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  1. @kidley What is a pan handler? The only reference I have come across was in Viz-something to do with a male in an excited state.
  2. What makes you say that Liam? I don't think Pattricia is the type of person to make things up.
  3. @Kidorry You really must have been very unfortunate. If I was near to you I would pop round and see if I could help you. I have been using eBay since 5th Nov 2002, so almost 17 years. I have never encountered anything like this. I hope you can get back in to it. eBay is a safe place to buy from. Always pay using PayPal. Good luck.
  4. That is what I also find if the item has been sent from China. If it is a Chinese seller within the UK I have found it to be more hassle.
  5. There is no need to feel that way. You have had a go and put in effort to do your best, and your perseverance has eventually achieved success. Ultimately you have gained more experience. " He who never makes mistakes never makes anything". Many people would not share their failings publicly, small though it may be. I respect you for that.
  6. It depends what you clicked on. Did you click on an item that came up in the search results on the eBay site? Something is not right because you would be able to see the item in purchases.
  7. I'm not making any conection to religion. I just see them as really dumb backward people. Probably still believing in witchcraft etc. Makes me appreciate living in the UK.
  8. Did you purchase from one of the sponsor sellers that are at the bottom of the eBay page then? These are not actual eBay purchases.
  9. Have you clicked on "purchases" in my eBay at top of page.
  10. Have you clicked on and bought from one of the sponsor sellers iat the foot of the eBay page instead of the seller's on ebay?
  11. First Brunei, now Uganda plans to introduce the death penalty for homosexuality with horrifying 'kill the gays' law. The nation's Minister for Integrity and Ethics says the notion of gay sex being natural is a "falsehood" https://www.google.com/amp/amp.abc.net.au/article/11594988
  12. Zest is the first and only one I have ever been to like that. Now that you have highlighted how common integrated changing rooms are, I shall be more aware.
  13. I was just reminded of this by something I read on here. I've not been to this swimming baths in Sheffield for a few years, so things may be different now. I was very surprised though at the time. I stepped out of a changing cubical and there were women and kids in the area. I was clad in shorts. Sometimes in men's changing rooms the blokes walk about naked. Are mixed changing rooms the norm these days? I think the name was the Zest centre, and it is at upperthorpe.
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