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  1. Update: I've failed to get a response thus far, after being provided with these links. I still see these links as potentially useful. I emailed the guy at the university on 17th July, but maybe the Uni is closed until September? When going online for the number for Blackwells on Upper Hangover, there is a message saying 'temporary closed'. It also mentions that the shop is located in the university of Sheffield, so maybe their opening mirrors university times? I'm still interested. I have checked Abe books online. Still on the look out.
  2. A watering can is a good way to evenly & steadily apply the mix, especially on steps. Best to keep a separate watering can for jobs like this.
  3. No padders. Caustic soda can burn the skin-hence the need for wearing rubber gloves when using it. AKA Sodium hydroxide.
  4. On the few occasions I have wanted to clear moss off the path, I have used caustic soda. It is a powder that you mix with water. Available from Wilkos when I last bought it a few years ago. It is basically sold as a drain cleaner, but lists several uses on the label. Don't follow the scrubbing prodedure for path cleaning-you do not want to get this on your skin! All you need to do is mix as directed, then gently and slowing pour it on the area. Use rubber gloves, and don't splash it about. Take your time with it. The moss will turn black and dry up in a few days. It will then brush off as you sweep the path/steps with a stiff sweeping brush. Then swill the area with water. Tip: Put water in the bucket first. I found that putting the powder in first can make it go hard and lumpy. Have a stick ready for stirring-piece of a tree branch will do.
  5. This is a good idea-I do it mysellf sometimes. The way I do it though is to set the machine going as normal for about one and a half mintute. Then switch it off and go to bed. Get up next morning and switch back on. The machine continues with the program from where it was the night before without doing anything else. As for white shirts, I usually put some Ace (mild bleach) along the collars and under the arm areas-they come out perfect.
  6. I experienced exactly the same. After the time frame had passed, the seller tried evasion and told ebay `item not returned`. LOL, ebay tumbled him when they checked the tracking info.This was a business seller too.
  7. EBay are reducing the time a seller has to respond to buyers when there is an issue. I have always felt the return/refund process took too long. See below: "From 3 September 2020, we’re making changes to our eBay Money Back Guarantee policy. Key changes below: The time a seller has to respond to return requests or an eBay Money Back Guarantee (eMBG) claim will change from 8 calendar days to 3 business days. Once a return is accepted, the time a buyer has to ship the item back to the seller will change from 14 calendar days to 10 business days. Thanks, The eBay Team"
  8. I'll give them a ring, thanks.
  9. Thank you Mr Walker. My brother was impressed by your reliability. Thank you for providing a prompt service.
  10. @Annie Bynnol Thanks for the links, they seem like a good way to start.
  11. Thanks Lex. My interest is specifically in Soil microbiology. I want the books to study. I don't need any other books-not even books on other aspects of microbiology, so it may be a little niche subject wise.
  12. Does anyone know of an outlet that disposes of/sells it's study books when they become old and tatty? For example the local universities. If anyone can advise that would be good. I'm thinking of the libraries too.
  13. Thanks Zach, I'll follow this up.
  14. Does anyone have a contact No for an ex BT engineer? I recall seeing one or two advertising quite a while back-extra sockets etc.
  15. He probably took some inspiration from the big yin?
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