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  1. There is no recognisable problem with booting per se. I asked because I certainly noticed that restarting after an install takes considerably longer than a normal boot. Until it was explained on this thread I did not know why. I downloaded an update for Adobe yesterday and this prompted my question. I have invariably just shut down after an update, assuming (wrongly ?) that any installs will happen at next boot up. In future, I should perhaps restart after installs. @Ghozer I am not sure what type the orginal C drive is, but it is quite small in size. I also put a hdd in that I removed from my old xp, and it's much larger in physical size (it's from 2006).
  2. The square metal bar that protrudes from the flush handle (inside the cystern) corrodes from the water.
  3. @charliewag Did you have the mesh for the repair, or just 2 stitches, as described in the above link?
  4. On Win10, why does restart take longer than simply shutting down, then turning on again ?
  5. Have you deided how you are going to proceed/deal with this?
  6. Having all the questions and concerns wrote down at the consultation would be a good idea. Is this article of any help? https://www.oxfordherniaclinic.com/types-of-hernia/umbilical-hernia-repair
  7. The block of flats said to be Europe's largest listed building has been awarded £500,000 for repair work. The money, awarded by Historic England, will go towards the second phase of the redevelopment of Park Hill in Sheffield. The funding is for structural repairs to parts of the concrete frame, some of which is crumbling, it said. A further 195 homes will be created as part of phase two, developers said. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-england-south-yorkshire-51092385
  8. Probably quite a lot El cid. Not just due to shortsightedness. Circumstances can contribute to the situation. I've also heard of situations where the family have kicked dad out once the property has been put in to their name.
  9. Thank you for clarifying how things work out at the various times of day. What you explained makes sense.
  10. That sounds like a simple and effective solution for carpet cleaning. No chemical odour either.
  11. When you have used the steam on the carpet, what do you use afterwards to absorb the dirt that has been released?
  12. @Andy C Are the carriages really full, with some passengers standing too on these journeys?
  13. I seem to recall seeing an Internet cafe on the Wicker a while back-same side as Imran's takeaway.
  14. At 17.27hrs says sale has ended. Gotta be fast!
  15. @nightrider Sniffer dogs like spaniels as customs use, or the Alsations that police use for tracking crims?
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