looking online brought up the same as you are experiencing-the day lily are not effected. Quote: The primary hosts for lily leaf beetles are plants in the genus Lilium and Fritillaria. They are commonly found on tiger lilies, Easter lilies, Asiatic and oriental lilies, and Fritillaries, making them the most at-risk for significant feeding damage. Minor feeding damage can also occur on lily of the valley (Convallaria majalis), soloman's seal (Polygonatum sp.), bittersweet (Solanum sp.), potato (Solanum tuberosum), hollyhock (Alcea) and various hosta species. Daylilies (Hemerocallis) are not affected by this pest. Source: https://www.canr.msu.edu/news/lily_leaf_beetle_watch_out_for_this_garden_pest

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