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  1. There are plenty of M18 nuts on E bay. Full nuts, half nuts; nylocks & stainless.
  2. I won't be rude and ask if you have a lot of debt as it is your private business. However, most of what I do costs very little-cycling, looking after big gardens at home, bit of walking, cleaning the house, preparing meals, decent amount of time in bed, going online via phone, bit of TV, visiting a friend , bit of stuff offline on pc, little projects at home outdoors, shopping for basic food. Sitting around drinking tea. I don't know how I used to find time to work-I must have moved faster.
  3. I wonder where IDS got his inspiration from. https://images.app.goo.gl/uUpJyomyziskYiDH7
  4. If a person cannot find enough to do with their time away from work, there is something wrong in my opinion.
  5. That's right. They have fallen from the tree before developing fully.
  6. Ratchet straps. They will go around the base and both mattresses holding all together. Keep the ratchet to the side out of the way, or underneath if there is room. Screwfix do a pack of 2 . Each at 5m long. You could put one at head end & one at feet end. https://www.screwfix.com/p/ratchet-tie-down-straps-5m-x-25mm-2-pack/24567
  7. What is the nature of the repair that is required?
  8. Why not use both of these facilities? Surely they can only increase the chance of help if & when needed. Does the ELS system on android have to be initiated in some way or does it run automatically?
  9. Sometimes trees have a bumper year of their seed/fruit and the following year virtually nothing. I`ve noticed that with my apple tree.
  10. I've just cracked open 3 pods that had no holes or breakage. They were empty too. All the pods in the original post were gathered from the ground. They probably fell prematurely before the seeds/nuts had developed. https://ibb.co/Jp8SWy0 https://ibb.co/CPMNWj7
  11. I have broken a few open but so far they appear to be empty
  12. I would say experience is a big asset. I suppose it has to be in the same area of expertise as the vacancy. Experience often comes with age.
  13. There appears to be a reluctance in this country to prescribe testosterone to men. The 'get out' is aways "your levels are normal for a man of your age" What use is it having the levels of a man of 60 or 70 if he has the interest of a man much younger.
  14. I'm trying to find out what tree these seed pods are from. The coins for scale are 1p & 5p. The pods are at various stages having dropped at various times. https://ibb.co/7CDRKj1
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