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  1. I hope your neighbour gets something from his GP quickly that works without waiting. No one in pain should have to wait.
  2. @Palomar I can't add anything to the story as such, but I agree with your thoughts about the set-up being a bit weird. The items being sold would be a bit nich too. Good that you knew ' your market' I wonder if the 80s was a time when amps etc were moving from valves to chips. I understand there was a preference for Carlsbro gear.
  3. Hi, thank you for your post Heartshome. Does the library within the building still open? The reference of 2 Leeds road is a bit confusing.
  4. The Gateway business centre and library building is at the junction of Attetcliffe Rd and Newhall Rd. Did anyone on here recall using it some years ago, and what was it like inside. It seems quite a large building.
  5. This is for a road cycle 700c. Anyone know a local place reasonable cost. Been quoted £30 at a place in Rotherham
  6. Updates for my Adroid device ended so the banking app nolonger functions, which I accept . We have to accept that updates are only for a finite period. I've simply ordered a brand new cheap android phone that currently runs on android 13. (My bank app currently requires minimum android eight) I only want to use it as a 'slave phone" in the house. I do like the ability to process cheques without leaving home.
  7. You may be right Cid, and I am very much against the chemicals. Just think, if it is having an effect on nature etc, it is highly likely to be the cause of some cancers amongst people.
  8. I am thinking of the WiFi for that side of things. This is what had in mind, but unsure .
  9. Hi Cid. If we do small things it can help a bit. I think garden ponds are not as popular as they used to be. They need a bit of time to maintain/clean etc, and a lot of us are busy. There has been a few fatalities with toddlers too, and this will have reduced the interest to some degree Some people even have a washing up bowl set in a small part of the garden-it helps a bit. I think the rise in temperature is the main issue maybe.
  10. They can call me what they want.... as long as they don't sting me.
  11. I understand what you mean about a crack getting bigger, but this crack cannot get any longer. It is right down in the bottom corner and although 5 inches long it cannot go anywhere length wise. It is is sort of across the corner. The screen is covered on mine and the excess is the usual £50. I am not one for taking advantage, even though insurance companies do by raising the renewal premium for any innocent motorist involved in a 'No fault accident. Something that should be outlawed in my opinion. Sorry for going off topic. I have a16 year old reliable car, and I like it. My ideal resolution if possible is to have the crack repaired. It has not come through to the inside...... yet. If I get it sorted for 25 notes it is a win win situation. Also, the base/mount for my dashcam is fixed to the top of the screen with epoxy resin because in winter it used to fall off. I don't think is removable. I will ask around if no one knows a place.
  12. I'm wanting a repair to a crack in my car screen. It is out of view when driving. The main places like Autoglass want to replace the screen. Can anyone recommend a place?
  13. I want it to go in the corner of a stone wall so it can climb over. Can collect. Will pay £5? I grew some from seeds but they are very pale shades. Thank you.
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